Whoops. (Photo credit: Marc DesRosiers)

On Monday morning we published a story about how awesome Mikhail Grabovski is, including the likelihood of him re-signing with the Washington Capitals.

Maybe we should reconsider if we actually want that as it seems Grabo forgot how to play the sport of hockey during the Ottawa Senators game.

In the game’s opening ten minutes, Grabovski was behind the Senators net. While camped out there, the Belarusian’s mind seems to start turning. He had a moment to do something fancy. Cue the trick shot!

As two Senators stared at him, Grabo tried to scoop up the puck as if he were playing lacrosse and score. Kind of like how Mikael Granlund did at the World Junior Championships a few years ago. Grabovski instead tossed it ineffectually at the back of the net.


In the second period, Grabovski went all extracurricular again.

After forcing Senators defenseman Marc Methot to turn the puck over, Grabovski’s stick flew out of his hands. Instead of giving up on the play, Grabovski skated alone towards the Senators net and tried to kick the puck soccer-style. He lost an edge and fell on his tushy.


It’s okay, Grabo, we still love you.

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  • Teo

    I think he was trying to do this

  • Simonezero

    Who knows? A bit further up and that first one may have had a better look, he did appear to be creating a rebound chance. Both attempts got me laughing though.

    The only other post tagged *not hockey* really isn’t hockey, oh Mikhail.

  • Alistair Cookie

    /strikethrough # 28 /unstrikethrough #21 #8 and #19 are hard to supplant but number 84 aka Gary Clark is pretty cool cat

  • Shaun Phillips

    Sometimes the puck just doesn’t cooperate on that first one. Second one, I say good play. He got the puck in deep and didn’t turn it over at the blue line. Would’ve liked to seen a backheel to Fehr though.

  • Good job, good effort.