Sidney Crosby Welcomes Connor Carrick to the NHL (GIF)


Check out Carrick’s grimace.

When I get frustrated, I try to leave the situation before I do something stupid. I go outside, I gather my thoughts, I try to compose myself.

World-class hockey player Sidney Crosby doesn’t have that luxury. He’s trapped in a 200′ x 85′ plexiglass case of emotion. Or maybe he really is an enabled and entitled goon who enjoys temper tantrums, complaining, and cheap shots. Whatever it is, Crosby lashed out again on Wednesday night. This time he took his aggression out on poor li’l Connor Carrick.

As Jussi Jokinen‘s stick grazed Crosby’s face during a scrum behind the net, Crosby lost his mind, shoving the closest and smallest thing to him, the diminutive Carrick, right in the throat.

Crosby infinitely shoving. (GIFs by Ian Oland)

Carrick got up and, after surveying the situation, did nothing — probably because he thought the whole thing was pretty cool. In his eyes, that may very well have been the second coolest play of his brief NHL career so far.

But Carrick is still just 5’10” (on a good day) and 180 pounds, and completely unsuspecting of Crosby’s assault.

Crosby should really pick on dudes his own size. At least that makes for good TV.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    Everything he does makes me dislike him more and more.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Crosby vs Semin would be a hilarious scrap

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    In retaliation for the “scott farkus” style bullying that crosby dished out on carrick, John Erskine reminds Sid of his humble roots as a toadie, resemblance…most definitely

  • Owen Johnson

    I like how he backed of as soon as Big John came over. I was REALLY hoping for a fight. I’m gonna go watch his fight against Coton Orr again.

  • Red

    I cringed when they referred to Crosby as “hockey strong”. And then I cursed Erskine for his monstrous self-restraint.

  • Jack Conness

    Erskine sucks on the ice but he is a nice goon to have around the net. Not worth it but cool seeing him defend his guys.

  • Rhino40

    This is why–instead of the overused “Cindy Crysby”–I refer to him as Sid-the-Id…as in Freud’s ego, superego, and id…

  • He’s expected to be a physical presence to push guys out of the crease. Nope.

  • Rob W.

    such a fake tough guy

  • Chip

    I also loved when Malkin was trying to talk shit to Erskine and acted all tough but when Erskine was there and ready to go he just skated off.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    Semin would slap him twice, then Engelland would come rushing in to defend his queen…

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    Big John vs Sidney Crosby? WHY GOD WHY WON’T THIS HAPPEN????

  • Myan

    Carrick looked sorely out of place last night and really, this exchange between him and Crosby said it all. He’s too small to play D in the league with his current skill set. If you don’t have the size and you don’t have the skating or hands, you really need to be solid with your positioning & reading of the game. I’d like to see the management send him back to Hershey for a while and let him work on his game.

  • JH

    Nailed it.

  • Steve

    I do not think that was Erskine’s man. The play went wrong when Wilson went down to block a pass, lost his man. Carrick then shifted over leaving his man open in front so Erskine moves from covering Malkin (his man) to trying to get to the guy in front of the net. But the screen grab shows Erskine closest, so he gets the blame?

  • ErskSMASH

    clearly this still frame shot is evidence of ersk’s complete fault on this play.

  • Barrett

    Taylor Pyatt is 6′-4″ and 230lbs
    John Erskine is 6′-4″ and 220lbs
    As much as I like what Erskine brings, he’s not going to move Pyatt from his position in front of the crease as easily as you think.

    I thought Erskine played pretty well last night for being paired with Carrick. I wish that was Oleksy that Crosby knocked down though! The guys who got abused on defensedefense were Green (Malkin is doing that to anyone in open ice), Carlson and Alzner.

  • Tell me about it… Fucking Carrick isn’t fit to wear a Caps sweater.

    Or were you speaking of your dislike for the best player in the game?

  • TowsonTrumpetGuy .

    I honestly just want to see Sid’s pansy ass get knocked the f*** out.

  • ErskSMASH

    shhhhh, toe the company line, ersk must move large objects with a flick of his wrist, skate like a 20something yr old top4 dman, and is the root of all defensive problems on this team

  • troyerlaw

    Couldn’t disagree more. Certainly he’s young and inexperienced, but he skates well and handles and moves the puck well. There have been plenty of small, highly effective defensemen, including guys like Mathieu Schneider, back in the day. The reason 87 popped off on the kid was that Carrick was playing him hard and aggressively and 87 got frustrated. Anyway, i have to think that Oates and Calle see definite upside to Carrick, since they are giving him the sweater over guys like Schmidt and Olesky and, before he was waived, Urbom. I think the kid has good potential, and I’m glad to see him getting a chance.

  • Myan

    Fact of the matter is that in the context of an entire game,
    he doesn’t handle and move the puck well. He looked like an AHL defender last night. On more than one occasion, he tried to carry the puck through the neutral zone and turned it over between the blue ones, he made poor passes when we were in transition out of the zone, his positioning was poor…the list could go on and on. I don’t have anything against him but he looked out of place. Sid didn’t give Connor a push because he made a good defensive play…if Carrick had made a good defensive play, Crosby wouldn’t have been able to throw the puck in front of net. Carrick got pushed because he got in Sid’s face when he tried to put his stick under Neuvy’s hands after the whistle blew.

    I have nothing against Carrick and I agree that there’s upside to his game but he needs to work on refining his game in Hershey. If we were the Penguins and 8+ pts clear at the top of the conference, I’d say let the kid play with the big boys but we
    can’t afford to lose games right now. His Corsi was 30% last night and if I remember correctly, he was a -3 on the night. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • sean

    If we only had 5 more like Erskine we would be unbeatable

  • Diller M

    This is another example of blown execution by big ole #4. Everybody knows Skid is a hot head and you can get him off his game if you get in his face. Carrick was trying to do that, Ersk comes over and breaks it up. This was an opportunity for Ersk to come over pop Skid and leave him skating around trying to make cheap shots the rest of the game. Totally worth 2 minutes if you ask me.

  • BearsFan

    He didn’t say anything about Datsyuk.

  • Tom Martin

    If Carrick doesn’t belong in the NHL neither does Erskine. And both of them were on the ice with Malkin alot more than they had any business being. I’d like to see Carrick w/ Olesky. Or Olesky w/ Schmidt. Or Carrick w/ Schmidt.

  • Myan

    Of course Erskine doesn’t belong in the NHL (anymore). He likes to do impressions of pylons and statues in the middle of a game. His job is to play a physical game & clear the crease but I don’t think he has the legs or whereabouts to do that anymore.

    I really like Schmidt and I wholly agree that he should get a sweater over Erskine. I really hope that Oates & Co. give Schmidty another chance and start phasing out Erskine because it’s obvious that he can’t hang with the young forwards zipping by him anymore. I still think that Carrick needs to refine his game in Hershey and possibly put on about 15 lbs before he can be a factor in the NHL.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Classic Malkin. Get angry, act all tough n’ shit, flee when shit gets real.

    Or take an ill advised stick penalty to an unsuspecting opponent.

  • holtbysaidno

    That’s a great shot of Big John having to leave his mark (Malkin by the way) last minute to cover for Carrick who decided to leave Pyatt by his lonseome in front of Neuvy

  • Tom Martin

    The thing with Carrick is he at least has some good to go with the mental errors. I think Oates and co. really like how he handles the puck. I agree he could use some more refining, but I like him getting a sweater more than Erskine. Whenever he’s on the ice it feels like he’s getting skated by and/or completely out of position.

  • Jack Conness


  • Chris Cerullo

    I dislike the best player in the game. You are correct. What does him being very good at hockey have anything to do with my level of dislike for him?

  • BrianMc76

    You are a joke and this is a joke of story. First of all, it was a scrum around the goalie. Who cares?!?! There were some before this play and some after within the same game, and NOBODY gets pushed and shoved more than Crosby and that’s the truth whether you like it or not.. Secondly, it wasn’t Jokinen’s stick that hit him and you know it!! Jokinen’s stick did come up but after the other stick did and Jokinen’s barely touched Crosby. It was accidental, no doubt, but doesn’t it make for a better story that it was a Penguins’ stick that set him off. Lastly, if this guy is 5’10 and you want Crosby to “pick on dudes his own size”, how big do you think Crosby is? This is ridiculous.

  • Baseball

    You are a joke and this is a joke of story. First of all, it was a scrum around the goalie. Who cares?!?! There were some before this play and some after within the same game, and NOBODY gets pushed and shoved more than Crosby and that’s the truth whether you like it or not.. Secondly, it wasn’t Jokinen’s stick that hit him and you know it!! Jokinen’s stick did come up but after the other stick did and Jokinen’s barely touched Crosby. It was accidental, no doubt, but doesn’t it make for a better story that it was a Penguins’ stick that set him off. Lastly, if this guy is 5’10 and you want Crosby to “pick on dudes his own size”, how big do you think Crosby is? This is ridiculous.

  • Without many shutdown defensemen in the system, the Caps have put all their eggs in the “good skating, puck movers” basket. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I think Carrick can play. While matching him with a veteran is essential, Erskine has had a poor year and is a liability himself.

    So that pairing definitely has the potential to be disaster (tiny rookie, slow plodding veteran) especially going against top lines.

  • Tom Martin

    I agree w/ this. Maybe we could get a depth defensemen who could play in our third pairing for a goalie, any goalie?? Any chance Hillen is back this year? I feel like Hillen and Carrick would be much less of a disaster.

    Am I missing something though? How can they justify Erskine getting a sweater over some of our other, younger defensemen?

  • Because GMGM signed him to an extension. You can’t just give away assets, you know? Especially when the team is spending to the top of the salary cap and doesn’t have much NHL depth on defense. And to be fair to Ersk, he was fantastic last year until the playoffs IMO.

    I think there’s a chance of Hillen comes back this year, but with the injury he suffered, you can’t really make any guarantees there. Would be easy to have setbacks.

    In regards to the organization’s defense as a whole, I’m positive they actually have some prospect depth, especially in Hershey now. I know with the Caps giving up 35 shots a night, it’s difficult to see progress. But Wey could develop into something good. Carrick is progressing quickly. So is Schmidt. They are finally starting to develop a bunch of kids that could be with this team for a long time and help supplement and push out guys like Erskine and Hillen. That’s good news to me.

  • Chip

    That’s the Penguin way!

  • Tom Martin

    Thanks for responding, i really enjoy the back and forth!

    You’re right about him last year; I was never wowed by Erskine on D last year, but this year it seems he’s constantly chasing the play. Could some of the good things last year have been impacted by having a line mate as good as Carlson? To that point, I guess some of his off play this year so far is having a 19 year old across from him.

    I agree with you about giving away assets, except that hasn’t been the teams strategy w/ other players. We gave away the guy who should be playing 3rd line center(MP85) and we’re trying to give away a top-6(at least by reputation) wing in Erat.

    I haven’t seen enough of Wey. I really like the way Schmidt looks in what I’ve seen of him. Has is Schilling progressing? Is that over? Also, is there a way for me to watch hershey games online?

  • OlietheGoalie

    Oh get a life. 87 is a baby, and everyone knows it.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Crosby won’t fit someone like Erskine. He knows his poor little metal mouth will get wrecked in a second.

  • I’m not really in love with Schilling as a player, but management likes him so much because he’s just an incredible skater. There may be upside there still though. Schmidt — if Peter even finishes his story!!! — had a great run with the Caps and had some awesome possession numbers to back it up.

    I think Wey though could potentially be a top-four, Alzner type guy. I saw games of his when he played in college, and he’s really a smart dude. He just needs experience, but I have pretty big expectations for him.

    If you wanted to watch Hershey games, you could do so on AHL Live. Full season pass or individual games:

  • Pat Magee

    61-88 > 58-4

  • This is why no one respects capitals fans. The lot of you are Johnny come lately’s who can’t see that Crosby is beyond a generational talent, who is a worthy adversary to have.

    I don’t get the obsessive hatred towards a team and one singular player, who have all but dominated the Capitals in the teams brief history. The penguins have three Cups, our team has zero. It’s not a rivalry. They’re better, they most likely always will be.

  • OlietheGoalie

    It think it’s pretty obvious we hate Penguins (and usually their fans) because of people like you that come to a CAPITALS BLOG to flaunt or mock.

  • I’m a capitals fan, idiot.

  • Superovechkong

    Lol the writer is mad at crosby bcuz he is the best player in the world nuff said hate sum moar lol!!!

  • Queldorei

    Crosby has twice the points of datsyuk talk about that production is the key more points more chance to win and consistancy is a very big factor… -.- bakahna!

  • RL

    Not to split hairs, but Crosby’s not exactly a giant. He’s, what, 5’11 at best? A little heavier, but I’m not sure “bully” is appropriate here.

  • RL

    Very nice. No reason to drag women down to insult Crosby, either.

  • MuseoftheNetherworld!!!

    So,let me get this straight it is OK to smack Crosby with a stick but it is not OK to bite back? Here’s the thing that really irritates me is that if this was anybody else we would say oh! that was a CHEAPSHOT but,because it is Crosby it makes a never no mind! Ok, now that I see all common sense regarding hockey as left the building I will just keep on keeping on with my theory which is:All ya’ll need to quit sippin’ on that haterade cause’ you aint’t foolin’ nobody as,your true colors are a blazin’! With all that being said.. Peace,love,and soul! and oh ya..take care all!!

  • BigRest

    Apparently you haven’t watched much hockey since he was 19 years old.

  • BigRest

    Sticks hits 87 in the face, a guy who has missed two years during his prime from head injury. He smacks the first person he sees, nearest to him before even looking who it was, who happens to be a guy who may never play a full year ever. And it becomes a story? Thank God nobody else in hockey has ever done such a violent, crazed and maniacal thing, AMIRIGHT?

    Who’s doing all the crying now? lol The vaginal soreness this blog has is unparalleled.

  • BigRest
  • Chris Cerullo

    I agree with you. Crosby is a generational talent. He’s the best player in the game currently by far. The Penguins are and have been a better team than the Caps. This current “rivalry” definitely does not exist although the past one was a real thing. However, with all that said, I respect Sid but I am fully entitled to hate him as much as I want. You’re being ignorant if you say otherwise.