Photo credit: Gene J. Puskar

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has had an unbelievable year. It’s not just how many goals he scored; it’s how he’s been scoring them.

On Tueday, Ovi scored from an impossible angle. On Wednesday, the Russian machine scored on Pittsburgh just seconds after those dastardly Pens slashed his stick away.

As The Great Eight skated across the slot, Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik separated Ovi from his stick. Ovechkin, extending his hands out like What the frick?!, didn’t give up on the play. He reversed, picked up his graphite weapon, and got in position for a one-timer.

Marcus Johansson, astutely noticing that Ovechkin was back in the play, hit his teammate with a sweet pass. Ovechkin one-timed it past Marc-Andre Fleury.

GIFs by Ian Oland

The goal was clutch. It gave the Caps their third lead of the game and put them up top with less than nine minutes to go. The Caps eventually wilted, losing 4-3.

Ovechkin, who had six shots and three hits, is on pace for 60 goals. He’s not the problem.

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  • MVP! MVP!…sorry, too early?

  • You’re good. You could have gotten away with that like 7 weeks ago.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    The force is strong with this Russian. Never knew that Ovi was training to be a Jedi 🙂


    Man. Please Caps… don’t let OVI’s stay here a waste… Please build a winning team and play well so he can get a chance at a cup… i wonder if Ovi will make like Lebron and go somewhere else for a chance at a cup. I would hate to see it but i wish him a cup in his life time…. He is a beast… a fine tuned scoring machine…

  • yv

    This goal belongs to the Ovis series, when hes disappearing from opponents view either rushing from the bench or, like in this case, temporarily incapacitated by a clear penalty. Caps and Ovi should use more such disappearing acts).
    And what about last minute. Pens probably screamed on each other on the bench that Ovi should’n get puck at any cost, and they succeeded in this despite they should be penalized couple times for holding and slashing.

  • Tom

    Haha I wish! Though obviously, the MVP has to be Sid. 12 point lead over 2nd place Kane in points (68-56).

  • salgotnv

    I am so happy that this happened. If I don’t see it on goal countdowns of the week I am writing a strongly worded letter to all of the networks

  • Red

    So stick)))))

  • Catherine__M

    This thought has crossed my mind many times. And I’m pretty sure if it’s crossed my mind, it’s crossed his. Or at least his agent’s. :/. Not usually a debbie downer but…it’s kind of an elephant in the room, no?


    Well, i think ovi is loyal enough that if the caps don’t ever get enough chances, he will be like Dale Hunter at the end of his run here…. And that just makes me like OVI more and more… he is the greatest CAP that will ever have donned the uniform… well so far in the history of CAPS… that is just my opinion. never seen anyone play for the caps like ovi… proud to be a caps fan. with that said. how bout BB on the west side? i never had an opinion about his firing. but would u rather be mediocre and not make playoffs? or be real good in the regular season on a regular basis and not have to worry bout making playoffs??? are we seriously in a better position to make the playoffs now and make a run now? or is it time we seriosuly looked at GM position. I love Adam Oates. GM. i do not know. has he not had his chances???