I’m not sure when Washington Capitals players became all about video bombing each other during interviews, but I’m grateful. In fact, we’ve seen so many funny faces during interviews this season, you have to assume the players are keeping a leader board inside the locker room and whoever has the most at the end of the year gets a paid vacation to Vancouver to perfect the art with Ryan Kesler.

We’ve seen Joel Ward video-bomb Karl Alzner and Pierre McGuire, Ovechkin troll Tom Wilson, and Troy Brouwer brouwerbomb half the team.

On Friday, the most polite dude on the team even got in the action.

As Jason Chimera spoke to Monumental Network’s Mike Vogel after the morning skate Friday, Nicklas Backstrom entered stage left and put his face as close as possible to Chimera’s grill.

For about five seconds, there was an amazing awkwardness. After Backstrom nods, Chimera finally realizes he’s there and flashes a big smile.

GIF by Ian Oland

The Caps might only have accumulated two out of a possible eight points over their last four games, but you can’t say their bad play recently is due to a lack of team camaraderie!

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  • Barrett

    Does this kinda of stuff happen in every NHL locker room? Or do we as Washington Capitals fan just have the best blog to cover this type of material?

    It would seem after you just got shalacked by the freaking Columbus Blue Jackets and on a five game losing streak you wouldn’t be joking around in front of the cameras during interviews.

  • Alex

    Well…… at least they’re in good spirits.

  • brian!

    It’s not just limited to the locker rooms, sometimes the fans get in on the action.


    Nick Backstrom following the teams next lost “We weren’t prepared… took the other team too lightly” Or some general excuse. Backy has been the worst player based on expectation the last 4 games for the caps. Not acceptable on a low talent team where he is supposed to be the go to center.

  • As I mention in the article above, this was after the morning skate on Friday (and many, many hours before the game against the Blue Jackets).

  • Tadd

    @lasagnasonja – awesome!

  • Christoffer Salo Salomonsson

    you mean these 4 games when he played with Brouwer and laich?

  • Diller M

    Ovechking, you’re assignment for your next post is to try to find something positive. Even something little. Did you have a good snack during the game? It’s a losing streak, not the end of the world.

  • Diller M

    Backey shows that he is also the most intelligent player on the team, leaving his helmet on for such a close encounter. You never know how a guy like Chimmer will react.

  • Barrett

    Yeah I read it, I made the assumption that if they’d joke around after losing to Pittsburgh they’ll do it anytime. After the Columbus, after a playoff game, after getting shutout by a backup goalie, after getting out shot 432 to 23….see where I am going with this?

    Coach has to end this crap.

  • Barrett

    I’m sure he’ll light up the stat sheet once you get being the bench and put him on a line with Erat and Tom Wilson….

  • Matt McNeely

    Seconded! It’s not hard. With the Caps out of the Jackets game so early, I was able to get in a little extra video gaming. See?


    Your telling me this so called “elite center” who many caps fans think is a top 5 center in the (such a laughable statement) can’t elevate Brouwer and Laichs game? And the last two games, he’s had fehr on his wing.

  • salgotnv

    Even if it was after the loss, rather see them keep morale up by being goofy than crying into their gloves

  • Mike Orlo Anderson

    Blue jackets are hot now… caps are not