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Veteran forward and close-friend-of-the-corsis Martin Erat was a healthy scratch on Friday for the second straight game. Erat, who was relegated to the fourth line at the beginning of the season, has requested a trade twice this season. With oft-injured Brooks Laich returned from injury, Adam Oates has removed Erat from his spot on a checking line and banished him to the press box.

Not sure how that helps the team or raises Erat’s trade value or does anything except illustrate Oates’ vindictiveness.

After the Capitals’ 4-3 win, reader Jared S. noticed Erat down near ice level, holding his son Sebastian. Jared asked if he could get a pic and Erat obliged. According to a tweet Jared sent to us, after telling Erat “hope to see you in the lineup soon,” the 32-year-old Czech laughed. Hard. At least he still has a sense of humor about the whole mess.


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  • Chris Best

    Not to beat a dead horse, but seriously…ranking as possibly the worst trade in Capitals history. At least Forsberg is still playing.

  • Jack Conness

    Sad to see. Extremely poor job done by GMGM and Oates with their handling of Erat. He could help the team produce on the ice, but they have totally ruined those chances.

  • Jeff Yoders

    This is beyond stupid. There is no reason a player of his caliber should be watching in the stands. Oates needs to get over himself.

  • stat77

    that’s one stoned looking baby. Kid’s cute though

  • Bob

    Obviously he should be playing but at the same time he should have never publicly demanded a trade, i dont really feel bad for him.


    maybe this is AO’s way of Slapping GM in the face in saying, ‘STOP MORTGAGING OUR FUTURE FOR STUPID A$$ TRADES!!!’ we have enough fancy europeans. we need north american grit, leadership and balance. isn’t that why AO broke up MJ, NB and AO?: i really like the fact that AO NB AND MJ are broken up. spread it out a bit… 2 REG wins in 2 days? why didn’t someone think of this earlier?? now, are we gonna get some stellar DEF play pretty soon? PLEASE??


    GO CAPS….

  • Frida Kahlo

    This be rockin’. I done hate that ole Erat and a his kind.

  • Matt

    Don Cherry- Is that you?


    Please…. u r offending me… i hate don cherry as much as i hate mil ‘dingle’ bury


    But when NB, MJ and AO are together, it’s like all the shooting is focused on AO…. so the other two are thinking pass to AO first… i am a South Korean living in DC for the last 30 years loving the CAPS since the late 80’s…. Don Cherry? u serious? i just want to see the caps win…. that was just an honest opinion. Adam Oates wants to roll 4 lines like the Devils did when they made the run to the cup. so why not spread the 1st line out? anyway. Doesn’t matter Matt. I just want the CAPS to win.

    GO CAPS…

  • H70


  • Sandra Dee Lee

    Why not? if privately demanding a trade didn’t work (like it did to get him out of Nashville originally), why shouldn’t he (and his agent) go public? This way, teams know, PLEASE CZECH CHRIST TAKE ME OUT OF HERE is a possibility.

  • Fedor

    What is this comment about? Stupid trades? Fancy Europeans? Grit? Breaking up stars? Defense?

  • joonas6

    I love Marty. I really want to see him on the ice again. But why is he holding Ovi’s stick in the photo…?


    I was commenting under heavy influence of alcohol after the caps won last night. I was just sayin erat trade seems to be not working out in caps favor at the moment. It seems like GM really likes these europeans. I call erat fancy cause he has skills. But not ur physical grinding power forwards. He def does have skills. Just my way of categorizing. No one else has to agree. I just think caps have enough of them. Fancy europeans. Or uust players with skills but not the physical play. They also had the first line just jammed pack with them. But once they were broken up and evenly distributed with other lines, i am not sure if 2 regulation wins two nights in a row in one goal games is a coincedence or a by product of the break up. I was just seeing good things the last two gamss. It was good to see… lastly, i wish the caps would clean it up on locking down defense.

    These were just random comments off of alcohol after watching the game last night. But then i ask u. What is ur response to my comments about?

  • Brent Goldstein

    Erat is talented. He is a great skater and great stick-handler. But facts are facts: he is not producing. You can’t hide behind ZERO goals and blame it on lack of playing time. Unfortunately he is reminding me of another high-priced guy who skated in circles and couldn’t produce: Michael Nylander.

  • settinguptheplay

    I’m guessing Ovi may have given it to his kid

  • bskillet

    Technically he should have never even been here. Erat is a mediocre hockey player, always has been. Forsberg played good in the junior tournament but not much for the Preds so we basically got Latta who was a bit of a surprise. I still believe for the Caps to bring home a cup we need a no nonsense GM who wants that more then anything.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Forsberg 🙁

  • Lawrence

    LMAO i literally cracked up after reading the first line of your post,”I was commenting under heavy influence of alcohol after the caps won last night.”

    I was like, I have no clue what this guy is saying. Looks like hes never seen the internet and then that line explained it all hahaha.

  • capsyoungguns

    Clearly do haven’t watched him over the years with the Preds. He’s been one of their top players.

  • Red

    Don’t like being compared to Cherry? Don’t make xenophobic comments.


    OH! i love that game… Don Cherry like that game too? Or you sayin he hates aliens? i don’t get it.

  • Rhino40

    Erat is living proof that you can still make a difference even if you don’t scoar goals. He is strong on the puck, skates hard every shift, and is a very good passer. He’s just been snake-bit when it comes to scoaring, and the situation has not been helped by the manner in which he’s been (under-)utilized I think if we can get him some quality minutes, the goals will come. #freeMarty.

  • Rhino40

    Did ME10 do something to GMGM’s cornflakes? Or is it just a Washington Capitals Tradition that somebody has to get #Nylandered in any given season?

  • R.O’B.

    terrible photo of sebastian

  • Rhino40

    I don’t hate aliens: Klingons, Bajorans, Minbari, Narns,and even Pak’Ma’Ra are all cool. I just don’t care too much for Internecivus raptus.

  • AdamOatesLeftNut

    Sucks. As much as I like Erat and as good as he (possibly) could be for us, he really has no real place in our lines. If we had someone he could get some chemistry with I’m sure he would be worth keeping. After trading him we need to clean up a few of the other guys on this team too…

  • Spence

    I don’t see how capital fans can say that was a terrible trade for y’all, your not using him right at ALL. Fourth line? No. Third line? No. He’s a first or second line guy. He’s not the type too score right off the bat, he goes with the game. He is so good at scoring when the game is on the line. It’s a fact. I wish every member of capitals staff reads this and the preds staff too. TRADE ERAT BACK TOO NASHVILLE, they can have forsberg back he hasn’t produced here like everyone said he would. Erat come home. Will give you your 20 mins of ice time.

  • Spence

    How can he score with a goon line? And do you realize that erat passes more than he shoots he averages like 2 shots a game? I mean damn how can he score if he’s scratch too. #BRINGERATHOMESMASHVILLE

  • Ryan

    Remember when we had Erat on the first line with Backstrom and Ovechkin, he had one good game, and then every game after that he just faded away back to not getting any points? or did everyone forget about that?