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Washington Capitals 2013 first round pick Andre Burakovsky was fantastic in the 2014 World Junior Championships. The 18-year-old was a point per game player for Team Sweden, scoring three goals and tallying seven points in seven tournament games.

Burakovsky had two shots in Sunday’s heartbreaking loss to Finland in overtime of the gold medal game.

Kent Jonsson of the local Malmo newspaper Sydsvenska Dagbladet caught up with Burakovsky after Team Sweden’s crushing loss in the Gold Medal game. He was upset.

Friend-of-the-blog Jake Ware has the translation of his comments.

On not meeting down his country’s high expectations:

“It’s just so sad. Empty. Everyone had expected us to win. We wanted to celebrate and have lots of fun afterwards.”

Burakovsky, on what he felt like after Finland scored in overtime:

“Everything went dark, there aren’t a lot of positives right now.”

On the first period:

“We gave up the goal too easily. It wasn’t fair. We were pressing the whole game. We could have started better, it wasn’t great to start with an uphill battle. One goal down after the first shift.”

On Finland’s team defense:

“They were tight in front of their own goal and played great there. We had chances to end it and we should have taken advantage.”

On the support from the Malmo crowd:

“The fans have supported us the whole way, we have really appreciated their support.”

On what the atmosphere is like in the Team Sweden locker room:

“Everyone is sitting alone and not speaking. Everyone is sad, but that’s not strange, we lost a World Junior final.”

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  • Jack Conness

    He played great every game. I’m excited to see him in the future. He looks real quick and just weaves around other players. Great setting up other guys too but not afraid to shoot. And did anyone else see Forsberg receive his MVP? He didn’t care at all! All he wanted was a gold medal for Sweden. It sucks we traded him away. He looks like something special.

  • Gotta give it to McPhee and his staff on how they’ve drafted over the last five years or so. I wasn’t very high on Burakovsky at where they got him, but he’s made HUUUUUGE strides this year playing in Erie. And two of GMGM’s draft picks captained teams this year: Forsberg and Riley Barber.

  • Jack Conness

    I totally agree. He has done a wonderful job drafting these guys. Late round picks as well. Burakovsky and Barber looked tremendous and Djoos played real well too. Very exciting to see. If only they could piece it all together on the NHL level…

  • Guest

    Don’t worry Andre, you’ll have plenty of time to get used to disappointment when you finally get up to the club team haha

  • Djoos may never make the NHL because of his size, but even he was a great draft pick just because he’s a winner. He plays well beyond his talent level, and those are the kinds of players you need to have great depth in the entire organization.

  • Jack Conness

    I’m hoping he can put on some weight but time will tell. Regardless, I’ll take him as a 7th round choice any day. He has great upside.

  • Roman Z.

    Martin St-Louis wants a word with you

  • That’d be great. You never know. Also, see: Mathieu Perreault. [tears]

  • Pat Magee

    He’s just being conditioned. Lots more to come in the NHL!!!! (aside from being thrown on the 4th line)

  • Tadd

    Christian Djoos plays exactly the same game as his father, Pär Djoos. Slow but steady on his skates, rarely misses a pass and usually hits the net from the point, if not with the hardest shot in the world.

    I don’t think Christian, much like is father, will make the NHL (Pär played 82 games with the Red Wings and the Rangers 1990-1992), due to lack of speed and size. He’s the type of player that fits better on the big ices in Europe.

  • Tadd

    André Burakovsky was one of few players who actually played with some speed against a really defensive minded Team Finland. When Filip Forsberg, Elias Lindholm, Sebastian Collberg and Alexander Wennberg traveled with the puck from end to end, constantly getting bagged up in a really tight Finnish defense, André used his speed and clicked really well with linemate Nick Sorensen (they played together in Malmo Redhawks last year). Accompanied by Lucas Wallmark, this line were the only one to actuallt threaten Juuse Saros in the Finnish net.

    Both Sweden’s goal came with huge defender Rasmus Ristolainen, the Buffalo kid, in the box.

    If André continues to do what he’s doing, he’ll be a top-6 guy for the Caps in a couple of years. He’s got speed, skill and a good shot. Perhaps lacking a bit of backchecking abilities. A Sasha Semin light, if you will. Future’s looking bright for the Caps. The last couple of drafts looks pretty good.

    And I still want to see what Tommy Wilson can do in a top-6 spot.

  • jjj

    LOL. True

  • serpent

    Damn. Just plain sucks.

  • yv

    Burakovsky always reminds me Malkin. As Malkin he’s skating tall, strong and fast, he can drive the puck with one hand, especially when cutting the corners and emerging from behind the net, thus creating a lot of space for himself either to pass or shoot the bomb. Bur could be a real steal for such late draft.