Washington Capitals forward Eric Fehr absorbed a scary hit a little more than halfway through a sleepy Caps-Panthers game. Florida’s Erik Gudbranson put a flying elbow into Eric Fehr’s head, sending Fehr reeling, then into the locker room.

Gudbranson was issued a match penalty for the hit. In addition to that, Troy Brouwer punched his head with fists multiple times, and Nick Backstrom scored on the ensuing 4v4. When the Caps finally got their chance on the power play, Joel Ward crashed the net to tie the game.

Gudbranson’s penalty mandates a review for supplemental discipline. No word on Fehr’s status yet

9:23 Update: The Caps say Fehr will return in third period.

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  • Catherine__M

    My official stance is that I do not like fighting in hockey and the best revenge is more goals and pointing and laughing and then maybe the calling of names at their fans if necessary (or for funsies, depends on context) but sometimes…I think the best revenge is a couple punches in the face followed by the aforementioned goals, pointing, laughing and name calling. And I’m confused by these conflicting opinions.

  • Dark Stranger

    It appears Fehr will return for the 3rd, based on the tweet from Capitals PR

  • Jay

    I fully endorse getting your face punched for crossing the line. Good job, Troy!

  • Chris Lutz

    Um, that was most definitely not an elbow. Not that I like to see a Cap go down. He did hit him coming up ice with his head down, but that happens all the time. If anything, he did a good job keeping his hands and stick down which rarely happens. That was a shoulder flat out, no question.

  • Hinchman

    One of the problems with poor reporting. It was a clean hit. Gudbranson’s elbow never made contact with Fehr’s head. The view from the rear confirms that. Cudbranson’s jersey from the shoulder to the elbow is has a black stripe. The stripe during impact is down and shows his elbow was no where near the head. Fehr was making a play on the puck and was rewarded with a clean hit I’m sure it stung a bit but I see nothing wrong with the hit.

  • NotAllSemin’sFault

    “Did a good job keeping his hands and stick down”….but not his skates on the ice.

  • Steve Hickey

    that one is gonna cost him a few games

  • BJ Robey

    In what ruleset is it ok for a skater to leave his feet before making contact? Regardless of where that contact is.

    It doesn’t matter if it was on purpose, a skater is responsible for all of their bits at all times. He clearly made high contact, after leaving his feet.

    Easy call, all day, every day.

  • jim

    ssshhhhhhhh go watch a ballet moron. fans like you should be punched in the face

  • Nope. Not allowed.

  • Catherine__M

    I’m kinda curious what the troll said now. But I think I can probably guess.