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On Tuesday night, Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson delivered a crushing hit on Philadelphia Flyers forward Brayden Schenn. Wilson was given a five-minute major for charging, a five-minute major for fighting, and a game misconduct. Schenn needed help leaving the ice and did not return to the game.

George McPhee and Adam Oates have made several protestations that it was a clean hit, and the Department of Player Safety has agreed. Tom Wilson will face no supplemental discipline.

The Department of Player Safety posted this video on Thursday night:

Shanahan determined that Schenn saw Wilson and then turned his back to avoid contact, contributing to the severity of the hit and absolving Wilson of responsibility. Further, Wilson asserted during his phone conference that the decision to hit Schenn did not occur until he was near the faceoff circle, which Shanahan corroborates in the video above.

So there’s seven minutes of ice time the Capitals won’t have to worry about on Friday night.

UPDATE: George McPhee has released a statement:

“We agree with the league’s position that it was a clean hit.  There should not have been a penalty on the play. It was a punishing hit, not predatory or otherwise illegal. Under our current rules, punishing but clean hits are permitted. We are happy that Tom Wilson was vindicated and Brayden Schenn is not injured.”

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  • Psowen

    I remember a time when that entire sequence was called hockey.

  • AK3

    I’m glad Dept of Player Safety understands that players turn themselves last minute to make it worse for everyone involved.

  • I’m very surprised, but they got it right on the ice. Game misconduct is enough of a penalty,

  • scrubversive

    I thought this explanation was more perspicuous than most of the Shanaban videos I’ve watched. I’m also glad that Tom dodged a bullet.

    But the questions that have been refreshed in my mind because this incident make me nervous about his future. At the outset of the season I was hopeful that he would get the ice time deserving of a developing rookie. He’s trying to make a big difference in his seven minutes a night without the experience to back it up. It will be a shame if he just keeps racking up the PIMs and getting into trouble, because it’s clear he has talent that needs nurturing (and more ice time in ANY league). Not… whatever the hell they’re trying to do with him right now.

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    i agree.. i wanna se him with Grabo and fehr on the second line

  • CapsCast

    Shanahan’s Magic 8 Ball Method worked in the Caps favor this time.

  • Freedoooom

    A forecheck being necessary to facilitate goal scoring, the right of the players to forecheck, shall not be infringed.

  • Jay DeLancey

    Sounds like shanny did not think it was even a penalty

  • William

    I guess I’m the only one who felt it was worthy of a suspension. Idk man

  • CapsCast

    They could’ve called Wilson’s hit charging or boarding. Schenn moved but went head-first into the boards. Schenn fell down a few times trying to get up, but says he isn’t concussed. We can argue about it for days, but that was a dangerous play and Wilson’s lucky he didn’t get a couple games out of that one. Personally, I thought he’d get 1 or 2.

  • Anthony Russell

    They came out, explained their decision in a much more thorough way then they have at other times. It went in our (as Caps fans) favour so I won’t argue with it. I understand why Flyers fans are upset about it but I am inclined to agree with Shanahan, it looks worse than it was and the hit whilst looking bad at full speed was hard but ultimately clean when broken down.

  • Owen Johnson

    Swap him with Brouwer.

  • Oh, I still think it should’ve been a suspension. I think he deftly argued that he charged far less than he truly did.

    My prediction was that he’d get 4 games if Schenn were hurt and 2 if he weren’t, but predicting what DOPS will do is neither a skill or virtue, and DOPS’ decision shouldn’t be construed as Absolute Truth, regardless of how well constructed the explanation is.

  • You skipped the part about a well-regulated hockey team.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Hell of a play. He actually separated the player from the puck – which the caps had difficulty with in that game. We lost this game because our penalty kill failed to kill penalties in the wake of a tough call. The Caps let that become the determining factor in the game.

  • William

    Nice to hear someone agrees.

    I honestly don’t understand what he sees up there.
    This is the same guy who didn’t suspend shea weber in the playoffs.
    This is the guy who suspended nick backstrom in one of the most infuriating and absolutely bullshit rulings I’ve ever seen.
    This is the guy who gave florida panthers guy no suspension for a blatant chicken wing to eric fehr.

    This guy is a moron

  • William
  • Brad

    Hockey is dangerous.. He didnt break either rule. Brutal hit, yes. Illegal hit, no.

  • Jonathan

    Gotta disagree. He’s playing great on that line, and it’s one of the best lines on the team. He’s 19. Why would you change a thing?

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    i dont mean for the rest of the season.. but just try him up there sometimes.. se what hes got! =)

  • The 4th line was solid a month ago, but they’ve been a mess since then. Illustrated here:

  • Dan

    He’d be right. Schenn did this to himself. The game is hockey, and it’s not for the weak.

  • Jack Conness

    One of the best lines? I beg to differ.

  • Brian Thomas

    You can read minds? This all comes down to a deft argument? You know the game better than Oates and Shanahan? You see something on the tape that actually backs any of that up? No, you don’t. You are so wrong it’s ridiculous, and cynical to boot. He’s skating hard to get into the play. He didn’t know where the puck would go. He paused to read the play (yes, he did…”pause” doesn’t mean stop), went to separate Schenn from the puck to create a scoring chance, and crushed him. He’s huge, as you know. Schenn obviously (once again, this you CAN see, unlike your alleged psychic abilities) saw him and tried to spin out, he chose not to brace for the hit, and yeah it looked nasty…because Schenn tried to escape the hit instead of hitting back like Ovie and Backstrom are well known to do. Doesn’t mean it’s a dirty hit at all. I’m not going to sit here and argue about whether it should have been penalized in the moment, because Schenn’s head going into the boards is going to make the refs go with the safe call nowadays, but you are just wrong about this.

  • Safoster

    I love your blog. You guys are a refreshing interjection of humor and lightness into a normally uptight media around DC. I follow you guys on twitter and like you on Facebook, and read nearly all of your articles. Unfortunately, your blatant bias over the last two days has lowered my opinion of you guys a bit. The tweets, articles, and posts have all carried a one sided opinion to them, and now that a ruling has been determined that counters your opinion, you have responded with very snide tweets and articles that take cute cheap shots at Oates – “So there’s seven minutes of ice time the Capitals won’t have to worry about on Friday night.”, As well your own authors are commenting below blasting Shanahan themselves for having a differing opinion – “…I think he deftly argued that he charged far less than he truly did.” Unfortunately, your expert analysis was from a .gif that didn’t show the entire play, where Shanahan actually broke down real video footage with real analysis.

    Opinions are good, but blatant bias is not. Maybe that’s the difference in being a blogger though, and I need to lower my expectations a bit.

  • Ryan Glynn

    i love the department of player safety videos they are very thought out and descriptive.

  • William

    He charged him from the top of the cirlce at full speed while Schenn was turned 45 degrees from the boards. I have a hard time with calling it a clean hit

  • Michael Reschly

    Is this Shanahan’s first “this is why there is no suspension” video?

  • Adam Schwager

    He hit him starting from the bottom of the circle shoulder to shoulder while Schenn made a sudden movement putting himself in a dangerous situation. I have a hard time saying that calls for a suspension.

  • CapsCast

    Oh yeah?

  • William

    After watching it again, I agree more. You can see wilson staring at him for the last few strides while schenn is turned in a dangerous position. I know he turned after the hit, but the position he was in was dangerous already. I’m sorry if I’m misguided but in any league this is a misconduct and a suspension, other than the nhl that is.

  • William

    Watch the video again, he hit him about 1-2 feet from the boards

  • Guest


  • Michael Reschly

    I’m not going to say that you’re wrong (I lack sufficient hockey intelligence to make such a claim), but I’d like to understand your position better to better inform my own hockey intelligence.

    At what point in the play did 43 first make a bad decision? Where was he on the ice when that happened? Had he done anything wrong between the bench and the circles? Do you disagree with the veracity Shanahan’s comments, or just with the conclusion that was drawn from them.

  • I reject the idea that good writing is the result of absence of bias. It seems like you liked us plenty until the moment our biases no longer aligned.

    For the record, I wrote a very long piece about the diversity of opinion out there about the Wilson hit, and my opinion has been more nuanced than you give me credit for.

    This is the part where I’d normally thank you for reading and commenting, so please appreciate that I’m skipping it this time around.

  • I think this was the best one yet, even though I disagreed with the decision.

  • I’m disappointed whenever Shanahan fails to tell us to get our hands off his tiny grapes

  • Guest

    I felt similarly during this coverage. At some point I felt like you guys started to revel in this unfortunate situation. Maybe revel is too strong a word. I dunno.

  • There’ve been a few of them. Sometimes he just tweets it. This is the most exhaustive no-suspension video yet.

  • troyerlaw

    Because it doesn’t apply here, unfortunately

  • I appreciate the feedback (and that you were constructive about it particularly), but I disagree. I hated the event, the game, the reaction, the whole thing. I didn’t revel in it. The entirety of the criticism was constrained to a game recap and my opinion piece that same night (the whole point of which was moderation of opinion and appreciating other perspectives).

  • WhiskSharp

    I don’t agree with the people throwing out very angry insults at you guys, but I feel the same way as the OP in this case. It’s not a difference of opinion that bothers me at all, its how its been presented here that is troublesome to me. You’ve been very condescending towards caps management. If you are willing to accept others have different opinions, why do you feel the need throw cheap-shots at them?

    Even the post you claim that you let others speak freely about their opinions, was basically you linking other people that agree with you. lol

    I guess it just doesn’t seem very professional to me and as one of the best hockey blogs I’ve ever read, I was a little disappointed to see some of the things you have said about this incident. Again, maybe it was just me, but that’s the feeling I got.

  • When McPhee says that the NHL has called it a clean hit, but the NHL has not done that, doesn’t that merit comment?

    When the ref on ice and nearly every non-Caps fan calls it a bad hit after it happens, and yet the coach places blame entirely on the person hit, doesn’t that merit comment?

    Do you disagree with what we’re saying, or do you not like that we have to say it in the first place? I don’t like that we have to say it in the first place.

  • You’re the one who alleged I’m psychic, not me.

    Shanahan says Wilson says he waited to the circles to decide to make the hit. My interpretation of the video is that he only paused to avoid Simmonds.

    It’s my opinion that Wilson had time to make the hit without risking serious injury to Schenn.

    It is ALSO my opinion that Schenn was foolish to turn– which I went to great lengths to say the other night.

  • WhiskSharp

    “nearly every non-Caps fan calls it a bad hit after it happens.” – That’s generalizing pretty hard right there lol. I know many people that aren’t caps fans that don’t think its a suspend-able hit, but you aren’t as likely to hear from those that don’t think an injustice has occurred. Regardless, this isn’t about how many people think what, it’s your own opinion that matters. And like I said, as the best blog I’ve read, I was upset that your view turned into insults being thrown around. I have no issue with anyone that thinks it was a suspendable hit, that’s completely fine, I disagree, but I won’t start throwing insults around at those people either.

  • Bret Read

    1-2 feet? his right skate is just shy of the goal line. so we will give him 10ft there. Wilson took 2 stride to catch up to Schenn to make contact with his shoulder. Most forechecks, player will swing around the net expecting the puck to go around the other side. Wilson made every attempt to make a clean hit. SCHENN put him self in a bad spot. He takes the hit and doesn’t turn his back he is put into the board like a normal play. That’s a hockey play, plain and simple, violent or not…..

  • Brouwer Rangers
  • Safoster

    I plan on continuing to read and enjoy your blog. Rereading my post, I probably took the low road a little bit with some snide remarks of my own. I wanted to comment because the fact that you guys read it, as well as engage in dialog, is pretty awesome.

    I personally found the entire presentation, as WhiskSharp below, points out, as unprofessional. See Japers, Katie, Chuck’s tweets and articles, where they are able to point out their opinions without a sharp tone and blasting Oates for sticking up for his player. Even Alan May on air was able to disagree with Oates without compromising professionalism – “I think Oates is still in the heat of the moment…but I can still see him sitting one or two games.”

    Overall, Shanahan’s analysis was complete and convincing to anyone who watches it in my opinion. I see you aren’t convinced, and that’s fine by me. I simply wish that you went about presenting your difference of opinion in a different way.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Wait, are people just now realizing that the RMNB folks have opinions and sometime express them snarkily? Uhh, okaaaaay.

  • I went through 3 hours of tweets from NHL professionals and bloggers in my twitter list and collected every relevant and unique opinion about the hit for the post the other night.

    There were no dissenting opinions to include.

    Did I insult anyone? I don’t think I did. In fact, I took the one guy who did insult to task for being unhelpful.

    Help me out here.

  • What is the virtue in not having a sharp tone? I don’t think Katie or Chuck expressed any opinion in either direction– they’re straight reporters who don’t write much in the way of opinion.

    I don’t think we’ve been unprofessional in any way– unless you factor in that we don’t make money. Then we’re completely unprofessional.

    I don’t even think we’ve been particularly adversarial. I pointed out where the team’s representatives have said things that are counter-factual or (in my opinion) not credible. I don’t see how that’s a problem. I’d like to hear more.

  • Safoster, I’m appreciative of you reading and being with us every day. Thanks for the comment even though I’m kinda offended. Haha. I know you don’t mean it and judging by the up votes you’re getting, you’re not the only one who feels this way.

    A few things:

    1) I’m glad Wilson wasn’t suspended and Shanabanana’er articulated it so well on why he ruled that way.

    2) Our expert analysis wasn’t from a GIF. Peter and I both saw the play live (and video replay later before posting) and both of our conclusions were that it was a charge that was suspension-worthy (I still am in that camp). The GIF we used was to show the violence of which Schenn’s head hit the boards (which wasn’t seen on CSN). We included video of the play – once available – that showed the distance Wilson traveled on the play. Only the department of player safety has every angle in the arena and I’m sorry there wasn’t more media available the 20 minutes after we posted.

    3) We included posts with our personal opinion (2), opinions from management (1), and from practically everyone in the Twittersphere (1). I’m sure we can be less sarcastic and insert ourselves into these posts less (not sure I’d want that though), but I think we covered everything and gave every voice a place here. I’m proud of the coverage and we’re doing the best we can.

    4) I’m naturally leery of what coaches and management say about their own player because — and you can tell me if I’m wrong — there could be a conflict of interest between the truth and protecting their own asset.

    5) Look at Duck Dynasty. Everybody loved those guys, then Phil talked to GQ and now everybody’s re-evaluating what they think of the whole family. Such is life – such is what happens when you put yourself out there for others to critique.

    I don’t know where I’m going with this point, but maybe you, maybe everyone should lower their expectations or maybe re-examine what exactly you want from us. We are human. We are as upfront and honest as we can be. We churned out four posts about what happened which included every perspective. We do this blog on top of forty-hour a week jobs and are doing this for free. We churn out an unrivaled amount of material. I think our track record speaks for itself.

    6) Can we party now? NO SUSPENSION AND TWO STRAIGHT DAYS OF HOCKEY)))))))))))))

  • Mr ducksworth

    Is this a blog for caps fans or objective coverage of the organization…this must be DC. My main concern about the sentiment during your coverage of this incident is that it seems like caps fans don’t even have Willy’s back. Who knows what this kid is going to turn into but as fans we should 100 percent support his aggressive and apparently legal play….lord knows this team needs more of it. I’m also aware that wilson reads this blog, he’s referenced it in his tweets…what kind of message are you sending to him with your open belief that he should still be suspended. Do you want him to tone it down??

  • Yeah, really great stuff.

  • I think Wilson made a bad hit. So did the refs, so did the NHL.

    And yet, I still have his back.


    1. pointing out how underutilized he is by this team (“there’s seven minutes of ice time the Capitals won’t have to worry about on Friday night.”)
    2. writing a very long stat piece about his future (“not on the fourth line”)
    3. praising his solid play in recaps regularly
    4. cutting a video about wanting to see more offensive opportunities for him

    There’s a lot of examples of back-having, and none of them required me to defend a hit I personally didn’t like.

    If Wilson had been suspended, I’d welcome him back with open arms when he returns and CONTINUE to cheer him on.

    Peter, a Tom Wilson fan, obviously

  • Yeah the elbow to Fehr’s head — how wasn’t that dude suspended? t don’t understand the logic a lot of times. And to be honest, it’s hard to predict or give an opinion on how they’ll rule, because sometimes I think a monkey throwing darts is actually determining the punishment.

  • Safoster


    Thanks for the response, explanation, and everything. I agree with everything you bring up right here. You guys are great. I just wanted to comment on probably the first event that you’ve covered that I didn’t like how you did it. That’s the beauty of the internet and I’m glad you took the time to respond to me. Like I said below I plan on continuing to enjoy your work and appreciate the time that you do give to Caps fans.

  • Roy Schue

    I disagree at the top of the circle is where he paused and Schenn was just starting to wrestle the puck free. Wilson did not line him up until around the face off dot and took two strong strides and made a shoulder to shoulder hit.

  • Where were they when I did a FULL MONTH of this during Hunter hockey?

  • Hugs. No problem, man. Thanks for sharing even though now it appears everyone feels comfortable telling us every little thing we do wrong. Hahaha. I guess it had to happen sometime!

  • This still makes me lol every time.

  • Brian Thomas

    “Psychic” can be taken as literally as you wish, I just think you are making assumptions about why they reached this decision without any real evidence to back it up. And in the larger sense I’m referring to those ascribing the hit to Wilson being a heat-seeking missile out for blood. It’s an unfair characterization and I’ve seen it echoed here. He is a big strong powerful kid, we know this. His job in that situation is to get down there as fast and as hard as he can, win the battle, and create offense. And that is exactly what he did. It was not reckless. It was an incredibly hard hit that looked ugly because of Schenn’s decisions. That’s all it was. I don’t need to repeat what Oates said any more than I already have, but it seems to me the only real reason people piled on Wilson is because they think they know what he was trying to do in that situation (i.e. kill Schenn no matter what) and there isn’t any actual evidence to back that up. Brian Engblom saying there was trash talking going on between the benches beforehand is not evidence. The hit looking as nasty as it did is not evidence. He did not accelerate like a madman, people keep asserting that and I can only assume they have never iceskated in their lives. He went in hard and with a purpose, as I and hopefully any Caps fan wants him too, and crushed Schenn in an attempt to get the puck. I’m personally thrilled that we have a guy who can and will hit people like that, and I’m not about to let the call’s impact on the game make me think twice. Now swap him out with Brouwer and I’ll really be happy.

  • Roy Schue

    Schenn did not even have the puck at the point your claiming he was lining him up. He was hustling to get in on the forecheck.

  • “I just think you are making assumptions about why they reached this decision without any real evidence to back it up.”

    I’m citing the ACTUAL reason Shanahan cited in the ACTUAL video embedded above. That’s not psychic. That’s source attribution.

  • Jack Conness

    After reading all these comments, I’m just stoked to watch the Caps play some hockey and not worry about all this nonsense. It’s just like the Duck Dynasty guy speaking out against gays. Who cares! LETS PLAY SOME HOCKEY AND GO CAPS!

  • “what kind of message are you sending to him with your open belief that he should still be suspended.”

    That he’s lucky he wasn’t suspended? I mean, let’s be honest, was trying to check Schenn through the glass and into the concourse necessary when the game’s tied 2-2 in the second period? Only bad things can happen from that and I think he’s just really full of energy and looking to impress people because he’s barely playing.

    And that leads me into my next point: I think Wilson is better than a fourth line talent. I think he should be getting second line power play time and he should be playing at least 10-15 minutes a night. I think they should have let him go to the WJC. And I think that if they knew they weren’t going to play him this year, they should have sent him back to Plymouth and let him dominate offensively.

    I care about this kid a lot, he was one of the guys I really wanted to work with on CRL and I’m glad he didn’t lose a paycheck for what happened. But going for that hit was still unwise. And I’m sure he knows it now. Ovi had to learn this lesson too after checking Brian Campbell the way he did. You’re not going to get the benefit of the doubt because you’re stronger than other people. It really seems like Shanahan is influenced by public reaction and how badly injured a person is. Wilson is lucky Schenn played tonight.

  • WhiskSharp

    Maybe you did post all the main twitter ppl/NHL accounts which is good on you guys, but when I read that post it didn’t really matter to me what the other tweets were saying, it was more how you explained things under each tweet. I took the comments at condescending and yada-yada.

    I knew a lot of people weren’t in agreement with the call. Maybe it’s just that I thought you guys should of been more in the middle, but again maybe that is the wrong opinion to assume. Obviously some other people thought that too, judging by the upvotes, but I just wanted to comment because I agreed so much with what the OP felt too.

    I normally would never say anything in this situation and I kinda regret saying anything now. My intentions were not to offend you guys or make you feel bad in anyway, if I did I am sorry. I love your guys blog and I very much appreciate all that you do. I promise to have tougher skin next time.

  • We all need to find the closest bar and just creepily hug it out.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Well that escalated quickly…

  • Safoster

    “I normally would never say anything in this situation and I kinda regret saying anything now.”

    Yeah, I feel the same.

  • I don’t see how the comments below each tweet were condescending. I thought it was synthesizing a whole lot of disparate thoughts into some kind of everyone’s-opinion-matters stew. I’m basically saying– “look at all these great and varied thoughts! except for this one guy who called Wilson names…”

    Maybe it’s because the tone of our site is so informal and colloquial (usually) that it comes off overly familiar?

    I’m asking a lot of questions in there:

    “Does his standing on the team matter to us as we suss out our feelings on the hit?”

    “Could Wilson still have executed this same hit without putting his opponent in danger? Is there a safe way to do this?”

    And I’m admitting where my knowledge falls short:

    “I don’t know if Schenn saw Wilson”

    “I don’t know enough to say.”

    I genuinely don’t get it, and I don’t wanna come off that way, so please let me know where and when I go wrong.


  • We do so much worse on off days. If there’s a hockey game on, everyone is hugging. Two off-days in a row? It’s like Lord of the Flies in fast forward.


  • Jack Conness

    Haha that’s an awesome analogy.

  • axel

    WFT did I (many) say… its not a bad hit. People asking whos the bigger idiot, Schenn or Wilson.. go to bed, and put the pillow over your head till you suffocate.

  • johnnymorte

    This coach knows the game my friends. That’s all you can say about it. I think we should all learn a lesson here and trust in Oatsey. McPhee you still suck giant monkey balls. .

  • johnnymorte

    PS Willy Baby, start lighting ’em up!

  • Owen Johnson

    Even just for a couple of shifts here and there would help. Plus maybe Brouwer can get his groove back playing against weaker competition.

  • Fedor

    I agree with Peter. I think just the fact that a guy comes at a great speed and drives another into the end wall (when you come from the blue line, it’s a law of physics that after the collision the hit player will hit the boards) is worthy of suspension. Schenn can partially take the blame for hitting the boards with his head, but I could care less if it was his knees or his shouder hitting the wall. Still a bad hit.

  • BPThomas


  • Dominic


  • aaron

    shanny owed us one for the holtby – emery nonsense hahaha

  • Bugs Fire

    Excellent decision by DoPS to post the explanation in the case where no suspension was given. I keep saying they should do it every time. If you check Flyers-friendly boards, there is much less anger than there is usually after non-suspension. This is exactly because Shanahan explained his decision.

  • Bugs Fire

    I still feel Wilson should have done more to avoid injuring Schenn. Just slow down a little when it is this close to the boards.

    To be fair, Shanahan was caught in no man’s land. Can’t suspend for charging because
    a) Wilson is at the dot when Schenn emerges with the puck. Can’t argue that he was charging all the way – who was he preparing to hit, Wellman?
    b) Shanahan’s own educational video explains that what elevates charging to the level of supplemental discipline is player launching himself in the air and targeting the head. Wilson glides all the way and never connects with Schenn’s head (well, unfortunately boards did).

    Can’t suspend for boarding because
    a) boarding was not called on the ice. Technically, DoPS is not bound by that, but still.
    b) Wilson did not hit Schenn from behind. “See nothing but the numbers” clause does not apply, Wilson is gliding into someone who is turned sideways, not with his back.
    c) Schenn clearly sees Wilson (unless one assumes that he has no hockey sense and decides to go back where Wellman is when the area behind the net is clear as day). Schenn turns to avoid him, and Shanahan’s own rules say no suspension when player makes the hit outcome worse by doing this. Wilson clearly has no time to readjust.

    So just like Emery case – there is no rule Shanahan can apply to suspend. This is not to say that Wilson shouldn’t be more careful. Maybe after winning the publicity gambit Oates can finally admit that. I like Oates in general, but this was a bit reminiscent of the bug-eyed walrus blame the victim Eller’s affair. Not the same, because Maclean was egregiously trolling Habs during playoff series, but still first thing I would like to hear from coaches mouth in this situation is concern for the injured player. I have not seen full postgame interview, can anyone correct me if I am wrong on this?

  • Brian Thomas

    Allow me to clarify…the whole “pyschic” thing and what I said about “assumptions” was referring directly to your statement “I think he deftly argued that he charged far less than he actually did”. I don’t think you have any evidence to support that, other than an assumption that he was trying to charge Schenn intentionally. I believe Wilson, and I think the tape shows pretty clearly that you should too. And you’d have to be inside Wilson’s mind to ever really know if he was telling Shanahan what he wanted to hear, rather than the truth. That’s all….but again, I was also speaking, figuratively, to the larger group of folks out there asserting that Wilson was only on the ice to make a dirty hit, which is what really annoys me, because it really was a clean hard play that turned out ugly. So to that end, I apologize for lumping you in with those people.

  • John Martino

    Yes, but Tom Wilson is too young to remember that time, isn’t he?

  • Fair enough. No worries.

    If I had been more precise (and long-winded), I would have said “I *believe* he deftly argued…”

    You’re right that I don’t have any evidence. All I have is my interpretation the video (It looks *to me* like he lined up earlier, but paused to dodge Simmonds) and what Shanahan said. But you’re right– nothing conclusive. Ultimately, this all about reconciling different perspectives. I’m not going to pretend like mine is the only valid one (but I am gonna stick it to people who abuse logic for their own purposes, which is what I think Oates and McPhee did).

    Thanks for writing again. I hope we’re cool.

  • Matt

    but thats just arguing that a big hit is illegal, thats ridiculous.

  • Lawrence

    hahahahahah Sooooo trueeee amigo.

  • Robert

    Maybe so, but you have to imagine Wilson will still probably think twice about doing that again the next time he’s in a similar situation. So, lesson learned?

  • Red

    This video has renewed my hope Shanny and DPS. That was well thought-out and logical. Glad they didn’t buckle under pressure and were able to make the decision based on the CONTEXT of the hit rather than the RESULT of the hit.

  • Fedor

    You can make a big hit, but you need to at least understand where you’re driving the guy. It’s like a hit from behind in general isn’t worthy a suspension. Same hit, but onto the boards, on the other hand, is. Same situation here. If you throw a guy into the boards with big power, it should be a suspendable offense. I’m not saying it is, but it should be.

  • JenniferH

    This is just like… beautiful, man.

  • JenniferH

    I haven’t waded in on this because I’m such a hockey newbie and if I disagree with you guys, I love how you guys run this blog, but I had to respond to THIS:

    I’m sure we can be less sarcastic and insert ourselves into these posts less

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Please don’t ever stop doing this. While I love the know-how, facts, statistics and analysis you bring, it’s the light-hearted sarcasm, the humor and the stamp of your personalities that you bring as well and I would never want to lose that.

    Keep it up,you guys. It’s very appreciated!

  • Brian Thomas

    We’re cool, and admittedly Wilson would have to pull a Hunter/Turgeon move before I’d be overly inclined to go against him, especially against the Flyers. Holtby is killing me at the moment however.