With Washington Capitals management coaches someone deciding that it’s still a good idea to carry three goaltenders and ride a prospect’s hot hand, normal starter Braden Holtby rode the pine again. In fact, The Holtbeast has been benched for four of the Capitals’ last six games. Instead of sick split saves and fist pumps, we’ve been treated to images of Holtby sitting awkwardly in steel chairs and playing defense during practice.

Tonight, however, Holtby still managed to make an appearance during the game – though it was brief. And you had to really be looking for it.

After a second period whistle, Braden reached over the boards and gave Jason Chimera a loving pat on the head.

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Here’s the story.

After Jason Chimera tried to poke the puck to Joel Ward, his pass was blocked by Mark Fistric. Fistric then dumped Chimera to the ice. As Chimera fell, the puck got stuck between his leg and the boards. The play was blown dead.

Chimmer, there is no need to be exasperated because Braden loves you.

Thanks to my boy Fedor Fedin who first noticed this.

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  • Owen

    when i saw this live i thought to myself “damn that’s totally gonna be a rmnb post”. i love you guys. and holtby.

  • H70

    This is so Holtby and the reason why he is my favorite Cap.

  • sdfgdsg

    lamest post ever. Hey, look, Holtby patted Chimmer on the head! Post it!

  • Owen Johnson

    Even when struggling (and pseudo-benched) Holtbyisms make me smile.

  • JenniferH

    Awwww. I ♥ him so. Thanks for this little bit of Holts!

  • Dan

    Totes mcgotes. Cray-cray adorbs.

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, even when going through a rough patch, Holts cares about his teammates. It shows what a team player the guy is. And I sincerely hope he gets over his slump and returns to the Beast form we know and love.

  • JessHughes

    Free the Holtbeast!

  • Owen Johnson

    Bray-Bray is cray-cray aborbs. Amirite?

  • Rhino40

    There’s just something maniacally funny about a pair of veteran Shakespearean-trained actors reading tweets & texts onstage while clad in tuxedos. My question is: when do we get to see this done by Ian McKellen, Michael Gambon and Patrick Stewart?

  • RY

    lamest comment ever. Hey, I’m gonna be a douche! Post it!