Steve Oleksy Tweets Thank You Message to Fans (Photo)


A few minutes past noon, word surfaced that defenseman Steve Oleksy cleared waivers. Binky, who scored 19 points in 61 games with the Washington Capitals over the last two seasons, reported to the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears. But not before tweeting out a special thank you message to fans.

I wish I had more than 140 characters and could personally thank everyone individually but this is the best I could do. I just want to give everyone a shout out that has shown their support not just in the last 24 hours but at any point in time. The people in my life and fans are truly the most underrated and most rewarding part of this business. Just know for me you are a driving force and inspiration behind it all and make smiling easy even on the cloudiest days. Thank you all.

Like we said last night, Oleksy is especially good with social media. This note is both gracious and an admission of how difficult being waived has been for him. It really humanizes the business aspect of the league, which is usually cast only in dollar signs.

Puck-moving defenseman Nate Schmidt, who had an earlier stint with the team, took Oleksy’s roster spot in Washington and skated with the team in the afternoon.

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  • Henrik

    He’s so underrated and quickly became a favorite for me 🙁 . Hope he’s back soon.

  • Alex

    A class act, through and through. I hope he comes back!

  • Jack Conness

    Like I mentioned before, what a great guy. I love all the stories people are sharing of their awesome experiences with him. He has had a few Twitter conversations with me and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! Small gesture, but not many athletes are willing to go out of their way and do something like that. I’m more than happy to see he will remain in the Capitals organization. I hope to see him back in the NHL soon.

  • Just Jen…

    This decision really upsets me. I don’t understand what we’re thinking. Honestly, this makes me want to punch Oates in his bald spot!! Maybe a bump on the head would put us back in the right direction!

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for your time in DC, Steve. No one else became as adored and as much of a fan favorite in as short a time as you did. Good luck wherever you go.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    This guy… This guy right here… What a classy fella. Hope to see him back in DC soon.

  • Mike Honcho

    Well said, good luck. Frankly, its this type of thing that keeps me coming back to the Caps. Watching historic talent like Ovie and Nicky work together is number one, but its the character guys and camaraderie that make me care. That story about keeping that kid’s puck that mom posted last night was awesome.

    Sux, but it ain’t the playoff wins, or this recent spate of poor player management. Not to say that GM and AO don’t care or don’t know hockey, but its guys like this that make me seriously think about going to tonight’s game for a cheap ticket when I doubt we’ll make the playoffs. Then again, who knows, its hockey anything can happen. Glad he cleared and I bet we see him soon.

  • New Carrollton Police Depart

    I truely wish this was from George saying Thank You for yoursupport ! Dam it Ted !

  • Eric

    I hope your back soon, you’ve never been sent down, well put on waivers to get sent down, thanks for the autograph and picture after 1 of the practices, he’s 1 stand up guy, i don’t get Oates decision here

  • Eric

    never should’ve been**

  • Diller M

    HA! in the bald spot. Priceless

  • Cathie Bossie

    Bring him back! He’s great! i met him once—very nice!

  • Owen Johnson

    He played 61 games for the Caps? How appropriate.

  • DonGiovanna

    Why anyone would think Schmidt > Oleksy is beyond human comprehension. Bizarre.

  • harjot singh

    he fits in the top 4 of the caps d men right know he is better then green erskine crarik and green

  • Mike Johnson

    Here’s hoping for a few more!

  • hi

  • Tyler

    I am so proud that, while my son admires Ovi, Steve is his hero. We are so happy that we will be able to go see him play in Hershey!

  • Matt Lauer

    The brass is STILL missing the point. Schmidt + Oleksy > (Erskine+Schmidt) or (Erskine + Oleksy) or (Erskine + Carrick) or (Carrick + Oleksy)

  • Matt Zarbatany

    At the last Caps convention my son was playing in the street hockey rink they had set up. All of a sudden Oleksy and Fehr joined in. When my son scored a goal, Oleksy, looking genuinely excited, ran all the way across the rink to give my kid a high five and fist bump, like they were old bro’s on the playground. High point of the day for my son, and that made us all big fans. Really nice guy, hope he’s called back up soon.

  • Myan

    What a classy guy. I sincerely hope we see him back in a Caps sweater in the near future.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Yea I’m with Peter here…

  • Margaret

    Kinda sad. Hope he’s back at some point. I have my “Binky 61” t-shirt, though (thanks RMNB!). Will gladly wear it.

  • bskillet

    Agreed, very classy guy, surely wish him the best. Hopefully this off season our NEW general manager will make good decisions and put a Stanley cup contender on the ice.

  • Joe

    This nearly brought me to tears reading this, Binky is my new #1 favourite hockey player. <3

  • James Ferguson

    There is no reason why Oleksy has been sent down when you compare him to Carrick. This won’t be the last time we see Oleksy playing for the Caps that’s for sure.

  • James

    I know this is late but you could not be more correct. Oleksy should be playing for the big club right now. How he isn’t is puzzling in my mind