Alex Ovechkin Scores From The Ovi Spot™ Again (GIF)


Photo credit: Gene J. Puskar

The Washington Capitals’ game against the New York Rangers Sunday was one of those disasters where, as a fan, forgetting it happened is better than actually discussing it.

So let’s make this quick. Alex Ovechkin scored his 35th goal of the season. It was on a two-man advantage. It was pretty.

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Everyone in the entire arena knew Ovechkin was going to shoot, including Henrik Lundqvist. He still scored.

That fact was not lost on NBCSN’s Dave Schrader.

Things are pretty dire right now. The Capitals keep losing and keep sinking in the standings.

At least we have Ovi to marvel at.

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  • Jack Conness

    That is so devastating. I wish he had a team around him. He deserves like 15 Stanley Cups. Maybe more.

  • Jay DeLancey

    can we get the comments from Keith Jones during intermission up here too?

  • Mike Dietz

    I’m almost hoping that they tank this year so that Ted either has to fire GMGM or at least blow up the core of this team before Ovi’s entire prime is wasted playing for a team that is just good enough to qualify for the playoffs

  • Jay DeLancey

    he won’t be firing GMGM — last year of his contract. but a strong boot out the fucking door from Kettler would be great!

  • gwenkaylor

    that shot, it’s a thing of beauty every time…

  • GuestZ

    I liked what he said. Ovi scored, didn’t over celebrate, and yet the team around him ain’t doin so hot. That was the most consecutive bit of this game I watched without fast-forwarding my DVR after that first goal.

  • Diller M

    I give this post an up arrow. Every game I always think, “at least Ovi got his” it takes the sting away a little.

  • Nomo

    I’ll never get used to his incredible shot, i’m amazed everytime…

  • Steve

    It’s sad, but as long as Ovi gets one, I feel a lot better about the loss.