Editor’s Note: This is what it’s all about. 8-year-old AJ was made a Caps fan for life on Friday night. His father, Dave G. gives us a fan’s perspective of Ovi’s historic goal, one fan’s kind deed, and a terrific annotated video of how it went down.

I took my 8-year-old son AJ to his first NHL game last night in Raleigh (we live down near Wilmington, NC). Having grown up in Southern Maryland, I spent a good chunk of my boyhood years at the USAir Arena cheering on the Caps, but this was my first game in a long time.

I wanted to share our pictures and video with you.

One of the guys pictured on the blog shared his 400 sign with my son so he could get his picture with it at the rink.

I also took video from our seats at PNC Arena of the last minute of the game where Ovi scored his 400th career goal. We were very excited.

Ed. note: No kidding about the excitement. You might want to turn your volume down.

My son had a great time and is now a Caps fan and an Ovi fan for life. Cheers!

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  • Red

    I want that kid’s shirt!

  • John Fitzmaurice

    No one ever called that place US Air arena. Caps Centre or GTFO.

  • themav80

    Also a Caps fan living in Wilmington. Represent!

  • He called it Caps Centre in his email to us. I changed it to USAir Arena in the post because I wanted to make sure it was clear he was talking about not-Verizon Center.

    Also they played basketball there too, ya know.

  • Stephanie M. Daly

    totes mcgotes this is cray cray adorbs

  • William Obuschking Busch

    coolness there..caps fan from toronto 😀

  • Brad Tumy

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Brad Tumy

    oh that’s right Georgetown played there occasionally 😉