Martin Erat had a hat trick of penalties tonight against the New York Rangers. They were all costly.

Erat’s first period hook of John Moore led to a Rick Nash power play goal. His interference minor in front of the net negated what would have been potentially a game-changing Mike Green tally. Finally, late in the second period he speared Brian Boyle in the nards so hard that he may never be able to have kids. I guess that’s what the Rangers center gets for sitting on the puck in the defensive zone and refusing to move it.

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Ouch. That looks painful.

I have a feeling that the Martin Erat era in Washington has ended — like, just now. Fare well, Marty.

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  • Matt Lauer

    And that, children, is what trading Filip Forsberg gets us.

  • VeggieTart

    Michael Latta, who’s tearing it up in Hershey.

  • Mangie Mangefield

    Brian Boyle definitely plays center. Not defense.

  • Jay DeLancey

    i gotta say though — the second and third calls were kind of soft. especially the third — if boyle is gonna sit there on the puck, well you’re gonna lose your balls

  • Matt Lauer

    I think that’s a disputable point.

  • Fixed. I’ve apparently got Dan Boyle on my mind!


    “It was a good trade, Filip Foresberg is an unproven forward. We know Erat will provide now.”

    Said it then, saying it again. Horrible trade.

  • Barrett

    Can we start the Erat for Hendricks trade demands now?

  • Matt Lauer

    I’d rather just put the whole episode to rest.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    In fairness, though. Would ANY of us have been able to pass up on that opportunity? Not me.

  • Alex

    This situation looks familiar… Martin Erat is the Capitals organization and Brian Boyle is their fans.

  • Matt Lauer

    That’s a zinger, bro.

  • Barrett

    Doesn’t necessarily have to be Matt Hendricks, but a player with a left handed shot to play on the 4th line, kill penalties and do the dirty work. Preferably a veteran to help Tom Wilson’s development.

  • Roy Schue

    Erat is a complete joke. Even if Forsberg never turns into a decent NHL player this has got to be the worst trade ever.

  • Jack Conness

    Very true. Latta is nice. Still a very stupid trade.

  • Anetta

    I would personally like to punch Erat in the family jewels. Just saying.

  • bskillet

    I think the Marty Erat era should have never started, to bad we can’t get a thing for him.

  • bskillet

    Be nice, I think Matt is with the Oilers now.

  • ilan

    And the butterfly effect that is the Washington Capitals Trading Saga continues to infect DC hockey. Who on G-d’s green earth has to go back in time and prevent their own birth to end this whole thing, Jaromir Jagr? Jaroslav Svejkovsky? Any other Jaro’s?

  • wood

    Ummmm……I think the pick was Colorado’s 1st rounder we got in the Varly deal……

  • Matt Lauer

    And…..? I truly don’t understand where this comment is coming from or going.

  • Reece Parks

    Wait, which team came out on top the last 2 years in the playoffs? Oh, ok.

  • VeggieTart

    Because the folks in Edmonton would just LOVE a guy who’s been asked to be traded from his last two teams and who is royally fucking it up.

  • Alex

    I’m talking about Caps fans you moron. GTFO.

  • Paul Crist

    He cold cocked a dude on Saturday night as well. Played a spirited, fast game, plus the fight.

  • Paul Crist

    I think what he’s saying is we gave away Varly to Colorado for (essentially) nothing. And that it’s likely if Varly wasn’t still around we wouldn’t have this shitshow carousel in goal right now.

  • Sebastien Erat

    Erat with the taint-rape. That’s gotta hurt.

  • Barrett

    He is. Was part of the trade to send Dubnyk to Nashville.

  • Barrett

    Obviously he isn’t to be the center piece of any deal at this point. The good thing is his contract is expiring, so any team that trades for him at the deadline is looking for a rental for playoffs or is rebuilding and dumping longer term contracts.

  • Carson

    What you don’t see (hear) in that replay is the ref telling them (Erat, Boyle) to play the puck. Dumba** Boyle sits on the puck it’s his own damn fault. Erat did what any other player would have done, he tried to play the puck. This whole article is Erat hate at a totally unfair level.

  • VeggieTart

    He has one more year on his contract after this season ends.

  • Barrett

    Good catch. I misread capgeek, now I hate GMGM even more.

  • johnnymorte

    I wish it was the end of the GMGM era. This is what you get when you assemble a team of third liners, pay them more than they’re worth and expect greatness. Ted you need to start listening to the fans.

  • Hockey Mom

    I think Erat was actually trying to make some things happen last night. His first two penalties were a little soft–when Boyle stays on the puck, what did he expect to happen?

  • RT23

    I know this next sentence is going to sound a little stupid… He was actually playing very well other than the penalties. I hated the trade at the time but he’s here and we should get value out of him. He is makes more happen than several of our other forwards. He was buzzing around and creating lots of offensive possession. The penalties hurt but he wasn’t why we lost. And I think some of his over-aggressiveness may stem from trying to do anything to stay in the lineup. The last jab that got the call was stupid because it was too obvious but the ref deserves some of the blame for encouraging play to continue then blaming Erat for overdoing it. He should have whistled Boyle for delay-of-game and Erat for for spearing.

  • Dan

    Glad to see him lifting the Cup

  • Owen Johnson

    Dammit. Just thought of that joke and came here to post it. You beat me to it!

  • Spence

    Play till the whistle blows I was watching the game and he did that before the whistle blew, I mean Boyle shouldn’t have been sitting on the puck. And y’all talk so much crap about erat. Take foresberg back! PLEASE!! You can’t expect erat too do anything on a goon line. Look at what he did with ove’s line I mean like 5 assist for like 3 or 4 games? I would love too have erat back in Nashville… Go look at his stats for Nashville… And look at his playing time as well