Monumental’s Rinkside Updates are becoming must-watch videos. Not really for the exclusive insight they are supposed to bring, but rather because of the silly things that happen in the background. Last week, Mikhail Grabovski avoided an important question about re-signing with the Washington Capitals. He did however comment on “a lot of funny guys in the shower right now laughing at me.”

This week, Nicklas Backstrom spoke to Mike Vogel and no one listened to what he was saying because we were too busy watching his new linemate, Troy Brouwer, hamming it up in the background.



GIFs by holtbyism

Brouwer’s shenanigans start around the 1:30 mark.

Joel Ward, you have been one-upped.

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  • nicoley-poley

    Something else that I thought was kind of funny: that must be a new hat, because it looks like Nicky hasn’t even taken the sticker off.

  • Owen Johnson

    Isn’t that what all teh kids are doing these days? *waves cane,even though Nicky is older than me.*

  • Yeah, to show that the hat isn’t fake. But I guess you could argue that Nicky might not need a sticker to prove the authenticity of his hat.

  • Myan

    What a hot creepy man.

  • Lawrence

    Some people leave the sticker on as a style. No lie.

  • nicoley-poley

    Really? I guess I learned something new today then. Thanks, guys!