On Tuesday night, the Washington Capitals welcomed back Nate Schmidt to NHL service for the first time since December 13th. For the last six weeks we’ve been missing Schmidt’s mile-wide smile and capable defensive play. We’ve certainly seen Schmidty defense in this Senators game, but the grin has been missing– even once his intermission interview with CSN’s Al Koken began.

Al begins with a simple question: what has Nate been working on in Hershey?


Nate’s trademark smile is gone. The look is one of panic. Like he knew he forgot something in Hershey. He muddles his way through.

Next question. Al: “Quick reminder how fast this NHL game is?”

Old Nate peeks through for a moment.


But he retreats just as quickly.


Last question, and it’s a doozy from Al. “How much have you and Connor Carrick played together?”

Nate thinks.


And then, recalling his broseph Connor, the smile returns.


The answer devolves into some form of Huttese, but it seems all very heartfelt.

Nate Schmidt’s Face Lightning Round






Yeah. He’s back.

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  • Terptwin

    Schmidt cracks me up. He’s always so positive and upbeat. Those are great qualities in a teammate – especially during such a disappointing season.

  • Diller M

    yes! #erskinetonachoduty worked! How about #comebackwincaps now? Welcome back Nate!

  • Mike Orlo Anderson

    Yeah I would be thrilled to being recalled during the worst skid of the season