Remembering Steve Oleksy’s Time in Washington


Oleksy as a kid. (Photo credit: Steve Oleksy)

When you examine the Washington Capitals roster and pore over every player on defense, Steve Oleksy feels like a name that belongs. After signing with the organization as an unrestricted free agent in 2012, Oleksy worked his butt off in Hershey and earned a call-up to the Caps in the lockout-shortened 2013 season.

During that year, it appeared that Oleksy, receiving 17:16 of ice time per game, solidified himself as a solid third pairing NHL defender. When Oleksy was playing, he tilted the ice in the Caps direction. Plus, he was a physical defender that would stick up for teammates and even chip in with some clutch offense. Did we mention he was physical?

Even after getting sporadic playing time this season under Adam Oates, Oleksy still has better possession stats than John Erskine and Connor Carrick. Yet, we’re here.

Monday morning, Renaud Lavoie of Journal de Montreal broke the news that Oleksy was placed on waivers. At 12pm tomorrow, Oleksy could be claimed by another NHL team and gone from the Caps organization forever. That would be a total bummer.

In his short time in DC, Oleksy has managed to become a fan favorite. He showed heart on the ice with humility and humor off of it.

Here are some of my favorite moments.

The Hip Checks


After only a few weeks in the NHL, we knew Oleksy was a throwback, as he dished out hip check after hip check. My personal favorite was the one he laid on Mike Santorelli. Oleksy almost checked the big forward through the boards. So perfect, so painful.

The Nickname


After a tip from one of our readers, we sent Chris Gordon to get the scoop on Oleksy’s nickname. Oleksy confirmed it: his nickname was Binky. The story was fascinating. If you haven’t read it, you should do so right now. The best part of the story, however, was how thrilled Steve O looked when one of our readers presented (what I’m guessing to be) the first ever t-shirt honoring him to be signed. Look how happy he is.

The Fights


From knocking out Vincent Lecavalier’s teeth to flipping his hair in a bout with Brandon Dubinsky, Oleksy could fight — with flair. He had six dust-ups in parts of two seasons with the Caps, and according to, his most impressive was his first NHL bout against Drayson Bowman.

The Flashes of Offensive Brilliance


Because Oleksy was known more for his fists, his offensive skillz were mostly overlooked. But he had surprisingly good hands for a pugilist and at times, won games with them. Consider his curl-and-drag before assisting on a Brooks Laich goal or his incredible three-line pass to Marcus Johansson that won a game for the Caps in the playoffs. His first NHL goal was a simple shot from the point and one of his recent goals was similar. Still, Oleksy wasn’t a liability offensively.

The Personality


Off the ice, Oleksy became a fan favorite because of his sense of humor and a mastery of social media. No matter if it was him tweeting jokes after being caught on national TV picking his nose, poking his head out from Alex Ovechkin and John Carlson, or publishing photos on Instagram of him playing baseball as a teenager, Binky kept us laughing and entertained.

Whatever happens to Oleksy tomorrow, I wish him the very best. He worked hard, he never complained, and he made the most of his opportunity. He deserves our respect. For a guy who was a minor league journeyman a year ago, he should sleep well knowing that he made a positive impression on thousands and thousands of Caps fans. He won’t be forgotten.


Oleksy playing goaltender as a kid. (Photo credit: Steve Oleksy)

Additional reporting by Chris Gordon.

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  • John M.

    This move is hopefully the last drop on the emotional roller coaster that the last week has been.

  • Hockey Mom

    This makes me very sad, but thank you for recognizing how much Steve will be missed in DC. If he goes back to Hershey, I will be looking forward to him getting called up again soon, but if he gets called away I will only hope it’s not to a team that I really dislike, because I’m going to wish him the best and that may go against the Caps.

  • ovechwin

    Not a fan, bye! Hope he ends up in Edmonton or somewhere equally awful.

  • Jack Conness

    I can’t believe they might get rid of him. I will avoid my Adam Oates rant for now. I love the guy. Ton of heart and brings it every night. Something the Caps are missing. I wish him the best wherever he ends up.

  • erinamanda13

    This makes me sad. I feel like he worked hard.

  • R.O’B.

    I gave the BINKY TIP, he can’t leave I haven’t gotten my Binky shirt signed!!!

  • Alex Hughes

    What is with the Capitals getting rid of my favorite players. First Matt Hendricks and now Steve-O, C’mon man. Oleksy wasn’t given a chance this season for no good reason and he is so much better than the “Golden Boy” Connor Carrick. His stats prove that and I think he has more of an all around game compared to Carrick, who I think is still not NHL ready.

  • Jack Conness

    Not cool. We all here love Binky.

  • Roy Schue

    I could go for a good rant right about now….pissed

  • oryp

    Even if he does clear waivers, won’t he have to clear re-entry waivers if we want to call him back up because his AHL salary is $110,000?

    If we lose him, it’ll be another sad day for the Caps. He’s a hard worker, and is far more deserving of a jersey than Erskine or Carrick. I’m getting less and less inclined to spend my money to see this team. I’ll still watch, but I’m done paying McPhee’s salary.

  • Jack Conness

    Don’t worry. We will all unleash soon. This is Oleksy’s time now.

  • swisswheaties

    hope he goes back to hershey. my desktop is him breaking lecavaliers jaw.

    rip my brotha

  • James Hare

    First Hendricks, now Oleksy? I love what Oates has done for Ovechkin but I don’t understand how me manages talent. At this point I’d love to keep him as an assistant to coach Alex alone and get somebody else to plan things. Oates just doesn’t seem to understand how to properly utilize the players he’s got.

  • Hockey Mom

    Throw in Perrault and you have Sgt. Teddy’s Too Much Heart Club band…we’re sorry but it’s time to go! Totally bummed out by this! TOTALLY!!!

  • Hockey Mom

    Well, thank goodness he’s not dead! But I am very sad about this development!

  • scottietoohottie

    what. the. actual. f*ck.

  • Hockey Mom

    It’s all falling apart right now…

  • Donna Mortimer

    This is about the last straw for my frustration with how the team is being run. Mediocre players are getting lots of ice time; good players are being misused . Lines are being changed willy nilly. How is chemistry ever supposed to develop when lines change from game to game. And now a player with heart is being discarded. I just feel so sad for the players.

  • nicoley-poley

    I’ve got a story of Steve I’d like to share, because I feel it’s appropriate:

    Before Fanfest 2013, I had never met a Caps player. Never been to a game, nor CapsCon, and only been to one practice at Kettler. So I was super excited. When I found out that one of my favorite players, Steve Oleksy, would be there signing autographs, I was ecstatic. I waited in line for about an hour, but I didn’t mind. I had brought with me a drawing I had done of Steve from his fight with James Wright the previous season. I’m not as great an artist as Rachel Cohen, so I was obviously very nervous to hear his opinion.

    Finally, it was my turn. I very gently placed my sketchbook on top of the table and said, “Hi, I was wondering if you could sign this drawing I did of you?” And his reaction was something I hope I never forget. His eyes were wide and he grinned, saying, “Absolutely! This is unbelievable!” He seemed to take his time as he carefully made his mark, and when I thanked him, he said, “No problem!” And I knew he meant it. He seemed about as excited as I was that someone had taken the time to draw him.

    When I got home that day, I took a photo of myself with the now-signed drawing and posted it to Twitter. And Steve retweeted it shortly after.

    I know that my interaction with him was brief, but it was truly one of the highlights of my year. He seemed like such a friendly, genuine, and down-to-earth person, and if he goes, I’ll be very sad, but at least I was able to share this very special moment with him.

  • tmac5454

    After lurking at this site for such a long time, this… this is the article that finally gets me to comment. While all the articles are excellent on this site, this one has pushed my disdain for the decision making that is taking place in the Capitals Organization over the edge. I have not watched a too many games – which, being a PA resident, I pay dearly to view (Center Ice) – where I have found myself consistently asking what the hell Oleksy was thinking or wondering why he is even in the lineup. I cannot say this about certain D-men that are in, and have been, in the lineup as of lately.

    I believe that I enjoyed watching Oleksy play, not only because he was consistent or at least more consistent than others, but because he has a story – and a good one at that. He reminded me a lot of a recent Phillies Alumni, Chris Coste – he worked hard to get to where he was, had a great attitude and personality, and was just grateful for what he did have.

    My greatest hope is that Oleksy clears waivers and I can drive the 15 minutes up the road to watch him play here in Hershey. Only tomorrow will tell what happens.

    If for anything, especially my health, I hope this team figures things out – and fast. I would hate to be disappointed in yet another D.C team (I’m looking at you Skins) – it’s hard enough being a Caps fan in an area that is dominated by Philly/Pittsburgh fans!

  • Tyler

    There are so many sweet stories I could share about Steve and my son. The. Best. Guy. Glad to know I’m not the only one bummed about this.

  • Marky Narc

    At the time of this comment, you’re rolling with a perfect 0-9 score. (Hey, isn’t 0-9 Erat’s stat line?)

    (inb4, “no it isn’t” – I know.)

  • nicoley-poley

    Oh, and I have pictures! Here’s one of Steve signing it and the photo of me with the signed drawing:

  • VeggieTart

    Really hoping he clears waivers. I have two stories about Oleksy. The first is from Fanfest in 2013, when he was there signing. My boyfriend had gotten his game-worn away jersey in which he’d clocked Claude Giroux and in an ensuing fight, bled all over it. When my boyfriend mentioned this, Steve said, “Oh, they should have left it in there.” We were sitting with a friend after the events were over and saw him walking by. We called him over, and he posed for pictures with us.

    I was also lucky to see him at Hockey N’ Heels, where I wore an Oleksy practice jersey that for some reason had been printed on a red jersey (instead of blue for defensemen). Alan May called out, “Hey, Steve-O, she’s wearing your jersey,” and I got a smile and a thumbs up.

    When I saw him at practice, he was always willing to chat with the fans, even though he probably would have liked to have gone home. He’s pure class off the ice and a whole lot of fun to watch on the ice, and I hope he stays with the organization.

  • Hockey Mom

    It would be nice of you to share a couple…I can tell you definitely that my interactions with Steve made me feel very personally invested in the Caps. Every time I have seen him he had a pleasant demeanor and was so nice to my kids. I just don’t want that to end…

  • Chris Cerullo

    Am I the only one who thought this was and should have been inevitable from the moment he came up….. He’s a good guy and all but playoff contenders don’t have a Steve Oleksy in their D-core. (Or a John Erskine, Jack Hillen, Connor Carrick, etc.)

  • Aimee

    He’s so darn sweet with the little fans.

  • ovechwin

    Cool. I dont!

  • Chris Cerullo

    Oh boy I believe I’m gonna get attacked now according to these other responses…

  • VeggieTart

    Hendy was UFA at the end of last season. And Nashville signed him for too much money–and now the poor guy is in Edmonton. I would have loved to keep Hendricks, even more than Matty P, but not for $1.9M per.

  • Jack Conness

    I love stories like this. That’s awesome.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    I know how some moves will spark some light into the the locker room, but steve-o, not the most fundamentally talented yes but sure had a big heart. maybe thats what the caps need, no more salary driven glory hogs. just good ole’ fashioned effort, translated through blood, sweat and the occasional facial scar. good luck mr.oleksy…bravo!

  • Matt Lauer


  • Nicole Lippy

    So. Much. Sad.

  • Rob W.

    these are troubling times in the district. Im so scared GMGM is gearing up for one huge desperation move at the trade deadline, hopefully he doesn’t let half of our prospects go

  • Hockey Mom

    I think since you were fairly polite and didn’t wish him to end up in some God forsaken place, most of us are just going to skip over your dissension. Not that you can’t have an opinion, but this post is more for the fans that are really going to miss the guy.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Oh for sure but it’s not like he’s been claimed by another team yet or anything. For now he’s still in our organization. For sure Hershey isn’t the same as D.C. but the guy isn’t completely gone yet.

  • Tyler

    I’m not even sure how my son even got into hockey in the first place. One day he began talking non stop about a player named Steve Oleksy. Eventually becoming so enthusiastic about him, that my husband and I became diehard fans as well.

    My son has special needs and plays for a special needs hockey team. When my son scored his first goal, he signed the puck and gave it to Steve. Steve still has it in his car cup holder, and shows it off proudly whenever he sees him.

    He made my son feel like a million dollars and we appraised it so much. Here’s a picture of my son with Steve where he’s asking Steve to sign his new Oleksy jersey.

  • Tyler

    Argh- autocorrect! “appreciated”

  • Jimmie

    I don’t understand the move at all. His #fancystats are solid, he’s inexpensive, hard-working, and not an ego problem. What’s the actual knock on him that you couldn’t lay on other defensemen who get oodles of playing time right now?

  • OlietheGoalie

    Some of the decisions of our coaching staff are downright confusing. I keep hearing Alan May as an assistant coach, and I’m not adverse to that. Oates needs help.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Aren’t you a barrel of fun.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Oh. He might. It’s how he is. He’s delusional and thinks we are one person away from being an unstoppable juggernaut.

  • Matt Lauer

    I’ve sensed something like that lurking in the dark for a while now. Le sigh.

  • ovechwin

    He’s kind of a douche? Sorry for having my own opinion haha

  • Yeah, lots of stuff I don’t understand here. He’s not blowing anybody away, but Oleksy was a solid bottom-pair D or healthy scratch option. He compares favorably to Carrick and Erskine.

    So my hypothesis goes like this:

    1. Players demand trades.

    2. Salary cap space is limited. (Among smallest in the league). Not enough room to make a move.

    3. GM and Oates both like Erskine despite stats (evidence: contract extension, playing almost every game). He can’t be moved.

    4. Carrick isn’t an issue because he’ll be back in Hershey before long.

    5. Any non-Volpatti bottom-six forward is potential trade fodder in a package.

    6. Oleksy is a regular scratch.

    I’m certain GMGM tried to shop Oleksy first, possibly as part of a package deal.

  • Hey now. Have your opinion, but let’s keep this non-defamatory.

  • Jack Conness

    That’s awesome. I said it before but stuff like this is so cool. I wished him a Merry Christmas over Twitter last month and he directed messaged me, “Merry Christmas bud!” Definitely made my day. What a great guy!

  • Phil Owen


    What if life has made her an expert on the topic of douches? One must allow for the possibility of intimate familiarity with douches (Summer’s Eve, anyone?) to have such crystal clear negative judgment of someone the entire rest of the world loves.

  • Tyler

    I admit to having almost zero hockey knowledge, so would you mind explaining #3 so that I can hopefully try to understand all of this? Thanks

  • Phil Owen

    There will never be a time when I’m not a Steven Oleksy fan. The guy is the embodiment of what happens when you refuse to listen to critics and naysayers.

    Interestingly, he passes the eye test as well as the pointy-headed advanced stat test. I could see him as a stalwart 2nd pair D in Tortorella’s system. Is he the greatest skater or puck handler? No. But most of the time he’s in position to make a play, and he’s fairly adept and accurate with stretch passes. He will probably be one hell of a coach if he chooses to follow that path.

    Bottom line, this means whoever is making player personnel decisions prefers Erskine-Carrick over Schmidt-Oleksy. As long as handedness matters (and I truly believe it does, especially for D), those are the 3rd pair choices. There’s no bigger fan (apologist?) for Big John than me. Love the guy. But I’d rather have Nate and Steve-O on the ice than Erskine-Carrick. Carrick isn’t physically ready for the NHL.

  • yv

    New CBA has eliminated re-entry waivers. He can be recalled back any time. if cleared waivers.


    I could see him as a stalwart 2nd pair D in Tortorella’s system.
    Not sure if serious. :S

  • rapmadrob

    When I went to my first game of the season I went early to stand at the glass for warm ups. Oleksy made eye contact with me and I panicked; I had no plan for what to do if I could catch a player’s eye. I quickly mouthed “I love you” and then he started to laugh. He continued on with his lap around the ice, then he circled back around and he was still smiling at me. That made my night, since the caps got spanked (no surprise there). I really do love him. I want him to be the other father of my children. I wish him the best of luck. I know he worked hard for a long time to get to the big leagues.

  • Bad//Sith//Wolf

    Erskine has been banged up he’s just getting his strength back. A move still needs to be made with 2 roster spots open something tells more moves are to come.

  • Bad//Sith//Wolf

    He can’t be claimed until tomorrow. Also our D core is not Stanley Cup material so I agree. Look at LA Doughty, Muzzin, Voynov, Rhegear, Martinez, Mitchell.

  • Phil Owen

    Ok, I will grant you that’s a wee bit of a stretch. But today, on what is now January 22, 61 is significantly better at the NHL level than 58. Also, Torts likes tough guys who position themselves well most of the time and will also knock the chocolate out of ya. So, yeah, not a 2nd pair guy, but a damned good 3rd pair.

  • Jack Conness

    I’m with the both of ya. I’m scared to see what happens. These next couple of weeks could make or break the franchise for the next couple of years. Very nerve racking.


    I agree with your post regarding this move for the caps. But lets look at this at a league wide point of view.

    Assuming every team is generally healthy on the back end or have at most 2 guys out, there are about 5 maybe 6 NHL teams other than the caps on which Steven Oleksy could crack their roster as a #5#6 Dman and make their defense better. I’d even go as far to say that for three of those teams, it would be a lateral move. I’m not really sure what you see in Steve O that would make him a great 3pair Dman.

    On an average defensive team in the NHL, the 3rd pairing guy is someone who can kill Penalties, is somewhat physical (not necessary), average skater (not steveO) and positionally sound (not steveO). I like the guy for what he represents as a human being, but as a hockey player, he just isn’t very good. However, if erskine comes out of the line up, steveO must be in. Gotta have at least one guy who can fight and a 19 year old rookie doesn’t count.

  • Alex Hughes

    My favorite personal Steve Oleksy story is I waited outside of Kettler to get autographs and pictures and I waited for what had to be two hours, and then Steve-O and Holtby are the last guys to come out. Most players just want to get out of Kettler in a hurry, signing autographs and taking pictures quickly and then going to their cars. I asked Steve Oleksy if I could get his autograph and a picture and he said “Of course” and so someone took a picture of us together and the Oleksy says without even seeing the photo “I don’t think that was a very good picture, lets take another.” This was the first time any player has done that (I mean Michal Neuvirth blinks in half the photos he was in. I just thought this was pretty cool from Oleksy for doing this. Steve-O truly and genuinely cared and loved the fans in my mind. Hopefully he stays in Hershey

  • Phil Owen

    I don’t have an issue with your assessment (although I disagree with your lofty assessment of 25 other 3rd pairs in the league, or more accurately, 25 other 3rd pair right D, but that’s all subjective anyway).

    You caught the main point of my original post – if Erskine is hurt/scratched, where is our defensive physical presence? It simply doesn’t exist. For grins, speculate on who Oatesy rolls onto the ice in a situation similar to what happened in Vancouver with Calgary the other night. Forwards would be 24-21-43 (I guess? 25 if 24 is a scratch), and Erskine would be out there for sure. But who among the current right handers is the sacrificial lamb? It’d have to be Carrick, right? And while none of this is intended as a knock on Carrick, the comment during the broadcast the other night saying Carrick is like a young Mike Green with grit is an insult to Mike Green. And grit.

  • Myan

    I am absolutely baffled that we would risk putting Oleksy on waivers while Oates & GMGM convince themselves that Erskine is infallible. If he gets picked up by another team I’m sure we’ll all be devastated but let’s be honest: he deserves better than what he’s gotten here.

  • I’m deducing that Erskine is well liked in the organization despite not being all that good– or at least having better alternatives available in the org. He’s got a contract through next season, and he’s probably not attractive in a trade.

  • /dodges comment

  • GuestZ

    Dear God that would be the best thing ever. Cuz Oates is really starting to lose the fanbase.

  • GuestZ

    But we are 1 person away… a new GM that doesn’t suck the life out of his stars or fans…

  • Chris Cerullo

    The fact that he cant be claimed until 2moro doesn’t change the fact that he still hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

  • Oh gosh, that is adorable, Minus the Expos hat.

  • Yes, Rachel, you are the one who tipped me off on that. You deserve all of the credit!

    PS – TJ High School sucks. Go Frederick Cadets.

  • Stephanie Ottman

    This poor management decision displeases me greatly. Steve is such a great guy and a heck of a scrappy defenseman. Always gives time and attention to fans, is a teacher at hockey clinics, and is in the hockey business when not playing pro. He will always be involved in the sport, playing or not. Dude has played in so many cities, working hard for every opportunity; he definitely deserves better. They should call him the stairmaster he’s been up and down so many times, but he NEVER GIVES UP. I hope that noon comes and there’s not even a dial tone in McPhee’s office…crickets…and he gets to stay here. Steve-O is still an important link in the chain- D that are coming up in the organization should rotate in, briefly, to demonstrate how ready they are- Steve is a safety valve and management needs to value that. Carrick needs more time in Hershey and has been playing through shoulder injury; while not his mom I’m giving that the marge simpson grumble-sigh. Strachan is not better than Steve positionally and doesn’t have as much grit. Pat Wey is almost ready but is after Carrick in line unless his progress is remarkably fast and/or there’s an injury. And that’s it for right side D in the next little while. Put the phone down George. Binky will be missed if he gets traded and if 58 breaks down because he’s pushing too hard … I see a McPhail in the making rather than building America’s hockey capital.

  • Heathbar

    Maybe Steve isn’t the best there is, but he plays his balls off when he’s on the ice and he makes his presence known. Hope he stays, but I’ll be a fan of his wherever he lands

  • Shaun Phillips

    We had that same linoleum floor growing up. Our parents probably got it from the same flooring place. 😛

    Best of luck Binky. Great to see a hometown kid make it to the big time and live the dream. Hope to see you back up with the Caps or that you land somewhere that will give you the ice-time that you deserve.

  • VeggieTart

    Alan May might be a good analyst, but that doesn’t mean he’d be a good assistant coach.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Not sure where you’re getting that opinion from, but from what everyone else has posted, I think it’s safe to say he’s one of the most approachable, fan-friendly Caps in several years.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    Can someone please explain the logic of placing Oleksy on waivers & not John Erskine? BRING BACK BINKY!!!

  • serpent

    I’m with you,hon! The Bears are more fun to watch,anyway. If they get Binky, I will surely make more trips Hershey. (Not to mention Troegs 😉 )

  • serpent

    And he has a cute smile.

  • Barrett

    Is George McPhee trying to get fired…??

  • Dan

    What about the summer bromance with Nail Yakupov?

  • Tom
  • dcr61288

    Glad to hear he cleared waivers and will be in Hershey and not somewhere else

  • Marky Narc
  • Hockey Mom

    Me, too, but can’t figure out what the heck they are trying to accomplish over there. Maybe Steve isn’t “cup caliber” but hell, with the exception of Ovi, no one on the Caps is playing “cup caliber” hockey on a daily basis. It’s not like he is the guy dragging them down, but they have made him the sacrificial lamb…Completely stupid and ridiculous! I will miss seeing his happy and appreciative self at Kettler.

  • Barrett

    I just read Matt Moulson, LW for the Sabres, is on the Capitals radar. Could this be a missing piece opposite Alex Oveckin?? Thoughts?

  • Myan

    I literally just read this at work and said “LIES!” out loud. Is this really true because this seems actually plausible. GMGM is Moulson’s wife’s godfather.

  • Paul Crist

    I am excited to see him in white and brown on Saturday

  • Hockey Mom

    Well, if it is true, I hope they can solve the “why do folks keep scoring on us less than two minutes after we do” riddle…

  • ZyphZorg

    And once you lose your fan base, fans will start flying off the handle and it’s only a matter of time before things head to the toilet. Eventually the sh!t hits the fan. Sure you could just go with it, accept that your fans stink at that point and ignore the mess, but nobody is going to respect a place that has stinky fans. Your place will be empty, your visitors are likely to laugh at you, and your neighbors might complain that you’re lowering their property value as well.

    I think the solution to the Caps problem is to get a heavier or larger fanbase so it’s harder to lose. I researched the top 10 fattest states in America (one of which is Michigan by the way), and determined that Mississippi is thus the best place for the Caps to relocate.

    The alternative is to not have fans at all, Just central air. Then you don’t have to worry about losing fan bases.

  • bskillet

    Would we really expect anything less from McPhee? Prayers for a new GM 2015, really questioning Oates myself.

  • Tracy

    This sucks how much more can they f up this team. At this speed Oviedo will be on the downward slid.

  • VeggieTart

    Chocolate and white, as they say. If you’re going up, have a great time.

  • VeggieTart

    He’s one of the nicest, most fan-friendly guys on the team. What makes you think he’s a douche?

  • Pat Magee

    RIP – Steve Oleksy

    Not like he’s just a 2 hour drive north to see him………… lol

  • R.O’B.

    I’m just the gossip queen you and the boys did all the work!

    PUHHHHLEASEEEE TJ baby!!!!!!

  • jjd

    Well young lady you are correct. I have known Bink for his entire life and he is all the things you have said and think. He is as genuine as you imagined and the Caps were lucky to have him. He will move on and touch the lives of those lucky enough to have him as he has touched ours. I still believe he will be one of the NHL’s best defensemen in the coming years.

  • boo

  • Frank

    Binky, you’re welcome in The D anytime! Go Wings!

  • Meg

    Good luck to Steve!! Maybe Detroit will look at him.

  • Leana Stormont

    This is tragic. Why McPhee why? First Hendy and now Binky?

  • David R. Mutart

    He’s gonna go to the Wings! Right at home! Pair up with Dekyser!

  • David R. Mutart

    Well….wishfull thinking anyway……

  • dsterp

    Unbelievable! I am just seeing this discussion today. The Caps were a better team with Olesky in the lineup and they waive him and then call up players like Strachan and Schmidt instead?