Evgeny Kuznetsov Suffers Another Injury (GIF)

In the first period against Donbass Donetsk, Washington Capitals top prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov suffered another injury. This time to his lower body.

Donbass’ center Petteri Wirtanen fired a shorthanded long shot on Michael Garnett while Kuznetsov, who was playing up high on the powerplay, attempted to hit him. Kuznetsov’s teammate Maxim Kondratyev landed the hit on Wirtanen. Wirtanen fell into Kuznetsov’s legs awkwardly, which seemed to cause the injury.

Kuzya is on the left. (GIF by Ian Oland)

Kuznetsov was unable to leave the ice on his own power. He pointed Traktor’s trainer to his left knee or ankle before getting helped off the ice.

If Kuznetsov’s latest injury keeps him on the sidelines for more than a couple of weeks, he can officially wave goodbye to his Sochi Olympic dream.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: Evgeny Kuznetsov tweeted a photo of his injured leg accompanied by what seems to be some self-written poetry.

It reads in English: “Twisting, breaking, knocking dogs of fate off the path… not losing face, it’s heavy on the soul… Has the path been passed or is it just the beginning?”

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  • Jason W.

    I’ll be honest…he needs to forget Sochi…just try to make it to North America in one piece

  • Louis Porter

    He’s rapidly becoming damaged goods. Kind of a Poti 2.0 if you will.

  • BPThomas

    poti never had anything close to kuzyas upside though 🙁

  • Freedoooom

    Well hes got until the 7th of January. Don’t see him making it.

  • Owen Johnson

    He seems snake-bit this year. I think a change in scenery (and continents…) can help with that sometimes.

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    I feel for the guy man. Sticking around for another 2 years to make the team. Hopefully it ain’t too serious. I really want him to make that roster.

  • Jack Conness

    Man, this sucks.

  • Myuzishin

    Y’all are putting way too much emphasis on this kid. The hype is overdone, and the idea that he’s gonna come here and suddenly all our ills will fade away is far-fetched at best. Lets worry about the crew we HAVE before bettin the house on guys that may not even make it here.

  • methisgreat

    It’s okay! We will surely trade him for a fourth liner and a zero goal scoring second/third/fourth/scratch/requests trade liner soon.

  • I’m just going to start commenting this on every prospects post:

    [Joke about GMGM dealing prospect for (insert ridiculous, terrible return)]

  • Dark Stranger

    Latest Tweet From Zhenya on his injury:

    “Evgeny Kuznetsov ‏@Kuzya924m

    Перекручивая,ломая,псов судьбы с тропы сбивая…не теряя лицо,на душе тяжело…пройден ли путь или только начало???? pic.twitter.com/fcCGrSlgjs”

    I just translated it via Google translate and it almost sound poetic.

    “Twisting, breaking, dogs fate knocking off the trail … without losing face, my heart heavy … if passed path or just the beginning????”

  • Louis Porter

    Yea cause Kuzne’s been so awesome in a Caps sweater. 🙂

  • Roy Schue

    So what, jus cause a prospect hasn’t put on a caps sweater this means they don’t have upside…hence prospect

  • Shaun Phillips

    Hate to see a guy’s knee bend that way. The initial look of it, I’d say MCL and/or ACL.

  • riggorules

    Translation anyone?

  • Ben E

    At this point I’ll be shocked if he makes any sort of meaningful impact in the NHL.

  • Yeah, we translated it above.

  • Louis Porter

    A prospect has a desire to come and play for the team. Not jerks the fans around.

  • Roy Schue

    Jus in case you haven’t realized what’s been going on. He has been jerkin his hometown fans around. He has only stayed in Russia to increase his odds of making the Olympic team “not gonna happen now” and didn’t want to betray his fans by admitting to this two years ago. So he has been playing this game with the media like he is a torn up on what he wants to do. He has know for a while now that he would be in DC after his KHL season is over.

  • Louis Porter

    Yes yes I know all about why he says he stayed thus screwing the fans HERE and in his hometown. I guess I’m just tired of two years of his wishy-washy interviews and the extreme overhype of a player who has yet to play here. Too many people think he’s going to walk across the Atlantic like the second coming of OV. I really couldn’t care less if he keeps his tail in Russia at this point.


    Great decision staying in the KHL kid! You’ve now sustained two significant injuries, and you’re going to miss the Olympics. Is anyone else starting to worry that he might not actually ride in on a white horse and solve all the Capitals problems instantly?

  • troyerlaw

    Me too. Looks seriously fragile from afar. I am not holding my breath.

  • scott

    He could have just as easily got injured playing in the NHL. They were freak incidents that could have happened to any player.