Mike Green Scores The Luckiest Goal of All-Time (GIF)


With the Caps trailing the Wild 3-2 in the second period, the visitors needed a break. They had given up two goals to Ryan Suter on the power play earlier and it appeared their energy was waning. And then, something weird happened that we’ll *try* to describe here.

Brooks Laich won an offensive-zone faceoff. From the blue line, Mike Green put the puck well wide of the Wild net. So far, so normal.

But then.

GIFs by welshhockeyfan

But then the puck bounced into the heel of Minnesota goalie Niklas Backstrom (no relation), then off his OTHER heel, and into the net.

Put the puck on net, or even wide, and good things happen. I guess. Maybe we shouldn’t try to make sense of this one.

That was Green’s second goal of the night, and reason enough to abandon the belief that the universe that is anything but absurd.

John Walton is incredulous.

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  • Dave

    Lucky play… or physics genius?