Not Hockey: Introduce Yourself

We’d like to think we’re building a community here, and that means you, dear reader, are an indispensable part of RMNB. Without you, we’re just blogging into the wind.

Would you please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments below, adding a photo if you’ve got one. This whole thing goes a lot better when we can see each other’s faces and remember that there’s a real person on the other end of the comment thread.

You don’t have to use your real name, but I think it helps.

Tell us who you are, what you do, what you see, your favorite player, and what you want out of 2014. That way, once we all meet up for a party (soon), we’ll be able to put a face to the name, and that’ll be great.

The RMNB team will be participating below, so come say hi.

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  • Joey Gionfriddo

    Joey Gionfriddo. Beloved Caps fan. DC native. Play in a couple local hockey leagues. Keep up the good work.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Hi! I am your unofficial Minneapolis correspondent. I have been using my linked twitter handle to post since my first day here, it has lots of pics of the real me (despite the current image being a Ditka meme).
    My name is Shawn, I love the Caps & RMNB and my new favorite article of clothing is the pixelized Ovi stickburning celly t-shirt I purchased from this very site so yes I am very much a mature grownass adult.

  • Jeff Yoders

    I’m Jeff Yoders, a caps fan in Chicago. I write for a bunch of different architecture magazines. I will be at the Cap next Tuesday against the Tampa Bay ‘Ning. Ovi’s my favorite player, I think he’ll be first ballot hall of famer when his career is done and, before Bettman started ruining the league by eliminating big hits, he was the closest thing we’ve had to an NHL power forward MVP since the retirement of Mark Messier. Hope to see some of you guys at the Greene Turtle.

  • nicoley-poley

    Oh, this is exciting! 😀 My name is Nicole, I’m currently an English major at a small liberal arts college in Maryland, and I see a community of very cool people here as well as hope for the year ahead. I have a (probably a little unhealthy) love for Brooks Laich, and all I want out of 2014 is less #goaliedrama and moar #scoarmoargoals.

    (also i’m under 21 so i hope i can still come to this meet-up/party/shindig :/)

  • I’m Peter. I’m a tech person from Frederick. I also write and edit RMNB. My favorite player was either Chris Simon or Matt Bradley.

    In 2014, I want a Capitals team that makes the division finals, but it’ll be really tough I think. Hot goalie needed?

    I also wanna grow a vegetable garden and make moar music. Here’s my last album: I also like this GIF a lot.

    Looking forward to meeting you dudes soon. AFK.

  • I need to shave.

  • Hey Nicole. We’re gonna do our best to throw the party at a place that allows under 21ers. Looking forward to it!

  • ovechwin

    My name is Amanda and one time Dmitry Orlov didn’t accept cupcakes from me. I think he still remembers me too and it’s sort of awkward (Thanks Ian ;)). I’m currently waiting on a flight to Toronto so I see all sorts of people. My favorite player this season is Mikhail Grabovski. I would list making dumb faces in selfies as a primary hobby.

  • sam rosen

    Sam Rosen. Sophomore at Bowling Green State ( same college as george mcphee. Caps fan for basically my whole life. From Atown Virginia haha. Sport management major and minor international business. One day ill have mcphees job. Just kidding.. kind of. Trying to pick up on roller hockey. I’m almost never home but I’m at caps games when I can and caps events over the summer. Season ticket holder since 98 season. Yes I’m real lol

  • Where do you play? Rockville? Frederick? Alexandria? I’ve got friends in a couple rec leagues.

  • Kevin Parlett

    I’m Kevin. I am the Director of Hockey Operations / Video Coordinator with Neumaan University Ice Hockey, formerly University of Alaska Fairbanks Space Bears. My favorite player is Ovechkin, because like you I have a weird obsession with Russians.

    In 2014, I would like Adam Oates to figure out his lines and start using some players more effectively. Also, one of the goalies to figure it out. Hopefully I will be able to make it out to one of the events here.

    Cheers boys/girls

  • Sara

    ^ Disagreed ^ ….Beards/scruff/5:00 shadow …. all hot. =)

  • My name is Ian Oland and I’m an email marketing design strategist at Visual Data Systems in Columbia, MD. I also contribute to a terrible hockey blog which is somehow popular. My hero in life is my mother and I — much like Andre Burakovsky — am a hugger. One of my guiding philosophies in life is a saying on a poster my middle school algebra teacher had up. “If you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.” I went to Frederick High School and I played Varsity Basketball for two years there while also taking AP Art classes. I moved back home over the summer.

    My favorite player growing up was Scott Niedermayer, which Andrew Ahrens still makes fun of me for to this day. My favorite players on the Capitals were Steve Konowalchuk and Olie Kolzig. Orlov and Kuznetsov are my favorite players as of now.

  • MY BAD

  • sam rosen

    Ps: ill be 21 in august! So ill be legal soon for some of your events lol d

  • ovechwin


    P.S. who doesn’t accept freaking cupcakes? Something wrong with that boy.

  • Super43

    I’m Brian. I am a technical Consultant and live in Arlington just down the road from Kettler. Up until this year I would say that my favorite player is Mike Green (I have a very awkward MOvember picture with him), but I would be lying if I said a man crush on Tom Wilson was not encroaching on it.

    In 2014 I am hoping this team could make it to the conference finals, but that seems like a very, very far way away. Oh, and for Tommy boy to get more minutes on the ice to develop.

  • Philip Karash

    I’m Phil Karash. I’m the Program Manager for DC Broomball South and Crystal City Street Hockey, both through DC Social Sports ( My fiance made me a hockey/Caps fan, although I do love wearing the occasional Whalers shirt, since I’m originally from CT.

  • sam rosen

    Sorry I forgot to say my favorite players. I’d say, bondra, calle johansson, witt, stephen peat haha. Sergei fedorov. Vladimir konstantinov, pavel bure, and many other non caps

  • Dawn Pepin Greenway

    Dawn Greenway, a Caps fan who lives in Columbus, OH after living in DC. I miss Verizon Center immensely, but Nationwide is a great time. Ovi is my favorite player b/c he’s just a treat to watch, but Laich and Backstrom are runners-up, I appreciate their work ethic. I play rec league hockey and I cry over sports a max of once per year: the night the Caps are eliminated from the playoffs.

  • Joe Welsh

    My name is Joe Welsh, aka Penguin-#*$^er.I am a degenerate that likes a cold glass of DC Brau’s The Public at Rocket Bar before and after hockey games. I’ll take a Dale’s if they don’t have that.

  • Roman Z.

    Favorite architect?

  • RedRockingElla

    My name is Mariella but mostly known as Ella. I used to bartend at FPA where the above pic was taken. I moved to sunny California so I won’t make the party this year, but still love my Caps and RMNB and support them from here. Even made the drive to catch them in Phoenix. My favorite player is Wilson at the moment, but have always had a love/hate relationship with Green. Kolzig is my all time favorite though. There’s too much I would like to see happen in 2014 to fit in here, so let’s just hope we get it all figured out before playoffs. Have a great time at the party!
    Here’s a pic from Caps Pens 2013, I’m in the middle with 2 other FPA ex bartenders

  • Alli J.

    I’m Alli. I work at the museum directly across the street from the Verizon Center and spend most of my time hoping I run into Joel Ward or Karl Alzner on the street but it never happens. That time Ovi played a pick-up game outside on F St.? I missed it. I love seeing people in Caps gear visiting the museum before games. Really, it makes my day every time.

  • Andrew

    Andrew Bort, I’m a Software Developer working in downtown DC (I’m blessed with a nice view of the Washington monument from my desk). I’ve only been following the Caps (and hockey in general) for 3 seasons now, but it’s become my sport of choice. My favorite player would have to be Backstrom, he’s the only person I totally trust to not do something stupid with the puck.

    In 2014 I’d like to see the D-men get sorted out and start to click, and a few more clean possessions into the offensive zone. Is that so much?

  • SamWow Carroll

    Hey, I’m Sam Carroll, and I’ve been an alco– wait, wrong place?

    Regardless of that terrible joke, I’m a Caps fan, stand up comic, photography person, Mike Green jersey owner (I’m sorry okay, let’s all stop booing me at games), and other things. Favorite player is probably Eric Fehr.

    In 2014, I’d love to see the Caps do things good hockey teams do, and for the fans at the Phonebooth to stop booing the team on home ice.

  • Adam Stringham

    My name is Adam Stringham and I am a systems engineer at Noxilizer, Inc. My favorite player is Ovechkin, his unbridled enthusiasm has made a lot of people life long hockey fans. For 2014 I would like to see a return of the 2007-2010 style Capitals, a puck possession dominant team. Oh I am also a new contributor for Talk The Red.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Didn’t realize Alaska Fairbanks changed their name. Too bad. Good ol’ CCHA days…

  • Sentient Cheese

    I’m Andrew, I’m a IT Geek for the government.. and my favorite player was Hendricks, and slowly is becoming Tom Wilson. More info: I’m the guy that helped Ian skate around the ice during a free skate at kettler before an RMNB party.

    In 2014, I want holts to stop playing as deep as he has been, Oates to let go of his dogmatic need for symmetry (Fehr has bucked the trend!) and for the caps to win it all.. so not much. Oh, and another RMNB party!

  • Joe Ciccarello

    Joe Ciccarello, from Columbia, MD. I’ve only been a Caps/hockey fan for a few years, but I’ve tried to learn as much about the game as possible ever since. I study music business/saxophone performance at the University of Miami and am currently forced to watch most games through terrible internet streams. My favorite player is the Holtbeast and I admire his stoic commitment.

  • Jim Kelly

    I’m Jim. I used to live in the DC area (went to UMD, worked in Columbia), now live in Germany. I’m a software developer. My claim to fame is that I used to play on what was probably the worst beer league hockey team in the history of the world (we lost something like 40 straight games) at the Gardens.

    My favorite player is Backstrom, and for 2014 I would like a pony.

  • Kevin Parlett

    Ha, not quite. But yes, long live the CCHA.

  • Marky Narc

    Hello, my name is Dan Brown (yes, I know). I’m originally from DC, grew up just outside the city Gaithersburg, moved to the Boston area in 2000 and stayed up here. I can confirm that Boston sports fans act as spoiled as you think they do. I try to catch games at the Boston Whatever Corporate Sponsor They Have Sports Arena when the Caps roll into town, but tickets are expensive and well, you know, hey.

    I’ve been a Caps fan since the early 80s. Somewhere I have the “Save The Caps” ticket drive/telethon with George Michael on VHS tape. I remember the day we traded for Rod Langway – he immediately became my favorite Cap and he still is to this day.

    I watch Caps games streaming to my computer, and sometimes I wear my mouse ears when I so. If I am able to make it to an RMNB party (and there ain’t no party like an RMNB party), I will make sure to bring them with me.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Fun facts: 1) Robin Hood is my favorite Disney movie (because it should be everyone’s favorite) and 2) I didn’t know it was possible to love you more than I already do but that GIF did it.

  • Fedor

    I think he also didn’t accept Oates’. That might be the clue.

  • Tommi

    I’m Tommi. Danish guy living in Waterloo, ON going to school here and former junior player back home in Denmark. I’m not a Caps fan (Bolts. Sorry) but have been a fan of the blog since we were SE division rivals. I frequently lurk here and enjoy the content posted.

    For 2014 I want the Caps to make the playoffs just so Tampa can beat them one more time.

  • Dan Zaitsev

    Hey, My name is Dan Zaitsev. I am Finnish, but living in the UK. My favorite player is Alex Ovechkin(surprise). Mike Green is awesome too 😉 Oulun Kärpät is my other favorite team from Finland, Ivan Huml is the best. Maybe you know him from Boston 😉 I am expecting that the Capitals finally get a cup!!

  • LasagnaSonja

    I’m Sonja, I am a PTA student living in Maine! My hobby is analyzing injury videos so I can “diagnose” players before the media does….. I’ve been a Caps fan for about 4 years, & I hate living up here with all of the awful Bruins fans! My favorite player on the Caps had been Matt Hendricks, ) ; Although I still follow him, my favorite player(s) are Backstrom & Fehr. What I want out of 2014 is for Backstrom to FINALLY get the credit he deserves, not only as a play maker, but a damn good goal scorer as well!!……… oh, & to win a Stanley Cup!

  • Paul Musselman

    My name is Paul! I’ve been living in this area for 20+ years and I’ve been a huge hockey fan ever since I saw Hunter checked Turgeon into the boards. I was seven when that happened and I will never forget it!

    I usually watch the games on CSN but if I ever do get tickets I love to go to Bar Louie after the games.

  • Elizabeth Plant

    I’m Elizabeth – I live in Frederick, MD and my first Caps game was before roughly half the team was born and the vast majority had heard of the Caps (Jan 1, 1988). My favorites are Brooks Laich and Mike Green – I know… I was a hockey sister growing up- both brothers played for many years.
    In my pic is my dad & my sister-I’m in the middle- my dad grew up in MoCo and has been a Caps fan since they began.
    I want the Caps to STOP GOING INTO OVERTIME EVERY OTHER GAME- (sorry that makes me angry that they are giving other teams a point when they win in OT). I’m rather girly so while I own a shirsey I usually wear a red cardigan to games – that and this is the first year that I’ve gone to a game with my brother and they’ve won so my curse is broken!

  • Ben Reed

    I’m Ben. I am a lawyer.

    I was a Montgomery Blue Devil for many years, and played lacrosse in college (D-III, Haverford). I was a scoring line center in hockey, offensive middy in lacrosse.

    My favorite player was always Peter Bondra, but now it’s Backstrom since he plays with quiet confidence, makes everyone around him better, and is more tough than he gets credit for.

    I will never forget being coached by Steve Konowalchuk and Jason Woolly at Capitals Hockey School, the 4OT-Nedved game, Esa fucking Tikannen, the unlimited hopefulness of the 2008 playoff push, and JOEL WARD SCOARS.

    In 2014 I hope the Caps win the fucking Stanley Cup.

  • Brandon Steele

    I am Brandon Steele a current student at VCU. My favorite player is John Carlson. I would like to see in the 2014 remainder of the season a small shake up of the squad. The caps could get a decent return for Erat who requested a trade and Nuevy who wants to start somewhere in net. The packaging of these two players I believe could help us get the one thing we as a team are missing…. Defense. I am liking the new lines however hard it was to see Ovi without Nick and I am very interested in how it will turn out for the rest of the season. The one thing my self and all the RMNB followers want for 2014 is a cup. That will be one hell of a party in DC if we could win. Lets go Caps!

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I’m Ben. I like long walks on the beach, meteors, not Matt Bradley, and photoshopping.

    I live in DC, I went to Piney Orchard (Practice rink) in ’98 when the caps beat Buffalo to head to their only Stanley Cup attempt. My brother caught Dale Hunter’s hat.

    Be my friend.

  • Fedor

    My name is Fedor Fedin and I live in Moscow, Russia, which is pretty much it when it comes to what people know about me. Hobbies: driving Ian Oland and Peter Hassett mad (doing it right now). Education: Let’s not rub sault in the wounds. Favourite player: Brooks Laich minus groin. Emergency re-call favourite: Jay Beagle.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    Which magazines? I work for Waldon Studio Architects out of Columbia Maryland & DC. We’re small, but do a lot in this area.

  • Simonezero

    I’m Gina and I work for a Fairfax-based company that manages tradeshows. At some point in the future I might find myself moving west to Portland and if this happens I’ll be crushed without having my Caps games in person or in the right timezone. But until then I’ll see you at Verizon Center!

    Favorite Caps player this season would be Grabovski, but Backstrom will always be the man. I might also be a fan of uhhh, Erik Karlsson. I’d like to see the guys settle into things and play full 60 minute matches, play the way we know they can, and stop over thinking things. If they master this I think we will be in the playoffs and show ourselves well. I’m also ready to stop scratching my head in confusion at Oates’ decisions, and would like to see something beneficial come of a trade situation which seems imminent.

  • Tripp McHenry

    I am Tripp # 97 I really like Hockey but suck pretty bad. I’ve got a beaut Mite Laser and play for the Hagerstown Honeybadgers, And another Hagerstown team, Holcim, but I am just a pylon. Oh and I play in Fredneck on the Misfit Toys…… I am a helicopter pilot in Gettysburg and have season tix to the Bears…. I like Backy, Chay Genoway, and Connor Carrick the most. I really like PBR and I’m getting pretty fat because of it…… I live by RMNB and a party would be outstanding.

  • Stephen Chastain

    I’m Stephen, a Caps fan since I started following them in 2009 while at school in Pittsburgh. I continue to take tons of crap from all my friends who are Penguins fans there but I thrive on their disgust. I was heckled by passing motorists for wearing my Ovechkin jersey the day after the lockout ended. Now I work in an office in Arlington as a temp. I want to start graduate school in environmental science and management in the fall, which will take me to Coyotes, Kings, or Canucks territory depending which school(s) accept me. Darkest secret: I like Consol Energy Center more than Verizon Center, but our fans are way better (its surprisingly quiet in there). The neigbhorhood around VC is way better too -my tradition is to go to Rocket Bar before games.

    Fun Fact: I was one of maybe 3 Caps fans who had the pleasure of viewing the 7-0 blowout win over the Flyers this year in person. Eric Fehr also gave a puck to a little boy right next to me during warmups, so it’s almost like Eric and I are really good friends.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’m Shaun. I’m a partially employed archaeologist/GIS specialist currently living in Casablanca, Morocco (hence some of the ridiculously weird time stamps on my posts). I grew up north of Detroit (15 min north of Binky) so I’m a Red Wings fan first, but married into the Caps a few years ago and got to a handful of Caps games while we were in DC for training in 2012. I played rec-league ice hockey in college (Go MSU Spartans!) and have played inline since then. Favorite player of all-time is Stevie Y. For the Caps, gotta love Nicky for his skills and Binky for the heart/hometown connection.

    For 2014, I’d love to see the Wings and Caps both have a long playoff run, meeting in the Eastern Conf finals, and the winner of that series beating the tar out of the Western Conf champion for Lord Stanley. In the final days of 2014, I’d love to be back in DC for the Winter Classic.

  • Sarah Capsgirl Herrington

    Hi! I’m Sarah, I’m a Biology major at UMBC, and a Caps season ticket holder. My favorite player is Nicklas Backstrom, I love how he has no desire to be in the spotlight, he just plays his game (perfectly I might add) and doesn’t feel the need to claim any attention over it. In 2014 I definitely want to win the Stanley Cup, but who doesn’t? More realistically I would like to see Ovie and Backstrom reunited on the same line because I am selfish and i just like it that way. I also want to see Tom Wilson get more ice time and Braden Holtby get his confidence back.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    My Fury.

  • Topher Gee

    I’m Topher Gee, comes from the other half of ChrisTOPHER. @WVUGEE on twitter. I’m a season ticket holder in section 405 and new caps road crewer. I Work in the area designing aircraft (<- Rocket Scientist). I love chatting up defensive schemes (or lack of) and have started a blog to keep my thoughts together instead of only blabbing opinions on twitter. check it out here. Always looking for +1's to go to the games! Here's me on a normal dress down Friday. Favorite player is Carlzner… can't choose.

  • Stephen Chastain

    Oh yes, my favorite player is the Chelyabinsk meteor. I’d love to see Meteor vs. Cooke one day.

  • Roman Z.

    Hi, my name is Roman, I am the director of sales for Thoransoft (shameless plugin), an IT company that specializes in Business Intelligence and a Caps fan from Montreal, Canada.

    I was born behind the Iron Curtain, but raised in Canada. Favorite player is definitely Ovechkin, least liked player has to be Brouwer.

    What I hope for 2014 is for the whole team to wake up and start playing like the ought to be, and please, for the love of God, stop with the dump and chase.

  • Andrew has both saved my life and got us mentioned on CBC. He is my hero. (See the end of this)

  • Sara

    Sara…Caps fan. I am unapologetically addicted to the game. I have friends that don’t understand. I refuse to play into their guilt when they try to make me feel bad for blowing them off for games. I stopped seeing someone because he was a Philly fan. I’ve put it on my list of “dealbreakers”. Sad, but true. My daughter’s boyfriend recently asked her if her mother owned anything other than Caps gear to which my daughter replied “not during the season”. =)
    I love the team and have a hard time picking a “favorite” player. I am a huge Holtby fan. I have been since he was at Hershey. I know he’s struggling, but I still stand by his talent. I am excited about Wilson’s potential with the team….I see him doing great things.
    Oh…and Iive about 2.5 hrs from DC in Virginia. Work in health care for a hospital in Alaska.

  • Guest

    I’m David Lopez. I’m currently a student at VCU looking to major in theatre performance. I played hockey for about a month in high school before I got concussed during a practice and had to sit out for the rest of the season, but I now find myself playing an even crazier sport-Quidditch. My favorite player is Brooks Laich due to his well-roundedness on the ice with any position he plays and how he seems to rise up as a true leader of the team, but I find myself being able to relate to Chimera last year because I can’t seem to score any goals, as well as to Green or Hillen since I always get injured during sports. In 2014 I’m hoping to see the Caps solve their line problem and rise in the Metro standings and a Cubs World Series win (a guy can dream.)

  • David Armando Lopez-Mazariegos

    I’m David Lopez. I’m currently a student at VCU looking to major in theatre performance. I played hockey for about a month in high school before I got concussed during a practice and had to sit out for the rest of the season, but I now find myself playing an even crazier sport-Quidditch. My favorite player is Brooks Laich due to his well-roundedness on the ice with any position he plays and how he seems to rise up as a true leader of the team, but I find myself being able to relate to Chimera last year because I can’t seem to score any goals, as well as to Green or Hillen since I always get injured during sports. In 2014 I’m hoping to see the Caps solve their line problem and rise in the Metro standings and a Cubs World Series win (a guy can dream, right?)

  • VeggieTart

    Hi, I’m Danielle, and I’m a transcriptionist at a nonprofit in Arlington, but I live in DC. I became a hockey fan in the mid-1990s when I briefly lived in San Jose, CA (long story), kinda fell off around the 2004 lockout, got back into hockey in 2009, and converted my boyfriend, creating a monster in the process. We went to a few Hershey Bears games during the lockout and try to get in a visit there once a month. I donate blood at the Caps and Nats blood drives. I freely admit to being a highly opinionated pain in the keister. I have the athletic ability of a basset hound, so I don’t play sports, I just watch.

    Favorite player: I still believe in the Holtbeast and hope he can turn things around. I’m also probably the only person with a Latta Caps jersey. 🙂

    What do I want out of 2014? I’d love to see our boys hoist that vaunted trophy, but I’m not optimistic right now.

  • scrubversive

    I’m Anthony Elworthy, a graduate neuroscientist just leaving Wake Forest. I grew up in DC and used to wake up every morning after a game to check the Post to see if Bondra was beating Jagr in the goals race. I’m constantly following the Caps and RMNB, though sometimes I’ll take a pass on watching Gamecenter (or listening to Walts) if I don’t want to ride the emotional rollercoaster that is “Teh Caps” on that particular night. Holtby is my man and I hope that his skill and dedication to mental fortitude will pay off (and we can feel secure that we have a franchise goalie again -.-;). I’m really stoked for Winter Classic 2015, the holidays are the one time of year I’m back home in DC for sure and I’m already making my plans.

    Pic is me starting an ill-fated playoff beard last year. That was only 7 days in. I have promised red/white/blue dye when/if we make the conference finals. (PS. Yes, I know my glasses are massive. It was hard to play hockey as an 8 year old with my glasses fogged up behind the cage of my helmet!)

  • Parrakas

    I’m Lauri – I’m from Helsinki, Finland. I’m almost finished studying business and I used to play hockey for 10+ years but nowadays I just watch basically every sport I can get here.
    I guess I’ve been a Caps fan about as long as Ovie has been in the league. Besides him, I’d say my favorites are the young guns Wilson and Orly.
    2014 I’m hoping to get the chance to actually go through with my trip to watch a Caps and Patriots game.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    Your Eric Fehr line wins.

  • Topher Gee

    Where in Germany? I lived there for 4 1/2 years there wasn’t much hockey.

  • Heather Baker

    I am Heather. I am a “new” rabid Caps hockey fan moonlighting as a scientist. I am from Florida originally and thought hockey was the stupidest sport until I got dragged to a Caps game in 2008. By 2009, I was a season ticket holder. Mike Green is my favorite player, in bad times and good. I pregame with great regularity at Bar Louie because…$3 drafts and 50% off flatbreads – I think I’ve made my point. I date a Penguins fan, so I’m not sure if I’m blacklisted from events or not for that one. I rock the red to work on every home game day and love to make friends who share the same level on fandom! 🙂

  • HI RMNB Readers!

    I’m Rachel Cohen. I’m RMNB’s resident artist. I grew up in Germantown, MD, then went up north to the University in Hartford in CT for school (where I helped found & manage the club Hockey team for 2 years). I graduated in May with a BFA in Illustration, and have moved back to MD. I currently work part-time for Wegmans grocery, and I’m the current Graphic Design intern for the Washington Kastles tennis team. I also freelance & paint on commission for people. The Deadguins shirt was my brilliant evil plan. 😉

    My favourite current hockey players are Alex Ovechkin & Dimitry Orlov, but all-time I love Ovi, Sergei Fedorov, and Olie Kolzig. My first hockey game was at the old Hartford Civic Centre to see the Whalers. I was 4. The goal horn went off. I cried. To this day, my family is still surprised I am a hockey fan (and that I can listen to Brass Bonanza without consequence).

    My family is a STH, and I sit in 104. Just look for the huge “UNLEASH THE FURY” sign.

    Outside of hockey, I like Disney things, EPCOT Center, and sewing costumes.

    For 2014 I hope the Caps play well, and I personally hope to make a book about goalie mask art!

  • Guest

    Oh duh. You formerly worked for Fairbanks. Got it. I’m a little slow tonight (or most nights)….

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I’ll be in Columbia on Monday for work… Party?

  • You forgot your bio photo

  • Brouwer Rangers

    We are the Brouwer Rangers. We both live in Northern Virginia but not together (anymore) and neither one in our parents’ basement. BR Nathan is a NoVa native who went to UMD and is now a writer (though you probably won’t guess that based on the quality of his tweets and RMNB comments); BR Ryan originally hails from Indiana and sells air conditioners.

    Our favorite player is John Erskine … j/k it’s Troy Brouwer duh. Our favorite former player is Mike Knuble.

    One time we tried out for the Red Rockers but were snubbed. Another time we sold bootleg t-shirts to raise money for local hockey charities. We like to terrorize RMNB and particularly Peter when he says means things about Brouwer, but deep down we love him. We can voice for Ian not only being a hugger, but a good hugger.

    My (BR Nathan) most prized Caps-related possession is a set of handmade (including hand-painted) cornhole boards inspired by the Caps’ current and retro jerseys, the latter of which I’m trying to get signed by the whole team. (If anyone has a direct line to Ovi and/or Backstrom, let us know – they’re the last full-timers on this year’s squad that I have yet to get.)

    Our current favorite game-watching reaction GIF (recently challenged by the Prince John one Peter has posted in this thread) is

  • Guest

    Hi. Yisel here. I bet you $20 you are probably scratching you head right now thinking.. how do you even pronounce that?! Well, simple. It is pronounced “Giselle” like the Victoria’s Secret model or the ballet. I blame epidural for my parents’ ill-timed-but-well-intentioned sudden surge of spelling creativity :0)
    I’m a strategy consultant in DC, and probably the only avid hockey fan from PR.
    My first game was a Kings/Hawks game in 1993… which ended in a tie (boo!). My favorite Caps players were Knuble and Matt Hendricks. I liked Kelly Hrudey way back when (one word. bandanna)… but I guess he was never on the Caps roster.

    For 2014, I want world peace , temperatures above freezing point, ability to spellcheck before sending an email, Caps season tickets, and marketing job with the NHL.

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    Random Question: Does your Toronto flight have anything to do with the Engineer’s Without Borders Conference?

  • sheena dunn

    Hey, I’m Sheena Dunn, also known as @CAPLDY. Grow up in the
    Virginia. I grew up watching hockey thanks to my dad who play college hockey at
    Boston University. I am a receptionist
    at an Engineering Company in Reston, VA, my degree is in travel and tourism. My
    favorite players are Tom Wilson & Connor Carrick. I am a huge klutz, and every
    time I fall/trip, something good happens to Carrick…if you don’t believe me…just ask Ovie the Bulldog!

  • Fedor

    I feel like there’s a bad smell coming out of my computer right now. *closes tab*

  • sheena dunn

    I’ve told you guys where to find Backstrom! 🙂

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Among Rachel’s artistic triumphs is this masterpiece currently handing in my home.

  • Dave

    Hey! I’m Dave, die hard & life long Caps fan living in NYC, also work as a TV producer! I watch every game via Center Ice and/or Game Center (had to get both!) – go to as many home and away games as i can (Caps are 3-0-1 this year when I’ve gone, so I think I need to start going a bit more!) Also looking for new Caps friends, especially any in NYC, I’m always up to meet up for a game! Went to the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh, can’t wait to go again next year in DC! Here’s my Facebook:

  • Brouwer Rangers

    “probably the only avid hockey fan from PR.”


  • Perri

    My name is Perri. I’m from RVA but I go to college in Fredericksburg. Elizabeth (@Elle_Harley) and I are basically attached at the mostly-virtual-these-days hip when it comes to hockey… and let’s be real, everything else.
    In 2014, I’d like to see the eradication of #goaliedrama and Tom Wilson play more than three and a half seconds per game. I wouldn’t argue with baby pictures too, but obviously only if the players are comfortable with that. No stalking, pls.
    Mike Green has retweeted me twice and Karl Alzner thinks I’m a bad driver.

  • Mash

    I’m Matthew Ash. I live in West Virginia (about 5 minutes driving from the casino). I work as an Agile Tester (basically QA) and been a caps fan since 1993. Interesting Facts I’ve meet the crew of RMNB during the Skate or Die 5 event where I was probably the worse ice skate and Ian took a photo of the caps tattoo. I have autographs from every caps player since the 09 roster minus Connor Carrick. My favorite current caps player is a toss up between Brouwer and Green though all time favorite player has to be Bondra. I own the puck that tied record that Mike Green set for Longest consecutive goal scoring streak by a defenseman.

  • Daryle Elizabeth Lademan

    Hi, everyone! I’m Daryle and do corporate strategy & planning for a large, international defense firm. (That sounds better than “arms dealer,” right?) When I’m not rockin’ the red or working, you’ll find me running on one of our many beautiful trails around Washington, DC. I’m a marathon runner and avid fitness enthusiast. I have a very rusty Twitter handle of CapsRunnerGirl. (I do Facebook, but I just haven’t been able to figure out the whole Twitter thing. Someone school me??)

    I’ve been a sports fan all my life, but didn’t get ‘hooked’ on hockey until the mid / late 1990s. I was living in suburban Maryland at the time – when the Caps were still at Piney Orchard – and I worked out at the same gym where the Caps did their strength and conditioning drills in the offseason. I got to know several of the players, but became good friends with former coach Glen Hanlon and his wife, who was also a big runner like me. (No mean comments about ex-coaches! The Hanlons – who are absolutely wonderful people – invited me to my first hockey game. And that was all she wrote! When I moved to the District several years ago, I became a full season ticket holder. I’ll continue renewing until I see our boys hoist the Cup! (Even if it’s from my nursing home!)

    Favorite player: Love ’em all, but I’m going with Joel Ward. He’s got a great work ethic. And he handled a “situation” in Boston a couple years ago with class and dignity.

    Hope to meet some of you in person! Cheers!

  • Guest

    Hi. Yisel here. I bet you $20 you are probably scratching you head right now thinking.. how do you even pronounce that?! Well, simple. It is pronounced “Giselle” like the Victoria’s Secret model or the ballet. I blame epidural for my parents’ ill-timed-but-well-intentioned sudden surge of spelling creativity :0)
    I’m a strategy consultant in DC, and probably the only avid hockey fan from PR.
    My first game was a Kings/Hawks game in 1993… which ended in a tie (boo!). My favorite Caps players were Knuble and Matt Hendricks. I liked Kelly Hrudey way back when (one word. bandanna. Ha!)… but I guess he was never on the Caps roster.
    For 2014, I want world peace (insert Miss Universe wave and sarcastic smile here), temperatures above freezing point, ability to spellcheck before sending an email, Caps season tickets, and marketing job with the NHL.

  • That’s the hair gel.

  • Joey Gionfriddo

    Dulles roller and DC Streethockey out of Alexandria

  • SeriousStyle

    Yes to Matt Bradley! And DOUBLE YES to that gif! I watched that movie last week. Don’t hate.

  • Alex Hughes

    I’m Alex. Sophomore at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke, VA. Been addicted to everything Capitals for about 3 seasons now. I try to go to Caps practices, morning skates, and games whenever my soccer schedule allows me. Playing in Baltimore doesn’t help with that but I make it out to many practices and at least 3 Caps games a season. My favorite players were Mathieu Perreault and Matt Hendricks but now it’s probably Steve Oleksy and Alex Ovechkin. Out of 2014 I want the Caps to name a number 1 goaltender (preferably Grubauer) and for the Capitals to stop giving up goals right after they score

  • Ryan Glynn

    I’m Ryan and I’m a student studying architecture. From Maryland and have been a caps fan for a long time. Taken but enjoy meeting new fans to party with. My girl loves the caps too and our favorite player is ovechkin. If you are in Charlotte and wanna go watch a game with us message me.

  • araporrada21

    Great idea RMNB,
    Name is Oleg and yes I was born in the old country. Hint; ( Kuznetsov, Nichushkin, Gonchar). Family, firefighting and hockey are the important things in life !) Now live in Colorado, got married to a beautiful woman and every time we go see the caps play in Denver we lose, so for 2014 and on I would love to change that and Ovechkin to reach the cup before I leave this earth should answer the favorite player question as well.

    Side note RMNB, thank you for what you guys do here through out the years, it’s a great read.

  • Jon C.

    I am Jon. Grew up in Arlington, but recently moved to Germantown. Favorite Caps player is Brooks Laich, favorite historical Caps player is Craig Berube. STH since 2007. Husband, Dad, and also a fan of the Nats, Redskins, Chesapeake Bayhawks, Virginia Cavaliers & North Dakota FIGHTING SIOUX. I am a drink slinger at a place that hosts Caps viewing parties. I’ve probably served you alcohol. My good friend Jill (you know her as CAPSMom) introduced me to hockey in 1998, and was instantly hooked.

    In 2014 I hope to attend more games, but second baby is due in two months. So I see a lot of TV games in my future.

    Photo below rocking the red in Wrightsville Beach, NC

  • Shaun Phillips

    Oh and I still haven’t completely forgiven Fedorov for bolting from the Wings for Anaheim. Probably part of the reason Yzerman surpassed him in my “favorite player” rankings.

  • nicoley-poley

    She and Elizabeth have also met like every Caps media person ever, and she’s also the person who converted me to the wonderful sport of hockey. Also, we stood in the elevator with Sergey Kostenko once. -thumbs up-

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Name’s Josh. Grew up in Chesapeake, VA. Graduated from James Madison University. Married a Northern VA girl and moved up to Albany, NY for a few years. Hope to be moving back to VA/DC soon. Watch every game and try to make it to one a season! Love me some Eric Fehr and JBeags, anyone who goes out there and lays it all on the line every night. Anyone else in the NY Capital District or upstate area ever want to get a group together for a game let’s make it happen!

  • Yisel

    Hi. Yisel here. I bet you $20 you are probably scratching you head right now thinking.. how do you even pronounce that?! Well, simple. It is pronounced “Giselle” like the Victoria’s Secret model or the ballet. I blame epidural for my parents’ ill-timed-but-well-intentioned sudden surge of spelling creativity :0)
    I’m a strategy consultant in DC and have loved hockey for a long time. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m the only avid hockey fan from PR. My first game was a Kings/Hawks game in 1993… which ended in a tie (boo!). My favorite Caps players were Knuble and Matt Hendricks. I liked Kelly Hrudey (one word. bandanna) & John LeClair way back when… but I guess they were never on the Caps roster.
    For 2014, I want world peace , temperatures above freezing point, Caps season tickets and/or marketing job with the NHL.

  • Sam W.

    I’m Sam Wolk. Been a Capitals season ticket holder since 1999-2000 season. I’m a creative doodler and graphic hobbyist with a modicum of technical skills. I designed all the current graphics for the Caps Road Crew and administer their website.

    I also blow a horn at the Verizon Center during home games to incite the crowd to chant “LET’S GO CAPS!” Maybe you’ve heard me.

  • Yisel

    Hi. Yisel here. I bet you $20 you are probably scratching you head right now thinking.. how do you even pronounce that?! Well, simple. It is pronounced “Giselle” like the Victoria’s Secret model or the ballet. I blame epidural for my parents’ ill-timed-but-well-intentioned sudden surge of spelling creativity :0)

    I’m a strategy consultant in DC and have loved hockey for a long time. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m the only avid hockey fan from PR. My first game was a Kings/Hawks game in 1993… which ended in a tie (boo!). My favorite Caps players were Knuble and Matt Hendricks. I liked Kelly Hrudey (one word. bandanna) & John LeClair way back when… but I guess they were never on the Caps roster.

    For 2014, I want world peace (insert Miss Universe wave and sarcastic smile here), temperatures above freezing point, Caps season tickets and/or marketing job with the NHL.

  • SeriousStyle

    Adrienne here. Huge Caps fan and manager for a plastic surgeon in Maryland.

    My goal in life is to make enough money to afford season tickets and have a pool boy. The pool is optional.

    Ovie walked right by my office one day (we share a floor with a radiology place, he wasn’t coming in for a nose job) and I stalked him til I got a pic and autograph. I also bought Jager shots for Green and Backstrom at an event a few years back.

    I love this site and the snark that comes with it =)

  • Laurie Lasagna

    Hi! I’m Laurie! I’m a resident of good ol’ Harford County in Maryland. I’m the office specialist at Michael’s craft store in Lutherville-Timonium, MD. My nickname is Laurie Lasagna because my last name – Castagna – rhymes with Lasagna. It stuck…..since Jr. High lol.

    Anyway, onto puck (what everyone really cares about right?) It’s actually a sad story. I started out as a Flyers fan when I was 12. My dad was really into them so I stuck by what he liked. Unfortunately when my dad passed away, I gave up on hockey. The only exception was my younger brother — who is a die hard PENGUINS (I know right? A Caps and a Pens fan in the same house. Pity my mother) was my only source. Little did I know, years later I would meet my best friend, who re-introduced me to the greatest sport ever. The word “Flyers” never came out of my mouth in a positive light again. (Ok, I lied. I still have my Lindros and LeClair jerseys.) But getting on to the -real- deal, the CAPS 🙂 Mike Knuble is my favorite Capital EVER. I was devastated when he left. Right now, Eric Fehr and Brooks Laich have my heart. I’m totally a fan of the entire game. I appreciate other players abilities. I like the Blackhawks and the Rangers, and LOVE Lundqvist dearly.

    If you want to — follow me on Twitter: @ILaichFehr OR get me on FB

    Peace 🙂

  • Paul W.

    I’m Paul and I live in Ashburn with my wife, who is also a big caps fan. I’m a federal employee in the background investigation business. Grew up in Springfield, VA and went to college at West Virginia University. I’ve liked the caps since I was a kid but didn’t really become a die hard until the “Rock the Red” era. Was a STH with my buddies from the 2008/2009 season through last season. When I go to games, I always start the day/evening at Iron Horse. I’m the really tall guy wearing the Backstrom jersey. In 2014 i want erat to be deployed correctly, and for the roster to have 2 goalies on it…and to re-sign grabo…and a playoff series win or two…those are fun.

  • Elizabeth Harley

    Hi! I’m Elizabeth, and I am currently studying Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University. My journey to being a Caps fan started five years ago when my brother took me to my first game. Before then, I had no clue that Washington even had a team. My favorite player has always been Nicklas Backstrom, but Jay Beagle has become a close second. In 2014 I hope for less goalie drama and more videos like the amazing one they did for the holidays . Here’s me (right) and my best friend Perri (@not_a_platypus) in what is easily the best picture of our lives. While were taking it Troy Brouwer walked by and laughed at us.

  • Neil Greenberg

    Hi. I’m Neil. I used to write for this blog. Now I don’t. Peter has taken up the #fancystats mantle and is doing a better job with it than I did. I drink ginger ale, offer high-fives in lieu of hugs, am always civil in debate and was once called a housebound agrophobe during a NY Islanders broadcast.

  • Boush

    I’m Ryan, and I’m an attorney in Pittsburgh (I know, I know… ). I do love this city and will defend all non-Penguins aspects of it. Former creator/writer of the Rocking the Red in Pittsburgh blog, which died with the lockout. Unabashed basher of Erskine, and I’ve been on the trade-Neuvirth bandwagon since before Neuvirth was.

    My favorite Cap is probably Laich – despite my hatred of bad contracts, I’ll defend Brooks’ to the grave. There are not many players I would actually agree bring valuable “intangibles,” but he’s one of them.

    In 2014 I would like to see the Caps get a new GM who doesn’t overvalue plugs and trade away young, promising players. Then I could get excited enough to start blogging again.

  • Jennifer Carignan

    Hi folks! My name is Jenn, and I currently work at American University and live in NW DC. I grew up in southern New Hampshire and come from a fanatical Boston sports family. Much of my childhood was spent at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden, and Adam Oates was my favorite Boston Bruin. I became a Caps fan after moving from Colorado to Virginia in 2008, and I love me some Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin.

    In 2014 I plan to start doing improv again after a 2 year hiatus, buy a house, save $$$ for a 2015 trip to South Africa, run a bunch of road races, and watch lots of bad movies (any Tommy Wiseau fans around here?!).

    Here’s a photo of me petting a wallaby in the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia:

  • I’m Chris — RMNB writer / sometimes editor.

    I love Karl Alzner. I drive a Miata. I’m popular with young women age 18-24.

  • Guest

    Is your brother John? a goalie? played on the original Misfit Toys?

  • dylan wheatley

    hey im dylan wheatley i’m from montreal and i live and (mostly) die by the caps

    edit: also my favorite hockey player in the world is alex semin and when he left a large part of my soul died and i now have to be kept alive through various phylacteries and horcruxes

  • Ann-Marie Ward

    Hi, I’m Ann-Marie!

    I’m from Frederick and went to school with Peter’s eldest sister, so I remember him when he was a little kid.

    I live in Northern VA now with my husband – who is really named Joel Ward (no relation) – and my two boys who are 7 and 5 and huge Caps fans. You may have seen as Caps practice – we go all the time.

    You may have read about my youngest, Zachary, on this blog –

    I used to be a math teacher at Walt Whitman HS before I had kids. I like #fancystats.

    I occasionally tweet @martina09 and have a Caps blog where I post about family related Caps items – My goal is to someday take my older son to see a Caps game at every NHL arena.

    This photo was a highlight – now I need to get my husband to meet him. 🙂

  • riggorules

    Willy, share tickets in section 109. Please throw a party, any excuse.

  • Tripp McHenry

    This is JWa… He is a Pens fan tho and hates Canada You can find him amongst the boys of OFBG Hockey. He claims he’s got a sick backhand!?

  • Jim Kelly

    I’ve lived in a few places, but currently in Bremen (not really much hockey here, although there is the Weserstars). Up until June I lived in Berlin, and they have the Eisbären, who were for the DEL a very good team up until this year least. Also the atmosphere is pretty fun at the games.

    But yeah, as far as playing, I’ll probably have to go up to Hamburg if I want to play on a team.

    Where in Germany did you live?

  • ovechwin


  • Jim Kelly

    I was born in Concord and lived in Beverly, and Oates was definitely my favorite player as a kid too.

  • Yeah, that’s a great photo. Chuck rules!

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    Hi Ya RMNB!

    My name is Patrick and I’m a proud resident of Stafford, Virginia. Growing up an avid fan of capitals hockey, so it was a no-brainer to follow the RMNB network. Appreciate the humor, laughs, jokes and sometimes serious bits about the trivial pursuits of Washington’s finest.

    Favorite Player: Alex Ovechin: 28 Year Old Russian Sniper who tells his mom what he wants for breakfast..epic

    Favorite RMNB Columnist: Peter Hassett: Maryland’s Finest sort… expertise with lingo, wordplay, and a mastery of deflection against, NBC’s “anti-capitals,” Milbury fueled rants. Overall has a sunny and charming disposition period.

  • Horn guy, I love you. Sorry if that’s weird. Also what a perfect self portrait.

  • Nicole Lippy

    I’m Nicole Lippy. I’m still a high school student, and hopelessly addicted to hockey. Steve Oleksy is my favorite player, for some reason I still can’t seem to explain. Though Fehr comes in a strong second. In 2014 I’d like us to win games at even strength for once.

  • LasagnaSonja

    Also, it may be worth nothing that I am a HUGE UMaine hockey fan, GO BLUE!!

  • ChrisN

    My name is Chris. Been a caps fan since I moved into the DC area 10 years ago. Formerly of Alexandria, now residing in Stafford (Yea pain in the ass to drive up to Verizon center from here). The caps have broken my heart so many times, but I keep coming back for more! One day, all this pain and suffering will be rewarded with a Cup…. I hope. I work at Reagan national and almost always sport a caps hat! Love reading this blog, RMNB is my source for caps news, screw official press releases!!! This picture was taken at Bugsy’s in Old Town Alexandria, (im on the far left with the beer raised!)

  • TFJ

    I’m Tanya or slapbetcomish on Twitter. I drink whiskey and bourbon, I probably swear to much, and one of dogs has been shamed on this blog for eating a Slapshot pillow. I love the Caps (duh), RPI hockey (“one minute to go…AND CLARKSON STILL SUCKS!”), gritty blue collar players, and my husband despite him being a Pens fan. Joel Ward kicks ass, and there is no hotter hockey player than Matt Hendricks WITH a black/bloody eye. When I’m not gettin’ my hockey on I’m I’m SAVING PUPPEHS as a volunteer with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. GIDDY. UP.

  • Patrick Neimeyer


    I think his face sold you. How could you ever not like that hockey scared mug 🙂

  • Dan

    My name is Dan. I’m currently living in Dallas, TX and attending seminary. Caps fan since early 90’s…I think it was the year that Joe B and Craig teamed up. Photo is from 2011.

  • Brendan Maltese

    Hey guys, I’m Brendan, and I’ve been a Caps fan for about 5 years. I’m an elementary school band and strings teacher in Anne Arundel county, and a Towson University grad. I started reading RMNB in the playoffs 2 years ago, and it’s really helped me understand hockey. I can’t wait for this party to happen!

  • Nicole Lippy

    Haha, may have been.

  • Dominic Kreiner

    Hi, I’m Dominic. You may know me from my frequent twitter interaction with the RMNB crew (Much to their dismay, and mine after I got that court order). I’m an optician by trade, and a homer in all the worst ways. I have a few musical talents as well as an obsession with statistics of all shape and size. I still miss Matt Hendricks like a lost dog.

  • ChrisCapsFanShindel

    I’m Chris shindel. I’m a West coast caps fan hailing from Kelso Washington. I’ve been a caps fan since 2001. Favorite current players are Ovechkin, Holtby and Backstrom. Fav past players are Olaf Kolzig and Peter Bondra. And I hope 2014 brings a cup to DC!!!

  • Pat mccullough

    Hi, I’m Pat Mccullough. I work construction. Have only been a fan for 7 years. Hoping for at least a deep playoff run. Love this site. Keep up the good work.

  • Hockey Mom

    Hockey mom, here…my first hockey game was back in the early 90’s. A college friend of mine was interning for the Phoenix Roadrunners and he gave me tix to a game. It was fun (and I was about 6 feet short of winning a jeep in one of the intermission games). Fast forward to 2009 I needed something for my kiddos to do during winter break, so I signed them up for ice skating lessons at Kettler. Those lessons lead to more lessons, which lead to playing hockey for my boy and joining the synchronized skating team for my girl. So from September to March I am at Kettler 4-7 days a week. Sometimes at ungodly early hours on Saturday and Sunday (think 6 am!) for 3+ hour blocks. The fun part about that is that sometimes we are there just before or as the Caps are coming into practice, so my truck may be sandwiched between Ovie’s Mercedes and Backstrom’s Range Rover. Some of the Caps live in my hood, too so I see a couple of the guys (Brower and Backstrom) drive by on their way to Kettler in the morning. I think I even saw Mojo and Brouwer carpooling once when I was walking my dog. I didn’t really get into hockey until my son started playing. Funny enough, I ran into both Ovechkin and Mike Knuble at different points at Kettler, but hadn’t really become a fan yet, so it was kind of lost on me…Some friends that have season tix took me and my husband to my first Caps game, about 3 years ago. I distinctly remember the fans booing Holtby…and feeling so bad for him! Soon after that, we started following the Caps more regularly to show my son how they play so he could start understanding the game. Next thing I know, I could tell you where the players were from, what their numbers are and what they looked like without helmets on! I went to a practice around April to get my son’s jersey signed and although all the guys I saw (Green, Ribiero, Perrault, Erskine, Mojo, a couple of more I can’t remember) were all ok with signing it, meeting Steve Oleksy really cemented my Caps love! He is the nicest guy and just has so much heart! Luckily, as I was picking up my newly customized Oleksy jersey a couple of weeks ago, I caught him outside as he was just getting to Kettler and he signed it for me! I even joined Twitter just so I could follow the Caps! My wish for the Caps is to win a lot of games and make it into the playoffs. The thought of this ending in April is more than I can bear…

  • When you say video coordinator, are you doing systems analysis and microevent stat stuff with Neumaan? That’s awesome.

  • Rachel hugs her mom 24 secs into this video

  • Patrick Neimeyer


    Fellow cult member of the group known as I Love Matt Hendericks.
    May he return soon 🙂

  • Deep down I love you and Brouwer both

  • I love that you became a Caps fan *while living in Pittsburgh in 2009.*

    That’s like opening a madrasa in Louisiana.

  • Annie Lockyer

    Hi! I’m Annie, I’m 28, and I recently moved to DC from Northern California. I discovered my love of hockey after getting drafted onto a law school co-ed rec league floor hockey team, and hitting my classmates with sticks and mucking things up on the blue line just felt so, so right (Woods Creek Weasels forever!) I hate Mike Milbury and I love Grabo and Ovi and I still write mournful musical requiems to Filip Forsberg and what could have been. Not hockey: I am a giant sci-fi/fantasy/civil war history nerd, a faux hawk enthusiast, and a connoisseur of braised meats. And I love dogs.

  • what up Frederick

  • ChrisCapsFanShindel

    Also, I dont rock the red due to not having a new Jersey, so I’m rockin the 2001 black jersey. GO CAPS!!!!


  • I lost my voice for 3 days that night.

    My art teacher had to take a small dry-erase board and put some string on it so I could hang it around my neck so I could communicate with people at school.

  • Leslie K.

    I’m Leslie Kirsch. DC area born and bred, working as a forensic consultant in the city. Current favorite player is Jason Chimera (he’s just so fast, and I forgive him his cement hands), but favorite player ever is Olaf Kolzig, because when I was young, I thought “Olie the Goalie” was just about the most amazing nickname in the history of nicknames. I am also of approximately the right age to have thought the glow puck was kinda cool, which is tremendously embarassing, but you guys have to secretly admit the same thought crossed your mind. Anyway, I’m a STH, can be found in the tippy-top reaches of Section 430 with my sister or mom, waiting for the Verizon DJs to hurry up and play Apache already so we can Fresh Prince dance.

  • Hi, I’m Eric Rigsby. I live in Frederick and have been watching the Caps for as long as I can remember during my 34 years. I’ve been playing hockey for 20+ years now and once played Roman Polak (St. Louis Blues defenseman) chasing Brooks Laich in a Verizon NHL Game Center commercial. I like baseball and metal. I believe in small business, craft beer, and universal omelette stations. I volunteer time as a youth hockey coach. I manage technology projects but would love to work full time in hockey in some capacity (even if it means managing technology projects). I have been a fan of RMNB for a long time. You guys are good. My favorite player is really no one in particular. I like watching good hockey. I would like better opportunities to do things I like for fun and profit in 2014. I looked like this at Halloween.

  • Robin Hart Carroll

    Hi – I’m Robin. Hubby introduced me to hockey when we got married and haven’t looked back since! I have a few faves but really my #1 is Mike Green. I like to say I liked MG52 before liking him was cool 😉 Both my son and daughter play ice hockey for SO MD so I’m a hockey mom and around it all the time — which is a good thing. 🙂 I love reading RMNB & Twitter during/after a game and have several Tweeps I’ve never met in person but we all have the same love — the CAPS. My newest fave CAPS shirt is my Brouwer Power shirt 🙂 but last playoffs the shirt for me was my Backström shirtsey.
    What I want out of 2014 for the team is positive growth.

  • <3 Dylan is a top-10 RMNB commenter. Up there mcawful from back in the day. I miss mcawful. Funny, beautiful, filthy mouthed.

  • Jim Kelly
  • Jon is my friend. He did not actually win the Calder Cup. He was just too short for anyone to notice that he got away with this.

  • BigGoalie

    So many awesome folks in that pic, I make a cameo from time to time but am an avid reader of the site. Former season ticket holder from 99 until 2011 season, and photobomber of the jumbotron from time to time 🙂

  • the downvote is from me

    for the miata

  • Pat Magee

    I’m Pat! I’ve been a Hershey Bears fan since my parents took me to a game in the 05-06 season. They won the Calder Cup that season with the help of some awesome players! Fehr, Brooksie, Flash, Varly, Neuvy, Beags, Perry, Green, and many others that I’ve watched move up to the NHL. Living in PA (Harrisburg), I had to begin selecting an NHL team to root for, and I was going towards either the Flyers or Pens, but after seeing all these awesome Bears play in the NHL for the caps, I went with them.

    Just so happened they had this guy named Alex Ovechkin who scored like a million goals that year, and his off ice antics were amazing. From that fateful Rangers series (Fedorov in game 7 <3) I've been absolutely hooked, and wear almost nothing but Bears and Caps attire. I'll be VERY upset if Hershey and Washington end their affiliation, but I think I'll be a caps fan for life!

    Love you guys here at RMNB! I check the site every day, read every article, and refer the site to many other hockey fans.


  • I also downvoted myself

  • I have a bunch of friends who date penguins fans, and I try to look past that and love them anyway.

  • Yes. Yes good.

    Good Fury.

  • Daniel Walker

    Hello all. My name is Danny. I am a diehard Caps fan living
    in Philadelphia. I grew up in Maryland, PG & Calvert counties to be
    specific. This has been an especially interesting year to be a Caps fan in
    Philly, which has become probably the only town in North America (outside of the
    DMV and wherever he was born in Ontario) where Tom Wilson is a household name. I
    have devoted the last 30 years of my existence to loving this team more than almost
    anything else in the world. When I was a
    kid, my favorite players were Al Iafrate and then later Peter Bondra. My family
    had season tickets in Landover and many of my fondest childhood memories are of
    going to games at the Cap Ctr/US Air. I also look back very fondly on many
    family dinners in the 80’s & 90’s where my grandma would curse Abe Pollin
    who she blamed for the Caps yearly playoff failures, insisting he held his
    Bullets in much higher regard and thus would not spend the necessary dollars on
    the Caps to compete. I also remember her often saying that the Devils would
    never win a Stanley Cup with that sinful name. RMNB is by far my favorite spot
    on the web where everyone has their clothes on. Its great to see so many folks are as passionate about this team as I am.

  • Nicci

    I have an Ovi masterpiece from her as well!

  • Hi Annie.

  • Katie Brown

    I’m Katie. I’ve been blogging for three years, and I cover the Caps for another blog, District Sports Page, but I read RMNB long before I started blogging.

    I work at a science journal during the day, and babysit Chris Gordon in the press box at night (He steals all my jokes. Then Peter steals all Chris’s jokes. So anything funny on here probably came from me).

    Anyway, par-ty (but only in a metro-accessible area. I’m eco-friendly).

  • You can read Katie’s stuff here:

    In my life, have I ever stolen a Chris Gordon joke?!

    You’re getting a half-hearted upvote.

  • “RMNB is by far my favorite spot on the web where everyone has their clothes on”


  • Catherine__M

    I’m Catherine and I’m a librarian who finds herself currently working for a major consulting firm (yeah, I can’t figure it out either). My main work site is just a block or so away from the Verizon Center, which is convenient to an expensive degree.

    I grew up near Philadelphia and despite really liking hockey, the fact I went to school with Snider’s daughter, and the fact that best friend’s dad was Lindros’s agent, I never really embraced the Flyers. Go figure. I moved to the DC area the same year as Ovechkin and the hype was impossible to ignore so I inevitably found a comfortable home as a Caps fan. I think the key difference-maker might be the absence of people punching each other in the face in the Verizon Center and the fact Caps fans generally refrain from throwing beers at little girls.

    My favorite player is Nicklas Backstrom, for reasons I think are fairly obvious (the quiet playmaker, one of the best in the league but you don’t necessarily have to know it), I find Ovechkin’s energy and enthusiasm contagious and I will a bit shamefully admit to having a soft spot for Brooks Laich that is probably more than half due to the handsome factor. We’re all human!

    What I want out of 2014? I actually spent some time thinking about that on Jan 1. I came up with this: accumulation of experiences rather than things, being open to more spontaneity. Deep, I know. But also, going to a Caps game for my birthday would be awesome. And would fit into experiences rather than things goal. And my birthday is in mid-May 😀


  • Sausaged

    Hi, I’m John and I like turtles.

  • GORMS!

  • Annie Lockyer

    Oh hai! Fancy meeting you here.


  • Tripp is a real beauty!

  • Tripp McHenry

    Well I hope he is still on the team this winter! We got sick sweaters!

  • Kyle Mace

    I’m Kyle Mace. I write for RMNB’s child, Sweetest Hockey on Earth. I also take photos and try my best to be a good high school student by making all my English papers relate to the Hershey Bears so I can use them as blog posts. What I want out of 2014: Baltimore Orioles blog. Iron Man-chine Never Breaks. You know you want it too, Ian and Peter…

  • allllrriiiight, you’re a great zombie…..

  • TFJ

    Ermahgerd…well played Ian, I just choked on my gum. bAHAHAHAHA….

  • David Pearl-Schwartz

    Hey all, I’m David, a DC guy going to school in Miami. Favorite players are Orlov and Fehrsie but i still cry whenever I hear Hendrick’s name and/or any reference to paralyzing. I’ve been to every Caps vs. Panthers game in Florida ($35 for the lower bowl, it’s exhilarating) while I’ve been in school despite countless people asking me “What is a capital?” (true story). And for 2014 I’d like to actually play a game of hockey

  • Catherine__M

    Haha I love that movie and that part always cracked me up as a kid. And it apparently does as an adult, too. 😀

  • Katie Brown

    I should at least get an upvote for the babysitting comment. Chris needs watching.

    But seriously, I wouldn’t let ya boy Chris pilfer my jokes on occasion if I didn’t want them to end up on here, so we all win. I’m basically the Wizard of Oz. Except significantly hotter.

  • I’m on my phone so I can’t provide a picture. I basically look like Connor Carrick with less stupid headphones.

  • Dave at District Sports Page

    I’m Dave Nichols. I publish District Sports Page and have had credentials to cover the Caps since 2007. I also write about college football and basketball for Associated Press.

    I attended the second game in Capitals history. I played goalie growing up so my favorite all-time Caps include Ron Low, Don Beaupre, Mike Palmateer and of course, Olie Kolzig, who also was the first Caps player I got to interview one-on-one.

    I was also one of the organizers of the New Year’s Eve Party in Pittsburgh before the Winter Classic, one of the greatest sporting events I’ve had the privilege of attending.

    Here’s a pic of me at work. I’m the one on the left.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Love this sign so much.

  • Katie Brown

    Also, thanks for the plug!

  • Lawrence

    Hello friends! I am Lawrence Liebler. I currently am living/attending school in Tampa, Florida at the University of South Florida (aren’t we more north than other Florida schools????). I have loved and played the game of hockey most of my life. I am on the ice hockey team for usf (yes we do have hockey players in Florida). I will be at the game tomorrow, right behind Tampa’s goalie in the 1st and 3rd periods (better to see Ovi on that side of the ice!), so if you see some crazy fan in an Ovechkin jersey jumping around when we score, yeah its probably me! Love the site and love you all!

  • Are you sure it isn’t the other way around?

  • Katie Brown

    Well, someone has to keep an eye on you and Karl in the locker room.

  • Abhi


    I’m Abhi, I followed RMNB in my last year of high school (2009). I’ve been a Caps fan since my family immigrated and moved to the DC area in 1999. I kept up with the Caps through college at William & Mary and just moved to Vienna while I look for a job in the area. My whole family is Russians so of course we love the extra stories about goings-on in Russia.

    My favorite player’s Ovie, but as a goalie I have a big ol’ soft spot for the guys in the crease. In 2014 I’d like to have a steady income so I can come to more games!

  • Sammy Dreamer

    I’m Sam, from Ashburn. I have been a Caps fan for a number of years now and having been following RMNB for the last year. I dont comment very often but I read the site 5x a day. I am working as Medical Assistant with aspirations of becoming a PA. My favorite player is Backstrom with Joe Beninati coming in a close 2nd. I am a huge fan of “the Goat.” He commented on a blog I write about Pro Wrestling and I almost framed it, felt famous.

    I hope the Caps figure who they want in goal in 2014, and beat the Penguins, in everything.

  • JessHughes

    Jessica H. here. I don’t do anything cool like write a Caps’ blog or do graphic art, but I love the Caps, and I love RMNB. I always learn a lot about the Caps, hockey, have a few laughs (tweets by Ovi, anyone?), and I always feel like a welcome part of this community. Oh, favorite player: Carl Alzner — and his dogs. And, yes, RMNB make party soon ha)))))))

  • KA + CG 4EVAR

  • Igor Kleyner

    Hi all. I am Igor, and once in a while I write stuff here. Mostly though, I just steal someone else’s stuff in Russian, plug it into Google Translate, and then tell the guys I did it all by myself. It works all the time.
    My favorite moment of 2013 was ignoring frantic texts from Ian on a cold February night with some nonsense about Chelyabinsk, meteorite, etc. I slept right through it.
    My favorite player growing up was – and still is – the Legend # 17. He died 33 years ago, still the best ever. Although I also like the guy in the picture next to me. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SENDING HIM TO HERSHEY, GMGM!!!!

  • Hi, I’m Tim and I’m a Capaholic. Wait, it’s not one of THOSE meetings?! Fine, I’ll show my age with some more details, but it’s gonna take a few more drinks to get me to show more! 😉 I’m from Baltimore and I’ve been a Caps fan since the late 80’s. Once I had enough disposable income, I became a partial plan holder in the late 90’s and full-STH since Ovi’s rookie year (boy did the Caps beg us all to upgrade during those lean years, eh?). I contribute a few silly ideas at Capitals Hill but my biggest contribution to the blogosphere is being the second-best dressed person at RMNB parties (Peter always beats me! *shakes fists*). Oh, I noticed I’m *in* the photo in the header of this very post in a black Ovi 8 shirt and a drink in my hand! I’ll share my current social media profile pic that was taken at a RMNB party by RMNB’s own Chris Gordon (how META!). xoxo ~Tim

  • Jennifer Carignan

    That’s awesome! I have some family in Beverly — beautiful town!

  • Jake Ware

    My name is Jake Ware and some of you may know me for my occasional translation (Swedish) help here on RMNB. I am half British and half Swedish and lived in DC for seven years having moved here with my family in 2006, attending the Washington International School just off Connecticut Avenue before graduating this summer. I am a lifelong ice hockey and soccer player and a Washington Capitals season ticket holder. I’m currently studying for an economics and modern history degree from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and my biggest and only claim to fame is that I am lucky enough to be living in the very same halls of residence as Prince William and Kate Middleton during their time there. I’m kind of a badass.

    My twitter followers (@JacobWare95, follow me!) will know me because of my relentless support for Marcus Johansson and indeed he would have to be my favourite player, but I’m also looking forward to hopefully welcoming Andre Burakovsky and Evgeny Kuznetsov to our top-six soon. 2014 will see the #Caps win their first Stanley Cup, Alex Ovechkin win his fourth Hart Trophy, and Marcus Johansson score 50 goals in the playoffs to lead the Caps to glory.

    On a side note, I’ve read every RMNB article for years now but have never been a huge commenter. I suffered a moderately serious knee injury in soccer training two months ago and have recently undergone an operation to correct it which will rule me out of sports for around nine months to a year. On the plus side, I’ll have plenty of time on my hands, so hopefully I’ll be able to comment a lot more and get to know some of my fellow Caps fans a lot better. Can’t wait.

  • Jennifer Carignan

    I know, right?! I’ve also held a koala, which is like a diet bear.

  • J-in-PA

    J, a ginger PA resident. I occasionally pop in here under the same name and should really stop posting as a guest. I also bug you guys on twitter as @shutthe_puckup. Oh, and I pretend to be as cool as you guys and write Caps stuff for the blog Ovi’s Cronies on Faceoff Violation. My first hockey game occurred when I was around 4, a Ducks game, but I really fell into hockey in 2011 while living in Norfolk.
    Fun hockey adventures include and pretty much limited to:
    -seeing Joel Rechliz score a shootout goal against Emery in Philly, live
    -meeting Joel Rechliz and pooossssiblyyy telling him he’s attractive
    -meeting Matty P at CapsCon 2013 and receiving a funny face from him
    -teasing John Carlson about his hair at CapsCon
    -cheering for a team called the Topeka Tarantulas back in the day aka early 2000s. the team no longer exists
    -I was once in the same building as Wayne Gretzky
    -getting smiled at by Tomas Vokoun
    -getting called crazy by David Leggio
    -standing on my sister’s Crosby jersey. more than once
    Besides hockey I like field hockey, yelling, and cursing creatively.

  • Brittany C.

    Hey everyone! I’m Brittany, and I’m a DC-born, MoCo-raised UMD Terp who’s been a die-hard Caps fan since I was 10. I’ve followed RMNB avidly since 2009 (I love me some fancystats and RMNB shirts), but, sadly, I don’t comment much (in fact, this is only my second post).

    Oh, how I miss Matt Bradley dearly… My favorite player now is still the Holtbeast (or maybe dreamy Tom Wilson…) Here’s a pic of my roommate and I at our first joint caps game (where Wilson scored his first NHL goal!). Unfortunately, we’re two broke college students, but I aspire to be a STH one day. We’ll still be at the Red Wings – Caps game on Feb. 2. See you there!

  • prut

    Hi, I’m Jan, IT guy from Zagreb, Croatia. Sometime during 2008/2009 season my Internet connection became fast enough to watch hockey streams in the middle of the night and I fell in love with the Boudreau Caps and JoeB/Locker. In 2014 I want to see more of this:

  • David Phillips

    Hey guys, I’m David. I’m a 20 year old from Virginia. I go to ODU, but am transferring to George Mason because I like living in NOVA better. I have been playing hockey since I was 5. I went to Craig Laughlin’s camp all 4 years of high school. I can never get him to give me free tickets, but I still go to games whenever I can. I drive a Mustang with the best license plate ever, RMNB. I was lucky enough to snag that plate from the DMV. Besides hockey I also love cars and brunettes with long legs.

  • dylan wheatley

    you know who else was beautiful and filthy? that’s right, semin.

  • Peter , I had NO idea about your music! NICE! We need to swap home studio notes. If you haven’t already checked out my own band you can stream our latest here:

  • Elizabeth Plant

    Yea that’s him…

  • Fedor

    Zig Zag Medvescak!

  • Brittany C.

    You’re a freshman in college? Me too! Totally thought I was the youngest reader on RMNB…

  • Chris Cerullo

    I’m Chris Cerullo, an 18 year old college student currently about to start his 2nd semester of college at Catholic University. I went to Good Counsel High School in Olney, Maryland for 4 years and currently live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I played hockey in high school after getting cut from the soccer team but hockey has always been my first love. My first Caps game was as a 2 year old when my Dad used to have a half season plan at Caps Centre. I also actually currently write blogs for another Caps related site and hope to continue doing so.

  • Chris Cerullo

    This is me playing puck in high school. (I’m in blue).
    Forgot my favorite player is John Carlson (RAHJC).

  • Miss you, Neil. Though someday, let’s turn that high-five into a bro hug.

  • Awesome! Question: Do you in real life look exactly like Vladamir Putin?

  • Those are some nice antlers.

  • Matt Root

    I’m Matt. I’m living in San Diego county and likely the only Caps (or hockey) fan in a 20 mile radius. I was in the Army for 4 1/2 years with 2 years in Iraq. Hendricks sent a letter and hat to us during one of my deployments and immediately became a favorite of mine. Favorite player of all time is good ole Sergei Fedorov. May or may not of had tears of joy when he finished off the Rags. I enjoy reading everyone’s opinion regardless of where I stand just to get a feel for how fellow cap fans think. Also, I used to often think of starting a blog so seeing a group of friends run this one and watch it grow is something pretty neat to see. I also enjoy when #fancystats don’t directly correlate to the outcome of a game because the amount of rage people direct to Peter is quality entertainment. Admittedly, I’ve been sporting Perreault gear only to get mocked by Ducks fans when in Anaheim. I’m not sure why I do this to myself. RIP perrycelly. Oh and apparently I now have a second use for twitter aside from sports and that is discussing Star Wars with Peter. Haha. That’s my name drop for 2014, be happy Peter

  • Matt Root

    Also, I obviously could not make a RMNB shindig but beers on me if any of you fine people make your way to Southern Cali

  • Look at those studs.

    And yes, I can confirm the space guy who works for NASA ignored me during the night the meteor happened. Only Igor. <3

  • Chris Cerullo

    Also just played pond hockey for 3 hours in Maryland. Which I never thought I would do. Best thing I’ve ever done.

  • 7ML

    My name is Martin and I’m a long-time listener, first-time caller. I grew up in Rockville and have been a Caps fan for as long as I can remember.

    Some fond memories include laying on my parents’ bed as a wee lad and watching Dale Hunter blind-side Pierre Turgeon; going to games at the Capital Centre and heading down to the glass afterwards hoping to get rolls of tape and/or broken sticks (got John Druce’s once – cut it, put a Mylec plastic blade on the end and used it for garage hockey); meeting Dino Ciccarelli, Don Beaupre and Alan May at White’s Hardware in Olney; walking up to the MCI Center box office and buying a ticket to Game 1 of the ECF against Buffalo in 1998 (times have certainly changed) and making the trip to Shittsburgh for the Winter Classic a few short years ago. I was there for the Game 7 losses against the Flyers and Pens, and I will not be attending any more Game 7s for a myriad of reasons (unless it’s for the Cup).

    My favorite current player is Backstrom, what with his silky-smooth paws and his gorgeous, flowing Swedish locks. I love his sneaky strength, too – his goal against the NYR in Game 4 two years ago after crushing Anisimov in the corner will always hold a special place in my heart.

    In 2014 I want the Caps to get their asses out of their heads and finally play to their potential. Even if this isn’t The Season, there is too much talent on this team to continue to be mediocre, and frankly, I’m sick of it. I also feel like the window is slowly closing on the Young Guns Era that was supposed to bring such great things, and that gives me the sads. I want to see the Stanley Cup riding atop a flatbed down Pennsylvania Avenue more than anything, so if someone could make that happen, yeah, that’d be swell.

  • Kenny S.

    Hi everyone!! I’m Kenny (@terp11). First I have been reading the blog since you guys started it and wanted to say it’s the only Caps one i still read regularly. It’s awesome! About me, I am 24, a graduate of the university of Maryland and i’m currently a teacher in NE DC. I have lived my entire life in the DC area and have been a fan for as long as I can remember. Favorite player of all time is Peter Bondra, because I mean who else could you honestly pick. in 2014 the Caps wont find a way to disappoint me! ha ha ha

    P.S. Sometimes I get sad when I remember Alexander Semin isn’t a Capital.

  • ajansen1

    TJHS patriots all day haha. was Remus your AD back in the day when you played ball?

  • Diller M

    Hi, I’m Diller. I’ve been a Caps fan since I was 7 yo, when I attended my first game at Capital Center on March 20, 1990. I will never forget when the Caps scored their first goal and the strange lady in the row in front of me turned around and gave me a high five. Since then I have been hooked.

    My funniest/worst fan moment had to be when the Caps scored the 2OT game 2 winner against the rags spring of 11. I jumped off the couch, turned to my infant son and screamed with such intensity that he cried inconsolably for around an hour.

    I am forced by my wife to take a walk for 30 min after each loss since the Montreal series.

    My favorite game live was Ovi’s first, 2 goals and a check that broke the boards. I had a feeling then, that he was something special.

    I am in Atlanta, and can’t afford cable (im a teacher with 2 young kids)so I rely on RMNB and John Walton for my caps coverage. Thanks for all you do!

    PS the pic is me and my son around the time of the story. He is three now he and my 15 month old daughter wear their caps swag to daycare before every big game.

  • MoCo Class of 13 represent! 🙂

  • Ethan Pelino

    I’m Ethan Pelino. I’ve been a caps fan since the 2006-2007 season and you can consider me as an insane Capitals fan. I live, eat, and breathe the Washington Capitals. My favorite player is the GR8. I have 5 jerseys with his name on all of them (red, winter classic, blackout, black 05-06 jersey, Dynamo Moscow). They hang on my wall and my room is all Caps colors. I tend to get real hostile when the opposing team comes into the Verizon Center. I like to troll any or all teams when I go to games. I also like playing video games, and watch hockey in general. Whenever I go to school, I always wear red (caps related or not!) I wear my jerseys every other day and I’m considered to be “the caps guy” at my high school.

  • Gianpaolo Devito

    Hola my dudes.

    My name is Gianpaolo deVito. You killed my father, prepare to die. First year as a season ticket holder and my favorite player is everybodies dreamy swede, Backstrom. In my free time I like to read your blog, hate Mike Green, and dream about the day where my home team here in DC will rise to glory yet again.

    I’ve been a Caps fan since back at US Air Arena, home of the Washington Warthogs among others, and have lived here in NOVA my whole life.

    Lastly, your blog is most of the reason I don’t do a whole lot at my job.

    Thanks for the chat, I now feel like I’ve truly accomplished something today!

  • In the wrong Washington

    My name is Colin Robertson. I’ve been a Caps fan since I was 7 and my dad was stationed at Coast Guard HQ in DC. Since then I have moved around a bunch and now live in Seattle WA. I followed in my fathers footsteps an am in the CG myself. I’ve never been to the Verizon Center, but I have been to the MCI Center a couple of time in my younger days. Favorite player? I love watching Ovi (everyone does) so I’ll also say my number 2, Brooks Laich. He hasn’t been up to snuff lately, but hopefully he’ll recover from these low stat days of his. What do I want out of 2014? The same thing I have been wanting since I watched Bondra, Kolzig and Konawalchuk get swept in ’97, a cup with the Washington Capitals on it.

  • In the wrong Washington

    Horn Guy! I have a strange question… are there Horn Guy posers at any of the games? I often hear that lone horn sounding across the ice while I listen to Joe B and Locker, and I wonder, are there any copycats?

  • Miranda

    Hi! I’m Miranda K. I am a newer fan of hockey. Believe it or not, you can grow up in Wisconsin and never be introduced to the sport. Crazy, right? I still live in Wisconsin, so no Verizon Center for me. *pouts* I work for TRICARE, so I do have some sort of government tie!

    I fell in love with hockey while watching the Vancouver Olympics. I decided I needed to find a NHL team to cheer for, and while the obvious choices would have been the Wild or the Blackhawks, I don’t like either team. I spent a lot of time watching random hockey games on NBCSN, and eventually saw this crazy player that had such enthusiasm that I couldn’t help but love him. So yeah, my favorite player is Ovechkin, and the Caps became my team. I live and die by them now as though they have always been my team. Backy and Dima are my other 2 favorite current players.

    I just went to my first NHL game this past Saturday in St. Paul (I live about 2 1/2 hours away from the Twin Cities.) It was a joint anniversary present that my husband and I gave ourselves for our 7th anniversary. I hope someday to make the trip to DC and actually see the Caps on their own ice, but seeing them against the Wild was the best I could do for now. I was amazed how many people were rocking the red there too!

    Other than hockey, I love music, writing, puzzles, and doing crafty stuff like beading. I love waterfalls and hiking and I’d live on Lake Superior if I could. The photo is me at Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, MN on a wonderfully cloudy, wave-crashing type of day.

  • I’m Noah, originally from Easton, on Maryland’s picturesque Eastern Shore. I’ve been a fan since taking my now fiancé to a game for her birthday on 2010’s opening night. I’m currently in-between jobs at the moment and looking to finish my degree at Frostburg State.

    I grew up trying to emulate (please don’t down arrow this) Tom Barasso and Le Magnifque playing street hockey with my friends. My current favourite player is a toss up between Phil “The Thrill” Kessel and Pernell Karl Subban. Favourite current Cap is easily Holtby, Grabovski coming in a close 2nd.

    Nine times out of ten, i’m the guy at Verizon Center with a Laich jersey and a Whalers hat.

  • Bill Smith

    I am Bill Smith. I am from Walkersville, MD born and raised. I’ve been a caps fan since i first saw a game on tv in 92. I love most of the team but Ovi is my main man. I go to as many games as I can during the season but am a poor college student so haven’t been to as many as i would like. I haven’t missed a game recap on this blog in years but this is the first time I have ever commented. Love RMNB and love the caps.

    Also, this is the only photo I could find on my computer is me and the Fiancee in disney world.

  • nicoley-poley

    I am as well! Frosh represent!

  • Michael Reschly

    Who: Michael

    What: Professional Nerd

    How I got into hockey: a few years back I went to a Caps game with a co-worker. We arrived 45 minutes before puck drop, so one of them explained to me the rules (icing, offsides), the importance of short shifts, and some basic strategy. That helped me to ‘see the game’ which made it more enjoyable to watch. I’ve lived in Boston since this past summer, and plan to be the red dot in the crowd when the Caps come to town.

    Favorite Player: If I had to choose someone other than Ovi or Nicky, maybe RAHJC.

    What I want of 2014: for the Caps to stop doing that stupid give-up-a-goal-after-a-goal thing.

  • Maureen Cook Vallette

    Hello everybody! (HI DOCTOR NICK!) My name is Maureen, I am 27 years old living in Baltimore, MD–and a Capitals fan! I currently work in the VISA department for a local credit union. I am attending school part time to get a BS in Computer Information Systems.
    I had an interest in hockey back when I played NHL 94′ as a wee girl. It wasn’t until 2008 that I actually watched a full game. My Dad suggested taking me to a live game since I had been asking more about hockey. Ever since I attended my first live game, I was hooked. My favorite player is Backstrom, so much so I named one of my cats after him. Every time we have gone to the playoffs and lose, I feel emotionally ill for days afterwards.
    I love when hockey and internet humor combine, so when I found this blog I was in heaven. I posted a picture of my cats laying on my Caps Eagle pillow, Nicklas is the orange and white one :3

  • Owen Johnson

    My name is Owen. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Like a lot of people here, I didn’t really follow hockey until 2008-2009. I was at college at Marshall University surrounded by Penguins fans. I started talking trash to my classmates during the Caps-Pens series even though I really didn’t follow the sport, but during that series, I got addicted! My brother then pointed me to a certain blog (hint: yours) and I started learning more about the game.
    I achieved a bit of fame on this blog with my #PerryCelly cutouts, which I will undoubtedly bring to your next RMNB party.
    Oh yeah: favorite player. I dunno… Holtby. The guy has a goofy swagger that I like. But I like them all.

  • JenniferH

    I’m Jennifer from Georgia, been living here the last seven years. Before that I was in Ohio for about six years and before that I lived on Guam for about 10 years, Delaware for about 8 years before that, Guam about fifteen years. I work for the police department now (NCIC department), it’s a cool job.

    I’ve been a hockey/Capitals fan since the 2012 playoffs when I first watched hockey/Capitals and that’s when I became a fan. Shockingly, my favorite player is Braden Holtby. I still have confidence in him and have no doubt that he’ll come through this latest goalie drama with flying colors. I also love Ovi, Backstrom, Wardo and Grabo. Fehrsie’s pretty great too. (I like Wilson too.)

    My wish for 2014 is that all the talent that is on this team coalesces and comes together. They have the pieces, they just need to put them in the right places and I know they can do this. We saw it last spring, we saw them pull it together and just fire on cylinders and now they have Grabo to add to that heat. They can do this. They will do this.

    I love RMNB. I wish I had a blog like this for every fandom I’m involved in. You combine facts with fandom fun, analysis with silliness. And it is awesome. Thank you.

    Me a few years ago in front of the Hollywood sign.

  • Capslass

    Hi, my names Heidi and I’ve been a Caps fan since the 2007/8 season. Some family friends who’s son plays hockey got me and my daughter watching games after the lock out, but going to the Philly/Caps playoffs in 2008 hooked me. I became a season ticket holder the next year to bond with my teenage daughter before she went off to college. It worked well and I recommend this for any parent looking for a way to find time to spend with their kid. She then went off to college at the Univ of Minnesota (where else if you’re a true hockey fan) and I upgraded to one season ticket in section 107. Before she left my daughter and her friend Oksana introduced me to RMNB at the first party. I got my first hug from Ian and have loved the blog since. I am addicted to the Caps so much so that I just accepted a job in DC (I live in Columbia) so I can get to the games easier. Below is a picture of one of Ian’s great hugs and the sign that the duo formerly known as knuble’s knights put up at a warm up. I’m behind one of those letters. In the early years my favorite player was Kolzig. It transferred to Laich when Kolzig left, but now I think my goalie love is back and my new favorite is Holtby.

  • erinamanda13

    Hi, my name is Erin. I live in Thurmont, MD and have been a Caps fan for the last three years. I grew up in Georgia and hockey is pretty nonexistent there, which explains why Atlanta lost their team (among other reasons). However, I moved to Maryland and then my brother became a Caps fan and he got my sister and I hooked, and here we are. I am a nerdy scientist by day, a photographer by hobby and a ninja at night (shhh, that’s kind of a secret). My favorite players, in order, are Holtby, Green and Carlson. For 2014, I want Holtby to get his swagger/confidence back, I am getting married and I want to win the lottery. I have been reading RMNB for a while now, but this is my first comment. 🙂

  • Owen Johnson

    It will still have beer though, right?

  • Rhino40


  • jesiweddle

    I’m Jesi Weddle. I’m 22 and I’ve been a Caps fan for only about 3 years now, so I’m still learning. I’m a photographer and have been for about 7 years. It’s my biggest passion and I’ve won awards for some of my shots. (Photos, not like what Ovi does from his office! lol) I’m from the Frederick area of MD (Fredneck to those who’ve been here as long as, or longer than I have).
    I also enjoy going to concerts, motorcycle riding, traveling to new places and spending time with my friends and family. I have a boyfriend who I’ve been with for a year now and am proud to say I got to take him to his first Caps game and got him into hockey in general. He quickly became a strong Hendricks fan and was heartbroken when he got traded. He has since chosen to favorite Grabovski and Wilson and their angry fists of fury. I’m personally a big Ward and Holtbeast fan. Would love to get to meet you guys some day. RMNB meet and greet, yes? 🙂

  • Rhino40

    Given the fickle nature of the NHL Wheel of Justice, the meteor would probably get suspended for 15 games.

  • HP2014

    Hello! My name is Heather I am 28 & I am a social worker. I don’t steal babies, but I DO shout at the elderly! The Caps are definitely my release! I remember my first caps game was an entire $0 (free from a gas station. What a steal!). They wore those ugly brown & teal jerseys. I’m pretty sure I was one of 17 other people there, but that’s when it started. The past 6 or so seasons I have attended at least 1 game a month & I have only seen FOUR losses in person! May 9, 2012 I was told I had to be in a wheelchair until I could have hip replacement surgery. I sat quietly for about a minute and the first thing I said to the doctor was, “I’m still going to the Caps’ game tonight!!!” He looked at me super crazy, but he knew he was not talking me out of it. I hobbled my way into VC, hobbled my way to the nose bleeds, assured my sister I would not harass any special little Rangers fans since I could not run so good (but mostly because it was her birthday and I’m a d*ck, not a birthday ruin-er!) & watched the caps kick some ass! My favorite player is JOHN ERSKINE (ginger power!) because he’s big & I had never heard a real punch until I saw him beat some poor soul up w a toothless smile on his face! Love at first sight! 2014 I want one of my DC teams to not crush my soul! My friend and I are going to all the games in California this year so I would also like them to win those (we just decided, now, it will be called CAPS ROADTRIP 2014! We BOTH went to college!) I don’t have a fancy horn or a loud man voice or even a cowbell, but I show my spirit when I frighten the people in my section by screaming at inopportune times w real GUSTO. I’ve started a few chants. No big deal. Happy 2014!

  • DontConMe

    What a lovely idea, RMNB! But then, you folks are just full of good ideas. 🙂

    My name is Alison, and I’m a native, born-and-raised-in-the-District Washingtonian (we are an exceedingly rare breed, rarer even than native NYers or Angelenos).

    Every player is my favorite because the second I say Ovi, I think of how much I love Karl, or if I pick Nicky, I feel like I’m slighting Chimmer. I seriously love them all. I currently live in Stafford (moving back into DC soon…I think). I am a writer/editor/social media marketing consultant.

    I introduced my teenaged half-sister to hockey and the Caps with the help of RMNB, and she become obsessed, now plays for her high school team, and is studying Russian (she’s planning to major in it in college–you people are changing lives here!).

    I had a huge tl;dr story of My Life with Hockey but I deleted it. The relevant bit is that when I returned to DC in Dec of 2010 from living in NYC & LA for years, and started resurrecting my Caps love (thanks 24/7!), I found this blog, and read EVERY SINGLE POST on it since its inception. I have continued to read every post, and attend every event, because I think you guys are awesome. Thanks for all you do!

  • Jesi Weddle

    Cursing creatively is another favorite past time of mine, too! 😀 I keep a mental list of the ones I use most often. Or I just sorta word vomit out new ones lol

  • Jesi Weddle

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jaime Hyneman from Mythbusters? Cause you do…..and it’s AWESOME!! 🙂

  • Hockey Mom

    Lawrence my hubby is a Bull! Who knew they had hockey there? Go Bulls and go Caps!!

  • Nicci

    Hi, my name is Nicci. I am posting this so I can FINALLY participate in RMNB contests again. Apparently dating an ex-member of the RMNB cast disqualifies you from contests (BEWARE!). I once lost a Holtby-signed puck that I fairly won due to this technicality. No, I don’t hold grudges–why are you giving me that look? My favorite player is and always will be Ovi. My 1A is Perreault (;_;), but Brouwer is quickly becoming a fav with his photo bombing. I’ve been a Caps fan since two games before Boudreau was named coach and I split season tickets in 415, sitting next to The Horn Guy and his junior horn, Mateo. Best. Kid. Ever.
    Outside of RMNB and Caps hockey, I write proposals for work and train a search and rescue dog (malinois FTW!) in my free time. What do I want in 2014? To finally become operational in search and rescue and for MCPHEE TO COME to HIS SENSES AND TRADE BACK FOR PERREAULT. And maybe for Grabo to sign with the Caps after the season ends.

  • You are hereby allowed to win stuff again.

  • Rhino40

    …Or putting on an Oktoberfest in Tel Aviv…
    …Or opening a Knossos restaurant in Ankara…
    …Or a TGIFridays® in Mecca…

  • ngreenberg

    Hi. Nice dog. I have a dog.

  • Rhino40

    That Deadguins shirt is one of the all-time masterpeices…I must have one! Also , when is your excellent webcomic coming back?
    I have some ideas for more shirts, but I don’t have the skills to execute them. Care to collaborate?

  • Rhino40

    I am David Wahnish AKA “Rhino40“. I haven’t been to a live NHL game for a few years, but I make a point of almost never missing a Caps game on TV. Growing up in Northern California at a time before the Sharks or the Ducks even existed, all I knew about hockey back then was that there was a red-hot rookie in a place called Edmonton, tearing up the NHL record books.

    I moved to Northern Virginia in 1986. Not being a wealthy attorney or high-powered lobbyist, my Saturday night calendars were often open, so I started following the Caps. From this I learned that there are many Rivals, but only one Enemy, and that Enemy is Pittsburgh. I started actually playing (mostly inline but also some ice) hockey in my late 30’s, and I love how the game rewards perseverance like none other.

    I love all the Caps but especially Ovi (because you can see his unbridled joy every time he steps on the ice, and because every time he plays, the chances are good that something totally amazing will happen), Bäckis (because he is so strong on the puck and “as constant as the Northern Star”, Le Brooksi (if Ovi wasn’t Captain, then he should be), and Jason Chimera: No longer “Mr. Concrete Hands”, he has evolved into…The Ice Cheetah…

    I am currently a technical support contractor for the US Department of Interior. I live in Herndon with my wife and son whom I have steadily converted to the True Faith of “Capolicism” (ego te absolvo in nomine Bondra et Langway et Hunter, Amen…or was that O Jesu Rubrum, Calicem ad populum nostrum?). My other hobbies include scale modeling, woodworking, and enjoying science fiction both in print and onscreen.

    RMNB is the Best. Caps. Fan. Site. Ever…and I especially love how a community that didn’t know me from Some Random Guy™, still welcomed me with genuine goodwill, friendship and respect to my first RMNB party.

    Also, Peter Hassett’s sense of humor is so much in sync with mine that he may well be the brother I never knew I had: All Hail Peter and his Optimal Wit!

  • Oh, Tim. I’ve heard all your stuff. I love it. (I was a big Stabbing Westward fan– I even liked the self-titled. I think your stuff is a great continuation of that vein.)

  • Brooke T.

    I love this idea! Hi, I’m Brooke… I got into the Caps in 2009 when my husband was covering them for CSN. My 5-year-old son (Max) and I were watching the pregame show for Game 7 vs. the Rangers and I let Max stay up to watch the game. When Federov scored the GWG, his life was forever changed… he watched every game of the Pittsburgh series, and cried himself to sleep after Game 7. He woke up the next day saying he wanted to play hockey, so I signed him up for skating lessons at Cabin John. We both started learning everything about the Caps, and from the start of the ’09-’10 season, we watched every game and he woke up early every morning to check stats and scores. We started going to games, and pratices, and then started stalking the players in the Kettler parking lot. He has pictures with most of the players and their autographs on his jersey. In Nov. ’11, we moved to Ridgefield, CT when my husband got a new job and we are still diehard fans. We trash talk our friends and neighbors Rangers/Bruins/Islanders/Devils fans, wear our Caps gear, have a sticker on our car, fly a Caps flag on our house, and watch every game on Center Ice. I have an Alzner jersey, Max has Oveckin and Backstrom, and we just named our rescue dog Nicky (Backstrom). Max is on a Squirt travel team up here, my other two boys are Mites (but they decided to become Islanders fans, boo), and I started playing hockey when we moved here too. We have been to two losses against the Rangers (including Game 6 this past season) and the recent OT win against Islanders, and have gotten used to being the visiting team. I love RMNB because it still makes me feel connected, like I’m still around Caps fans who get all of the inside jokes. I want to watch the Caps win the Cup with Max some day – hopefully before he’s married with kids. (and Hi Martin, if you’re reading this)

  • Awesome dog.

  • Go Misfit Toys! I watched your last game. Tough beat.

  • Nicci

    You like dogs, sci-fi, and fantasy? Hi. I’m Nicci. Let’s be friends.

  • James

    I’m James – and I now live in New Mexico, but was a Caps season ticket holder from 1982 and the “Save the Caps” campaign until leaving DC in 2007. Now I follow the Caps by way of NHL Center Ice and driving to Denver or Phoenix. I also enjoy following the blogs – especially RMNB.

  • ATPinDC

    >>>True Faith of “Capolicism” (ego te absolvo in nomine Bondra et Langway et Hunter, Amen…or was that O Jesu Rubrum, Calicem ad populum nostrum?)

    This is genius. I have always been an avowed atheist, but I may have found my new religion. Do you accept converts?

  • ATPinDC

    Here is a (blurry) picture of Olie Kolzig and me. The Caps opened training camp on my birthday this year, which I found to be an entirely acceptable birthday gift, but it got even better when Olie and Karl (in my avi) took pictures with me (and I bought myself my first Caps jersey!).

  • David is also the ONLY guy who puts markup in his comments.

  • Topher Gee

    Lived in Darmstadt, went to school in Wiesbaden and played some hockey in Mannheim. I always wanted to call the team the steamrollers but the germans didn’t like that!

  • TakkoSupreme

    I’m Bryan, @takkosupreme on the Twitterz. The 1st time I met Ian he hugged me and I thought about changing my allegiance, but in the end, I could never quit on the Caps. I’ve been a Caps fan since ’98 and a Penguins hater since long before that.When I was 14, I met Mario Lemieux and told him that I didn’t like him very much in ’91 when his Penguins *hiss* beat my beloved North Stars.

    I’m a DMV resident and Minnesota native (if you follow me on Twitter, you obviously know this). I’ve been a hockey fan for as long as I remember and I love muckers, power forwards and old-time hockey!

  • Awesome, Nicci. Thanks for reading. Stay warm in CT.

  • Topher Gee

    Im glad there are other space guys here! didn’t want to be the only rocket scientist in the room… thats just awkward.

  • Arian

    Hi I’m Arian I just hang out with you guys but I’m a Bruins fan. I like to go to Caps things and troll around. I’m friends with the brolos

  • BOOOOOO! Haha. Yes, he sure was. I graduated in 2002.

  • Stephi

    Hi! I’m Stephi. Got into hockey the same way a lot of kids in the 90’s did. Woo! The Mighty Ducks. My mom bought all of us kids roller blades and sticks (no ice in Ga., where I grew up), we played for a few years until I got all angsty and teenagery and claimed that sports were lame. Got back into hockey watching the Caps 2008-2009 season now I spend waaaaay too much time reading too much about hockey on the interwebs and going to hockey games when I can scrounge up the money.I I am also the proud dog mom to Ovie Eugene Vegas, he’s good people. That is all.

  • Topher Gee

    Oh the baret would be a nice complement to the short hair 😉

  • harjot singh

    Hi im Harjot Singh and I live in Northern Virginia I Have been a Caps fan when my Dad got me into hokey which was around 5 years old. I found out about your blog from twitter when i would see RMNB tweet with the Brower Rangers and Sam Wolk my twitter is harjots42990104 i basically re-tweet all of your guys tweets because you guys steal my ideas.. Still i am very grateful to see you guys in the mentions of my twitter feed i look forward to reading this every single day after school. I also really want to give all of you guys NHL Game center for free because i have a ton for some reason. Finally my favorite player is now Tom Wilson or Willy Baby! For 2014 i want the caps to find there team identity under Oates and see a deap profile run.(disquss wont let me post a pic)

  • Ed Remus. Wow.

  • nicoley-poley

    Hey, wait a second… Were you involved in Model UN at William and Mary? Because I think you might’ve been my crisis director at one of the WMHSMUN conferences I went to!

  • OH MAN. Iron Man Never Breaks. I kinda dig that.

    Kyle by the way (sorry everyone on my team) is the most talented of all of us.

  • settinguptheplay

    Wait does Igor work at Goddard? I always used to see a car with KHL stuff in/on it in the parking lots there. Was that anyone reading this? (Specifically an SKA St Petersburg mini jersey).

  • I think we might be witnessing a RMNB connection here.

  • Topher Gee

    Lived in Darmstadt, Went to school in Wiesbaden and play some hockey in Mannheim. I always wanted the team name to be the steamrollers but the germans didn’t like that.

  • The NYE party at Hofbrauhausenpfefferincorporated was one of the best nights ever. That was awesome.

  • Matt Lauer

    Howdy, everyone! I’m Matt, and I consider myself one of the uber-Caps Fans out there. Have been watching the team since the late ’80s and so have been there for most of the highs and lows (also, pride myself on being with the team in the pre-Ovechkin era, but welcome all the newer folks with warm and enthusiastic arms!). I also play the game and have been for a while. What you see below is my prize possession as a Caps Fan — an original Dale Hunter jersey (#32 from the early ’90s) signed, interestingly, by countless Caps players *EXCEPT* Dale Hunter!!!! (I still cannot live it down.) I’m wearing the jersey backwards below in the pic. Signatures include: Peter Bondra, Jeff Halpern, Ulf Dahlen, Michal Pivonka, Olaf Kolzig, Craig Berube, Chris Simon, Sergei Gonchar, Dmitri Mironov (hahaha), Kelly Miller, and Steve Konowalchuk. GO CAPS.

  • I’m assuming the downvote is from Chris Gordon who is jealous of your license plate.

  • Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog Os blog

    veto any name derived from “Iron Man”

    I’ve already cast my vote for the name.

  • I love your pup’s name!

  • I’m actually in Palo Alto a lot for work. WE SHALL SEE.

  • True story: TIm saw a picture of me on FB and made a comment about being well dressed and my friends from Frederick were like, “is he talking about you?” I dress up only for the parties. I’m t-shirt guy here in town.

  • Cutouts were crucial.

    Party details coming.

  • Matt Lauer

    Dude! I’m in LA! CAPS FANS UNITE.

  • Thanks for all your help, Jake.

  • Did you like my Adventure Time GIFs post???

  • Stephi

    Thanks! The Ovie is obvious…the Eugene comes from Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello, and Vegas because I had just come back from Vegas a couple weeks before I found/adopted him. 🙂

  • Topher Gee

    Diet bear sounds way to cute for those angry little bears.

  • Rhino40

    Always. For your First Catechism I assign you to view Monty Python and The Holy Grail, followed by Slap Shot, Goon, and Pummeler’s “Go Ovechkin” video (NSFW–Language).

  • Arian


  • ATPinDC

    I’ve seen all the movies (multiple times, c’mon!), off to watch the vid!

  • You’re so welcome. And I have so much admiration for what you do. My cousin used to be a firefighter in Jefferson, MD. Also, indeed, nice pull with the lady. [thumbs up]

  • Emily Lowe

    I’m Emily. I’m a fairly new Caps fan; I started rocking the red during the 2011-2012 season and got really hooked during the playoffs. Braden Holtby’s surprise stellar performance in the Bruins series spoke perfectly to my intersecting interests of D.C. sports, unproven upstarts and excellent beards. I’ve been a Caps diehard ever since. Unsurprisingly, Holtby continues to be my favorite player and no I don’t want to talk about the last month and a half thanks so much.

    If you had told me three years ago that I would have a hockey blog as my homepage I would have laughed in your face, but (despite my lurker status until right now) I am now a daily reader and devoted fan of RMNB. I am also a Brouwer Rangers fangirl, as pictured.

  • I dig it. I also named my male ferret after Ovechkin: Ovechtrick Oland.

  • Thanks for commenting finally! Thurmont is right up the road from me. I used to swim at the Mount. And Chubby’s is awesome.

  • That’s awesome.

  • That was me at Ballenger Creek Middle School.

  • Stephi

    I definitely dig it. 🙂

  • I’m going to go ahead and say that Jake Ware is the most refined reader of RMNB. Also, let me echo what Peter said: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us over the last year or two with your translations of the Swedes. You do a great job and I love working with you. Hopefully we can hang out soon!

  • Topher Gee

    you guys can delete this extra post if you want… got a little overzealous…

  • erinamanda13

    Oh dear, as a southern girl…we will have to agree to disagree about Chubby’s, it’s certainly no southern style BBQ. 🙂

  • Emily Lowe

    I’m Emily. I’m a fairly new Caps
    fan; I started rocking the red during the 2011-2012 season and got
    really hooked during the playoffs. Braden Holtby’s surprise stellar
    performance in the Bruins series spoke perfectly to my intersecting
    interests of D.C. sports, unproven upstarts and excellent beards. I’ve
    been a Caps diehard ever since. Unsurprisingly, Holtby continues to be
    my favorite player and no I don’t want to talk about the last month and a
    half thanks so much.

    If you had told me three years ago that I would have a hockey blog as
    my homepage I would have laughed in your face, but (despite my lurker
    status until right now) I am now a daily reader and devoted fan of RMNB.
    I am also a Brouwer Rangers fangirl, as pictured.

  • Ryan Deem

    I’m Ryan Deem. I live in Springfield VA, and I got into hockey about 5 years ago while I was at VCU. I make it to a few games a year and try to catch just about every other game on TV (usually on DVR once the kid is asleep). This year the Caps finally dethroned the “DC Football Team” as my favorite team (and subsequently favorite sport) in town. I do program management for the Army full time and I’m also in the Army Reserve.

    My favorite player is Nicklas Backstrom. It is hard to pick a favorite on a team with so many stand-up guys, but I really appreciate his quiet professionalism and skill. Also really enjoy watching guys like Ward, Fehr, Carlson, and Alzner do what they do.

    The Caps game experience and fan community (especially on twitter) are both very positive and accepting, and make it extremely easy to become (and stay) a fan. Big fan of the Brouwer Rangers, RMNB, Japers’ Rink, District Sports Caps, Capitals Hill, Puck Buddys, and all of the other Caps blogs I didn’t mention. I’m @Ryan_Deem on the tweeters.

    What I want out of 2014 is a little bit more consistency and balance (read: Defense). Would like to see the team shift resources from the areas in which they are overstaffed (read: Goalies) to areas in which they need a little help (again, Defense). Also wouldn’t complain if the offensive resurgence continued through 2014 and beyond.

  • YES

  • Diller M

    Jennifer, where in GA? My wife and I also moved down to GA 7 or so years ago. I miss going to see the caps crush the trashers with kovelsuck and blowssa….

  • Diller M

    Kenny what do you teach? I teach in ATL and use caps clips for my physics lessons!

  • Diller M

    Aside from the super poser in Carolina? That guy kills me…

  • JenniferH

    In Marietta… where do you live in Georgia?

  • Emily, we’re so happy to have you. It blows my mind anyone would actually bookmark RMNB! Anyways, thank you for introducing yourself. We hope to meet you at our next party. And how great are the Brouwer Rangers?

  • One of my heroes!

  • kiara

    Yes there are and they suck.. we don’t encourage them 415 baby!

  • Heidi, you rule. I love you and Jessica. Thanks for being so kind to us over the years. It has really meant a lot to me. And I still remember that day we were both randomly at the Columbia Panera Break a year and a half ago. I hope I run into you guys again soon!

  • I’m deeply and regrettably sorry, Gianpaolo’s employer.

  • Ryan Deem

    That is an awesome Holtby

  • Navonne Owen

    Hi! I’m Navonne from a small farm town you probably never heard of on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I currently live in South Jersey in “Flyers country” (their words, not mine) and I hate it! Orange and black everywhere! But I proudly Rock the Red!!!

    My mom got free tickets to a Caps game back in the late 80’s and took me along with her. I was hooked the moment I walked into the building. Been a Caps addict ever since!

    Crazy story: I once got a signed Jim Hrivnak (remember him?) goalie stick during a softball game. My dad was umpiring the game and one of the other umps found out I was a Caps fan from my dad. Long story short… The guy ended up being a trainer with the Baltimore Skipjacks.

  • That’s a good looking baby right there.

    Thanks for reading Diller!

  • Diller M


  • Sarah

    Hey folks, I’m Sarah – frequent reader, infrequent commenter. I’m in the never-ending process of getting my PhD in cognitive/behavioral neuroscience at GMU, and I live in Arlington (and maybe partially chose my current apartment due to its proximity to Kettler…). Became a fan in college in early 08, haven’t looked back since! The 2010 gold medal GWG by John Carlson made him my favorite player, although thanks to the most recent WJC, I have a feeling that in a couple of years Riley Barber may give him a run for his money. I obviously really love Ovi a lot too ahahahahaaa ))))

  • That is hilarious.

  • Booooooo

  • Diller M

    My wife’s cousin is in Coronado, he’s a new caps fan as of last season

  • You’re right about that. I prefer my BBQ carolina style. Though Carterque in Mt Airy is awesome too.

  • Eileen

    Fun idea! I’m Eileen…a Hershey Bears fan and STH and Flyers fan (sorry…Caps are #2 on that list). By profession, I’m a marine biologist (yes, really and no, I don’t train dolphins) and a parttime Starbucks barista. My favorite player within the Caps organization is the Bears’ Nicolas Deschamps…its only a matter of time before he gets his NHL break…and for 2014, I’m just hoping that my teams keep their turnarounds going from the bad starts to their seasons!

  • Kenny S.

    I teach middle school history. much harder to connect the two haha. I do show highlights on my smartboard from time to time though lol

  • PdelP

    Hey everyone, my name is Patti and I’m an insurance agent hoping that one day I’ll be able to take advantage of the fact that my company is a Caps sponsor 🙂
    I’m originally from Nova and currently living in a boring little town named Bealeton for a few more months. Hopefully I’ll be living in Fredericksburg by March. Civilization is nigh!! Hooray!!!!
    I’m a huge Chimmy fan, and I miss Matt Hendricks dearly. In 2014 I truly hope to see how Holtby gets his groove back…… like Stella.
    I love this blog, so a big shout out to you boys (and girl) for making me laugh and learn stuff even when the Caps are struggling.

  • Sarahjaneletsgocaps

    Hi! I’m Sarah Jane, I’m a caps dork and freelance copy editor. (Yes I notice typos….) My hobbies include baiting Pens fans and defending Ovi. I come from a hockey family, read all of the time, love film and art, am writing a book, love nerdy dudes and hockey fans.

  • Laura

    Hi there my name is Laura. I was born raised and am currently living in Milwaukee, WI. I became a Caps fan during Ovechkin’s rookie season. Obviously my favorite is OV but I’ll continue to be a Caps fan long after he’s gone. I went to my first hockey game when I was nine and I was instantly hooked. I’m a heavy supporter of my local AHL team the Milwaukee Admirals and it’s been fun to see our alum Michael Latta get a shot with Caps. I’ve never been to DC for a game but I’ve seen the Caps twice in Chicago in two forgettable games. One day I’ll make it to a home game. I’m a really big sports fan in general and follow the Green Bay Packers of course, the Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers, Rafael Nadal in tennis the list goes on. I’m sure I’m the only one in Milwaukee with a Caps sticker on thier car. Personally I work in the IT industry for a law firm. It’s a job, my real passion is for history and archeology especially things that have to do with Egypt. I also do some graphics and video and production on the side and some of my work can be seen on the jumbotron during Admirals games. I don’t like pictures of myself so I won’t be posting one but thanks for the blog. It’s always a good read.

  • Diller M


  • Laura

    And I’m also a geek. Star Wars, etc.

  • “when is your excellent webcomic coming back?”


    Also, shoot us an e-mail with your ideas (! I’m constantly working on new shirts!

  • Thank you, Ryan! I actually just finished it about a week ago.

    (I’m also actually trying to sell it now, hahaha:

  • Kelly Ann Troup

    Hello fellow caps fans. My name is Kelly I’m a dental assistant and live in a little farming/coal region area thirty minutes away from Hershey PA where my love of hockey began! I became a loyal Hershey Bears fan in 2007 and season ticket holder in 2011. I started following the Caps when just following the Bears wasn’t enough to feed my addiction to this wonderful sport. Most of my family friends and neighbors are Flyers and Penguin fans and I just love being the outlaw Caps fan of the bunch. My favorite Caps are Ovi and Oleksy and I will finally will get to see the Caps play in Verizon Center for the first time this Friday when they play the maple leafs!! This blog is one of the best parts of being a Caps fan, I just love reading RMNB and rocking RMNB T shirts. Other than hockey I love my rescue dog Max, play golf in the summer, I’m a big Game of Thrones nerd and have a love for all things rock & roll!! I hope to se our Caps get back on the winning track and more consistent play.

  • David

    Hi everyone, I’m David. Just graduated from University of Maryland in May and currently living in Columbia, MD, working up in Towson as a Test Engineer. I’ve been a Caps fan my whole life, used to go to a game every season back at Capital Centre with my parents, granted I was young and didn’t really know what was going on. Then we stopped getting tickets and I stopped paying attention to the sport entirely. Then the 2010 Olympics came around and I fell in love with the sport, and my obsession with the Caps began. As far as favorite players go, Ovi made me love the team off the ice, and I love Nicky’s quiet confidence on the ice.

    Thanks for RMNB, it’s turned into a post game ritual reading the recaps (as well as checking during lunch to see any news).

  • Heidi

    Soooo…I’m Heidi and currently live in Oakton. I find this blog quite humorous and like that it can make me laugh even after a brutal Caps loss. As a child I was a Devils fan (living in NJ) but after moving to VA I eventually became a Caps fan and have routinely been going to Caps games for about the last 7 years. I am currently filling my time as a nanny, while I continue to look for a “grown-up” job in the sports industry. Not sure what I’m meant to write for the “what you see” part, but I guess I am fortunate to see everything since I have 20/20 vision. I don’t really have a favorite player but there are definitely players that fall in my un-favorite category (Erskine, Ref #38). In 2014 I want to get a real job, go back to Europe and continue learning how to play hockey.


    my hair was bright blue then. hahahaha

  • I very much approve of the Whalers hat.

  • Kenny S.

    I teach middle school history. much harder to connect the two haha. I do show highlights on my smartboard from time to time though lol

  • Dan

    My 7-year-old son, a rabid Caps fan, wants nothing more than a Deadguins T-shirt. Just this weekend I was explaining the shirt to a friend of his at the local rink and a woman who overheard looked at me and said (and I’m not making this up): “That’s just sick.” It was totally awesome.

  • Diller M

    Win for the deal breaker! My wife bought my son an innocent orange and black t-shirt from Carter’s that said hat trick on the front and I made her take it back. Fortunately she understood and said she figured it would be a problem….

  • Dark Stranger

    Hello there, I’m a long time Caps fan, almost from the beginning of the team’s history — since 1975, after graduating from college and going to a game with my then boyfriend (and now husband). Favorite current Cap: Alex Ovechkin but I still am a big fan of the departed Alex Semin. I like them for different reasons. Ovi, in many ways, reminds me of the Star Trek character, Pavel Chekov, the Russian guy. Yes, I’m a Trekkie, in addition to being a hockey fan and baseball fan. Ovi also reminds me of a guy I met from my VERY first job upon graduating from college, a fellow slightly older than me who served as my “de facto” mentor. He later became a boss of mine for many years. Incidentally, his name was also Alexander and he had a birthday in mid-September and his closest friend was, in many ways, like Semin. Semin, meanwhile, reminded me of my 1st child, who was about a year younger (and also a Pisces). I’m sure her early grade school teachers would have called her enigmatic. But, in doing soul searching, she is the kid who takes after me. And in some ways, Semin’s career parallels my own at a similar age. So, I identify with him, in many ways. Other Caps I really like are Orlov and Holtby. (No, I don’t just like Russians.) I’ll also admit to being a fan of Bobby Carpenter back when he was on the team. I’ve been a STH since 2008 and full STH starting in 2009 but we would attend several games a year (weekends primarily) before that, but must admit that game going went on hiatus while the kids were young and didn’t become full STH until the younger one was in college.

  • Diller M

    It’s time for a test. Will he rock the red to accompany you to said event? If he will, he’s gotta switch for good otherwise he’s not able to commit and you gotta get rid of him.

  • Ethan Pelino

    In addition to that, my ex-girlfriend was a Penguins/Rangers fan (The worst combination of teams to like known to man in my opinion!) She stormed in after we lost in 3OT that one playoff series and got in my face and rubbed it in. That was before we started dating though. From now on I’m putting down Rangers fans and Penguins fans as deal-breakers! Bandwagon fans are my pet peeve….

  • Yisel M. Ramos


  • Dara Goldberg

    I am definitely late to the party!

    I’m Dara. I’ve lived in Baltimore since the Fall of 2010 where I did a two-year stint with AmeriCorps and am now a MPP student at Johns Hopkins. I’m into education policy and nonprofit management and work for a national nonprofit in Baltimore doing all the data and program evaluation! I have no plans to leave Baltimore any time in the near future.

    I started getting into hockey after doing a semester in DC in 2007. My fiance is a huge hockey fan so that certainly helped (though he loves the Caps as his local team, he favors the Red Wings and has all his life). We’re both in the attached picture. I’m the one with long hair. 🙂

    I’m not sure if I have a favorite player… Laich’s groin is forever disappointing me this season. Who doesn’t love Ovi? He’s such a superstar and he’s really one of the main reasons I even started liking hockey to begin with.

    What do I want out of the 2014 Caps? Consistency and the ability to come back when they’re trailing. I know this is kind of harsh, but it looks like they don’t even care half the time. Let’s see some resiliency and passion out there!

    Hopefully the party is when I don’t have night class, otherwise I’ll see you in 2015! Thanks for doing this! You guys are the best.

  • Dark Stranger

    Great to hear your story on RMNB. (I’m one of your followers on Twitter and you follow me, too.)

  • That is AMAZING. Hahaha I love it!

    Thankfully, the shirt had gotten mostly good reactions from folks, both Caps and Pens fans alike (I had one dude wish death upon me, but he’s the outlier in this situation).

  • Brandon

    Hello. I’m Brandon. I’m Ian’s brother. He’s given me like 255 opportunities to write for this blog, but I’m too lazy and often forget when the Capitals are playing in the first place. In my spare time, I enjoy hurling obscenities at the Washington Redskins, lustily booing the Virginia Tech Hokies and long runs. I think dogs are stupid, cats are wonderful and ferrets are cute but annoying for eating my sneakers. Ian’s house is nicer than mine, and for that, I am incredibly bitter. Also, Sidney Crosby sucks. Not as much as Tony Romo, but he sucks a lot.

  • Sam W.

    I love you, too! Thanks for starting this blog and for being awesome.

  • Ryan Deem

    Nice. I would say good luck but I don’t think you need it

  • J-in-PA

    Today I came up with a**-volcano. It’s one of my new favorites.

  • Sam W.

    There are occasional horn blowers who aren’t me at the arena. I don’t mind them so much. Some folks get very perturbed about it but fans making noise are alright with me. Imitation is a sincere form of flattery, no?

  • Margs

    I’m Margaret “Margs”. I live just outside DC. I jumped on the Caps bandwagon after watching some games with my dad. He’s since passed away, but on the brighter side, he sparked my love for the team. Besides obsessing over hockey, I also play tennis and have had the opportunity to meet Alex’s wonderful fiancee (more than once) I also like to “Rock the Pink” at some Caps games, because Nicky signed my pink jacket instead of my jersey…awkward :/ (Mike Green did the same thing too!) Nick Backstrom is definitely my favorite player! I also like to go to Kettler to add some more player signatures to that headband I’m wearing in the picture (I’m up to like 8 already!) Other things I do include arguing with my cousin and uncles over hockey because they are from Boston (my whole family is) and they LOVE the Bruins (eww), school (more eww), and annoying people in general with my want to talk about all things hockey all the time. LETS GO CAPS!

  • A little luck is always needed. 🙂

    Thanks for your support!!!

  • J-in-PA

    Haha, I figured out how to post as a non-guest. So yes, J, I live in PA, ginger, creative curser, got called crazy by David Leggio, etc. But what I forgot to list was my favorite players, in no particular order: half the roster. In all seriousness, Holtby is my idol (I’m a field hockey keeper) and I love Backstrom too. Hershey STH with the fam last season but we moved too far away for that to be practical anymore, sadface. Meeting Bears is fun. I always think I’m done talking but never really am. Now that I appear to have an account I’ll be a more frequent comment poster.

  • Adam Vingan

    Hi, I’m Adam Vingan, and for some inexplicable reason, three different reputable organizations employ me to cover the Capitals for a living. I spend most of my time coming with terrible puns (which is sort of redundant) to tweet (@AdamVingan by the way) and hoping that I can crank out quality work on a daily basis like RMNB. You can hear my nasally voice asking inane questions at every press conference, so this is me putting a “face” to it!

  • Andrew Walker

    I’m Andy, and I’m a security research engineer in Columbia, MD. There’s not much to reveal about my name and appearance, given that I’m super boring and use my Google account for sign in, so my name is alway displayed with my face. Womp womp. Where’s the mystery?

    While originally from WV (and thus a dyed-in-the-wool Steelers fan), I didn’t start following hockey much until I lived in Alaska for a few years, and even then it was only local (go Nanooks!). After moving back to the area, I decided to follow the local team and fell in hockey love. Went to my first caps game around three years ago, and found out about this site about a year after that. Couldn’t be happier.

  • I got this one, Peter!

    You can read Adam’s work here:

    And in all seriousness, Adam has grown up right along with us. He’s one of the nicest dudes in the press box and he is a tireless hard worker. Follow this man on Twitter and be educated.

  • Kait

    Hi there! I’m Kaitlyn, and I’m a newer Caps fan – pre-lockout, know a lot and always learning more (still trying to get a grasp on fancy stats). I actually live in Kansas City, Missouri. I am definitely not a St. Louis Blues fan.

    Fun story – the very first hockey game I watched was Penguins vs. Flyers. I cackled as a huge line brawl broke out between everyone on the ice (including goaltenders) and some poor sap got stuck in the net while a Flyer was reaching in and punching in his vague direction. Oddly, I still ended up a Capitals fan as I gradually started watching more and more. My very first live NHL game was an exhibition game here in KC, the Penguins vs. the Kings.

    Outside of hockey, I’m a huge sci fi/fantasy nerd (my boss has taken to calling me The Queen Under The Mountain), also a major history geek (comes from having an older brother who is a classics major) and a voracious reader. As for work, I am actually a mutual fund representative (that is, customer service agent in the mutual fund industry) and I work way too much, and spend most of my time there either on the RMNB twitter, the NHL website, or here. That’s what happens when your work blocks reddit and imgur, folks. I also LOVE animals, and squeak in joy any time Ian or Peter post the ferrets or Georgia. (Seriously Peter, I’m in love with Georgia.)

    And here is me!

  • You can catch Adam’s stuff here:

    And also on NHL DOT COM

  • Melissa Blum

    I’m Melissa Blum. Been a caps fan since I could walk. I’ve lived in Germantown, MD my entire life. I’m currently a freshman at JMU (Go Dukes!) and I’m studying Media Arts & Design. My favorite player was Matt Hendricks until my heart was broken last summer… So now I guess it’s Troy Brouwer or Karl Alzner. I could make up some long blabber about how I want better defense and better goaltending for 2014….but really I just want a freakin’ Stanley Cup!

    Fun Fact: Chris Gordon smells like a mixture of fish and clorox.

  • Definitely upvoting this one for the Chris Gordon comment. Also, <3 u Melissa.

  • Matt Root

    likely going to the Caps and Ducks game in March, might need some back up hah. I went to a Kings and Caps game at Staples Center and that was just an awful experience. The non-stop, unfounded heckling of Philly or Rags games mixed with the ignorance of sudden LA fans.

    Guys next to us referencing Drew Doughty as “Dave Doty”.

  • Matt Root

    Beautiful area

  • Adam Vingan

    Also, here is a picture of the side of my face asking Alex Ovechkin a question. Probably something unintelligible.

  • Nicole Meyers

    Hello all! My name is Nicole, I am from Annapolis. Alzner and Ward are my favorite players, I met Ward right after he joined the team but have only met Alzner through the glass where he has passed me 2 pucks so far (love at first sight.) I often go to games, and when I can’t, I watch them at home and shit talk to my dog Delilah or head over to the Green Turtle. I will be at next Tuesdays game so I hope to see some of you there!

  • You are a Caps fan in KC? That is so cool. I’m really glad you get joy out of Tricky and Nessie. They are seriously the cutest pets ever. Also, Georgia is okay too. #TeamTricky Thanks for introducing yourself!

  • Dave at District Sports Page

    I actually hear that all the time. That, and Mark McGwire when I’m wearing a ball cap.

  • Andrew Walker

    I’m dating a Pens fan, too. She loves the Caps and even wears their colors when we go to a non-Pens game (but don’t tell her family).

    We have an agreement for when they play each other which is that she watches the game at her house and I stay home and sacrifice a goat while ritually impaling a Crosby Voodoo doll.

  • Danielle Sklarew

    Hi I’m Danielle! I live in Bethesda Maryland and I’m currently a sophomore in high school. My love for hockey began when I was back in elementary school. I had always been a big wizards fan, but they had been dissapointing me so much, that once I watched my first full caps game, there was no turning back for me..
    I started reading RMNB 4ish years ago and from then on it was bookmarked on my phone so I could check up on it every day. My RMNB claim to fame was when Ian wrote this article about me and my friends at a caps season ticket holder event:
    Other stuff about me is that I play basketball for my school and I try my best to spread the love of hockey to all of my friends. My favorite players are ovi and holtby and I’ve always been a huge fan of jay beagle for a reason I still do not understand.

  • Matt Lauer

    That whole experience just seems like all sorts of wrong. (“Dave Doty”? Ack.) The one Kings-Caps game I’ve been to was actually pretty tame. I even out-cheered the Kings’ fans on occasion (I’m a loud away fan). I’d be glad to tag-team the Ducks with you in March. You have tix yet?

  • R.O’B.

    Hi guys! This is Rachel and Zoe O’Brien coming in from Frederick, MD. Zoe is a pediatric nurse practitioner and I’m a certified athletic trainer. We have been hockey fans since 2006, Zoe is harping that I must include she brought me on board because she could not take watching the Orioles who were in the midst of a wretched losing streak, which was pretty typical back then. She tells the story as she couldn’t watch the Orioles anymore and turned the channel and there were these amazing men on skates that could move in all directions without falling. So since then we have been hooked, we’ve been to the Winter Classic in 2011, Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Boston where we were called everything except Jesus and apparently being a Original 6 is a big deal and the only come back to a Niklas Backstrom overtime winner. We are owners of a partial season ticket plan and I plan on selling my brother for tickets to the WC 2015.

    We are obsessed with RMNB and are avid in the tee shirt store. Our tag team goals for 2014 are A GOD DAMN STANLEY CUP and attending a RMNB party in Frederick!

    Our favorite players are:
    Zoe-Alex Ovechkin
    Rachel-Mike Green

  • ATPinDC

    I love that you’re the rebel Caps fan via the Bears! Enjoy your game on Friday. Hope theygive you an amazing win. Rock on!

  • Matt Root

    Not yet, but I’m for sure going.. just kind of sucks how amazing the Ducks are at home

  • Matt Lauer

    Cool. Well if you want backup, just let me know when you get the tix.

  • Shawn M

    My name is Shawn and I’m a Caps fan of 25 years strong. Born and raised in Northern VA and educated at the finest institution the state has to offer, I now work in IT consulting in the area (who would’ve guessed?). In my spare time, I enjoy playing hockey (even got to play a game at Verizon Center before the Ducks debacle!) and making a mess while brewing marginal beer in my kitchen. I also have my own baseball blog (shameless plug alert) that some friends and I enjoy putting our semi-informed (read: not informed in the least bit) opinions onto the internet for fun from time to time ( is the site. Still in its nascent stages, so take it easy on me!). As you can see, I’m also a big fan of parenthetical thoughts.

    Favorite Caps game I’ve been to was definitely the Game 2 OT thriller in 2013, and my least favorite was…well, how much time you got? I’ve been to a lot of losses. Long time reader, first time poster. Love the site, and keep up the good work fellas. Go Caps, go O’s!

    (GIF for Peter’s enjoyment)

  • R.O’B.

    I forgot to add in my section. I went to TJ high school, played varsity basketball and never lost to Frederick High School in any sport I played.

    Good day sir

  • Matt Root

    For sure, will be pretty soon

  • Nicole Meyers

    Alzner and Ward are also my favorite! Good taste in men

  • Melissa Blum

    that is the best picture I have ever seen.

  • Nicole Meyers

    I am a junior at Catholic! I almost had a heart attack when they were doing $5 Caps games.

  • Chris Hannas

    Jenn did you go to Susquehanna U? I feel like we’ve met!

  • Mark Gillis

    Hello, I’m Mark Gillis, 24 years old.. To get the personal stuff out of the way. I live in Kitchener, Ontario by way of Nova Scotia. I just finished my Bachelor of Math at University fo Waterloo this past April and now I’m working in software development (as a tester) at a company called OpenText.

    Now that the boring stuff is out of the way. I’ve been a hockey fan evey since I can remember. Grew up playing ever since I was little in a place called Truro, Nova Scotia. I always remember going to local junior games when I was a kid. I bounced around from with favourite NHL teams when I was young but after the lockout I took a real liking to Ovi and I’ve been following the Caps ever since.

    I actually went to my first Caps game this past November in Toronto (you know, the one when they got 50 shots and lost). Went by myself, sat there in amongst a bunch of Leafs fans. I surprisingly didn’t get chirped all that much. Sucked seeing them lose in the shootout that night but at least I got to see Ovi score!

    Aside from the Caps I’m a big Junior Hockey fan. I go to Kitchener Rangers games when I can, and make sure to watch any I miss online. I also enjoy going to University of Waterloo hockey games. It was really cool to see Justin Larson from Waterloo get invited to the Caps camp this year. I make it out to Jr B games in when I can as well.

    All that said, I’m a huge Halifax Mooseheads fan. I’ve been watching that team ever since I was 7 or 8. I still watch every Halifax game online even though I only get to go to games in person when I’m home during holidays. However, my dad and I went to the Memorial Cup in Saskatoon this past year and saw Halifax win. I think that experience will be tough to top as an all-time hockey experience for me. The only think I’d like more is seeing the Caps win a cup sometime… who knows how long I’ll be waiting for that. hah!

    This is the only pic I could find with me wearing anything Caps related (the hat).

  • Kelly Ann Troup

    Thanks! I hope to see a good game and a caps victory

  • Igor Kleyner

    I actually am Peter born and bred – but would not ever consider defacing my car with any KHL stuff.

  • Jack Conness

    Hey, I’m Jack. I wish I didn’t see this after 369 comments, lol, but I will post anyways. I go to Rock Valley College, a small community college about 90 miles west of Chicago. I am a game operations intern for the AHL Rockford IceHogs. I’ve been a Capitals fan since ’05. Hockey wasn’t big here before the Hawks started winning. So I fell in love with Ovi and the rest is history. My one and only Caps game was this year in Chicago, the opening night banner ceremony for the Hawks. My brothers are huge Hawks fans so we went in for the festivities. Tough being a Caps fan around here. Too bad the Caps lost but I did get to see Ovi score in person! And I was on CSN Chicago! Ovi is my favorite player, with Grabo and Wilson right behind him. I hope to see the Caps make a playoff run in 2014 but right now, it ain’t looking too good!

  • Kait

    I’ve had 3 ferrets over the course of my life – Gandalf, Diamond, and Minx. I honestly adore ferrets. And if you want it any more confusing, I’m originally from Ohio! But I’ve been in KC most of my life, so there you have it. =)

    Also, if that isn’t neat enough, I got my mom into hockey too, and now SHE’S a Caps fan! (Which is better than the alternative – she comes from an area of Ohio where everyone is Pittsburgh fans. If left on her own she may have become a Penguins fan. But I guided her to the light.)

  • Kait

    That is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. My mastiff makes the same face at me when she feels she doesn’t have enough attention too. Though usually she just knocks everything over and steps on your feet until she starts getting skritches – she’s a bit too large for the table.

  • Matt

    I’m Matt and I’m a high schooler in Northern Va. I’ve been a Caps fan ever since I learned how to pronounce Jaromir Jagr (ugh). My favorite player is Ovi, but I also love Backstrom, Carlzner and Holtby. In 2014 all I want to see is the Caps to lift the cup ( but at this point I’ll settle for conference finals) I also wouldn’t mind seeing my Natinals win the World Series and have the two champions swap homes on New Year’s Day 2015. Hey, I can dream.

  • You wish.

  • JuliaSarah

    My name is Julia. I have been an RMNB reader for a few years, but I think this is my first time commenting. Hi everyone! I’m from Arlington, I’m 28, and I work in global health. I’ve been a Caps fan since 1999, when my dad took me to my first game. Chris Simon got into a fight in front of our seats and I was hooked! I’ve always had a soft spot for Simon. I don’t know that I have a favorite current Caps player, but I’m a big fan of Brouwer, Alzner, and Grabo.

  • Jen

    I’m Jen. I’m a scientist and a professor at the Univ. of Maryland in College Park. I grew up around Chicago, and played hockey on our backyard pond growing up, but I didn’t get into watching hockey until I moved to DC. A Canadian colleague picked me as a 10th choice last resort to bring to a caps game in 2007, and I came home from that game, ordered a jersey, and have basically never missed a game since that night. (Thanks, Scott!)

    I also play hockey in the not-so-good men’s league at Kettler on Saturday night. I, too, am not a very good hockey player.

    I have a golden retriever named Hopper (@hopper_dog) who is also a Caps fan.

  • Nicole Meyers

    Don’t know if you play hockey yourself, but you should totally go back to piney for a pick-up game!

  • George’s favorite friends are Mastiffs! She loves them.

  • Kevin Parlett

    Peter, not quite. What I do is tag each event on the ice on a video editing software on a computer, such as Vega or Sports Tech (What the Capitals and Neumaan alum Stretch use). I personally try to track advance statistics since I am a big believer in them, however I am still working on doing that better in game. It’s a very fun job though!

  • Nicole Meyers

    Awhhh I have a golden retriever too that watches the games with me 🙂 Puppy date?

  • Nicole Meyers

    I just went to my first Bears game not too long ago. Before the game I went out so sushi and the only other people in the restaurant were the player’s girlfriends. PS. I am also a Starbucks barista, so you are my fav

  • Chris Hannas

    I’m Chris, a journalist who works vampire hours writing about things way less fun than hockey. I continue to be confused about why Ted hasn’t given me season tickets yet since the Caps have an amazing record when I’m in the building and wearing my Brouwer Rangers shirt. I would get a Backstrom jersey to honor his awesomeness, but I have really bad luck with jinxing players with jerseys. I take full responsibility for him getting elbowed in the head a few years ago, which happened immediately after I got a Backstrom shirsey. I refuse to potentially expose him to worse.

    In my spare time I tweet (@cjhannas) and blog about ridiculous things. I also excuse all Caps from interference penalties since I cannot get through a PlayStation hockey game without committing at least two of my own.

  • Vince Constantino

    I’m Vince, I live in Baltimore. I’ve been a big Caps fan for years now, Ovi is my favorite player. I have a degree in theatre-arts from Towson University. I’ve performed at various small theaters in Baltimore and DC. I’m not all that good at describing myself.
    RMNB you guys are Best)))))))!!!!

  • Chris Hannas

    For some reason it only lets me give one upvote for UMD journalism. I think that deserves at least 12!!

    -Merrill alum ’06!

  • Jennifer Carignan

    Totally did, Chris! I graduated in ’06. I also feel like we’ve met… maybe through Jewett? Or some random poli sci class? Given SU’s size, this should be easier to figure out… 🙂

  • M Nathani

    Hey guys! My name’s Mikal and I’ve been a huge capitals fan since age 3! I don’t actually play hockey but it’s great to watch. I’m also a huge NHL ps3 guy.

    I’m a student at Walt Whitman High, but I sure as hell can’t wait to go to college and rep my ovechkin jersey somewhere new.

    I’m the kind of guy who will spend 3 hours watching the caps when I should be prepping for the SAT, because they’re just so much more important to me.

    Anyways, this idea of introducing yourselves to the community is definitely hahahahaha best))))))

  • Your comment just made my day! You should come back to teach a class and share all of your worldly wisdom. 🙂

  • Chris Hannas

    I thought so! I think a likely scenario would be a DeMary class that also included Jewett. 🙂

  • Your comment just made my day! You should come back to teach a class and share all of your worldly wisdom. 🙂

  • Chris Hannas

    Haha, I’m glad! I’m best qualified to offer advice on how to sleep during the day so you can work at night. I’m pretty sure I could make that a full semester course if they ask me. Is your focus print/broadcast/online?

  • Good thing we’re on the same page! Haven’t taken a class earlier than 12pm yet…but now probably going to jinx it. It’s just broadcast v. multiplatform now; I think I’m doing the latter. What did you study?

  • Chris Hannas

    Keep up that trend as long as possible…one day it will unfortunately end! I forgot about the switch in the specializations. I was there for a master’s in broadcast, just before they started building Knight Hall. I am beyond jealous of what you all have there!

  • Yup, I’m trying. And Knight’s sweet! It was half the reason I decided on Maryland.
    Broadcast? That’s awesome! The only thing that could get me to go on that track over multi would be if I was 100% certain I wanted to work for ESPN/CSN Washington/etc.

  • Eddie

    I’m Eddie Pasa. I work in Shirlington by day, and I sing at bars on weekends (and some Thursdays). My wife Jenn has been a season ticket holder since around 2000 when she got here after college. My first Caps game was sometime around the 2nd grade, when my best friend’s dad took a handful of us to the Capital Centre to watch them play the Canucks.
    Favorite current player? Jason Chimera. My three-year-old would beg to differ and pipe up with “Nicklas Backstrom, daddy,” but she’s asleep, so I can say what I want.
    What I want out of 2014 is for our second child to be able to continue to deal mightily with her physical issues, the way she has been doing for the last 15 months. But if you’re talking about the Caps, it’s the same as I’ve always wanted for them: end with a winning record. If they make the playoffs, great. If they make the finals, awesome. If they get to the Cup round, killer. If they win, my boss better be cool with me taking the next day off.
    You’ll see us in 412 in the row right behind the media booth with our two kids, so come by and say hello if you want!

  • Stephanie Ottman

    Hi! I’m Stephanie. I’m 45. I don’t play hockey but learned to skate when I was 9. Lived in Maryland all my life. My brother played hockey growing up, from age 7 to 16. He played for the little Caps before they were called the little Caps. My only trip to Canada was for the Pee Wee International Tournament in Quebec City in 1980. I know the hockey life and spent many hours at games and practices in tow all over the east coast. My first job was at Wheaton Ice Rink (the old one that wasn’t enclosed). I have always been a Washington Capitals fan, have been a season ticket holder since 2007. My bro played D so my favorites are D – Green, Erskine, Alzner, and Oleksy, but I do know the game and appreciate every player on the team. About me: always a big girl and participating in sports through high school, then not so much, then discovered karate at 31. Trained hard, finished college, changed careers and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2008. Worked at massage school then practiced like a complete work horse for 2 years. That ended 6 months ago and mobility/arthritis has taken a toll. This does not compute with my competitive nature. Sports and orthopedic massage were in the continuing ed plan and outlook was good. Needle on the record. Scratch the following: anyone who has the audacity to behave in a manner suggesting I envision myself working in ‘adult entertainment’ rather than a health profession; anyone suggesting that I’m a ‘puck slut’ because at my age I don’t need to hear your crap; and finally, my season tickets.
    I will still enjoy watching hockey, just not at Verizon Center. I will attend as many events as I can, and follow, tweet, and text with the Caps fans I have cheered and supported with for a little while now. It’s time for a different plan.

  • Heck, I work from home so it’s rare that I wear pants unless I leave my house (and it’s NOT a no-pants party that I’ve been invited to)

  • You’re now in the running for ‘MEC Fan Of The Year’! And, wow, thanks for compliments! 🙂 Funny thing is we’ve played a few shows with The Dreaming (ex-Stabbing Westward) and spent hours chatting with Chris Hall about how well our bands sound together, etc. Future tour? 😛

  • Chris Hannas

    I’m pretty sure you could find something to do there with multiplatform skills! ESPN refuses to move from CT to someplace warm, so I’m sticking with news for now 🙂

  • Brackaphobia

    I’m Cole. See tiny photo.

    I am a jack of all trades if you will, living in downtown Frederick. I supervise shipments at an organic market. I like hockey, food, photography, making music.

    My favorite player was always Olie Kolzig, but then our friend Mr. Ovechkin burst onto the scene and it was love at first shift. I would love to see this Caps team make another deep playoff run, but personally think that we need some front office changes before we can hoist.

    Can’t wait to party with you guys!

  • Matthew Kory

    I’m way late to this party which should surprise no one. But anyway hello! I’m Matt Kory, I write for Sports on Earth, as well as Baseball Prospectus and Over the Monster (SB Nation’s Red Sox blog (Go Sox! (sorry! (not sorry)))). I’m also a huge Caps fan living in Portland, Oregon. I grew up in NoVa (Falls Church-ish) and my dad used to take me to games at the old Caps Center. I have like four street hockey sticks with the signatures of ’80s Caps players illegibly scrawled on them. I think they’re in my parents garage. Maybe.

    My favorite Caps player is Peter Bondra. I have his sweater. Or maybe it’s Ovechkin. Or it could be Chris Simon, or Olie the Goalie, or maybe Mike Green or John Carlson… I like lots of Caps.

    My favorite Flyer is nobody because ew gross.

    As for 2014… man, you know, I don’t know? I guess I just hope they make a run in the playoffs. Yes. I hope they can make a run in the playoffs.

    I’ve been reading RMNB for going on 20 years now, maybe even longer. I’m a huge fan. I love what you wonderful people do here and I hope to meet you one day and tell you so face to face.

    Here is a picture of me walking around Philadelphia with my twin boys wearing my Ovie sweater.

  • Myan

    I’m Myan. Here I am with the guy responsible for my Capitals obsession (Justin). Justin grew up in Arlington, VA and went to GW and when we started dating, he forced me to watch hockey as a means of breaking my addiction to Pretty Little Liars. 3 years on, he admits that he created a monster.

    I’m 25 and an accountant for nonprofit organizations. I recently moved to Nashville from Florida but would like to eventually end up in DC. Justin is on the same page: “It’s not like we have a sports team that we love keeping us in Nashville…” I have a a not-so-secret crush on Nicky because his silky mitts are dreamy and I hold my breath every time Erskine is on the ice. I am at least 82% positive that the Capitals play better/have better luck when I don’t watch the games but I can’t stay away. I keep RMNB open all day at work and hit refresh every 30 minutes or so. Keep it up, guys!

    Outside of hockey, my interests include dominating/losing friends at strategic decision-making board games and competitive trivia. I once had a bad hot dog outside of the Smithsonian (it didn’t have snap casing) and it ruined my day. I hate Ryan Callahan’s face.

  • Myan

    UCF!!! Sorry, Lawrence, I had to do it. Knights Alumni 🙂

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Hi all – I’m Priscilla Villanueva. I’ve lived in Berkeley, California the past 3 years but am originally from San Diego. I am a fan of the Chargers and the Padres. I’m also a fan of the Caps. The last time a team of mine won a championship was 50 years ago when the Chargers beat the Boston Patriots in the AFL Championship game. I work for Autodesk negotiating enterprise software license agreements. Luckily for my company, I’m a far better lawyer than picker of championship teams. I’m finally getting married in June. And YES – I did plan my wedding date around the Olympics and the Stanley Cup finals. My fiance is a software architect. He has zero interest in sports. He misses the remote 9 months out of the year. We have 2 cats and spend our vacation time in Hawaii. I became a hockey fan (and a Caps fan) after my brother suggested I watch 24/7 on youtube in January 2011. I binge watched the whole thing in one night and I haven’t missed a game or recap since. I love hockey – the sense of community in the sport is unparalleled.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Woo hoo. San Diego, baby. I’m there once a month at least so you’re not alone.

  • Priscilla Villanueva


  • Priscilla Villanueva

    DUDE. bros before hos let’s do this.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Also, my brother lives in Scripps – and he was the one that introduced me to the caps. 🙂

  • Ian Hopper

    Hey guys — I’m Ian Hopper, and my wife Michele and our four kids are all fans. We live in Amman, Jordan, where I’m currently running the consular section at the U.S. Embassy here. (And if I was in Canada, Grabo would have gotten his visa on time.) We watch the games on Gamecenter Live the next day, so I have to try to sequester myself from results until I can watch… then go to RMNB to see how I felt about it. Love Ovi and Chimmer, and miss Hendy. We’re heading back to visit the States in August 2014, when we set our oldest up in college, so pretty please do the party then? Pictures, including all of us in Caps gear, at Crash the net, Peter and Ian.

  • Ian Hopper

    There are TGI Fridays’ in the Middle East, including Saudi. I’m trying to get TAIT, “Thank Allah It’s Thursday” to catch on.

  • Matt Lauer


  • Priscilla Villanueva

    I forgot to mention that I can recite the entire Top Gun script and once had Harrison Ford give me the Han Solo half smile on the steps of the Hay Adams hotel in Washington, DC. Also, Conan O’Brien growled at me and offered to fight my fiance for my affections. Those were the high points of the last 39 years.

  • Tadd

    Wow. This was fun! I’ve just read all 403 comments to this article. There’s a lot of pretty funny guys and gals around here!

    I’m Magnus, a 28 year old Swede (which is why should probably try to ignore my faulty grammar and stuff) who’s been following the Caps on and off since about 1992, when I bought my first pack of hockey cards and got myself a glittering Peter Bondra as a first card when I opened the package. “Wow! It’s glittering! I love this team!”, 7 year old me thought.

    At least that’s how I remember it.

    I work as a project manager in the IT department at our county hospital, and for 9 years I was a freelancing sports writer, mostly about what I call football (and you call soccer), but also a bit of hockey. I grew up watching Jonathan Ericsson and his brother Jimmie (both on the Swedish Olympic team) play for my hometown hockeyteam Vita Hästen (which actually means “The White Horse” – hit me up if you’d like the story about that name).

    Growing up, it wasn’t that easy to follow the NHL from Sweden. At the end of the 90’s, Canal+ started to show games during nights, but we didn’t have those channels, so I was pretty much stuck to newspapers (who barely wrote about it, back then) and teletext results.

    In the early 2000’s I loved Nicklas Backstrom, eventhough he played for Brynas, I huge rival for my team Leksand. So when he traveled across sea to play for the Caps, my interest grew even more and these days I watch about 80% of the games. Which mean I constantly look really tired, since the games for the most part starts about 1am my time.
    I stumbled across RMNB through a Facebook group I joined about two years ago, and I love what you guys are writing. The mix between funny .gif’s and #fancystats is amazing. My co-workers hate (even more), since I constantly recites Peter’s stats and talk about Caps every single day.

    Not hockey: I devote all my spare time to my soon-to-be 4 year old son. Since his mom and I are separated, I pretty much split up my time between work and playing in the yard. Kid got a pair of skates for Christmas..

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Favorite players… fluctuates based on whatever I’ve seen recently. new appreciation for Phil Kessel after he said he and bozak basically don’t do shit all day long. Nazem Kadri for being an unapologetic douche purse. For serious, though, I really like Nicky because he has this huge apple cart and he said happy birthday to my brother.

  • Chelsea Winot

    Hello! I’m Chelsea, frequent lurker and occasional commenter here. I’m from Connecticut, currently work at a TV station in Massachusetts, and went to school an hour outside Hershey, PA. (Which explains how I became a Caps fan, since the Hartford Whalers are currently about as imaginary as the story of Moby Dick. (Get it… a whaling joke? I’m not funny at all.))

    My favorite players are Ovi and Nicky, although I have quite a few runners up. Right now I’d like to see a playoff push this season, we’re not out yet, I want to see them put up a fight, or at least a valiant effort. Ideally, I’d like to see some consistency with the team as a whole.

    I don’t get to watch games that often, unless it’s vs. the Bruins/Rangers (since I’m residing in that market) or if it’s on NBC, so I have John Walton and RMNB to keep me up to date on my boys. I try to make it down to DC (and Hershey) as often as I can, and I intend on Unleashing the Fury with you all at Nationals Park on 1/1/15!

    PS. Here’s me at the 2013 Outdoor Classic in Hershey with Coco. Outdoor hockey is fun! (AND COLD)

  • Michael Woolford

    I like poetry, long walks on the beach and my favorite Caps player was Matt Cooke. lol Actually, I enjoy history, wildlife bio, sleeping on the beach, and fishing. I live on MD’s eastern shore and have been a Caps fan for almost 10 years now.
    Favorite Caps players would be Bradley, Hendricks, Team Wardmera and of course Ovi sniping from the backside on the PP!
    My second team is now officially Anaheim. I miss Bruce. :/
    Any Caps fans feel free to friend me on FB. I don’t have enough hockey friends.

    My brother and I just put in this little rink at his house in Carroll County last week. Praying for the cold to last.

  • Eugene Chernov

    Hi! I’m Eugene Chernov, living in Samara, Russia. I’m the Capitals fan since 2004 (guess why). I’ve never attended a Capitals’ game, but hope I will some day. I work as a software developer for a Colorado-based company. Ovi and Varly used to be my favorite players, but now I’m following Backstrem, Perreault, Hendricks, and many other current and former Capitals players.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Haven’t seen them here in Morocco. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not… Althoguh what I wouldn’t give for Chipotle or Subway.

  • Jim Kelly

    I’m working on it. I have yet to ride a bear, so there’s still work to do.

  • Sarah

    Woo Arsenal! This is the year, I swear. As long as no one else tears an ACL.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Pond hockey is one of the greatest things in the world. Miss it from growing up in Michigan.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I tend to get the boarding and hooking calls. Oops.

  • Igor Kleyner

    Wow – a whole Gooners section here! Just don’t tell Fedor, he is a prawn sandwich-eating Manc! 🙂

  • TheShmuel

    I’ve been meaning to figure out how to comment on this site for a few months and this was as good an opportunity as any.

    “Reader Sam B” here – the maker of the Ovi 400 signs that were in Carolina (the ones where he was wearing the Christmas hat).

    been a Caps fan since I actually started understanding hockey in
    college – one of the perks of being surrounded by northerners in
    school. Die hard fan in Richmond, VA who is also learning how to skate
    and play. My friends and I are currently looking for players (inline)
    to join a league – so if you’re in the area and want to dangle, lemme


    I am Ted Kim from MOCO. I loved the CAPS since the late 80’s… One of my favorite player was Kristich… guy had a knack for goals. They used to show the caps on WDCA 20. My parents didn’t have cable and during those days, the highlight of my week was watching the CAPS on WDCA 20. i listened to the radio when they scored back to back 10 goal games. and they were up and down. but each time they made a semi run in the playoffs( i guess winning a series) people would gather and get excited and then they would be no where to be seen afterwards…

    but i still love the caps and hockey. I had a little anxiety issue after the Mont series couple years back… even had to go to the doctors. while i was explaining how i was getting very anxious during the caps games, the doc commented, those F”N CAPS……

    anyway. I believe we will win a cup one day. just like how MD basketball was taken to the promised land. And i thought that would never happen. have faith. what else r u going to do? and i do thank my lucky stars that Ovi is on this team and i am alive to watch it during my time and appreciate every moment. Hopefully, they can play some solid hockey and make a run this year… Go Caps. Go RMNB…


    wow. sorry, didn’t know my pic would come out this big….

  • Annie Lockyer

    Yes, please!

  • Bryan Egan


  • BigNed

    Hi Jon! Hope everything goes well with #2!

  • Dara Goldberg

    Upvotes for Baltimore! woo!

  • Dara Goldberg

    Baltimore AND Cats… have every upvote!!! Woo!

  • Bryan Egan

    Hi. I am Bryan. I am a 28 year old NJ transplant in DC. Since I grew up a Yankees and New York Giants fan, I went to James Madison University (J-M-U DUUUUUUUUUUUUUkES!!) where I studied economics. I wanted to find a team I could root for without touching my other allegiances. The Caps fit that bill. I began my affair with the Caps in Spring 2006 when I did a school semester in DC. College tickets were only $5 and therefore cheap enough for a poor college student to go to without breaking the bank.

    Nowadays I live in DC and attend about 5-10 games a year. My favorite players are Backstrom and Holtbeast. I would love to see the Caps raise a championship banner one of these years…preferably after ripping out the Penguins heart – “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” style.

    I am the one with a beard on the left. Go Caps!

  • sheena dunn

    I’m sorry!!!! I have a soft spot for bulldogs & corgis!

  • Ugh, Rachel.

  • Chip

    First off I want to say this article is amazing and just shows why RMNB is easily one of my favorite blogs out there. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

    My name’s Chip. I’ve been a Caps STH for the past 3 seasons in SRO 107 (+ the 2010 playoffs). I’m a relatively newer fan to the sport. Growing up I never really had many friends who watched hockey, so it was a very niche sport for me. My first live game was the 2007 home opener and after that I started watching games a bit more regularly. 2009-10 was the year that I really fell and fell hard for the Caps. My two favorite players are Troy Brouwer and Eric Fehr (before that, Knuble and Feds).

    What I want out of 2014: Probably the same as every one else on here – to see Ovechkin hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head.

  • Well said, older brother.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Howdy, I am a 27 year old grad student. Grew up in Northern Virginia but currently live in Texas as I went to school at Texas A&M University.

    I grew up playing sports games like Blitz and Wayne Gretzky 64 then I went to my first hockey game as a teenager for free as my aunt had a hook up at the VC, a few years before Ovechkin being drafted. That game went so many rounds in the shoutout to the point where Brashear was taking a shot. I fell in love with hockey that day and of course the Capitals.

    Being a Redskins, Texas A&M, and Capitals fan I like to joke that I don’t know what defense is anymore.

  • Shoot me a tweet. I have a huge client meeting that day but I could maybe do lunch if you have the time!


    I love you Penguin F’er… this is going in my personal collection hard drive…

  • Owen Johnson

    “the Hartford Whalers are currently about as imaginary as the story of Moby Dick. ”
    Don’t worry, I LOLed.

  • Owen Johnson

    Yay Arsenal!

  • Graham Dumas

    I’m Graham, and I’m a civil legal services attorney in New York City. I don’t have a dominant favorite player right now. It’s hard not to put Ovechkin; I’m a big Backstrom fan, and I like Grabo a whole lot, too.

    I don’t get to go to games too often (because I hate MSG and am tired of going to Newark, and because I don’t get back to DC too often). Thus, I get my Caps on by watching the games on my ipad and making mostly stupid comments on this blog (sorry, all).

    From what I’ve been able to see, I feel like the team this year is suffering from some missing talent, some half-assery, and, as much as I hate to say it (because I like Oates a lot), some really weird coaching decisions (goalies, line combos). What do I want in 2014? What does any of us want…

    Little-known, never-ever-self-advertised fact: I may speak Russian. Here’s a pic of me repping the Caps in the motherland. The sign next to me says either, “VICTORY TO THE WORKING PROLETARIATE AND DEATH TO IMPERIALISM,” or “HAPPY NEW YEAR.” It’s a weird language, lots of subtleties.

  • FHS beat TJ in every swim meet. Four years straight.

  • Heather Baker

    Haha! Sounds perfect. He does wear red and even wore a Caps hat once that he got at a military appreciation night. I bring him to Pens games and he does wear his Pens jersey (Malkin, so…OK) and we make it fun, deep down knowing we both want to push each other down from halfway up the 400 level where my seats are 😀

  • cindy399

    My family has been season ticket holders since the 90’s. When my parents retired and moved, I took over the seats. Currently sit in section 119. (On the Ameritel Row.)

  • Heather Baker

    He wears red to games, so that’s good enough for me. I won’t become a Pens fan for him (though winning with some regularity IS tempting – LOL) and if he became a Caps fan for me, I would see that as a LACK of commitment to the team he was born and raised on. 😉

  • Will Dobud

    I’m Will Dobud. I’m a 6th generation Washington DC-er but currently live with my wife in Adelaide, Australia as we plan to live there for the next few years (I’m actually in DC for the holidays right now hence the picture in the snow taken after the Canes game last week). I work as a therapist with at-risk youth and run my own business so I make my schedule each week around the Caps. The usual 7pm EST starts at 9am for us in Oz so I’m able to get the game first thing in the morning on Gamecenter with a coffee and get to ring my wife while she’s at work to give her caps updates…she gets annoyed when I ring to tell her we were down 3-0 to the Lightning before Ovi racked 4 goals and we won it. I played hockey at boarding school outside of Boston at Tom Poti’s alma-matter and got to play with Chris Bourque, Keith Yandle and Zach Bogosian. My only hockey claim to fame…

    My favorite Australia Capitals story (Which is the only Australia Capitals Story I have) was walking through our food market and I saw a guy actually wearing an Ovi Jersey. I ran up to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said “Man! I love the Caps! I’m a die-hard fan and watch every game I can!” He turned to me and said “Never f-ing touch me again!” Needless to say he was crazy and had no idea what I was talking about. Scared me a little bit.

    Love the Caps and love RMNB and check it daily for updates. Hope the Caps at least make the playoffs and actually make a move with Erat (although I like Erat) or Laich or Neuvirth. Actually I’d probably be happy with ANY move at this point. I’d also like to see Wilson move up and get some time on a different line instead of Laich somehow earning a promotion after a game and a half. Happy to see so many DC caps people living the big time!!!

  • Lawrence

    hahah Sorry for you then!!! “U CANT FINISH”

    Just kidding haha. I think I know more people that go to UCF than USF. 🙂

  • Putting the Charm in Charm City!

  • Diller M

    TC graduate?

  • Diller M

    Nothing like JMU traditions (’04)

  • Myan

    Shhh don’t jinx it!

    As long as Giroud stays healthy I think we can definitely win the Prem…but shhhh don’t jinx it!

  • Kate Jamison

    Good afternoon RMNB and RMNB readers! My name is Kate, and along with my sister Anne and our mutual friend Lynn, we’ve been season ticket holders for the last two years (section 401). Before that, there were a few years where we had partial plans, and a few years before that where we just went to an occasional game or two or 10. Growing up in Texas, where hockey is really an afterthought, I spent 100% of my effort cheering for the Redskins. Remind you, this is when we were losing to the Girls twice a season, every season, and when we didn’t have a baseball team. I decided to apply for colleges in Virginia, where my sister was attending VT and my Dad resided, and was ecstatic when GMU accepted me. It wasn’t until after I graduated (’06) that hockey really became an important part of my life. Having grown up as a staunch fan of any DC based team (@DCSportsLover), it came as no shock when I fell absolutely in love with the Caps. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have the likes of Mr. Ovechkin, when deciding who to cheer for, does it? In all seriousness though, my favorite Caps players are Ovi and Perreault. I realize that he’s no longer on our roster, but he’ll forever be a Caps player to me. #RIPPerryCelly Like any fan, I’d love to see the boys bring home Lord Stanley, but I have serious doubts as to whether or not that’s attainable. There are too many issues: i.e. goaltending, liabilities on defense, and frankly, people who just don’t want to play for our organization, that need to be cleared up before we can move forward as a TEAM! As the old saying goes, “there’s no I in team.” Ovi may once again lead the league in scoring, and Backstrom could potentially end the season in both the top 5 for points and assists, but if you don’t have a supporting cast around those two players, it doesn’t mean squat. So a more realistic goal is to make it to the playoffs, and then to make it past the second round. If the playoffs were to start tomorrow, we wouldn’t even be in it. But if we were, we’d be too unorganized to beat the likes of Boston or Pitt.

    You can always, 95% of the time, find me on the boards (section 116) for warm-ups. It’s something that Lynn and I have started doing this season, and we absolutely love it. If you’ve got little ones, bring them down for warm-ups and I’ll try and get them a puck. Besides that, and besides the game itself, my favorite parts of the game are Horn Guy, Goat, Unleashing the Fury, and watching the Brouwer Rangers, who only sit one section to the right of us, dance/celebrate after a score. Still need to get a picture with those two…

    I’d like to thank RMNB for starting this blog, and for being just plain f*cking AWESOME! I swear I get a majority of my Caps related new from you guys. Here’s to a second half push by our boys, and for one day bringing home the bacon!

  • Kate Jamison

    Thanks for the goosebumps!

  • Kyle Thomas

    Mike Milbury is a communist. I approve.

  • Tripp McHenry

    Nice Pete….. Hope to see you at another game! I didn’t play on the Toys last season, but I am back on as soon as I pay. I hope Droo is still gonna play!

  • Sara

    haha….Good wife for understanding! =)

  • Owen Johnson


  • Annie Lockyer

    I think he’s more towards the fascism end of the spectrum but I appreciate the sentiment.

  • Dominic Kreiner

    Ian, I wore them the to the game the night of my Birthday. December 10th 2013, where I was privileged to be seated 10 rows directly behind the net, and they wound up on the ice post Ovi Hat Trick

  • Kate Jamison

    Where abouts in the Great State? Grew up in Harker Heights and still try and make it back at least once a year to visit my Mom, little sister, and friends.

  • Red

    My name is Ilya and I’ve been rocking the red since 2009. After reading some of the comments, I feel lucky, as a fan, to live and work in DC. In fact, I’m only 15 mins away from Verizon Ctr by foot. Which, coincidentally, is why I often find myself at Caps games with a beer in my hand, and fury in my eyes, but never in the same place twice. My goal is to sit in every seat, however I never keep track, so this will come down to educated guesswork and approximation.

  • Owen Johnson

    I will also be at that game.

  • Not the best choice of photo, Joe, since there actually like younger kids that frequent this site, but I’m glad you also dislike the Penguins.

  • Kyle Thomas

    Well he does like to be a part of violent uprisings.

  • James Desautels

    I am James Desautels, born and raised in MD-DC area and big DC sports fan. I love the game to a probably obsessive level, with the Caps obviously my team, Nicky Backstrom is my guy. I support them all with all the seatmojo and drinkmojo I can muster. I grew up playing, played in college, now I try to relive the glory days on Monday night mens league up here in Beantown.

    I currently live in Boston, relocating for a job after the military days, but I have gamecenter and still catch all the games with Joe B and Laugher, which sometimes causes my tweets to RMNB during games to be about 30s behind. Speaking of my job, I am the business development manager of an elevator/escalator and maintenance provider, with the NE area as my territory, with Boston/Providence as my core area. Sounds lame but its not that bad, some of our contracts include Fenway, Patriot Place, etc. so it can be interesting.

    I am actually commenting while sitting in a recovery room after my wife and I just had our first child, Liam James, who already has more PIMs this season than MoJo. And I will be tweeting you guys during the game, as usual, from this tiny hospital room as the wife, the new kid, and I watch our boys beat the Bolts tonight

  • Will Dobud


  • Tadd

    Huge congrats! And I know the feeling; my son and I watched our first soccergame (I’m Swedish, bare with me) together when he was 7,5 hours old. He wore a match jersey..

    All the best to you and your family!

  • BigNed

    Greetings RMNBiverse! My name is Ned Keitt-Pride and I live in Madison, WI with my wife and little girl. I grew up in Fairfax, went to VT (’96), and moved away from the godsbecursed traffic about 6.5 years ago. I work in the rigging department of Electronic Theatre Controls doing a little bit of everything though my business card says “Systems Estimator/Project Manager”.

    I got into the Caps when I started driving (’89). My folks were in their 40’s when I came along so I was raised on Big Band rather than Rock ‘n’ Roll and Harden and Weaver rather than Mike and Mike. When I started driving myself around with the radio on AM630 I ended up hearing some jingle about Ice Breakers and Goal Shakers and got interested in the team. I’ve been following them (mainly on the radio and now online) since.

    All the names from the era where I started listening – Cicarelli, Pivonka, Gartner, Hunter, Johannsen, and Langway still bring back a lot of good memories (even if the team wasn’t all that good). I never got out to games back then, so I had no real concept of what these guys looked like, or even what hockey looked like. I just liked the sounds of the game and the fast pace.

    The first games I went to were in the heart of the Blue and Tan era (and I still dig the swooping eagle logo) and I was a big fan of Bondra and Juneau, plus the goalies – Carey, Beaupre, and Olie. I feel the same way about Laich and Green as I did about Kono – the team would be a lot better if he wasn’t hurt so dang much. I went to my first Caps game either the season before or early in the season of their Cup Final. The place was half empty but when I started banging on the aluminum bleachers it didn’t take long for the people there to join in. Since then I think my fellow Caps fans are my favorite part of this team.

    In the RMNB era of the team my guys are Ovie and Holtsy. I hope in 2014 the coaching staff will continue to let their studs be studs instead of yanking on the reigns all the time. The team wasted a lot of talent the past few years overreacting to two disappointing playoff losses. I also hope that GMGM and Ted gives Oates ten years before getting restless if they don’t have a Cup. The Boudreau Caps, ’12 Nats, and Gibbs 1.0 were the last time DC had dominant teams (at least in the regular season) and to me the common links are clear coaching philosophy matched with the talent that philosophy requires.

    It may be that some current favorites aren’t the best fit with Oates but I believe he’ll be a really good coach. He is learning his job just like the players are learning his system and it might take some time for him to figure out exactly what he needs. As soon as he can get his defensive assignments and line philosophies as clear as his power play X’s and O’s, I think the team will leap forward.

    Anyhoo…Great to “meet” you all and Go Caps!

  • zoltoner

    What up RMNB-land? How did this get past us? Musta been that meth binge. Anyway, I’m Doug, the younger and less amusing half of the PuckBuddys. We’ve been slow out of the gate contributing to RMNB this year but we lurve this blog sooooo much and the team of heroes behind it. Craig is the other half of the Buddys – the older and funnier one – and also my better half in life. We pretty much split up the work, corralling our stable of writers; generally I’m in charge of video and he runs the Tweet-machine and we both love the greyhounds. What else are we supposed to say? We’re the cheeky so-and-so gaybros of hockey. When you see us, feel free to ask where the name came from. Hugs and kisses to all!

  • Annie Lockyer

    What is this from? I’m a noob and black and white pictures are waaaaay before my time.

  • Kyle Thomas

    As a Bruin, Mike Milbury jumped into the stands after a Rangers game and beat a fan with his own shoe.

  • Annie Lockyer

    HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS and also boo on you for making me sorta like young Mike Milbury.

  • Kyle Thomas

    “I hate Mike Milbury” -Annie Lockyer 1/8/14

    Remember your roots.

  • Annie Lockyer

    Haha touché and okay.

  • Abhi

    Yes!! I crisis directed in ’10, ’11, and ’12. Which committee were you in? If I killed your character off I apologize in advance.

  • Langway

    I’m Todd, an independent environmental consultant in Northern Virginia. Been reading this site on a daily basis for a long while now and this is my first post. Not much of a blogger, but I owe it to you guys for the wonderful work you do. Thanks so much for keeping me informed and entertained.
    Started watching the Caps back in the 1970’s. My older brother often got free tickets from work. Even though neither of us knew squat about hockey it was just his way to bond with his little brother. So we’d make the trek from Springfield to Landover a couple of times a year. Back then there were so few in attendance that it didn’t much matter what your ticket said, you could pretty much sit anywhere you wanted. God, I’m old. Anyway, I’ve been hooked ever since. I lived in Maine during the 1990’s and followed the Portland Pirates then.
    Favorite player is obviously Langway, but also Gonchar, Stevens, Bonzai, Beaupre, and Hunter. I miss Hendricks, Matty P., and Gabby. Current favorites are Nicky, Dima, Brouwer, Chimmy, and anyone willing to play grinder and crash the net. My girlfriend and I refer to Troy Brouwer as “The Brouwer kid” because of our favorite movie (“You guys want to see a dead body?”) and because we’re idiots.
    For 2014 I’d like to see some more consistency team-wide, enough wins to make the playoffs, no injuries, Dima and Grabo signed long-term, and the Penguins to lose. Is that too much? Okay, I’ll settle for the Pens biting it.
    Thanks again you guys, I love this site.

  • Jen

    We’re in! We need to include Ovie the Golden, too!

  • nicoley-poley

    I was in the Apple Board of Directors in 2011 and the Northern side of the American Civil War Historical Committee in 2012. I think you came in briefly to the Apple Board to say hi to Iman at some point, haha.

  • Nicole Meyers

    So cute! Just a warning, my dog is a straight thug.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Yay for Foreign Service life. We just stay up until 2 am watching the games and regret it the next day. 🙂 Neither of us have enough self control to avoid looking at the game results/RMNB…

  • Shaun Phillips

    Brass Bonanza, greatest hockey theme song ever. Other than maybe “The Good Ol’ Hockey Game” by Stompin Tom Connors (RIP).

  • Shaun Phillips

    Can only read his stuff on espn if you have an insider account. booooo

  • ChrisN


  • Joe

    I am Joe. Been a Caps fan since I was 5. My dad used to take me to the Capitals Center back in the 80’s-early 90’s. I was a season ticket holder from 2006 to 2012 and have been on a few roadies with the Caps Road crew.

    I recognize a good portion of you from previous parties and say this is one the best sites to go to and vent/praise about this team.

    Hope to see everyone at more games in the future as I just started a new job 3 blocks from the Verizon Center. (My last job was across from Kettler)

    Included in this picture is myself and my lovely wife. That other fellow looking at his phone is the notorious Randy Richter.

  • MackingMaster

    stop trying

  • Myan

    In all seriousness, that old joke is partially true. I had to stay one extra semester and take an art class to get a finance degree. Ridiculous!

  • depeloubet

    Hi, I’m Ross. I grew up in North Potomac, MD though I now live in Manhattan as a professional photographer. As a side project after photoshoots I will ask the model if they would participate in a capitals themed series involving my winter classic white or my vintage red. A group of fellow washingtonians and I have invaded, conquered and endeared ourselves to a bar in the east village called Company. In the early 90s my brother and I started converting my redskins fanatic extended family to a capitals family when we started playing the sport ourselves and sparked their interest. Peter Bondra has always been my favorite player and, likely, always will be. A fun caps fact is that I once delayed a major surgery 3 months in order to attend a Caps game that Ted Leonsis had given me tickets to. The worst part was that the only goal scored by the capitals in that game was from Jaromir Jagr… Though I have been to a slew of games in the ny metro area recently the last time that I was able to make it to a game at the Verizon center was game 7 vs. Pittsburgh.

  • Grooven

    Hi. Reuven here. (I’m the one usually wearing a Caps jersey with Grooven on the back.) I build scenery for theater, tv, movies, museum exhibits. Born and raised In DC. Survivor of public schools. (And many games at the Igloo during college)
    In the early years, my friend’s father would take us to the Capital Centre for the Capitals vs the Flyers for my friend’s birthday since they ALWAYS played in early October. Favorite old-school players are Gould and Hunter.
    Gould and Veitch are responsible for my most valued thing, a team-autographed Ft. dupont brochure (friends and I got there at the end of a practice and didn’t even know about autographs).
    Season tickets since the move downtown. Been percussioning a cowbell since long before it became a thing at games. And while I don’t do it often, I am loud enough that players can hear me from the upper bowl (that’s right Chris Simon, the whole section saw you react to my yelling about your poor effort).
    I was a pre-cursor to the Red Rockers. My legacy in Caps Crew lives on. You can thank me for t-shirts being thrown in the upper bowl (instated when we were still t-shirt cannon-firing from the ice).
    And according to River City Sports, I was the first to custom-letter an Ovechkin Capitals jersey in Cyrillic (a black dome one, the summer after his rookie season).

  • OlietheGoalie

    Hi. I’m Kelsey. I’m 26. I live in Baltimore. I work in Baltimore. I’m an Analyst in the Health Care field. Picture is to the left.

    I like football. I love baseball. I adore hockey.

    Been a Caps fan since my wee years in the ’96-’97 season. Saw them go to the Cup the next year and didn’t realize until later why it was such a big deal.

    I have a dog. He’s a basset/terrier mix. He doesn’t take pictures well since he’s pure black, and ends up just looking like a dark spot with two lights where his eyes -probably- are. Just imagine a basset with long hair.

    Nice to meet you all. Found out about RMNB 3 years ago. Love it.

    My favorite players are Godzilla and Bonzai. Currently… probably Nicky Backs. Holtby too, but mainly because I’m hoping we finally get our first long-time goalie in 6 years.

  • Gregory

    Hey! This is Greg (and my daughter Anja). I live in DC and work for a non-profit, So Others Might Eat (SOME). I’ve been a Caps fan since the second grade after watching them play the Bruins live. I’m doing my best to raise my daughter up to be a Caps fan as well. The in-laws are from Massachusetts and are Bruin fans so I have to combat their bad influence.

    We’re Swedish heritage so also big fans of the Tre Kronor. Still recovering emotionally from the loss on Sunday in the Junior Worlds. Very hopeful about the Olympics.

    Niklas Backstrom is my favorite current player. Bondra and Kolzig are definitely favorites as well.

    GO CAPS!!!

  • Kelly Johnston

    Hi everyone, I’m Kelly, and am in exile in Philly after 25+ great years in DC. I attended my first Caps game in Landover in 1979 and am permanently hooked. Since, I met my wife, who gave birth to two powerful Caps fans, including @CapsRedMan and another terrific son who is a star goalie for Elon University. I favor goalies and will forever treasure Olie Kolzig and Don Beaupre as my favorite all-time Caps, along with Mike Knuble, who I befriended when he played for the Flyers. You will sometimes find me at Caps games not in DC, but when they play in Philly. It was so fun to be at the 7-0 blowout when idiot Ray Emery channeled his inner goon while Holts shut them out. Proud to be hated in Philly!

  • TowsonTrumpetGuy .

    Hey there folks. My name is Alex Edwards. I’m a junior music education major at Towson University, born and raised in Annapolis, and got into hockey just over two years ago through my roommate (his sister Katherine was featured in an article here when she got to meet Eric Fehr)
    I basically just love life, shooting pool, playing music, and being with friends. And of course, cheering on the CAPS.
    Let’s be friends!

  • Clint Emerson

    Hi, I’m Clint. Used to live in Woodbridge and Stafford, but have lived in Richmond since ’96. I used to play pick up hockey and watch Caps practices at the Mt. Vernon Ice Ctr during the days of Langway, Beaupre, Iafrate, May, Kypreos, etc. Right after the Caps moved to Piney Orchard, I ended up being a Zam driver there. I think I have a signed Tatarnov stick in the attic as well. I still own (and wear to most games I make it to) an OG Alan May jersey.

    When I was in high school, I used to wear an ape suit to games. I was once on George Michael’s Sports Machine “a little monkey business going on at the Capital Ctr tonight”. My best friend fought a Pens fan in the parking lot once, and lost. Got a great shot in though. I was at the game against the Flyers went Hunter elbowed Gord Murphy behind the goal, I threw a cup full of ice at Craig Berube, he made a vile hand gesture to the crowd while being kicked out of the game going down the tunnel.

    Now, I’m all old and married with a 9 year old daughter. She goes to bed at 9 and always asks first thing when she wakes up if the Caps won. I sell wine for a living and have several other vices I’m quite happy with. I listen to 80’s/90’s punk and hardcore almost exclusively. I shall be at the Rocket From The Crypt show in April. If anyone else is going, I’ll buy you a beer.

    thekcshow on Twitter is me.

    Here’s me and my Mom (she was 70 at the time) at the Rangers Game 5 series clinching game a couple years ago. This was her first game (she still texts me after every win). She’s a lovely, innocent woman, and when she joined in on the “Avery Sucks” chant, I was a proud son.

  • Michael Trehey

    I’m Mike Trehey, I’m 18, I’ve been a Caps fan since 2008, although I had never gone to a Caps game until January 2012, when the Boston Bruins came to town and Matthieu Perrault scored his first ever hat trick! My favorite player has got to be Nicklas Backstrom (Now that Perrault’s gone). I’m currently at school at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst as a Sport Management major, one of the best in the country, and hopefully working for the Caps one day.

    I’m also a tenor saxophone player in the marching band at UMass, and last year was in the Baltimore Marching Ravens, the band of the NFL team, during their Super Bowl Championship run.

    Oh and this guy and his extraordinary beard is my idol!

  • Niki Berrington

    Hi Russian Machine I am Niki (real name). I got addicted to ice-hockey when Sky Sport showed 2011 Winter Classic. One look at Ovechkin and I was hooked. Now I am a besotted Caps fan with a collection of Alex Ovechkin gear. I also love Russian Team. I also like Grabo Backstrom and Brouwer. Non-hockey hobbies travel, fashion and tennis.

  • Tadd

    He then traded the shoe for Rick Dipietro. Sorta. Kinda.

  • Briana A

    Hey RMNB!! I’m Briana! I have read you every morning for the past two years (yes, even summer months). I’m a newer fan so thanks for teaching me hockey, and though I don’t feel like I can legitimately comment yet, I read all the posts so thanks to those who comment as well! I was introduced to the Caps in college but I became a true fan-for-life after they kept me company while I was sick for a few months a couple years ago.

    Peter, I’d like to thank you specifically for always cracking me up! I especially enjoyed your new year’s wishes video. And your dog. I love dogs.

    I also love Nicky, but RMNB’s stories about Olesky made me a fan. I’m also partial to Holtby. Ok, I’m not good at picking favorites.

    I’m at work so I can’t post a picture (boring typical DC work, but I’m applying to grad school so everyone keep your fingers crossed!).

    In 2014 I want to make music, quit my job, write a cookbook, watch Caps hockey in May, and start school in September in a city where there exists hockey. I’d also love to meet all these cool RMNB-ers!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Briana A

    PS Found a picture in my email! Me and my Torontonian friend touching the real Stanley Cup this November (hence his goofy mustache)!

  • Nick M

    If a pens fan isn’t wishing death upon you, then you’re doing it wrong.

    Source: I’m a Caps and Ravens fan so I unfortunately have a lot of interaction with our inbred friends to the northwest.

  • Jesi Weddle

    That’s a pretty good one! Professor Puckerf*** is one of my personal favorites 🙂

  • Bhaavya

    Well, this is a late comment (only 502 comments before me!) but that’s alright, I blame that on living in China with its fickle internet.
    I’m Bhaavya, a senior in high school, and surprisingly not the only Caps (or hockey) fan in my school (my Bio teacher is a Pens/Leafs fan and we have agreed to disagree on the topic of Sidney Crosby vs. Ovi). I lived in MD for 3 years and got into hockey during the 2011 Winter Classic, but a year and half later I moved to China, which makes watching hockey games nearly impossible, but hey, that’s what RMNB’s here for 🙂 My favorite player was Varly (but then he got traded) and then it was a tie between Sasha and Ovi (then Sasha went to the Canes), so now Ovi has the top spot to himself. What I want out of 2014 is for the Caps to win the Stanley Cup (eternal optimist here) and to get into a good college.

    Nice to meet you guys!

  • Monk

    My name is Monk. I have a squeaky penguin. His name is Geno. My job is to eat his face off. To be honest I usually sleep through CAPS games. Except when the human screams ‘YES’ or ‘F*@!k.’ (Sometimes, like last night, he even manages to string together a ‘F*@!k YES’) I don’t read RMNB. I’m a dog. I can’t read. I would, however, like to see more videos of Georgia. She’s really hot. The human wants me to write that my favorite player is Jay Beagle. Heh. The bandana was his idea too…

  • mrsBrash

    Caps fan since the 1984!! Photographer living in NO VA. I
    have a cat named Donald Brashear whose namesake would be proud as he fights
    with the neighbor’s cats I refer to as Ty Domi and Marty McSorley. Love RMNB read it daily and always learn something new and get a laugh, you boys are geniuses!!! Always wanted to play hockey so at the age of 50 I purchased used equipment, found a coach and started to learn this game we all love, hardest thing ever!! Hockey people are the nicest people on the planet and I am always getting help and tips from other players. Finally scored my first goal and it wasn’t against
    Mighty Mite. Favorite player Jason Chimera…Love you guys!! Let’s Go Caps.

  • Sean Hunt

    Hey ‘chine. I’m Sean, I’m a Frederick native and current 5th-year Senior at Penn State. You may have seen my obnoxious hockey tweets @Seany_Eastside. If you’re a How I Met Your Mother fan you might, but still probably won’t, get the reference to Teddy Westside. Speaking of obnoxious, I’m a huge Caps fan, and have participated in an abundance of Caps-Pens arguments in my time at school in central Pennsylvania. I was a big fan of Sasha Minor and even bigger fan of @alexsemin. I love OVISCOARs, Brouwitzers, and Johnny Volleys (my attempt at joining the cool term coining club referring to Carlson’s hand pass into space last night). I also love drinking beer out of a Caps Hulk hand glove at Verizon center

  • @TimHanson26

    Hi! I’m Tim, I was born and raised in Minnesota, grew up a North Stars fan… Jon Casey, Dino Ciccarelli, Neil Broten, etc were my ice hokey heros! A small part of me died when the Stars moved south to that pit called Dallas. The Marine Corps brought me to the DMV in 2002, and I have since settled here and made Virginia my home. I live just south of Fredericksburg. After living here for a few years I just naturally migrated back to hockey, with the natural selection being the Caps!

    Currently I work at Quantico, and I fix helicopters for a living. Occasionally you will see some of my work taking off and landing on the south lawn of the White House, or just flying around DC. My favorite Caps players are Karl Alzner, and Brooks Laich (when he’s not nursing a #Brittlegroin)

    I attend as many games a possible each year, and my most memorable game to date was the 2010 playoffs against the Habs when Nicky B scored his OT game winner, hat-trick!

    P.S. I’m on the twitterverse at @TimHanson26

  • salgotnv

    My name’s Sal and I have recently spiraled into hockey addiction over the last few years. It’s really relieved the pain of being a lifelong skins fan. I think this blog is funny and it’s an important part of my daily metro commute reading. I’m a filmmaker but during the day I work at a video game company. I hung up my caps canine dog calendar in my editing suite and just leave it on Frank’s mug even though it’s not summer because… Well you just have to see it.

    My boyfriend is a sabres fan so I have to watch a lot of them too. Eh. I like Ovi the most because he’s not only great but crazy, seems like he has a fun personality.2nd… Man I like everyone, even sometimes green. Fehr and Wilson are becoming favorites, and of course the ward/chimera line. I hate snow. I lived in Cleveland before DC. I like pizza, I have nightmares about hockey and My favorite color is gray.

  • salgotnv

    So Swype autocorrected grabo to frank. Pretty cool. Also I didn’t realize how much I wrote till it posted. Sorry!

  • Phil Owen

    Howdy. Phil Owen here. I do three things – 1. Information Security stuff; 2. Attend Caps games in my Sergei Fedorov jersey; and 3. Giggle uncontrollably at blog posts and comments that a) bemoan our possession numbers after wins and/or b) celebrate winning the possession battle when we lose.

    Favorite Caps thru history – Labre, Langway, Sergei Fedorov, and Ovi.

    For 2014 (and pretty much any year) I want to be entertained! I also want to remind myself and others that the shittiest player on any NHL roster is better at hockey than most blogville residents are at whatever it is they do.

  • Joe Welsh

    Sorry Ian. I didn’t take that into consideration. Just tell them I’m “loving” the Penguin.

  • Joe Welsh

    Haha. Excellent. I’m honored to be apart of your hard drive. That’s from the Winter Classic tailgate, for the record. Those Pens fans were not happy when they found their Penguin, haha.


    Dude, I couldn’t stop laughing when i saw this. as sexy as this PIC is, I was just kidding about the hard drive, F the pens. i hate the pens more than i hate Duke… wait…. that is not true. i hate them as equally as you can hate. Soldier on true CAPS fan… soldier on…


    So you are the t-shirt person. Last year, after the CAPS lost to the NYR, i sent a t-shirt idea to RMNB. but never got a response. Sending again to see what you think. The shirt would have a tv with antenna on top, and it would say, ‘New York Ratingers’ u know, how they have the Best TV market and so for the ratings, they Screwed us with calls? anyway. i was real close to buying the dead penguins t-shirt but my wife was like. seriously? so i am waiting… anyway. see u at Gtown Wegmans!!! right?

  • Mike Johnson

    I’m Owen’s favorite brother. I’ve been hooked on the Caps since watching a thrilling but heartbreaking game 7 against the Flyers in ’08. I can frequently be found at Kettler with my two preschool aged sons, who cheer EVERY time ANYONE puts a puck in the net.
    I work as a parmedic with a NoVa fire department. I’m a GMU and WT Woodson alum. The most fun I’ve had as a fan was probably watching the Caps put a beating on the Rangers in an eerily quiet MSG this year.

  • Jonathan Garcia

    Sorry I’m late to the party, but I felt I had to post something at some point. I’m Jon Garcia. My dad used to work at AOL in the early 2000s, and Ted would give scores of free Caps tickets to employees. My first game was in 2001, but I didn’t become a super fan until 2008. Though I was born and raised in Fairfax, most of my time has been admiring the team from GCL as I’ve lived in four different states in the past two and a half years.

    I cheat on this team with the Nashville Predators (a team and city I grew to love and respect during college) and put words together for SB Nation’s On the Forecheck. I have a better perspective of the Forsberg/Erat trade than anyone, so let’s just shut up about it already, ok? 🙂

    Brooksy has always been my favorite player, but I wish every day that Kozlov would have resigned. I don’t participate much due to work, but I’m always lurking and will try to get in on the action a little more, as y’all are a fantastic bunch of cats.

    In summation, here is a picture of me from when a certain goalie came to a certain city after snubbing a certain high-ranking official. I’m in the center wearing the Ovechkin jersey:

  • Jen Statz

    Hi! I’m Jen Statz. I’m a long time Caps fan from Wisconsin:) I’m the assistant food service leader at Kwik Trip. Most of the time I have to watch the Caps game after it’s already happened on my DVR bc I work mostly nights. So I try to ignore my phone and fb and twitter until after I get home to watch it and pretend like it’s happening live:) I have a blast tweeting with all you guys when I am home to watch them live. I’ve been to 4 Caps games(I know that’s lame, but they are very far away and it’s expensive to get out there) Two of the games have been in DC, the other two were in St Paul against the Wild. Thats the closest venue(2hours away). Both experiences at Verizon were amazing!! The last time I came out was this past October. I got to meet some of the players after practice and got a lot of pictures with them. They were all so nice. have a lot of favorite players but my all alltime fav player would have to be Nick Backstrom. Follow me on twitter to tweet with me during the games! @jenstatz8
    I would LOvE to come to and RMNB party. I read your blog religiously. The only thing is I’d need atleast a months notice to get off of work, and then see if financially I would be able to fly out.

  • Jen Statz

    I’m not sure if the pic posted

  • jenstatz8

    I live in northwest wisconsin, about 4 hours from Madison. Follow me on twitter, @jenstatz8. If I can find enough caps fans in the Midwest, maybe we can all get together and have our own caps party!

  • You rule, Jon!

  • Jenstatz8

    Hi Laura! I’m Jen from northwest Wi. I love that I’m finding more caps fans from the Midwest on here! Follow me on twitter @jenstatz8 I’ll be live tweeting the game tmrw

  • Jenstatz8

    –>jenstatz. are you from duluth/superior? I’m from Spooner. I was in Minny at the caps game too. I’m a diehard, we should talk. Follow me on twitter @jenstatz8

  • Jenstatz8

    You guys should host another skate before RMNB party. That would be awesome!

  • Jaime

    Hello. I’m Jaime, and I’m late to the party. I just discovered within the last five years or so that I actually enjoy watching sports. I used to be one of those angsty teenager/twenty-somethings that didn’t understand why people liked these things, but now I spend my weekends and evenings watching as much football and hockey as my eyes can take. I’m originally from Harrisburg so despite my previous distaste for all things athletic, I have a special place in my heart for the Bears; it’s hard to grow up in Central PA without being constantly bombarded by Bears related media. This nostalgia has worked out well for me since my love of hockey and football came after my move to Baltimore, and I chose the only correct options for my home teams: the Caps and the Ravens. As far as non-hockey related things, I love playing board games and video games, watching movies, reading, and anything that involves Batman. I’m also working on my masters in social work at University of Maryland right now, which means I don’t actually have time to do any of the things I just listed. I decided to fulfill your request for a picture, which should make you feel special since I loathe taking pictures of myself. I’m gonna get back to watching the Pats beat the Colts now.

  • Graham Dumas


  • themav80

    I’m Steven and live in North Carolina, but born in Maryland. My dad took me and my brothers to several Caps games when we lived there back in the early nineties and loved it.

    We moved down south and I didn’t really follow it anymore until I met a guy in college who was also a hockey fan (though he like the Flyers. blech). We became roomies and played a whole lot of simulated play off series on the N64.

    Speaking of video games, NHL 12 helped me make some friends down here into hockey fans, though they cheer for Carolina. I try to go to games when I can. Over the past three years the Caps are undefeated at Raleigh with me in attendance. Me and my brothers went to our first Caps home game when they played the Rangers a couple weeks ago. It was amazing.

    My favorite player is Holtby and I hope he gets some more chances to play. This moment cemented my loves for The Holtbeast forever.

  • Anna Louise

    Very late to the game here, but my name is Anna. I’ve been a CAPS fan since I was little and was given the opportunity, through the safety patrol program at my elementary school, to go to a game and wave to the cameras. Not that big of a deal, but I got a ticket and a free hockey puck out of it. As a seven-year-old, I found it rather exciting and I still think it was a great introduction to the sport. I love going to CAPS practice and long walks on the beach … oops wrong profile … and I hope to catch more games at Verizon Center this season. Go CAPS!

  • traceybee

    Hi. I’m Tracey and I’m always late to things…like this post and RMNB parties. I read here lots, post here infrequently, and sometimes I twitter things, but I’m not good with the internets. Most everything I know and love about hockey I learned through NHL 94 (Yeah SEGA!) I’m a recent-ish Caps fan and I spend too much of my income on being a STH (Section 429!) Speaking of income, like many folks who live here, I work for the Government, but unlike most… I happen to love my job. 🙂 My favourite player is Marcus Johansson (no matter what people say about him!) I’m the girl who yells ridiculous things out during the game such as “Nobody hurts Hottie Boom Bottie!” (My pet name for Steckel. I miss him…) or “Oleksy you so sexy!” (C’mon, Empire Records anyone?)

    I like going to road games and am trying to see the Caps play a game in each arena. I’m up to Philly (I survived), Florida ($20 seats 6 rows off the glass), San Jose (nope, didn’t win that one … again), LA (Some of the nicest fans), and Toronto (THE nicest fans). Headed to Nashville in March. Just found the Road Crew, so I’m looking forward to that outing even more now!

    Winter Classic was one of my fave weekends of my life. I’m not good at making pretty signs, but I think I’m clever. I’m the chick on the right in the attached. Hai guys!