Photo credit: Rob Carr

After John Erskine took a couple swings at Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf during a fracas early in the second period, Leafs’ fifth-line enforcer Colton Orr challenged Big John to a little do-si-do to stick up for his teammate.


The heavyweights traded some massive blows, but Erskine asserted dominance, landing the decisive punch– a haymaker that caught Orr in the side of the head.

Here’s the full video of the fight.

The Leafs are gonna have to learn how to hockey eventually.


Scary. (Photo credit: Rob Carr)

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  • Barrett

    …and that is why we have Big Johnny on this team! Boooom!

  • Phil Owen

    Blah blah Corsi blah Fenwick blah blah blah. Wonder what Colton Orr thinks about when he’s getting KEdTFO. Hockey as a best! )))))))) sick

  • themav80

    Get him a body bag! Yeeahhhh!

  • Jay DeLancey

    if i were colton orr i’d have closed my eyes too

  • ChrisN

    Big John TKO

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    Erskine must’ve had a second helping of rusty nails before the game…

  • Catherine__M

    Did they play Mortal Kombat again? Just curious.

  • Cody Adkins

    Who was leaning over the boards and slapping it instead of his stick?

  • H70

    It’s kinda hard to tell but looks like Alzner. I thought I saw a 27.

  • mr_dunnyrat

    I would like to report another #AlzyCelly from last nights game after this fight. You can see it on that youtube-video @ 44 second mark.

  • Is that elbow pads flying mid-air in the photo?

  • A_Shoe

    Normally, I think fighting is dumb as far as ‘momentum’ is concerned, but when it comes to Colton Orr I’d like to see nothing more than him KTFO on the ice.

  • mad_ballistic

    45 second of video.
    #AlzyCelly number five: Karl Alzner prays to Big John 🙂

  • Guest

    Chris Tucker said it best:

  • Diller M

    Excellent fight erskine, now since you have made your contribution for the season, kindly take a seat next to Erat in the suite and let someone who can play defense take your place. In an unrelated note, get well Jack Hillen

  • Matt

    Russian Machine,
    You’ve got to make an Erskine shirt that says “Here comes the jackhammers!”

  • Rhino40

    A great scrap! Possibly even the Fight of the Year…