Jagr talks to the media after the game. (Photo credit: Katie Brown)

Jagr talks to the media after the game. (Photo credit: Katie Brown)

Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

On Saturday night, two of the greatest scorers of all time matched up. They’re similar players: elite snipers from Eastern Europe with innumerable fans but many critics. In 2001, the Washington Capitals gave Jaromir Jagr the largest contract in NHL history: seven years, $77 million. In 2008, the Washington Capitals gave Alex Ovechkin the largest contract in NHL history: 13 years, $124 million. For Caps fans, however, their feelings toward each are starkly different; they hate Jagr and they love Ovechkin.

In his latest return to Verizon Center, Jagr — like his hair — was majestic. He led the Devils comeback, scoring a goal and picking up two assists, including the primary on the game winner. All night, he faced boos from the 18,506 red-clad people, who haven’t forgotten his disastrous two and a half years in Washington.

“There was a couple ‘Zoo-by!” he joked, referring to linemate Dainius Zubrus. “Oh yeah, it was ‘Zooby!’

“I don’t really pay attention to it,” Jagr continued. “Once you play hockey you’re kind of in the game so much you don’t even hear it. You concentrate on the game so much you don’t even hear it.”

At 41-years-old, Jagr has 13 goals this season, on track for his best season since returning from his KHL respite in 2011. On Saturday, his tied Mark Messier for 7th all-time on the goal scoring list with third period power play tally.

“He’s a great player, great person,” Jagr said of Messier. “He accomplished a lot in the NHL. To be able to tie him is a great honor.”

Ovechkin, too, just hit a milestone, scoring his 400th career goal Friday. So what does Jagr think of the fantastic year Ovechkin — who netted his 30th goal in 34 games Saturday — is having?

“He’s hot,” Jagr told me. “He needed one opportunity to score and he got it.”

“His shot — he doesn’t hesitate a second,” the mullet man continued, getting analytical. “He’s shooting, he’s in the zone. He’s got a lot of confidence in his shooting and he’s just waiting for the opportunity to score. I remember those years when I was hot, I was shooting everything. I don’t have it anymore, but that’s the way he plays. He’s using whatever he’s got. That’s a great shot. He’s very danger one-on-one. The defense, they have to back up a little bit. If you’re gonna step on him he might go around you. You kinda give him the shot, but his shot is so good he can score from that shot.”

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  • Cole

    “He’s very danger one-on-one.”

    Very danger

    amaze shot

    so scare

    much goal


  • sentientcheese

    Annnnnd cue Ian putting a mullet on doge.

  • riggorules

    Jagr was a beast Saturday night. He seemed to be parked in the Caps zone all night, causing problems. His line was a constant threat.

  • yeah I hate him too

  • CDizz

    Congratulations, sir. You win at the Internet!

  • cobra617

    Not sure if you realized this, English is not his native language. My guess though is that his English is better than your Czech.

  • Brackaphobia

    Not sure if you realized this, but he was citing a meme there. My guess though is that his knowledge of meme’s is better than your ability to recognize them.

  • sweaty

    I lul’d

  • cobra617

    I suppose that you are clairvoyant. How do you know what the OP was referencing? You assume, and then you proceed to take a shot at me. And an assumption is all you have because you have absolutely no way of knowing what the OP was talking about. (aside from his poor grammar)

  • Cole
  • cobra617

    None of those sentence fragments were referenced in the article. The intent was clearly to poke fun at Jagr’s English. Why else post it? A bit xenophobic are we?
    With the sad state of the education system in the U.S., there are nearly endless examples of poor grammar/spelling in native speakers to poke fun at. Poking fun at the English of a non-native English speaker is in poor taste.

  • cobra617

    I’ll answer you as I answered the OP. It doesn’t matter what he was referencing, the intent was clearly to poke fun at Jagr’s English. If that makes you guys feel superior, well, I guess that you are special.
    You want to poke fun at Jagr? Talk about how he “stole” money from the Caps. Talk about how Ovechkin blew him up in the Olympics. Making fun of his English is just poor taste.

  • Then let it be said that we have poor taste.

  • cobra617

    The irony here is that this is coming from a moderator of a forum dedicated to a player whose English is worse than Jagr’s. Seriously?

  • Don’t you dare make fun of Alex Ovechkin’s English. That would be off-limits and uncool.

  • cobra617

    Come on now. You know I am not from my earlier posts. I am making a point. As a child of immigrants, I have a personal issue with folks making fun of people’s accents and/or English grammar.

    Now, I am no saint. I have ridiculed poor grammar. But I only do it to native speakers. There is no excuse for the egregious butchering of the English language by people that were born and raised in the US.

    There is so much material available to make fun of Jagr, (age, mullet, getting crushed by OV) that resorting to making fun of his grammar is rather low brow. Especially since this is a site dedicated to OV. (The irony part)

  • Sometimes, we’re a low brouw site. I hope you can appreciate that while we can get a laugh out of his speech (which is only funny because it mirrors an internet meme called doge http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/doge ), we don’t think less of him because of it.

  • Cole

    Peter has pretty much put this one to bed.

    Still, I need to plainly state –since the picture didn’t do it– that my intent was never to make fun of the way Jagr was speaking. I didn’t even listen to the interview. I just read the article, pulled out that quote and likened it to that meme.

    I was just looking to get a laugh.

  • cobra617

    Alright, fair enough. I may have gotten a little too upset as making fun of someone’s English is a little bit of a sore topic with me. I had to endure people making fun of my parents as a kid.

  • cobra617

    Low Brouw. I like that pun.