Photo credit: Frank Thorp

Last week, Dmitry Orlov spent his off day surprising a youth hockey team and joining their practice in Laurel. Today, he’s learning some good ol’ fashioned American history, taking a tour of the Capitol building along with his girlfriend Varya, his Russian bro Alex Ovechkin, and Maria Kirilenko.

I’m glad to see Ovi put on his finest sweatpants for the occasion.

Now that Dima is in D.C. — hopefully to stay — he’s been going out and exploring. Last month, Orlov even visited The White House with Varya. Adorbs.


Photo credit: @avv91

  • CSA

    LoL at the police line picture

  • Daniel

    Ovi – scores every game, makes $ 10m a year, wears sweatpants to Capitol tour. oh yes he has made it.

    out of interest: what’s the deal with that police line?

  • William

    Dare I say it? Dima’s girlfriend>Ovi’s Fiance

  • Bob

    if Dima’s gf was president, she would be Baberaham Lincoln

  • Boris Mewborn

    Both are fine looking women.

  • William


  • yv

    Is it some kind of aura around Ovi’s head that only photos can reveal!? Quite appropriate!)

  • Graham Dumas

    That’s ridiculous! She’s clearly not an American. Can’t be prez. SHOW ME THE BIRTH CERT!!!!

  • Jon Stickel

    More late night filings?

  • Yo8

    I think they are both pretty but Maria is quite hard to top not only in the beauty department but also talent and career department.

  • Roman Z.

    “I’m glad to see Ovi put on his finest sweatpants for the occasion”

    I lol’ed!

  • Pat Magee

    POLICELINEDONOTCROSS is a really nice touch lol

  • Brackaphobia

    Ovi and Orly: International Masters of Espionage

  • William Obuschking Busch

    obama ring a bell? lol..not even an american.

  • William Obuschking Busch

    should have stuck ur arm over lol.