Photos of John Carlson at The White House


Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Washington Capitals defenseman and everybody’s favorite bro from New Jersey, John Carlson, was named to the United States Olympic Team a few hours ago. But you already knew that. What you didn’t know, however, was to celebrate, the Caps scheduled Carlson to hold a press conference at 7pm in front of The White House.

It’s the third time over the past two decades that the team has used the White House as a backdrop, a rare occurance. It’s always cool, well minus one of the players that was involved. Let’s review!

In the fall of 1999 while Bill Clinton was in office, the Caps named Adam Oates their new captain and had the future hall of famer speak to the assembled media in front of the gates of America’s most historical building.


In the summer of 2001 after being traded (unfortunately) to Washington, (the evil and maniacal) Jaromir Jagr also held court with reporters (and exhumed their bodies) there, while George Walker Bush was still in office (I also blame him for not overturning the trade).


Carlson, who was at Verizon Center attending the Wizards game before traveling to The White House, spoke to Caps beat writers, TV reporters, and even signed autographs for a few fans who made the trip downtown.

Photos from social media are below.


Photo credit: @MonumentalNtwrk

Here’s full video of his press conference from Monumental Network.

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  • Ash

    That photo of Jagr needs something…

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    What’s the Jagr history with Caps?

  • What do you mean? Why do we hate him with the passion of 1000 burning suns?

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    thanks for the jagr picture, i wasnt planning on sleeping tonight anyway

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    Because he was awesome with the pens (who could not afford him), then we acquired him, making him the highest-paid player in history and he sucked for a few seasons. Then we traded him to the Rangers and he got awesome again. He’s a human paraquat.

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    It’s 4:06 in the am and I am up for Russia vs USA. God I love it.
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    “everybody’s favorite bro from New Jersey”, I thought he was from Natick Mass? I’ve got a grrlfrien up in Natick which is why I’ve always remembered that factoid