Pat Sajak Makes Fun of Flyers in Tweet After Caps Win


Hi, Pat! *Waves* (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak is a Washington Capitals season-ticket holder. When he’s not filming in Los Angeles, he lives in Severna Park, Maryland with his family. A regular at Verizon Center, Sajak can usually be seen in his seats by the glass.

On Sunday night, Sajak poked fun at the Flyers after Washington’s brilliant comeback win.


Last month, Sajak made fun of the Flyers after Ray Emery forced an unwilling Braden Holtby into a fight.


Try and tell me we don’t have the best fans.

Also, someone get me an interview with Sajak. This is my new goal in life.

  • PleaseKillMe

    Celebrity fans of your team is always cool, celebrity fans who talk shit via social networking is that much more bad ass.

  • Chip

    Thanks so much for re-posting his tweet from the first Flyers game…I somehow missed that and it just made me spit out my drink laughing hahah

  • BlueGreen

    Pummeling Trebek would be a funnier thought if it hadn’t happened a couple years ago in that hotel. Didn’t he get beat up by a lady while he was in his underwear?

  • brian!

    If you want an interview with Sajak, you must first buy a vowel.

  • Actually, brian! I’d like to solve the puzzle.

    _ _A_E Y_ _

    [Famous Sayings]

    Is it “I HATE YOU”??

  • Jesse Morgan

    I seem to remember him apprehending a lady while he was naked. But that might have just been a dream I had.

  • BlueGreen
  • ZZ_Zhang

    What are those two guys behind Pat doing with their tongues out?