Photos of Your Caps- and Hockey-Themed Christmas Haul


It’s Christmas day, and from what I can tell you guys are buried in hockey- and Caps-flavored swag. I hit up the internet to solicit pics of your holiday haul, and you guys totally flooded us. Seems like a whole bunch of you gave or received RMNB shirts, for which we are very grateful. Personally, I got a Caps-branded bottle opener from my sister.

I’m just gonna share the whole thing below so you can peruse all the cool gifts going around. There’s a ton of neat stuff. Enjoy!


The first of many RMNB shirts!


Do not approve the shirt, do approve the caption.

Goalie tandem hat!


Gotta get em started young I guess.

Bonus points for emoji.


Nice spread.

Enjoy it, Sherry.



Thank you for buying it, Vin!

Did you know he’s only 19?


Haha. People actually wear this in public. <3 Wardo.

Ted should send you a thank-you note.


Wilson seems to be the breakout star of the gift-giving season.


Cheers, mate. Crash the net, izzit?

Your sports beverage deal is COVERED for the year.

Okay, but what’s his Fenwick Close?


Holts getting some love. Good. Wear this shirt in our FB comments, please?

FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for the dog calendar.

Good son.

Have a blast!

I am very upset by this.

Okay, I’m better now.


Stay toasty.

Maybe the best present yet?


Very cool.

Black ice)))))

Leksy getting some love.

Stylish. Subtle.

That’s funny.

LOVE the framed Brouwer photo.

Wilson, again.

Dog Calendar, Part II!

Right on.

Moar SOGs!

Goal light is crucial.

Big game.

Nice pup.

…is Ovi wearing an Angry Birds shirt?

Never don’t leave the house without it.

Nice. I see we’re not rocking the white balance on this photo.

The next generation.

The sequel.


Future Evgeny Kuznetsov fan.

Great seats. Tell Wes we said hey.

Tommy boy again.

Treasure those.

Growing nostalgia for those old unis.

Our pals at Ball Hogs Radio representing. I assume I’ll see this around Frederick soon.


Good hunting!

Signed by my vote for Most Improved Capital 2013-14.

Moar shots. On ice and off.

Nothing says Christmas like impaled birds.

Hahahahaha, welp.

Very proud.

The most double-take-y shirt you can get this year.


Don’t smush your burgers.



If only Oates were so enthused.

Is this a fold-out chair?

His first goal! And he hugged… Poti?


Crash the net! Yay! I love that one.

Uh.. that says NOSLIW. Get a refund.

Expect a blowout.

These should be mandatory.

Sturdy backpack.

Winter Classic jersey. Great. Can’t wait for the home WC.


Caffeine and the Caps go hand in hand. For me at least.

Wonderful design by Rachel.

Okay, but what’s the deal with the Blue Jays?

Here’s hoping the Grabo shirt is valid for years to come.

Here at RMNB we call them matryoshka.

Dog calendar, Part III!

Looking good, guys! <3

For the stealth fan.

Of course it counts! Hockey is for everyone!

Yeah. You’re set.

Can it automatically tweet OVI SCOAR for us?



Neat concept. I do see some Comic Sans on there…

Nope. Not weird at all.


Dream harder.

Excellent wife.

A little Brouwer Rangers action. Yes.

If they made that in snapback with mesh, I’d own 20.

Signed Holts. I’d say Holts wins the popularity contest.

So… Russians?

Wall candy.


I’ve got a similar one.

You’re an anteater!

Please explain.

Hahaha. Have a Happy, Heretical Holtby Christmas.

Perfect. We’ll wrap it up with my old roommate Gary and his lovely wife Rachel.

Please feel free to share more below. And again: happy holidays!

  • Jack Conness

    I got my girlfriend the Willy Baby t-shirt and it looks awesome! Thanks guys and Merry Christmas!

  • Owen Johnson

    I tweeted you guys mine but I it was after the “last call.” I got a retroish caps sweater. I got so excited I did the #lattacelly

  • Owen Johnson

    Never mind its on there.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    It seems like a bunch are there that then disappear when they get loaded up. I’m sure this is user error but what’s going wrong? Must live vicariously!

  • Cory Carter

    I’m only seeing 13… Where did the rest go?

  • Hockey Mom

    I got a jersey that is waiting to be “Oleksy-fied” and bedazzled! Kids and dog got some Caps gear and the kids got tickets to see the Caps V the Maple Leafs, too! It was a Rocking the Red Christmas over here!!

  • Michael Reschly

    A couple hours ago the attempt to retrieve data from twitter (… ) in my preferred browser (Chrome Canary) were “cancelled”, but were working fine in Chrome Stable. But when I went to document this just now, it works on both. Also, both warn about failure to have a Content-Security-Policy header for twitter. #idiagnosenetworkproblemsonchristmas

  • Myan

    Jesus did you literally retweet every single person?? I guess I was too late with my Caps snuggie and tickets to see them in Smashville!

  • Myan

    Wait no just kidding. I viewed this on my phone so at first it showed like 100 tweets…now it’s become obvious that was just an error on my phone. Merry Christmas!

  • Nicci

    I’m only seeing a few too, and I know I’m missing some because the pic in the comments above said he found it in the post, but I don’t see it still.

  • I just fixed it. Certain smiley faces on Twitter embeds mess up the WordPress application of them. Two of them were wonky so I took them out.

  • pixiestix

    hmm…doesn’t seem wise to tweet the barcodes of pdf tickets.

  • Owen Johnson

    “Jesus saves but he’s no Holtby.” Mmmmmm…. Sacrelicious….

  • Travis Eshleman

    My brother and I will be attending our first Caps game, as well as the AHL Showcase game, thanks to our wonderful parents.

    Best. Christmas. Ever.

  • Pat Magee

    I like how Marco Sturm is skating by all like, “IDGAF about this kid’s first goal!”

  • Michael Reschly

    Did you report this back to wordpress? That’s indicates a looming security problem.

  • jennrubenstein

    love this! i have the dog calendar, of course, but not from xmas. yay

  • Hockey mom

    As I was leaving Kettler with my new jersey, Steve was just getting to the rink and I got him to sign it for me! He is THE NICEST guy!