Don Cherry warms-up the piano-desk. (Photo credit: @jessespector)

Around the same time I posted my article about Karl Alzner wigging out on the Caps bench after John Erskine‘s knockout punch of Colton Orr, Hockey Night in Canada aired another episode of Coach’s Corner.  Don Cherry also took note of Karl’s enthusiasm.

In the segment, Grapes saluted good ol’ Canadian boy Tom Wilson before giving a special shout-out to Alzner.

You’ll notice this during the video: Don really likes fights. Like really, really. And he’s on a warpath to keep fighting in hockey.

Video via @mkpanda78. She apologizes for how loud the fish tank is.

First, Cherry gave some love to the Toronto-native Wilson.

Ron MacLean: Let’s take a look at two tilts. [Judging] by your jacket, I know you want more violence in hockey. Tom Wilson, 19-years-old, fights with Carter Ashton…”

Don Cherry: Tommy Wilson, look at him. He’s 19-years-old. Look at ’em go. Boy is he going. I saw him play for the Junior Canadians. There’s Carter. Let me tell you about this kid: he’s from Winnipeg. This is what got Toronto going like that.

[Wilson] is 19. Nineteen and he could have played on [Canda’s World Junior Championship team]. One of my favorites. I know he’s watching right now, his parents are watching right now. I had to say it.

Cherry then went on to talk about Erskine’s fight with Orr. He tried to explain — I write that because I have no idea what he’s actually saying — fighting’s importance in hockey.

Don Cherry: Look at the fans going nuts. These people… Look at this. Watch the guy (Alzner). We’ll show it after. You people who don’t like fights. Look at the fans going nuts.

We’re going to show you a funny thing right now. He’s… what’s the guy’s name? [looks at MacLean]

Ron MacLean: It’s Karl Alzner.

Don Cherry: Karl Alzner! Watch this here. He says, “I am not worthy.” Watch! He bows down. You think players don’t like fights? You people don’t like fights. 98% of the players like fights, the fans love it, and everybody else loves it.

And that’s what you call a convincing argument.

  • Justin

    As long as they’re not celebrating goals, right Grapes?

  • Myan

    Don Cherry sure loves his Canadians.

  • Bob

    I have seen the piano desk video at least 50 times, still hilarious.

  • My favorite quote of this was: “Tommy Wilson, look at him. He’s 19-years-old. Look at ‘em go. Boy is he going.” Like, wut? Yes, he is going, let’s move on to actually discussing something now, Grapes.

  • Freedoooom

    We need a Ontario count on this video. He seems fascinated with pointing out multiple times on multiple players they are from Ontario.

  • Graham Dumas
  • IafrateNoGhosts

    Don Cherry wonders why Ovechkin wasn’t out there protecting his Canadian enforcers.

  • brian!

    A skilled defenseman showing emotion? Better sit him for a few games. – Michel Therrien

  • JJ

    Fighting in hockey >

    Sorry, folks…but it’s not going anywhere.

  • Diller M

    Obviously Oates and GMGM agree with Cherry, it’s not like Erskine and willy are earning their sweaters due to their on ice ability

  • Barrett

    I have an idea….let’s eliminate fighting from hockey, we don’t want anyone getting hurt. Then we should eliminate all physical contact, because we don’t want anyone getting hurt from elbows, shoulders and other hits to the head, boarding and charges. Next no more stick checks, someone might get hurt from a high stick to the head. Eventually hockey will be a bunch of Crosby’s skating around the ice freely taking shots at will. That would increase shot blocking by defenders and we cannot have that, they might get hurt. Maybe we should just make the game a 60 minute shootout. We wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally take a blow to the head or get hurt.

    Hockey is a physical contact sport. Players will get hurt, there is no way around. The number of players getting injured from body checks with direct or indirect blows to the head far outweighs the small number of injuries from fighting, but I don’t see anyone calling for a ban on body checks.

    There is a place for fighting in hockey.

  • Foppa

    Of the Anglo variety, at least – esp Ontario-born ones.

  • Owen Johnson

    Anyone who doesn’t know what he’s referring to..

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson


  • Red

    Breaking news: Don Cherry likes Canadians.