Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov had a great start to the first period. He tallied a secondary assist on Mike Green’s power play goal and had a few good scoring chances.

But I wanna focus on another first period play. It was Orlov’s feistiness after the whistle, which may or may not have been dirty.

CSN didn’t show the scrum live, so Hana dug it out from the Rangers feed.

Orlov connected with a cross-check to the helmet-protected noggin’ of Mats Zuccarello. Zuccarello then slashed Dima in the skates and gave him a super punch to the chest. The refs sent them both to the box for two minutes because hockey.

And thus: Two Russians, one box.

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  • Shushotora

    Orlov is like “I have had enough of you!”

  • Matt

    to be fair zuccarello’s head is about waist height

  • troyerlaw

    Maybe Zucarello was pissed about Norway getting shellacked at WJC earlier in the day in Malmo? Anyway, it’s annoying he would give Orlov a slash, however light, on a play which had already been blown for icing. Not to mention how aggravating it is to watch the second .gif and see Girardi punch Backstrom right in the face, without repercussion or reprisal. Speaking of Nicky B & the Rags, one of my all-time favorite hockey plays remains the time Backstrom reverse-hit Anisimov in the corner in the playoffs and then went to the slot and scored. To hell with the Rangers.

  • R.O’B.

    i’m sure you have already seen this since you all dominate the internet, but i feel as though all those little russians in the box equal Ovi and Dima. I also, just can’t stop laughing.

  • SuperSlav

    hahaha. not enough space in the B boxes!

  • Anders Daleng Haukedal

    Sorry, but Orlov just looks like he threw a punch at at a 5y old and lost.

  • LabattBlueLightLime

    Honestly, stop. Just stop. You make “stories” out of nothing and just come across as a teenage girl obsessed with players’ everyday lives and normal occurrences that happen throughout the course of a hockey game.

  • thanks for reading

  • Eric Schulz

    Okay, am I wrong, or was that not a cross-check? It looked to me like Orlov got him with the right glove. Now, if you do that along the boards, hitting a guy with the glove rather than stick, and get him on the body, that’s not a penalty (it’s a lacrosse “trick” that I have never seen used in the NHL for some reason). Since Orlov still got him in the head, I’d say it’s still a penalty, but not a cross-check; not dirty though in that it’s not dangerous like it would’ve been had he gotten him solidly with the stick.