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The Capitals absorbed two tough losses in the past two days. Alex Ovechkin, in the middle of his longest goal drought of season, seems frustrated. He took it out on the referees after Monday’s contest in Ottawa, which Washington lost 3-1.

“To be honest with you, tonight I think both teams play well, but four guys out there didn’t do their job,” he told reporters, indicating the officiating staff of Brad Meier, Jean Hebert, Mark Wheler, and Pierre Racicot. “I think the guys celebrate New Year’s too early right before the game.”

“It was embarrassing to see,” Ovechkin added.

Ovechkin’s anger was mainly in regards to the hit he took up high from Chris Neil, left uncalled. While Neil was the aggressor, he also received the worst of the impact, suffering what appeared to be a leg injury. Neil didn’t return to the game.

“He just hit me straight up in the chin,” Ovechkin said. “That’s why he left the game. It was, I think, a bad hit. I think league have to look it. I saw him and I felt like he going to hit me shoulder to shoulder. I was ready for it, but he hit me right in my head, right in my chin. I asked the referee why he didn’t see it.”

Ovechkin displeasure with the refs didn’t end with the Neil incident. He also received a phantom slashing call later in the first, something head coach Adam Oates was visibly infuriated with on the Capitals bench.

While there’s some merit to Ovi’s words, he’ll likely be receiving a fine from the NHL. The league prohibits teams from publicly criticizing officiating. Players, however, usually get off easier than those in management positions. I figure Ovechkin’s wallet will probably take a hit of around $2,500.

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  • pavel

    There is one ref I believe he wears number 15 ,he has something against Caps .Every time he refs Caps get screwed over by the officials .

  • a.ben

    I never realized refs wore numbers

  • Moosebaum

    Thank you so much, Comcast SportsNet, as usual, for the many quality angles and replays of this and many other plays. Just because neither of the two morons calling the game don’t see or comment on something doesn’t mean fans don’t want to see more.

  • CapsFan4403

    Joe B and Locker are morons? Joe B even called it as a high hit… What do you want? Them screaming at the top of their lungs about missed calls?

  • Kumquat

    I think Moosebaum means the officials.

  • mike

    comcrap sportsnet FTFY

  • CapsFan4403

    “Just because neither of the *two* morons calling the game don’t see or comment on something”

    I think you’re wrong…

  • NovaCath

    #15 is Jean Hebert. The other ref was #34 Brad Meier. Their names and numbers are listed in that night’s game notes (or the Game Summary stat) They are all listed on the National Hockey League Officials Association website. My husband prefers to yell at them by their names.

  • BJ Robey

    Lets not forget Erat (I think) being hauled down, and landing at a ref’s feet right before the phantom slash.

  • Andrew Walker

    Games five and six of the Rangers series last year, maybe those you could blame on bad officiating. Last night? No, there was much more wrong than that. I myself started thinking we were going to lose somewhere around the start of the third; they looked sloppy, disconnected and defeated out there. Anyone could see something was wrong.