Photo credit: Kim Klement

The Washington Capitals are kind of wretched when it comes to preventing odd-man rushes. A third period shorthanded chance for the Tampa Bay Lightning should’ve knotted the game at three, but Philipp Grubauer‘s cyborg groin was all over it.

Ondrej Palat…


No wonder Olie Kolzig is so impressed by young Philipp’s flexibility.

Also, check out the video. What a great call by Joe Beninati. Total pro.

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  • Here’s another slo-mo view of the save

  • Also this, from @recordsANDradio

  • Andrew Merewitz

    Does that hit the shaft of his stick?

  • Alex Hughes

    I really would not be mad if we gave him the start again tomorrow

  • araporrada21

    I spilled my hot tea during that save. I don’t blame Oates for running with Grubauer

  • Tommy

    What did he make the save with? It looks like there is an NHL 2001 force field behind him.

  • Barrett

    Thank you, but not enough Carlson bashing.
    – Mike Green

  • ChrisN

    Grubi is looking decent, I say let him roll!

  • Steve Killmon

    Upon further review it appears it hit the right pad in the wide part of the brown stripe. In the pic you can just make out the text on the puck as it begins to fall back to the ice. Or maybe that’s just a label on the pad. Seemed to be about where the puck was. Bottom line is dat groin doe.

  • The gifs don’t show how he just pops right up from the splits without using his hands or stick. I thought that was impressive as well. Maybe easier to do on ice but damn.

  • katzistan

    Grubauer reminds me a lot of Varlamov when he first came up.

  • JenniferH

    It was really a fantastic save, he just flew across that crease like superman!

  • Myan

    He must do yoga. HAS TO.

  • Sweedish Meatballs
  • ATPinDC

    I thought he made the save with his pad, but now I realize he went to the split because the puck was going five-hole. He took away the five-hole with the split, and thus made the save with his business.

    That’s talent.

  • Quinley

    Nice catch! because I thought that was almost as cool as the save too, and as an ice goalie (complete amateur) I have tried that many times and it is extremely difficult.

  • Matt Lauer

    Might I also point out the deliciously large variety of baffled and disappointed faces on the Tampa fans behind the net.

  • Myan

    Dude, why do you hate Carlson so much right now? He isn’t supposed to slide down in that situation. Physics.

  • Shaun Phillips

    There were blanks in the gun.

  • Kait

    My god. I know we don’t have much measurable stats on Grubauer (yet) but seriously…GROINS OF STEEL.

  • Hokahey Hockey

    Not quite, toes of teflon, buns of steel and groins made of slinkys!

  • Avenger12

    I noticed last night that Grubauer’s pads were red, white, and BLUE….

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Can we get a GIF of Carly’s power b-slap hand pass? ‘Murica

  • Steve Killmon

    You know, I heard he had those coming and the color in these gifs wasn’t good enough for me to figure out if they were his new pads or not. I didn’t pick it out during the game.

  • Kevin F.

    There is no way that’s easier on ice especially because of how goalie skates are made. I can’t even touch my toes! It’s amazing.

  • Kevin F.

    They were his new pads according to Locker.