Brooks Laich is Out Again


Photo credit: Jonathan Kozub

Here we go a again: after missing a month with a groin injury before returning Monday night, Brooks Laich is once again out.

“It’s disappointing because George and I met with him that morning and he said he felt 100 percent; contact, conditioning, everything,” head coach Adam Oates told reporters after the morning skate. “I think in his mind he did feel that way.”

“It’s been a long time of almosts,” Oates added.

Laich’s saga has been ongoing since he first injured his groin playing in Switzerland during last year’s lockout. He played in just nine games last season, with his return to the lineup constantly pushed back. It was reported that he had surgery to repair the issue, something Laich insisted wasn’t true. Nevertheless, the problem came back this year. Brooks claimed the injuries were similar, but not the same. But once again, a day-to-day aliment turned into uncertain timeframe. After playing 13:23 against Anaheim, Laich is back on the injured list.

“I’m kind of in a holding pattern,” the 30-year-old Laich said. “That’s really as much as I can divulge right now.”

Laich said he “felt great” during his return from an 11-game absence Monday, but started to experience pain again Tuesday morning.

According to Oates, Laich is set to see a doctor later today. He will try to practice tomorrow, but as of now the head coach has little idea when Laich will be back in the lineup.

“I think it’s going to be an ongoing thing,” said Oates. “We’re going to monitor it all the time until it either gets away totally, gets out of his head totally. We just don’t want to set him back.”

As for now, “something doesn’t feel quite right.”

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  • Pat Magee

    He needs the same surgery Green had done. #brittlegroin

  • Zach Evans

    Brooks needs to go. It’s been the same old thing over and over again. His contract is atrocious for what he has given back. If he’s not traded, I think he is the #1 option for a buyout at the end of the season.

  • Sweedish Meatballs

    Same old thing over and over again? This happened last year and his just recovering. Lets not get hasty and start trading players.

  • Bob

    The guy doesnt produce anymore and is not worth what he is getting paid. We shouldnt keep him just because he is a fan favorite and a good locker room guy. It has to be a business decision and he has to go.

  • guest

    You realize this isn’t NHL 14, a deal takes two parties. Every team in the league realizes what is going on with Laich. If we were to get rid of him, we would get very minimal return.

  • Bob

    really, this isnt NHL14? shocking news. Did i say we would get a lot in return? no, simply said he has to go and its probably a buyout. relax chief

  • nicoley-poley

    between this and #goaliedrama, i’m just one gigantic sadface. :C

  • C Breezy

    I’m with you there.

  • C Breezy

    There is no easy fix for Brooks. His injury status and cap hit make trading him a non-starter. We have no idea what is actually going on medically but I think the highest probability event is a season-ending surgery and another long wait for fans who want to see a fully healthy Brooksie tearing it up on the ice, which I still think he has in him.

  • Myan

    Buy him out. We can’t afford to keep spending $4.5m of cap space every year for a player who has been perpetually injured and when he’s healthy he’s putting up some of the worst possession numbers on the team.

  • troyerlaw

    I found Oates’s comments weird. He seemed to imply that the injury is partly in 21’s head and that Laich seemed fine in practice. I can see why 21 is being cautious, after losing most of last year to the injury. Honestly, I am not overly upset about his absence. He wasn’t setting the world on fire when he was in the line-up. What does upset me is his contract. That was a significant overpayment, and plenty of fans said so immediately, even before the injuries started popping up. He’s simply not a $4.5 million player.