The Washington Capitals should have beaten the Buffalo Sabres on Sunday. If it wasn’t for Ryan Miller‘s stunning late third period save, they would have.

GIF by welshhockeyfan

With just over two minutes left, Alex Ovechkin fed the puck in front to Mikhail Grabovski. Facing a wide open net, Grabo attempted to flick the puck into the net. Miller, however, lunged to his right, stopping the puck with the end of his stick.

“That’s one of those ones were you’re just completely out of options,” Miller said after the game. “I knew I was in trouble.”

“Those can go wrong for you,” the goalie added. “More often than not those guys are going to score. I don’t think he got quite all of it and it gave me time to put a blade on it.”

Thanks to Miller’s 28 saves, Buffalo beat the Caps 2-1 in the shootout. I’ll have more on him tomorrow.

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  • Andrew Walker

    Girlfriend: “You guys should be able to beat the Sabres. They’re the Sabres.”
    Andstrodamus: “Yes, but can we beat the Sabres plus Ryan-Fucking-Miller? What if he does some more of that crazy Ryan Miller stuff?”

    I should have sacrificed a goat after I said that, for invoking His Noisome Name without tribute brings only tears.

    only tears…

  • bob

    i hate ryan miller

  • Myan

    My 15 year history of extreme sports fandom tells me that Ryan Miller is going to implode at the Olympics when I’m rooting for him to play out of his mind….and then he will continue to stonewall the Capitals 🙁

  • araporrada21

    What a picture !

  • Bryan Egan

    He was the only reason the US made it to the medal round in 2010. I wish he was on a good team and actually got a shot occasionally at the Cup. Dude is sick.