Photo credit: Rob Carr

After Brooks Laich shanked a beautiful slap pass from Karl Alzner in the first period, it didn’t seem like it would be Karl’s night. But the defensive defenseman’s never-ending quest for Assist Number Nine was not over yet.

Alzner brought out his mighty excalibur again in the second period and, lo, he hooked up with Alex Ovechkin for one of the Russian Machine’s more beautiful — and unlikely — goals of the year.

Roust the smallfolk. Sir Karl has unearthed a ruby apple!

Joe B.: “Ovechkin from zero angle, a tremendous shot!”

Mikhail Grabovski threw a behind-the-back pass to the point, where Alzner zipped a short pass right into Ovi’s wheelhouse. Then, straining credulity, the Great Eight blasted it home — despite no angle and Antti Niemi covering pretty much everything.

Look at this ish.

GIFs by Ian Oland

That was Ovechkin’s 33th goal of the season. His one-game goalless streak is now over, to the relief of millions. We can stop stress-eating ice cream for every meal.

Speaking to Rob Carlin during the second intermission, Ovechkin played coy.

Nah, I’m pretty sure that was all skill.

  • Chris Cerullo

    The fact that he also went shelf from that angle…….My god.

  • Steve

    Is it bad that all i really care about is Ovi scoring as many goals as possible this year? Our team blows. We never beat SJS so an Ovi goal and a point for the team is good enough for me.

  • Steve

    Oh and he really needs to figure something out on shootouts, because this is just getting embarrassing.

  • Yo8

    This reminds me of that Sasha goal against… Boston?

  • Jack Conness

    His shot is amazing. Can someone set him up like this in the shootout?

  • BlueGreen

    Ovi cheats at physics.

  • Benjamin Esham

    yes great memory! he looked for a pass on the PP and it wasn’t there so he was probably thinking “no one open .. shoot puck” and boom over Thomas’s left shoulder sharp angle late in the 2nd for the eventual Gwg. I totally just fangirled over remembering that ..

  • GuestZ

    Like last year’s empty net bs…

  • Eric Schulz

    I just really, really, really, really want him to actually score an Ovech-trick. Pretty sure it’s 9, although it seems like it should only be 8. I’d take 8, if I’m being honest.

  • Red

    Caps fans have a high hockey IQ. Generally everybody is on their feet the instant a goal is scored, because they watch the team, not the players, and they can see see a play develop. When you do that, you can often predict the outcome to a much higher degree than the casual observer. On this play, however, there was a significant pause in the stadium before the celebration ensued, because nobody expected Ovi, or anyone else to even attempt a shot from that angle. The fact that he nailed that is incredible, but more importantly, it speaks volumes about the advantages of not falling into a predictable pattern on offense. This is the reason we’re having a difficult time against great goalies. Goaltenders see the game much clearer than the rest of the team. They are almost like the fans in that regard. They have the luxury of seeing the big picture, not having to constantly react to individual players. What great goaltenders do with that luxury is read plays and recognize patterns. When you assess the situation correctly, your accuracy and reaction time improve exponentially over using simple guesswork.
    My point is: Take more shots, crash the net, surprise the goalie. Time-proven keys to soaring moar goals.