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Sarge hasn’t changed one bit! (Photo credit: Kyle Mace)

After nine glorious seasons with the Washington Capitals organization, Jeff Schultz was bought out of the final year of his four-year, $11 million contract over the summer. With that buyout ended a brilliant career. Remember the time Sarge led the NHL in plus-minus? Or the time he recited the Declaration of Independence? And the time he led the league in plus-minus? Oh, I said that already.

The Los Angeles Kings cut Schultz during training camp, so he spent the fall with the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League.

On Sunday, Schultz made his first return to Hershey since winning the Calder Cup Trophy as a member of the Bears in 2005-06. You’d better sit down for this stat line: 0 goal, 0 assists, 1 shot, 0 PIMs, 0 +/-.

Zero plus-minus.

The Monarchs lost to the Bears 6-3, but Sarge’s plus-minus was pristine.

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  • A_Shoe

    “Led the league in plus/minus? That he didn’t win the Norris is a travesty, eh?”
    -Marty McSorely, probably

  • CapitaLOLs

    Zero hits, too.

  • Ben Reed

    I LOL’d

  • Pat Magee

    Could’ve been amazing if he ever discovered a mean streak.

  • dylan wheatley

    if only he was mean

  • Björn Jessen

    He really does look and move like a sloth..

  • Hockey mom

    I can’t hate on the guy. He was my friend’s neighbor and he was always a nice when they would see him walking his dogs. He would say hello and chat with their kids, etc. He was lucky enough to get an NHL break, but couldn’t do what it took to stay there. I wish him well in Hershey and have to give him credit for not giving up on his love/dream of playing hockey after so much adversity.

  • serpent

    We were at that game. The Sarge played like a retiree. Maybe he’s too nice for hockey?

  • Red

    What you can’t tell from that photo, is that Schultz is actually just chasing some punk kids off the ice during warmups….not realizing that they’re the ice maintenance crew. Classic Sarge.

  • Bo

  • Zach Williams

    Actually got to meet him in Manchester. He was a real jerk when I asked him to sign a game used stick.

  • Oliver

    I am this dude’s biggest fan, and it warms my heart to know there are other loyal followers. Can you fill me in on what Sarg means? IS that his nickname or something, sounds pretty BA. Bottom line Jeff Schultz = Total Boss