Evgeny Kuznetsov’s New Pug (Photos)


Photo credit: @Kuzya92

Washington Capitals top prospect Evengy Kuznetsov posted an updated family photo on Twitter Monday. It featured him, his wife Nastia, and his adorable new pug. The caption reads Simply Belyash, which means Simply a Meat Pie. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it’s still awesome. I have so many questions. Like what is the name of Kuznetsov’s new pug? Why does the pup look so sad? And most importantly, why is Kuznetsov wearing a hat that says “homies?”

Look at this guy. What a cutie patootie.


But this wouldn’t be a Kuznetsov story without some drama. Later that night, Kuzya’s pug got excited and gave his papa a present.

And thus concludes another essential RMNB Caps With Pets post.

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  • Freedoooom

    Capitals have a bunch of yuppie dogs. Ovi and Maria got another German Shepherd though it appears.


  • Slow news day?

    I love that you’ve tagged the post with “pug”.

  • Holy_Cal, I’m insulted that you think we wouldn’t post this on a busy news day.

  • Jo

    the “homies” hat is a play/joke on fashion brand “Hermes”

  • SM74

    Guys, WTF, really! I am so ashamed of you. For a blog whose name includes the word “Russian” and who has laid a claim to all the glorious Soviet outer space, such outrageous ignorance.

    Belyash is a traditional meat pie common in Tatar cuisine. It’s delicious, especially when eaten with sour cream. Which is how we eat EVERYTHING, including our deserts and our ecstasy.

    The word Belyash also sounds like “belyi”, which means white. So, obviously, Kuzya named his dog that, because the dog is white and because to a Russian any potentially edible animal is a dollop of sour cream away from being a meat pie.

    You are welcome. Now, back to covering your man crush on Wilson.

  • Thanks, Slava!

    Igor, you have failed us.

  • Yo8

    You beat me! I was going to ask why no mention of Ghera’s puppy! Like what’s wrong with you people? It’s was Ovi’s Christmas wish!

  • Igor Kleyner

    No, I haven’t. Belyash is a Belyash – a disgusting deep fried lump of dough with a lump of mystery meat inside, sold by elderly women out of kiosk for 14 kopecks a piece. Tatars may have had the best intentions in mind originating this torturous culinary creation, by the time the Ministry of Obshchepit was finished with it the original dish was completely irrelevant. Having grown up in Moldovania, Slava wasn’t exposed to the wonders of Soviet state cuisine properly. Just checked with my Moldovanistanian-born better half, and it is confirmed – it was, in fact, a small corner of the Evil Empire where a true Soviet Belyash was not available.
    Oh, and the whole “white” angle – this wouldn’t be a true Slava comment without at least a little bit of benign race-baiting, would it? 🙂

  • RIP Wendel Bark


  • Hahaha you got me there…

  • Very sad, you’d have to think he’d be able to afford the real thing with Traktor paying him like 5 gazillion rubles.

  • SM74

    Just translate, little man, won’t you?

    “True Soviet belyash” is a non-existent meal because there was nothing true about it. It is also completely irrelevant in the contest of this piece of journalism (which I can only deem to be that of the highest standard available in the profession, it I could safely pass these judgements, being merely a member of the lame-stream media and not an enlightened and beautiful from every possible angle Blogger), because Mr. Kuznetsov was not even born when anything Soviet was still true and/or existing.

    His frame of reference vis-a-vis naming of a potentially edible life companion is blissfully free of your memories of Pirozhki s Myasom, Neylonovaya Rubashka, Sel’tserskaya s Porebrikom, and whatever other “deficit goods” the Soviet Capital of Zhlobs forever imprinted in your mind.

    Black power, bitches!

  • SM74

    Oh, and by the way, my wife is both Tatar and from Moscow, so I probably know more about Belyashs and have more capital-city culture than anyone ever spawned by Zhlob City known primarily for foul weather and an inferiority complex which can be seen from space.

  • Igor Kleyner

    Ah, yes, “little men” – Napoleon, Lenin, Whyno… I am in good company! Also, us shorties live longer!
    And as far as the origin of the Pug’s name – well, lets see some real journalism, just ask him when you are there! Or are you too MSM for that kind of question? #dare

  • SM74

    Napoleon was above average height for his time. You can have Lenin and Whyno, even though one of them didn’t live that long (and would’ve lived even less if Jewish ladies could shoot worth a damn) and the other’s longevity is yet to be proven (Sochi will be a severe test).

  • Igor Kleyner

    Well, I guess we found something in common – we both married up! That, and our shared undying love for Zenit!

  • SM74

    And it’s Zhlobist fans, the absolute worst human beings in humanity’s post-Nazi and pre-Wookie history.

  • Myan

    Let’s not let a Russian pastry break this Russian Machine.

  • Myan

    HOMIES is an actual fashion brand. I’m not sure if it’s a play/joke on Hermes because if that’s the case, it’s really really lame.

  • RT23

    Cute dog but more importantly, these Russian hockey players marry well, don’t they?