You know things are bad when even the Canadians are trolling. At least they’re nice about it.

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  • Jay DeLancey


  • dcr61288

    Don’t you mean nice aboot it

  • Batman

    Eh sorry we are nice

  • Jaime

    Funny, considering all the hockey players that sounded off about Richard Sherman’s comments after the Seahawk’s win the other day. What was that they were saying about hockey having more class than football?

  • Jack Conness

    I really don’t have a problem with this. Just poking a little fun. It just stings us cause we just dropped six in a row.


    Good to see RMNB can understand this was just a joke. Unlike CSNwashington which runs a headline proclaiming this was a “cheap shot tweet”. Goodness, people don’t get humor.

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  • Myan

    Canada: they started a country and nobody came.

  • VeggieTart

    Ouch. Bit of a stinger there, but I’m not sore at them. I’m upset at the Capitals, who CAN’T SCORE A FUCKING GOAL TO SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!

  • GuestZ

    the Canadian Bacon’s! Thanks for knowing your ish, Ian!

  • The Thanks Obama hashtag was pretty awesome though…

  • salgotnv

    How dare they

  • Pat Magee

    McPhee is gone when we don’t make the playoffs and he treats us as a buyer. Truth.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Only part that annoyed me a little is that they truly don’t understand how to use the ThanksObama statement. Silly Canadians.