Tom Wilson: The Face of Intensity (Photos)


Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson doesn’t play a whole lot. He’s buried on the fourth line with Aaron Volpatti and Jay Beagle, despite possession stats that suggest he’s ready for moar. But that limited ice time hasn’t made Wilson an afterthought here at RMNB. Au contraire.

He had that triple check against Columbus; this big hit and that big hit and also this big hit, he made those sketch cards, he scored his first NHL point while sliding on his bootay, and oh yeah, he beat the tar out of me at NHL14.

My favorite Tom Wilson story  has to be his fight with Brayden Schenn. Geoff Burke’s pics of Willy Baby were terrific and made him look like the warrior he is.

Today is the opposite of that. Today I present Kevin Hoffman’s photos of Wilson playing the Buffalo Sabres last week.



Click to embiggen. You’re going to want to. (Photo credit: Kevin Hoffman)

That’s a face only a mama could love. And also RMNB readers.


I dedicate this post to you, albuspercivalbrian.

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  • sheena dunn

    maybe one day, we will pull a Matty P and score with his tongue!

  • Shawn Murphy

    I like that this is very similar to a political smear campaign except instead of trying to prevent an election, Ian is trying to undermine Wilson’s obvious handsomeness.


    Oland for 2014

  • I’m pretty sure these photos would probably make girls fawn over him even more. Am I right?

  • Oh, man. Such a great moment.

  • Julie Fainberg

    That would be a correct assumption

  • Shawn Murphy

    Yeah my fiancée’s a Wild fan, normally “caps talk” is a sore spot for our relationship but she is admittedly a big Tom Wilson fan after I showed her that bit you did playing NHL 14

  • Myan

    I have a pretty inappropriate crush on Tom Wilson but then I remind myself that he’s only 19 and was 12 years old when I graduated from high school. Talk about perspective.

  • Myan

    I’ve never wanted to be a 19 year old girl more in my life.

  • Camisha Luellen

    Well he’s my new desktop so I’d say you’re hip

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I think Tom Wilson might want to talk to Ovechkin about the best oral surgeon/dentist in NOVA. Only a matter of time till he eats a delicious slice of vulcanized rubber. On the up side dumb and dumber 2 is coming out, Tom Wilson oust Jim Carrey as chip toothed Lloyd Christmas…a capitals dream 🙂

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I honestly think that Tom Wilson should consult Ovechkin about the best oral surgeon/dentist in NOVA. Only a matter of time till Tom eats a face-full of vulcanized rubber with a grin like that. On the up side dumb and dumber 2 is coming out sometime this 2nd half of the season. So if his grill does get busted to bits, perhaps a cameo as Lloyd Christmas may do him just nicely 🙂

  • Diller M
  • BrazGoalie

    Oh boy I miss Perreault

  • Cole

    Shades of Michael Latta

    The photoshop potential is strong with this one.