For a large part of Alex Semin‘s career in Washington, he was an international man of mystery. Semin would rarely conduct interviews with the media, and if he did, they were never in English. This was despite the fact that there were clear signs he knew the language. At times, I thought Semin’s english was secretly as expansive and perfect as Dave Chappelle’s impersonation of Lil’ Jon.

Since signing with Carolina as a free agent a few years ago, Semin’s relationship with the local media has been better.

Take Tripp Tracy’s two-part interview with Sasha Minor last year. Tracy grilled Semin about how great a Hurricanes jersey looks on him and how much his teammates actually love him. Hard-hitting stuff.

Tracy was granted another TV interview with Semin, and it has now hit the internet. It is just as gripping.

Below, learn how much Semin likes playing with the Staals, how awesome Pavel Bure is, and Mama Semin.

That reminds me: I’ve never shared my favorite Alex Semin moment. During Semin’s final year in Washington, I went to Kettler on the first Saturday of training camp. As Ovechkin took questions at the podium after practice, I got this weird feeling someone was staring at me so I turned to my left. Twenty feet away, my eyes met Alex Semin’s. His was sticking his head out horizontally from the Caps lockeroom door like a sideways whack-a-mole. He looked like he needed something desperately; I do not know what. He said nothing and ducked his head back into the hallway.

Thirty seconds later, Semin stuck his head out again. This time he stage-whispered the name of a Caps PR person a few times. He finally got the PR person’s attention, who walked away from the Ovechkin interview to help Semin out with whatever that was all about.

That’s the first thing that pops into my mind whenever I hear Semin’s name. He is such a singular player– and a singular personality.

Thanks to our buddy Jamie Kellner.

  • cobra617

    Such incredible potential that he has. If he always applies himself, I believe he is a 40+ goal scorer.
    What a shame he only shows up when he feels like it. I truly believe that he has ADHD. At times he seems disinterested and detached. Other times he plays out of this world.

  • dylan wheatley

    sasha will always be the russian machine of my heart

  • Red

    It seems, I will forever be a Semin apologist. A misunderstood character. A man who is as talented as he is shy. Someone born with greatness but not ready for greatness. Sasha Minor, the brightest star in the Milky Way of hockey. As enigmatic as dark matter. Seriously, the man is stuck in Raleigh for the next 5 years. Lets give him a break.

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    They seem to be asking charming personal questions, as opposed to “why do you get so many stupid penalties” questions.

  • SkinnerSkinnerChickenDinner

    Being stuck in the best city on Earth? Not so much of a punishment. At least he won’t run the risk of getting shot like in downtown D.C. GO CANES