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And you thought Wednesday was great.

Tell me if you’ve heard this before. In the final minute of the Washington Capitals game against the Philadelphia Flyers, Alex Ovechkin tied the game with less than a minute to go, sending the Verizon Center into a frenzy.

The Capitals, down 4-1 to the Flyers in the third period, scored three unanswered goals in the game’s final 8:40 to push the game to overtime. The Caps eventually won in the shootout.

The goal was vintage Ovi. After some long shifts before the game’s final minute, Adam Oates had Ovechkin sit on the bench’s ledge during a neutral zone face-off. As soon as the Caps got possession, Grubauer raced off the ice and Ovechkin — the extra attacker — jumped on.

Alex Ovechkin intercepted a blind pass from Joel Ward that was heading towards Mike Green. Ovi nailed the slapshot from the point, beating Steve Mason, who had just returned from a brisk stroll behind the net.

Greatest GIFs ever by welshhockeyfan.

Listen to John Walton lose his mind: “I can’t believe he did it AGAIN.”

Joe B. was also excited about the goal.

We were also excited about the goal.

After the game, Ovi was temporarily credited with the Marcus Johansson goal, but that was later reverted. Ovi will have to settle for a goal, an assist, and a win. That makes 27 goals in 31 games.

Speaking to reporters in the locker room, Ovechkin said his third period goal was a lousy shot.

“I’m being honest with you, I missed my shot,” Ovechkin said. “It’s kind of funny, but it was perfect. I’ll take it.”

When asked what he meant by that by the Caps’ Mike Vogel, Ovechkin explained. “I didn’t get all of it,” he replied. “Greenie was in front of me so I try to reach out and just shoot it.”

“I think we had luck on our side today, especially at the end of the game, but we’ll take it. ”

Yes, yes, we certainly will.

All hail the OvechKING.

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    OvechKING?… hmm sounds familiar.

  • OlietheGoalie

    All hail the Oven Chicken.

  • Jack Conness


  • KG

    I’m not trying to take anything away from Ovie with this comment, but doesn’t it seem like he scores an overwhelming amount of his goals because teams don’t pay enough attention to him?? Credit to him for taking advantage, but cot dam, some of these coaches do a piss poor job of allowing time and space for Ovie in the o-zone.

    In this goal, he’s obviously coming from off the bench, but there’s not a soul around him! Other than Greenie, of course.

  • Jack Conness

    The dude creates his own opportunities. Best goal scorer in the game for a reason. Not because of luck or bad defense. It’s because he is a man amongst boys. It’s because of his devastating one-timer. It’s because of his beautiful fiancé. It’s because this man has never and will never be stopped.

  • Yo8

    No, you are actually taking his ability to create his space and opportunities to score. When playing the Caps the first thing everyone does is lay eyes on him but they also have to pay attention to other Caps players because is not like they are going to stand there doing nothing.

  • themav80

    It really looks like that pass was intended for Green and Ovi just took it.

    Not complaining, it just looks funny.

  • No no noonnoonnono. Ovi DID steal the pass from Green. That is a fact. It’s funny, it’s also so Ovi.

  • KG, I know what you’re trying to say. It’s obvious he’s going to score, so how do teams keep letting it happen? I think teams ARE paying a lot of attention to him and still unable to stop it. You are watching what quite possibly could be Ovechkin’s greatest season in his career.

    On the power play, part of Ovi’s success is because of how good guys like Backstrom, Carlson, Brouwer, Johansson are playing. They are still able to find him open.

    At even strength, Ovi’s just finding open space and again his teammates are making things happen for him.

    He has a great shot, he is shooting more, but the biggest thing is that he’s trusting his teammates more and he’s using his speed to get open.

    This is Ovi playing really good positional hockey and playing a team game. Good on him!

  • KG

    I know this, and maybe my point wasn’t clear. Teams like the Colorado, Pens, Canucks (effin Torts), and a small handful of other teams pretty much say, “the other guys are going to beat us.” They man up on #8 on the PP, shadow him wherever he goes. I just wonder as to why more teams haven’t adopted this strategy.

    It was just last week, as reported on this website, the Tampa team’s coach said (and I’m paraphrasing) “it’s a stupid thing to do, not to cover him.” Well, then get a man on him.

  • Benjamin Esham

    “a brisk stroll from behind the net”

  • Benjamin Esham

    I bet Pierre still wants Crosby as the first star of the week.

  • Yo8

    The better the defense the more difficult for Ovi or any other player to sneak in so it is not like is easy for everyone else in the league to do that against good defenders and Ovi is the only one that sucks majors balls. Even when playing against good defenders Ovi has manage to score so this whole “cover him” plan is not 100% secure because again Ovi is the type of player that can create his own space and opportunities.

  • The Caps celebrate Ovi’s goal. PIG PILE!

  • Here’s another great one.

  • Red

    The “ice running” might be the best thing I’ve seen Ovi do. It’s quite amazing. I’ve been on ice skates and what he’s doing there is beyond comprehension for me.

  • Rhino40

    Crosby? who dat?