Alex Ovechkin: Sixth Fastest Player to Reach 400 Goals


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Three thousand, sixty-four days after getting drafted at PNC Arena way back in 2004, Alex Ovechkin has scored his 400th career goal at the very same place, recording an empty-net goal against the Carolina Hurricanes on Friday night. Unlike many of his goals, this one was unspectacular. With the Caps up 3-2 in the final minute, Ovi picked up Nicklas Backstrom‘s pass from the neutral zone and popped the puck into an empty net. Ovi hardly seemed to notice it went in, calmly skating back to the bench without his trademark glove-kiss celebration. The goal was anything but ordinary though. Ovi has become the sixth-fastest player to reach the 400-goal mark, underlining the resurgence of the Great Eight under Adam Oates.

GIF by Ian Oland.

While Ovi may have seemed relaxed, Caps fans in attendance were not, particularly reader Sam B. and his friends, who held up “Ovi 400” signs for CSN’s cameras.

“It’s a big number,” Ovechkin told Joe B. “You know it’s a big opportunity for me to be with the best players out there. To reach 400 means a lot.

It should’ve been Ovi’s night alone, but he was happy to share the glory.

“[Philipp Grubauer] was our best player tonight,” Ovi told the press after the game. “He was unbelievable.”




Photo credit: Gregg Forwerck


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  • Shawn Murphy

    Latta’s tweet is why the phrase “icing on the cake” was invented, oh man. So perfect

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    sooo nice!! <3

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    Sitting pretty Ovi

  • jennrubenstein

    so now i love latta. well from this and also his cruisin with wilson and schmeighty-eight.

  • Owen Johnson

    Would not mind seeing 399 more Latta goals. Especially if he celebrates like he did during his first.

  • So yeah, I want to see a million of these on the glass during warm-ups tomorrow!

  • JenniferH

    I love Latta!

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  • Matthew Kory

    I like how Ovie faked the goalie so hard he was on the bench!


    This season could be more magical if his line played better at even strength.

  • riggorules

    not bad for a “specialty act”

  • Catherine__M

    Would be interesting to know what percentage of those were assisted by Backstrom. And speaking of Backstrom assists, he’s #2 in the league, playing leapfrog with Crosby for #1 with Malkin at #3. Question though…do those two really have assists on 60% of all Pens goals or are there a lot of secondary assists given to them? Just seems odd, no?

  • OlietheGoalie

    You are continually negative or critical on both the WaPo comments and here. Do you ever have fun?