Well, where did you think it was going to be? Monday, news broke that the 2015 Winter Classic, hosted by the Washington Capitals, is all but certain to happen at Nationals Park. FedEx Field (ew) and RFK Stadium were also looked at by National Hockey League officials, according to a report by Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside of ESPN. Katie Carrera of The Washington Post confirmed the news.

Caps owner Ted Leonsis has said that he preferred to have the event in DC itself. With that condition, it was natural that Nationals Park would be picked. While RFK can seat more fans, it’s over 50 years old. It’s gone into a state of disrepair since the Redskins left in 1996. Nats Park, on the other hand, is less than six years old, and should be able to handle the influx of fans without the toilets overflowing. It also has a Shake Shack.


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  • TroyBrouwersMustache

    I can’t wait for this, but it is going to be a sad moment when the game is held in a 70 degrees thunderstorm that came out of nowhere overnight.

  • Great job, NHL. You went and made Cal sad. Look at him. Way to go.

  • Stephen Chastain

    I’d also be really worried that a few Tom Wilson hits might reduce RFK to a pile of dust

  • derek

    Does anybody know a ballpark number for the expect ticket prices for a non season ticket hokder?

  • First-born?

  • Diggerjohn111

    Why not have the American game in Minnesota? Where you are almost certain to have below freezing conditions.

  • VeggieTart

    It should be in DC. And Nats Park is not likely to be in use January 1, so that works out.

  • Well, neither is FedEx Field…

  • ..

  • Question for Chris Gordon: How was the sentence about Shake Shack pertinent to the story?

  • David Foss

    A wad of cash given to Vincent Gray’s campaign manager would probably get you front-row seats.


  • Katie Brown

    You need to get out more. Shack best)))

  • BJ Robey

    And you’ve got time to get one of those baking, conveniently enough.

  • Ron

    If you don’t have season tickets you aren’t getting a ticket for this event at face value…with about 45,000 ticks and they give an alotment to sponsors, other team and so on ……this is the worst venue for a non STH to be named IMO. If you don’t have season ticks you better put between 500-1000 a side a seat and that may be on the low side….

  • Ron

    Yeah but front row seats in a baseball stadium gets you looking at the backs of dasher boards….fitting for seats coming from Gray’s campaign mgr… 🙂

  • I’m not sure that’s true. I paid under 200 each for some really good seats in Pittsburgh.

  • Ron

    Heinz Field seats 77,000 or so…Nats park about 45,000 max. Supply and demand…There are plenty of Caps fans that want seats to see Detroit, Pitt and a Winter Classic to easily fill 45,000 seats.

    I sat Mid Field, 6th row club level at Heinz Field via extra ticks that were released to STH’s at a later date. So i sold mine that were upstairs about 14 rows up at one of the blue lines for $500.00 a piece….guess you got a really good deal then.

  • Matt

    Wyshynski was wrong!

  • jennrubenstein

    chris, i love you, but i’m going to pull the hyphen key off of your keyboard and smack you with it.

  • jennrubenstein

    i don’t know, i had a pretty amazing time in the rain in pittsburgh, and we won, so… =)

  • Likely = 51%
    “More than likely” = 52%

    Therefore, QED, 48% chance of Camden Yards

    That’s just math.

  • Ron

    Well…forecast for this year on Jan 1, 2014 is currently for a high of 39 and partly cloudy…heck Friday is suppose to be only 25 degrees…looks good if we can copy and use next year….but the rain wasn’t too bad either and 50 degrees when we took care of the Pens either…

  • Katth

    Kelso’s reaction:

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    that was my favorite part of the story. We don’t have Shake Shacks out here. The lack of shakes and shacks is detrimental to west coast life.

  • Yeah, but the Winter Classic was a lot more novel back then.

  • Ron

    I guess but if you take the 30,000 fans that traveled up north to Pitt and say hey there will only be about 20,000 seats for Caps fans and that’s not counting the ones that didn’t want to travel it goes back to supply and demand IMO… 🙂 Either way i’ll be there….

  • Owen Johnson

    Good choice. And look, Camden Yards is a beautiful park (my old man took me there lots as a kid) but it needs to be in Washington.
    And anything is better than Kim Jong-Dan’s prison/stadium

  • @TimHanson26

    I’m not digging the math, and expected ticket prices for this… seems to be that Nats Park was picked with the highest possible revenue and profits in mind, not the fans that Ted claims to care about. While FedEx is gross (Thank you Dan!) It would be the logical choice given the number of fans that generally show up for the Winter Classic. I think $500 – $1,000 a seat might be conservative, just my $0.02

  • harjot singh

    A lot of these tickets will be sold to beer companies. My dad works with a lot of these companies because of our store so hopefully that would help me get tix

  • Derek Rac

    well for some crazy reason Iv’e played a few snowmobile games when I was a kid at the arcade and one of the levels was always a blizzard in D.C I guess its possible to have at least cold enough temperatures seems pretty close to Penn st

  • patmanbnl

    True. In hockey configuration the diamond and president’s club seats will that are so expensive for baseball will have the worst views in the house.

  • Myan

    Is it really worth it to see the Winter Classic live? Whenever I see it on TV it looks like the rink is SO far away from the seats, especially in a baseball stadium.

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    Don’t forget Ben’s Chili Bowl

  • The Ben’s in nationals park does not count as a real Ben’s. It’s just for chickenshits too scared to venture onto U Street.

  • hardcore

  • Sorry, as you can tell I have strong feelings towards Ben’s chili bowl. To get the full experience one must see the plight of the everyman.

  • No worries. I love the real Ben’s. I go there before 930 shows.