Braden Holtby Plays Defense During Practice (Photo)


Photo credit: @Sydneyhasnever

The Washington Capitals are carrying three goaltenders right now. Why? Not sure. But with Philipp Grubauer earning another start tonight, Braden Holtby decided to take a shift or two on defense during this morning’s practice.

I’m in love with this photo right now. I’d take Holtby over Urbom any day of the week.

In other news from this morning:

  • BPThomas

    The reason for 3 goaltenders is pretty obvious, I thought. Despite my honest opinion that Holtby is “elite”, Neuvy is no slouch either, and Grubs has been phenomenal. Which tendy is the odd man out, and what do you guys think they should do with him? Genuinely curious.

  • Bob

    the quote about Bruce being challenged more by his GM is just so depressing, another reason to dislike GMGM

  • Red

    So how are we greeting Brucey tonight? Any consensus on that?

  • Um, they should send down Grubauer immediately. He’s playing well now sure, and has the chance to be a good NHL player in the future (especially considering what Olie Kolzig has told me about him). But this is ridiculous.

    The depth at the position is great for the organization, but do you really want to ride a hot prospect goaltender when:

    A) You risk annoying the crap out of your likely franchise goaltender (Holtby) and a guy that has paid his dues in the minors (Neuvirth). Neuvirth has also already alluded to the fact that he’d like to play more/and oh yeah kinda sorta wants to be traded. Bye bye, depth.

    B) Holtby has a body of work over his career which makes him deserving of the most playing time. He is an above average goaltender.

    C) What message does it send to your other players? We will not show any of you loyalty. We only care about results. That could be construed as good or bad.

    D) Holtby plays better the more playing time he gets. He looked a bit out of sorts playing the puck at times Saturday night. Give him playing time, ride him into the sunset.

    That’s honestly how I feel about the situation. This team has seen basically three players ask for trades this season. I do not think that’s healthy.

  • Warmly, with a lot of cheers and funny signs.

  • herveus

    I’ve got my #PerryCelly cutout from opening night with me. I aim to spend some time at the visitor’s end during warmups…

  • BPThomas

    That pretty much covers all of my concerns. Thanks 🙂

  • VeggieTart

    Problem is, every time we turn to Neuvy to give him a start, he’s sick or he’s injured or there’s some reason he can’t play. If he wants to be the #1 goaltender, he’s going to have to earn it, and he hasn’t. Holtby all but stole that with his performance in the 2012 playoffs.

    What do you think of trading Neuvy? With so many injuries to goalies this year, there’s surely a team desperate for someone with NHL experience.

  • MCR

    We’ll be there tonight in our MP85 and #PerryCelly T-shirts! It’s only our second in-person game, and while we’d rather see Mathieu with the Caps, we’re excited to see Mathieu and the Caps.

  • Mark Chaffer

    I’m so excited that I get to go to this game.

  • Owen Johnson

    I will be bringing the ORIGINAL SIGNED #perrycelly with me. (Minus one of the hands as that one is floating around Dallas somewhere)

  • Red

    I will be rocking sauceface in his honor. Also, what do you think are the odds of Perry getting scratched tonight? 😀

  • I understand. Neuvy’s lack of durability is concerning. But he’s been healthy now for the last week and Grubi’s still here. #Awkward

    I actually think they should eventually trade Grubauer (if they can get a good return back, such as good, young defensemen).

  • Have a great time, MCR!

  • Zero to none.

  • Red

    Knowing Boudreau, I wouldn’t rule it out.

  • yv

    I’ll disagree with this. There is nothing extraordinary that your supposedly #1 GT sitting on the bench.
    LAK’ Scrivens has been #1 in NHL by all numbers, but now he’s sitting like 5 games in a row, because of hot MJones. Who knows what will happen when Quick will return.
    Yesterday, even King Henrik, with his monster contract, has been delegated to the bench b/c he is not delivering, yet. And as have been just announced, he would be again on the bench tonight. Explanations by Vigneault ‘he will go with the hotter goalie’. And this is King H, not Holtby, we are talking.
    Devils with Schneider and Brodeur trying to figure out who is hotter, Luongo has been on the bench for some time until he has started to deliver, unfortunately, for him got injured yesterday. Tonight’s Hiller has been under trade speculations b/c rookie replacement GT Andersen ( plus Ducks have Fasth) has been hot for sometime.
    It seems that the battles for playoffs spot are so fierce that all GMs and HCs can ill-afford to lose any single game and they adapting approach of riding hot goalie. That just suggesting that giving franchise contracts to GTs maybe not so good idea. It is like in Lion King, there would be always new, more stronger, roaring contender, and it is your job to keep proving that you are up to the task, not somebody else.

  • YV, all fair points. Thank you for sharing!

    My only qualm is that the Caps are choosing to carry three goaltenders. I think going with the hot goaltender is totally fine among the two starters. Carrying three goaltenders and benching both starters and making one of them wear a suit in the press box, that’s not as okay with me.

  • He’s their second line center and gets time on their power play. I don’t really understand why you think that way.

  • VeggieTart

    Or trade Neuvy, since he doesn’t seem to want to play here anymore.

  • Andrew Walker

    I’m starting to come over to this viewpoint. Grubi has been playing really well, but the fallacy of the hot hand is only going to add instability that we just don’t need right now. Give the kid a break and maybe save some starts for him later in the season.

  • Red

    Haha. I was just alluding to BB benching Ovi in a game against the Ducks, which marked a symbolic beginning to his exit from DC. If he benches Perry tonight (their Ovi equivalent) that would complete a strange kind of circle for Bruce.