Photo credit: Steve Oleksy

In 2004, after graduating from from L’Anse Creuse North High School in Macomb, Michigan, Washington Capitals defenseman Steve Oleksy seemed destined for a career in baseball.

The Chesterfield, Michigan-native played two sports all his life: hockey and baseball. During his freshman year at Macomb Community College, Oleksy played on the Monarch’s baseball team. Later, he earned a scholarship to Oakland University near Detroit. Oleksy even attended an orientation there, before that little voice inside his head nagged him that hockey was his true calling.

“I made the decision just for the love of the game,” Oleksy said to former Washington Times hobbit Stephen Whyno. “I just had a great feeling and decided I was going to take a year and try to do something with the sport of hockey.”

“He was actually better at baseball, but he loves his hockey,” added his mother, Susan Oleksy, when speaking to The Voice’s Andrew Benoit.

Oleksy started his hockey career playing for ex-NHL forward Mike Stapleton and Scott Gardiner with the Traverse City North Stars of the North American Hockey League. After an impressive season at Traverse City, Oleksy earned a scholarship to Lake Superior State University. The rest is history.

Over the weekend, Oleksy posted some pretty awesome photos on his Instagram account of him playing baseball as a teenager.

Look at that stud.


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  • Hockey mom

    <3 this guy!!!

  • Shaun Phillips

    Go 12 mile high!

  • Lawrence

    Not exactly sure why, but Oleksy reminds me of so many friends I had/have. Fun guy with a great personality.

  • VeggieTart

    Baseball’s loss is our gain. I’m also sure he’s not the only guy on the Caps to have chosen hockey over baseball.

  • Jeremy

    Who else?

  • Diller M

    If only Erskine played baseball instead of hockey…..

  • VeggieTart

    Braden Holtby. Huge baseball fan. Apparently he played catcher. But he chose hockey for a number of reasons.

  • Dark Stranger

    I know Chris Clark (ex Cap) loved baseball. Braden Holtby also was a baseball player and was a catcher. Eventually gave up baseball due to bad eyesight but is still a fan. Brooks Laich liked baseball and was even named for a baseball player.

  • Matt Lauer


  • Shaun Phillips

    Our goalie has bad eyesight? :-/

  • Shaun Phillips

    Maybe he should rethink his decision with Oates making the lineup choices… #FreeBinky, #FreeErat, #FreeHoltbeast, #RosterMess