Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson nearly scored his second career goal in the first period of Friday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. That’s progress, sure, but since Willy Baby couldn’t get his name on the scoresheet, he had to find another way to be remembered: his repeated facepunching of Carter Ashton.

This 32-second skirmish, the ninth of Wilson’s season, left both combatants hurting from blows to the body and head. Wilson cut the knuckles on his left hand after hitting Ashton’s helmet.

Warning: There will be blood.

It started off as not-so-gross.


Then it got kind of gross.


Photos by Ian Oland

Wilson, who has broken his knuckles twice in his career, did not miss a shift.

All in all, Wilson dominated in PunchCorsi, landing 15 punches to Aston’s 6.

Wilson’s highest QualPunch came at the end, when he was just totally over this fight.

The fan club: impressed.

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  • Michael Reschly

    How would we know if Wilson did miss a shift?


    I am all for toughness. But i don’t think Wilson’s MO in the big league is to punch people in the faces… I hope once he settles into a regular role and more playing time, he shows his hockey skills. physical presence is something I believe we lack and just overall leadership role. I hate to say it so i won’t but there are teams that we hate that have players we hate that i won’t mention that i don’t give a D*$#@ F)$$ for, but those people just help their teams win… and at this point, punching people in the faces are good (and sides of heads) but i just want to see the caps win…. win now, and in feb, mar, apr, may. june…. Go Caps…

  • After that shift, the fourth line did not get another shift in the second period. The next shift they got was in the third period, and Wilson joined them. http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20132014/TV020663.HTM

  • I agree. Someone with his talent should not be fighting this much. He should have a bigger role on this team or be in Plymouth. It’s unfortunate, but props to him for showing heart and continuing to work hard.


    Then again, at least it looked like he won the fight. as locker or joe b said, it’s game over and scary when someone’s sweater is over their head… I really am hoping Tom Wilson does well. don’t want him to have no knuckles or hurt something while fighting and derail his career… DAM GO CAPS!!!

  • Barrett

    I think this helps in his development into becoming potentially one of the next young players to fall into that “power forward” role. He’s a big body that has the skill set, but is generating that reputation as a tough hockey player that could develop into a Brendan Shanahan, Milan Lucic, Jarome Iginla, etc.


    I hope so. I hope he becomes the stabilizing factor on the CAPS. we already have the fancy europeans and he can be the Steady Solid Canadian. Canadien? i don’t know. just seem like we never had that steady Physical FORCE in the past…. AW man. i had to drink a lot of beer watching the third period because it was too nerve wrecking… I JUST HOPE THEY WIN.., At this point. I just want them to win. dam…,. yes. it’s great to have Ovi. and have witnessed it. But just win the cup dam it… For Ovi. For the ‘ghosts of the programs past.’ The great john Gilchrist said after MD won the ACC… if MD can win the national title in bball. Caps can win the Cup. like grabbing a star out of the sky… a korean saying…

    This is just drunk mumbling. i didn’t think they would win when they went down 2 – 1. But then this is the CAPS. if anyone can come back. it’s our CAPS… so when they did come back to tie and to win. it called for some stellas and some wine in celebration… DAM. GO CAPS…

    GO CAPS…

  • mr_dunnyrat

    Not relative with this post, but i would like to report another #AlzyCelly from last nights game after Orr vs. Erskine. Sneak peek after 40s mark in this video http://video.mapleleafs.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=534251&catid=802

  • Dave

    I see Tom Wilson graduated from the Kenny Wu school of fighting. #JerseyOverHead

  • Matt McNeely

    Hey alright, Alzy! That’s like what fans do in the front row at football games. Pounding on the railing. I get it.

  • salgotnv

    Have you seen the doc ‘the last gladiators’ (on netflix) about hockey enforcers. Pretty good documentary, and kind of changed my perspective on these guys and feeling like they ‘have to’ fight to earn a spot

  • Red

    PunchCorsi. Hahaha. Bravo.


    I understand the need for some of the enforcers to fight. But i think Tom Wilson is better suited to earning a spot with his play on ice. At least that is what i think,.

  • Rhino40

    Wilson dominated in PunchCorsi


    That fight reminded me a little of how Tie Domi used to roll: get control of your opponent’s sweater, spin him around a few times , then make with the uppercuts.

    A good scrap, but this was still–as Peter astutely put it–the undercard to the Erskine-Orr Main Event.

  • Rhino40

    I know some folks might be getting tired of this, but this time it’s entirely appropriate!