Get to Know New Caps Goaltender Braden Holtby


Photo credit: Matt Slocum

Fresh-faced Braden Holtby will be starting in net for the Washington Capitals on Saturday night. With Holtby relieving Caps #1 goalie Philipp Grubauer after two weeks of inactivity, this seems like the right time to get to know the new guy in the Capitals uniform, who — we have learned– goes by the nickname Holtby and is from the nation of Canada.

I had the opportunity to meet Braden during the lockout, when he was playing with the Hershey Bears. The conversation got pretty deep.

I asked for his favorite things.

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite player growing up: Patrick Roy

Favorite genre of music: indie-rock / “Whatever Ovechkin doesn’t like.”

Favorite thing to do: “Right now just spend time with my family… and fantasy baseball.”

Favorite Ovi moment: I don’t know. His play in playoffs [in 2011-12].

Favorite Dale Hunter moment: “Ability to calm us down after every win or loss.”

Favorite movie: Anchorman.

Favorite piece of fan mail: “Anything you get from kids is pretty cute. The young four- or five-years-olds draw you pictures, you try to decipher what they are. It’s pretty cute.”

Best part of being Braden Holtby: “Getting to do what I love for a living.

With Benjamin here now, will there be three generations of Holtby goalies? “Oh, I hope not. It’s not as stressful for him. It’d be more stressful for the parents. But no, whatever he wants to do he can do.”

Holtby will actually get to do what he loves for a living tonight. Let’s welcome him to the Washington Capitals warmly.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s about time Holtbeast gets back in net. Nice work to Grubauer who showed he can play. But it is good to get our goalie back!

  • Naseer Rashid

    Is it too early to make tees?

  • Batman

    I’ve never heard of him before so this was a nice read. I hope he’s good.

  • Sandra Dee Lee

    I thought he went by the nickname Hot-by or was just me…..

  • JenniferH

    LOL! And, uhm, for the female-viewing members of your audience, thank you for the picture choice. 🙂

  • harjot singh

    Holtyby will have a monster game if you look at his track record every time he sits he has a monster gmae

  • Beastfan

    Excuse me, Holtby IS the Capitals #1 Goalie.

  • easyas2plus2

    I realize a coach has to move players around, sit players, ect., to try and get the best out of them. But it seems to me that Oates is playing games more than playing tactician. If that’s the case, that’s very bad. Adam Oates ain’t Herb Brooks.

  • Mikey

    He had me with Sush

  • Barrett

    I hope the defense plays well in front of him for his first NHL start.

  • Whitey Wheeler

    Welcome, Branden!

  • Sweedish Meatballs

    “whatever Ovechkin doesn’t like” that’s funny, he said that Ovi was worst dressed when he took over the capitals twitter

  • Owen Johnson

    I’m more curious if it’s gonna be Backstrom vs Backstrom

  • Sentient Cheese
  • Bob

    I like backstrom to win that battle

  • I love how much this clip is on the site now

  • Red

    You guys are beating this into the ground.

  • with humor?

  • Red

    With multiple posts and lots and lots of words. This is just the latest (and hopefully last) in a long installment of Y U NO PLAY HOLTZ OATES?! It was simply a case of our coach riding the hot goaltender. Much ado about nothing.

  • Except a) playing the hot goaltender is proven to be dumb, b) it’s also totally noteworthy and worth discussing, c) it’s sports and we cover sports, and d) “much ado about nothing” does not mean what you think it does.

  • Red

    Except I never said:
    a) whether it was right or wrong.
    b) it wasn’t worth discussing.
    c) it isn’t sports.
    and I also used that idiom exactly the way I intended to. You made it personal a bit too quick Peter. That wasn’t necessary.

    I simply pointed out the fact that you have been giving this issue way too much weight and coverage. After a certain point it became repetitive and unnecessary. I can see that for whatever reason, it’s very important for you to be right on this issue and post it into submission. I will simply avoid reading them in the future. That way everybody wins.

  • Red, I just thought it was a good opportunity to post part of this interview I did with him last year and never did anything with. I feel like – in comparison to other Caps sites and blogs – we’ve barely discussed it. Just wanted to have some fun so peeps could get to know Braden better anyways.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I didn’t take it personally.

    “Much ado about nothing” means “a lot of uproar about vaginas.” It’s a Shakespearean double entendre

    Like I said, I think our coverage is appropriate. Something you could consider: telling people that what they just wrote and what you just read isn’t an awesome thing to do.

  • Red

    Ok. I was ready to get past this, but I guess beating a dead horse is something you enjoy. Peter, I’m really happy that you’ve read Shakespeare, however, the funny thing about double entendres is that they tend to carry two meanings. In this case, the one your mind immediately went to, and the other one; a lot of fuss over something of little importance. Since there were no vaginas mentioned in the post, I figured it would be safe to assume which meaning I was using to underline my original point.

    Here are some references in case you have any questions:

    I’m also tempted to gloat about Holtby’s performance tonight which undermines your whole crusade to get him back in the lineup, but I won’t, because this loss hurts me as much as any other Cap fan and I wish all our boys nothing but the best.

  • The Shakespeare thing was a pun, and I was just setting up the joke about vaginas. I didn’t mean it as a serious criticism; sorry.

    But I think writing about Holtby is justified– in part because it’s one of the bigger Caps stories in the last month, but also because you read about it. We get a lot of feedback that’s like “Ugh, you’re writing about X again?!” It’s not my favorite thing in the world.