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You can understand their frustration. About to lose their sixth game in a row, the Washington Capitals had good reason to be grumpy. Despite improving play at even strength, the team was still beset by penalties and unable to score. Down 2-0 with ten minutes remaining, Mikhail Grabovski was effectively ejected from the game with a two-minute roughing penalty and a ten-minute game misconduct.

Apparently that’s the punishment you get when you nearly gouge out the eyes of your opponent.

Grabo had collided with Ottawa’s Zack Smith a moment earlier. Smith and Jared Cowen took umbrage at the hit, which was totally clean, and a scrum followed. Whatever Smith said or did apparently got to Grabovski, who was being restrained by a lineman. Grabo clawed at Smith’s face– not all that far from his eyes– and that was it for his night.

Video via @DCSportsBog

Grabo’s always had a bit of a temper. It’s part of what makes him such a compelling hockey player. He didn’t mince words when he called ex-coach/current-idiot Randy Carlyle “a [expletive] idiot.” I’m still pretty sure he bit Max Pacioretty last year. But here’s his best meltdown ever, shoving a ref and pumping up the fans on his way to suspension:

Don’t ever let it be said that the Caps players don’t care. Or at least don’t let it be said when Mikhail Grabovski is one of those Caps players. Which hopefully he will be. For like 3-4 years.

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  • Mike Dietz

    I’m loving the look on the linesmans face after he sees Grabo claw the guy.

  • Anela

    I love Grabo, and I really hope we sign him to an extension. According to his wiki page, he later admitted to biting Pacioretty basically saying that yeah I bit him, but he shouldn’t stick his hands where they don’t belong, which is pretty valid.

  • Jack Conness

    Hahaha that video is a classic! GO GRABO!

  • dylan wheatley

    grabo is a fit, ribs wasnn’t. sign grabo.


  • Diller M

    Maybe this will be the spark that get the Caps going, and without a complete beat down of an opponent who isn’t fighting back. Nice one Grabo!

  • hockeyrich

    I love Grabo and it’s good to see someone has some heart that the rest of the team lacks. When is Ted going to fire George is my question, this guy is a joke!

  • Owen Johnson

    Definitely been a bright spot this year. We gots to resign him.

  • Owen Johnson

    “What’s Grabbo?”

    “I figure it’s some guy’s name. Some guy named Grabbo.”

  • Ya know I’m disappointed Tommy Wilson, good Canadian boy and everythink like that, didn’t have a go with Zack there… *Said in my very best Don Cherry voice*

  • Graham Dumas

    Don Cherry does not have a voice. He has a megaphone that’s stuck on “obnoxious.”

  • salgotnv

    what a vicious motherf*(##$*&. I love him.

  • salgotnv

    what a vicious motherf*(##$*&. I love him.

  • JH

    I did some digging, and here’s a stat for ya (not what I consider a #fancystat however):

    Grabo has 12 goals on 68 shots, which is a shooting percentage of 17.6 percent. Among players with 50 or more shots this season, Grabo is ninth in the NHL in that stat, behind the likes of Stamkos, Fontaine, Getzlaf, Steen, Pavelski, Filppula, St. Louis, and Backes. (Ward, Ovi and Backstrom are also relatively high on the shooting percentage list for players with significant numbers of games played.)

    Yeah we should re-sign Grabo – and he should shoot a LOT more, dammit. Because we need to scoar moar goals. Now.

  • OlietheGoalie

    You can’t argue with that logic.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Sign this dude for 3 years.

  • BondraOvie412


  • maddyjl