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Playing the Carolina Hurricanes on December 3rd, Washington Capitals center Mikhail Grabovski stepped out on the Verizon Center ice for warm-ups wearing a nameplate with his name spelled wrong. Instead of the i, Grabo’s last name was spelled with a y.

When Grabovsky came back for the first period, his jersey was correct. Since the i and the y in the Cyrillic alphabet are interchangeable, we had a giggle and moved on.

But now it’s back. Grabovski’s y jersey returned in Minnesota.


Photo via Reader Hunter N.

But this time he wore it the entire game. Yikes.



From the city that has brought you the Natinals and Andray Baltche.

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  • RT23

    Maybe the Caps are trying to confuse other teams so they won’t try to sign him this summer. “Grabovski and Grabovsky are both pretty good but neither one is worth $5 Mil individually”

  • Sage Confucius

    The sad thing is that the first time it was wrong was on a home jersey. The equipment folks had to create an entirely new incorrect nameplate for the road.

  • Brandon White

    Russian Machine may never break, but Russian spellchecker did. Doesn’t the equipment manager check this out ahead of time? Go Natinals! (I had forgotten about that one)

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  • Guest

    i and y are inter-changeable in Cyrillic?? i, in cyrillic, has an e sound as in “me”, while y has a u sound as in “june” (or o sound as in cool). the conversion from cyrillic to latin letters, yes, can be quite a mess. people with that “sounding last name” can spell anywhere from Grabovski, Grabovsky, Grabovskiy, or even Grabovskyj (usually depending on ethnicity and exactly how it’s pronounced).

    just an FYI 🙂