Look how happy he is.

Yesterday, eight-year-old Braden Neinaber — who suffers from Langerhans cell histiocytosis (a disease similar to cancer) — had his wish fulfilled by Braden Holtby, as he got to meet his favorite player and practice with the Washington Capitals. On Sunday, young Braden also participated in the ceremonial face-off before the Buffalo Sabres game.

He did not disappoint.

Before he dropped the puck, Neinaber threw Sabres captain and known pest Steve Ott out of the dot.

Why do I have the feeling Ovi had something to do with this?

Great moment.

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  • Marky Narc

    I love Ott’s little nod at the end. Totally playing along. Good on ya, Steve-o.

  • JakeDubber

    This is ridiculously adorable. And so, so right!

  • sheena dunn

    The kid is soooo damn cute!!!!!

  • Thejapuma

    Awesome moment. Ott played it great. Hockey players are the best.

  • Jack Conness

    Very cool. I do wish Ott played on the Caps…

  • mr_dunnyrat

    Demands: 1. Post Video 2. Instantly 3. Please

  • Pud

    where can I see the whole video?

  • VeggieTart

    That was too cute. But did anyone notice Ott took a playful swat at Neinaber just before he dropped the puck?

  • Eddie

    Ovie gave him one after he dropped the puck as well.

  • H70

    LOVE IT!!! Cutest thing to ever hit hockey.

  • Cheetahdave

    Right before this happened, Ott said something to the child, and the kid nodded. He said something else, and the kid nodded again. My impression is that this little bit was actually Ott’s idea. If so, I am even more impressed.

  • Just updated the post with it. Check it out.

  • George N Lyne


  • Diggerjohn111

    This is why hockey rules.

  • Jack Craig

    Hockey players always do it right when it comes to kids.

  • mordortourguide

    That is just so stinkin’ cute!!! I love how Ott came back and poked the kid with his stick. GO CAPS!!!

  • Joe Elfayer

    Related to that, Jack, About 10-15 yrs ago, a buddy and his son were waiting outside the fence by the Player’s parking lot at Sox Park. They were waiting for Frank Thomas and when he came to his car, my buddy asked Thomas if he could autograph a picture for his kid. Thomas looked at him and replied “$15”. He just walked away. Pathetic, but totally expected. Even after 2 recent Cups, the Blackhawks players are VERY sociable and approachable. True Gentlemen.

  • Dan Aronson

    Hockey just may be the last bastion of major sports decency on earth. I can count on one hand the number of guys that are “all-about-me-types” in the entire league. Instead, the vast majority of them are humble, blue collar, lunch-box kinda guys. And I can tell you as a Portland Winterhawks fan (WHL, Major Canadian Juniors), our guys are the classiest bunch of kids you will ever meet. Imagine having a kid stroll up to you at a public event and say, “Hi, I’m Nic Petan” and when you reply, “I know who you are” (2013 CHL co-scoring champion with 120 pts., standout on the Canadian Jr National Team, and recently signed to a fairly lucrative entry-level contract with the Jets) he actually gets embarrassed. Try doing that with A-Wad. HOCKEY RULES!!

  • Matt Carr

    Earlier that day, Holtyby takes the little guy into the locker room and on the ice in practice. He even gets into a fight and knows a guy out! Incredible!

  • Jeremy Hilbilly Love

    I have to agree with you that the Hawks players are some very classy kids. Always a treat to see them interact with kids at the meet and greets. You know that they are having a great time with the kids.

  • Here’s a new and improved GIF of the ‘toss out’ using the HD video

  • Ovi’s smile after Ott gets tossed from face-off

  • Rhino

    Yup, I think it was planned. Ott did ask if he was going to be thrown out of the dot, but still, good on Ott for not being a dick this time around.

  • ted

    Steve Ott.. Good ole Windsor Spitfires player always doing us proud!!