Mikhail Grabovski’s Incredible Shootout Attempt (GIF)


Photo credit: Joe Camporeale

When the Washington Capitals signed Mikhail Grabovski during the offseason, we knew he would bring teh corsis. But after watching him play in Caps red, we’ve learned that he brought some sexy breakaway moves with him too.

We’ve seen a few memorable moments from Grabo already. His shootout goal against the Florida Panthers was Forsberg-ian. His overpowering slapshot past Henrik Lundquvist during a penalty shot was, uh, Semin-ian.

Against the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday, Grabo authored his fanciest shootout move yet. Who cares if he didn’t score? He faked a slapshot, deked back-and-forth twice, then did a spinaroonie and shot the puck with his backhand. Got all that? Don’t worry, we’ve got the GIF.

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Yeah, that’s kind of amazing.

Grabovski didn’t score. He missed by a few inches and the Caps lost the game soon after. Such is life. Such is trying to win so many games in the gimmick.

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  • Simonezero

    I was so ready for him to dunk that jam.

  • Same here. Same. Here.

  • Brackaphobia

    Yeah, but I thought we didn’t like the spin-o-rama here?

    Does that count as a spin-o-rama?

  • Owen

    spin o rama into my heart <3
    grabo needs a contract

  • dylan wheatley


  • Red

    It’s only acceptable if Caps players do it.

  • Red

    Just being pedantic, but does that count as redundant?

  • BlowCapsBlow

    Miller owns the Caps, toe save

  • Jonathan Fox

    I miss the Paralyzer