As the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers exchanged goals in the second period, the game slowly escalated. A fight between Aaron Volpatti and Adam Hall did nothing to stop it.

It all came to a head when Tom Wilson charged Brayden Schenn behind the Philly net.

Schenn was shaken after the hit, requiring help to stay up.

GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Wilson was issued five minutes for fighting, five for charging, and a game misconduct penalty. Mark Streit and Jacob Voracek scored on the ensuing five-minute power play.

Your thoughts? Wilson was definitely charging, but Schenn’s turn into vulnerable position might mitigate supplemental discipline. Still, put me down for 4 games based on the distance of the charge.

  • Chitt

    Shouldnt have turned away from the hit.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Schenn looking up and seeing Wilson coming that fast, and STILL turning his back to the player might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Graham Dumas

    Don’t suppose you have an overhead shot to show the distance, do you? Hope Schenn is ok…

  • William

    …Hopefully he is suspended; really poor decision making from wilson. Could have been a serious injury. I’d say 3-4 games, maybe 5.

  • Mike Dietz

    Do you guys have an angle showing the full length of the charge?

  • Josh Carey

    I don’t know that I have an opinion as far as suspension length, but I do feel bad for Wilson. Schenn turned last minute which wasn’t smart, but Wilson was coming too fast and from too far.

  • Mark Gillis

    I hate to blame the victim here, but he did turn last minute. I see no reason to suspend here.

  • Definitely shoulder to shoulder. Definitely a charge. Schenn also put himself into a more vulnerable position when he turned. I’m not sure he’ll be suspended especially because this is his first offense, but we’ll see.

  • VeggieTart

    Not a bright move by Wilson. Schenn turned in time for Willy to avoid the hit.

  • Adam Fink

    Well one thing’s for sure… Wellman is a freaking speed demon

  • Chip

    Regardless of the fact he turned at the last minute (which SHOULD be a mitigating factor in Wilson’s favor) it was clearly a charge and reckless hit by Wilson. Stupid decision and we paid/are paying for it.

  • FStreetFaithful

    If he hadn’t come flying in, I’d say no suspension. I don’t see where body position (as in the direction Schenn is facing) is as relevant to charging as it is in boarding. Even if Schenn doesn’t turn, Wilson’s speed is sending him hard into the boards. His lack of history works on his side, but it’s also a chance for Shanny to send a message to a young kid to knock it.

  • Dan

    There’s a clip on youtube that shows him coming from above the circle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Ldu2k0oKU

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89Ldu2k0oKU video shows the distance and speed of the charge

  • Micke

    Granted the hit itself doesn’t look bad, the lead-up sure did. I don’t want to play Shanny but probably 1

  • Jonathan G.

    If Wilson comes back in to play, and they retaliate (which is understandable) I feel bad for whoever drops the gloves with Tom. They better bring brass knuckles and a shiv.

  • FStreetFaithful

    15 charging suspensions since 2011. Longest was Andy Sutton with 8.

  • Here’s a quality Vine of the hit too https://vine.co/v/h01OEX7qZTT

  • Owen Johnson

    My guess is 6. +2 more games for being a capital.

  • Bob

    this team needs more speed like his

  • Matt McNeely

    The video shows him coming hard from the top of the circle. Totally reckless play and dumb and costly and… What. The. F@#k. is Schenn doing turning his back to that freight train??!?!?!! He looked straight at him! I’m not sure which one of them is the bigger dumbass.

  • Bret Read

    I see him take 2 strides into that hit which last time I checked isn’t a charge. I like the hit. Shoulder to shoulder. Schenn put him self in a bad place.

  • Adam Schwager

    I still dont understand why Philly didnt get a instigation.

  • chrisndhm

    He targeted from the top of the circle at full speed. When Schenn got the puck, thats when he took the two strides. Even without those two strides, its charging. Schenn made it worse by turning, but he would have ended up in the boards in a bad way no matter what. The hit was extremely reckless and stupid. It cost his team this game. And he’ll probably be sitting out a few more. This is the exact type of hit the NHL wants to get rid of. Reckless and close to the boards.

  • chrisndhm

    Because Wilson had his gloves off first. He dropped them as he stood up and saw Grossmann coming. Before contact was made, if you watch the video, his gloves are flung off when he sees someone coming at him. So no, there is no instigator on Philly. The refs on the ice got this one correct. Now its up to Shanny to let this kid know, you can’t do that.

  • Bret Read

    It was reckless on schenn’s part for turning his back to the play knowing that he is 5 ft from the boards and Wilson is coming. Wilson made every attempt to make contact with schenns shoulder. At some point the NHL needs to look at how the “victim”is putting them self’s in reckless spots.

  • johnnymorte

    This was a charge, big time. Personally, I enjoyed the moment thoroughly. The Flyers are a bunch of dirty soulless rat bastards. Always are, and always have been.

  • Dave

    Without commenting on who’s at fault, it’s really disturbing how Schenn’s head hits the boards. That’s not a fun replay to watch. Wish it had been an open ice hit instead.

  • Adam Schwager

    Wilson is just a fucking idiot. In my opinion hits like this don’t belong in the game. Hits for intimidation. The reasons for making contact with an opponent should be to play defense in front of your own net, to make a play on the puck, or to impede progress when angling on the far boards. Wilson accelerates, and hits him in no attempt at all to play the puck. I would even understand this a little if it wasn’t a TIE GAME. It’s a bonehead move and if he isn’t suspended, which I do not believe he will be, he should be benched for the recklessness and the way he probably cost this team the game by not making any attempt at all the play the puck, just to hurt the other player.

  • Catherine__M

    I’ve been skeptical about this kid since preseason. I’m pretty sure I’ve got my opinion down now.

  • Jacob Sever

    Wilson is only 19, but look at that hairline! Good God, he’s going to be bald by 21.

  • Matthew Embrey

    Wilson just had too much speed, and he hit him right into the boards, a definite charge. My guess is at least a 3 game suspension.

  • Michael Woolford

    To me, it’s not even a definite charge. Watch the replay and you’ll see Wilson come down the ice following the play, glides briefly, and not until after the dot decides to lay it to Schenn. He changes direction and makes the hit (staying on his feet). The distance of the charge was about 20ft.
    Schenn turned to avoid Wilson. I’d say 2 min. charging minor is understandable, but the 5 was BS. It’s unfortunate Schenn landed the way he did, but stuff happens. Big Tom’s doing his job.

  • Axel

    NO PENALTY! What the f is going on?!? Like people have written, he turns away from the hit even though he sees Wilson coming. Wilson does not leave feet either, but gives him a hard shoulder. NO SUSPENSION Shanahan. mdksamdoqwkeqhe! Cant stand his slow pusssy voice

  • Arlene Quille

    This could be a career ending hit. Wilson should be fined and banned from hockey. He is an animal just looking to hurt someone not playing with skill. He should change careers and do cage fighting.

  • this guy

    6 games? Guy you’re on drugs. He’s a rookie and first time offender. Schenn turned at last minute. He will get a game or two at most; hell I don’t even think he will get a suspension.

  • Karen Hart

    Call me stupid but thought one of the reasons for a hit was to cause the opponent to lose the puck…Mission accomplished

  • d99gr81

    OMG people that’s garbage… too far and too fast??? He was part of line
    change he had to skate into the zone… from some distance out he is
    GLIDING… not adding to his speed by taking more strides… This is a
    clean hit. Don’t care what any one says… That sucker punching punk
    turned and put himself in a bad position and of course the refs call the
    RESULT instead of the actual play!!!!!!!!! But hey Emery can skate the
    length of the ice and ASSAULT a bystander who wanted no part of fighting
    and hit 15 times directly to the side or back of the head while these
    same refs keep our players from being able to help… and have NOTHING
    done to him as far as punishment… Ermery should be ins jail for what
    he did… and lets not for get this same PUNK Schenn is the one who not
    only ripped Urboms helmet off while Urbom was watching his team mate get
    assaulted then Schenn sucker punched him in the face… yet NO
    punishment for that Either. If Schenn continues his path instead of
    chicken S*** turning his back there would have been NO call. The refs
    handed the game to the Flyers at that point because the call the result
    instead of the actual play and for the crowd…

  • Jim

    The Wilson hit crossed the line–the Caps got caught up in the physical tone that the Flyers were trying to establish in the game, a mistake. But while everyone’s concerned about the hit on Schenn, what about Volpatti-Hall fight? It’s not clear to me who started the fight and there is some history between these two from pre-season, but Volpatti seems to have been concussed. The NHL has got to get a handle on this kind of fighting if it is really concerned about protecting the health of its players.

  • d99gr81

    seriously? lol flyers fan figures… its a charge at most but its a clean hit… You want a to ban a kid who delivered a check shoulder to shoulder while Schenn turns like a pussy at the last second and caused his own demise… Yet Schenn can rip a guys helmet off when he is not looking and then sucker punch him in the head and he gets nothing… Emery can skate the length of the ice and ASSAULT someone who did not want to fight and was just a bystander and get nothing!Emery should have gone to jail for that… Fall off you high horse!

  • d99gr81

    Play the puck? Schenn had the puck you tool… shoulder on shoulder and was gliding.. clean hit.

  • d99gr81

    He just came on the ice from a line change… the puck was in the zone… HE IS SUPPOSED TO GO … he was gliding and the hit was shoulder to shoulder and Schenn turned himself into his problem… CLEAN hit. Schenns a puck anyway so hard to ever feel sorry for someone who will rip a guys helmet off when hes not looking and sucker punch him in the head… Karma !

  • JH

    Someone explain to me what Wilson is supposed to do in that situation. He’s on the ice on a line change, sees a guy with the puck in the corner. Isn’t he supposed to put his body on him and move him off the puck? The result is very unfortunate, but I’m not sure what else he’s supposed to do in that situation. He didn’t leave his skates; he didn’t go for the head. Again, watching the video is sickening, so I’m not defending the result, but I haven’t seen an explanation of what a hockey player should do in Wilson’s shoes that would have mitigated the outcome. Seems to me as long as we’re in a contact league, bad things will happen at times. We can lessen them but we can’t eliminate all risk unless you want to make the NHL beer-league no-checking.

  • JPA

    He took two powerful strides. What’s with your claim that he was gliding. It is also Wilson’s responsibility to make an attempt to slow up, which he did not do.

  • JPA

    It cannot be a charge and a clean hit at the same time. It was a charge.

  • JPA

    I bad charge on an asshole is still a bad charge.

    What Schenn did on a previous play has zero relevance.

  • d99gr81

    He was gliding you homer and his jobs to finish his hit and that what he did… now you are saying he should slow down so he doesn’t hit him hard? LOL … give me a break! But hey none of you flyer homers respond when I mention Schenn rips guys helmet off when not looking and sucker punches Urbom… or the Emery ASSAULT…

  • d99gr81

    I said at most meaning I could accept the refs making the mistake of a 2 min charge… but then I say it is a clean hit.

    But Schenn ripping a helmet off a guy when he is not looking and sucker punching him when he is not looking is a sucker punch no matter how you look at it…

  • JPA

    What does Emery have to with Wilson charging Schenn? While agree with you that Emery assaulting Holtby was total BS, it was nothing more than an instigator according to the rules.

    This is a clear charge. Wilson glides in until the dots, see Schenn, TAKES TWO STRIDES TO ACCELERATE, sets his feet, and let’s loose with the hit. That is a charge and a bad one at that.

    That being said, the 5 min major and the misconduct should be enough. I do not think this warrants a suspension, but given the league’s track record this season, he will probably get two games.

  • d99gr81

    Clean hit to the shoulder while gliding… Schenn turned like a pussy and brought the end result on himself… that’s karma. Not a charge

  • d99gr81

    Watch the video through NON homer eyes and you will see he is gliding from the circle! Hits him shoulder to shoulder and pussy boy spins and brings the rest on himself… The leagues track record is exactly why I bring up schenns sucker punch and Emerys assault! They don’t suspend when they should and if they listen to your BS they will again suspend when they shouldn’t. Leagues a joke…

    You speak of the league trying to put a stop to head shots.. yet EMERY can hit Holtby in the HEAD 15 times!!!!!!!! and nothing? uh?????

  • JPA

    I am a Caps season ticket holder.

    Enough with the name calling, as it is further proof you have no grasp of what you are reading or watching.

    There is a difference between finish a check and accelerating into a player turning away while two feet from the boards.

    His job is NOT to charge which he did. Clearly.

  • d99gr81

    NO… he clearly did NOT

  • JPA

    I am a Caps fan and season ticket holder. Again your perception of the video matches your perception of those commenting.

    Watch the video again. With you good eyes this time.

    The issue is that Emery hitting Holtby in the head 15 times is not a suspendable offense. According to the rules he can do that two more times THIS season before facing discipline.

    There is a problem with the rules, but this is a fact.

  • d99gr81

    He did what he is supposed to do… The refs just called the result not the play. Schenn brought on the end result by his wuss spin… no instigator called either.. leagues a joke.

  • Cla

    it should be at least 15 games, Wilson is charging from the blue line. What it should be in the future, is that you either pay the salary per game of the injured player until he comes back, or you are suspended as long as he his injured. Shut the fuck up.

  • Matt

    He didn’t see the hit coming, he was looking around the net for a pass, saw nothing, and preceeded to turn around for a back hand pass.

  • Audi

    As a Flyer’s fan, Schenn turned into it. That being said, Wilson was flying in there already then took TWO more strides a few feet from Schenn a dangerous distance from the boards.

  • Audi

    Did you miss the two or three strides he took just feet from Schenn?

  • Soldier

    How the hell is that a legal hit? He clearly isn’t even going for the Puck and he could have killed Schenn. I know you guys like violence in sports, but this is not Hockey. This is more like a street fight, and I don’t think this type of **** should be acceptable in any sport. That ******* has the same common last name as me, but if I see Tom Wilson out in public I will gut him like a Fish. He shouldn’t be allowed to play in the NHL. He should be locked up behind Bars like the idiotic Animal that he is.

  • Adam Schwager

    Lifting your stick sky high to tuck in your shoulder is not playing the puck. Playing the puck is taking Schenn out of the play but keeping him in it. By lowering his shoulder he is not playing the puck.

  • Karen Hart

    what the heck game were you watching? There was no way for Wilson to avoid the hit. He shouldn’t have taken the 2 strides though…then it would have been a clean check. The only thing Wilson did wrong was the 2 strides turning it into a charge

  • Karen Hart

    Good call…No suspension for Wilson as Schenn is not injured 🙂

  • Bugs Fire

    Wilson’s hit was reckless and obviously not a smart move. Whether
    injured player is worth two points is an open question, but ultimately
    that is what Flyers got for this. They could have won anyway, but notice
    that they never had a lead until that power play.

    With that said, there is no doubt in my mind that Schenn saw Wilson
    coming. Check the video. When Wilson finally comes into the picture,
    Schenn is skating away from the corner and is going behind the net.
    From where he is and looking along his skating line, he sees Mason,
    another orange jersey and the ref in the opposite corner. It makes
    absolutely no hockey sense for him to turn back towards where he just
    came from, unless for some reason he decided to meet Wellman once more.
    Yet that is what he does.

    I repeat – it was Wilson’s responsibility to slow down. But it was not hit from behind as NHL recap stupidly claims.

  • Bugs Fire

    This makes no sense.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Schenn saw Wilson coming. Check the
    video. When Wilson finally comes into the picture, Schenn is skating
    away from the corner and is going behind the net. From where he is and
    looking along his skating line, he sees Mason, another orange jersey and
    the ref in the opposite corner. It makes absolutely no hockey sense
    for him to turn back towards where he just came from, unless for some
    reason he decided to meet Wellman once more. Yet that is what he does.

  • Bugs Fire

    I recommend you watch the DoPS video explanation of charging suspensions. In their own logic, nothing happens here because Wilson’s skates never leave the ice. To me, it’s more of a boarding suspension, even though it’s a shoulder check. Too fast, too much force, too close to the boards.

    If you feel this warrants 15 games, you are not paying attention to what DoPS is doing this year. Similar infractions get 2-3 games at most. Maybe it should be more, but that would mean that Wilson will be made an example.

    Panik got two games for what was clear boarding on Alzner. So why Wilson should get 15?

    And there is no need for that language. Stay calm.