Can someone explain to me if Russian superstars Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin are friends or not? First, they were doods. Then they were enemies. Then Ovi punched Malkin’s agent in the face and things got super awkward. Then they were cool again. When we last re-visited their on-again-off-again whatever-it-is-they-have, they were totally BFF.

Look at these guys. They’re straight cheesin.’


On Wednesday, however, the future Olympic teammates got testy in head-to-head NHL action, Ovechkin slashed Malkin’s wrists. He nearly took off Malkin’s hand, Empire Strikes Back style.

For a moment, I imagined a future headline: Ovechkin Breaks Olympic Teammate’s Wrist, Discusses with Matt Lauer on Today Show. But Malkin ended up being okay and didn’t miss a shift.

I ask again: are these guys friends? Is Russia comfortable with them on the same team? The same line? If Malkin grabs the last bottle of Coke from the hospitality tent in Sochi, is Ovechkin gonna let it slide? Or will we have a sports.ru exclusive about how Ovechkin and Malkin rumbled in the Olympic Village?

Malkin and Ovechkin’s On Ice Friendship

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  • Yo8

    It’s rough love ♥♥♥

  • Owen Johnson

    I’m gonna say; bros when wearing Mother Russia’s sweaters. Foes when they wear rival team sweaters. Just going out on a limb.

  • Manitoba_Mercy

    all these flackbacks are ovi going after malkin lol. i miss this ovi

  • Matthew Kory

    You haven’t been watching this season, have you?

  • Benjamin Esham


  • Manitoba_Mercy

    i havent missed a game

  • RL

    It’s hockey. Ovi hits everyone. He hit Semin during a Canes game and went out to dinner with him afterward. I’d be more concerned if he made an exception for Malkin than because he doesn’t. Heck, I think they’d be disappointed in each other. I get that they had a tiff in the past, but it had nothing to do with on-ice hits. There’s nothing to this.

  • RL

    Wait, are you saying that people are nice to their teammates and not nice to their opponents? That’s too out there for me.

  • JenCo

    Ovi said if he has to lay Nicky out out in the Olympics, he will. However, he and Geno do appear to have a very weird relationship off the ice.

  • sara

    according to one of the pens beat writers geno and ovie had a long chat after the game. and also geno kept him waiting because he was too busy flirting with nastia liukin lol.


    I think it’s inferiority complex for EM. Like, I don’t want to stand down to you OVI. I am my own man…. and Ovi back slaps him and says, what? shaddap!!!

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    i miss it to.. he still hits but not like before.. not the big “im gonna kill you” hits..

  • Shaun Phillips

    MP85 🙁

  • Rob W.

    They are definitely bro’s but Ovi hates whoever he plays against. He would take his mother out if she played for the other team

  • yv

    Even on the gif it looks like Ovi was concerned and probably apologized while they skated together to the bench talking in Russian as (PMg) mentioned. In recent interview Malkin has said that Ovi his brother.

  • Red

    You’re looking at two hardcore competitors. These dudes have their priorities strait and their alliances in order. They’re also professionals who make a clear distinction between their professional and personal lives.
    Also, ’cause hockey.

  • RL

    I’m not sure “funny” is the right word I’d use, but that’s probably just me not liking hits to the head. In any case, it obviously wasn’t personal.

  • RL

    Not his biggest fan AT ALL, but I can’t imagine why Evgeni Malkin would have an inferiority complex.


    Inferiority to Ovi. Just imagine coming up the the russian hockey tree. Ovi has always outshined EM. and now EM is trying to say, i am my own man. and once again, Ovi says, SHADDAP. u will always be my BI@!#$!!!… i can totally see that happening…

  • RL

    I don’t really see it that way… They’re very different players who’ve been very successful, won individual trophies, led in different areas, both had international success. Obviously, I like Ovi better, but I’d love to be the coach of Team Russia and have that “problem.”


    yeah. i mean it was just my opinion. From what i see. EM is MOSTLY on the receiving end of OVI’s checks.and I think EM is tryin to stand up for himself. and Ovi’s is tryin to emphatically say, ‘and u r goin to do what?’ like a big brother bullying his little brother in sports. but that is just my opinion. i don’t ever see EM ratcheting up the physicality of their altercations in the future. and I believe OVI is just looking for excuses and to prove a point that it will continue and i am gonna slap u around.

  • RL

    That’s probably true. Malkin is never going to be as physical of a player as Ovi, and I do get what you mean about the brotherly competition vibe.


    Have you seen Ovechkin’s mother? She’d destroy ovi if ovi ran into her.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    That one at the bottom where Ovi blindsided Malkin as he was battling Perry for the puck: Awesomeness…

  • Freedoooom


    Its a completely unnatural reaction to shake your hand around because it hurts.

    Also, Ovechkin got out of Malkins way when he could of nailed him legally. Pisses me off too.

  • BigRest

    I hope to remember this post whenever the next Capital player gets blindsided and hopefully broken. Awesomeness…

  • BigRest

    Hit the crack pipe one more time for mama.

  • BigRest

    Can you please have somebody older than 14 in your home post here?

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    A sign of insecurity is when your team is first in the division, and you still feel the need to go on a rival teams’ fansite and talk shit.

    Also, hockey is a physical game (that’s what the pads are for), and since you’re obviously new to the sport, I’m going to tell you what Malkin up there (as well as Jagr) learned the hard way: If you don’t pay attention & don’t keep your head up, you deserve to get hit like that (even Caps players). Your fragile star center Crosby has you Pens fans thinking you shouldn’t be allowed to make big hits like that…


    I will. As soon as you take the picture of your mama off of here.


    Uh huh. i am sure a 14 year old posting will be too much for you. Go take another Selfie.


    That selfie came out too detailed,